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Tony Chapman counters the storm of negativity and growing sense of impossibility by sharing stories of people who overcome circumstances to make things happen. Artists, Activists, Athletes, Leaders, Change Agents and Thought Leaders, Tony leaves no stone unturned to find positivity and possibility.

Tony Chapman counters the storm of negativity and growing sense of impossibility by sharing stories of people who overcome circumstances to make things happen. Artists, Activists, Athletes, Leaders, Change Agents and Thought Leaders, Tony leaves no stone unturned to find positivity and possibility.




Tony Chapman counters the storm of negativity and growing sense of impossibility by sharing stories of people who overcome circumstances to make things happen. Artists, Activists, Athletes, Leaders, Change Agents and Thought Leaders, Tony leaves no stone unturned to find positivity and possibility.






Christine Sinclair - The Greatest of All Time

The 'GOAT' is how fans and broadcasters describe the greatest athlete of all time. It's also the fuel that has fired debate since sports began. I can certainly make a case for my guest this week, Canadian soccer phenom Christine Sinclair being in that exclusive club. No male or female on the planet has scored more international goals, and she is the second footballer of either sex to score at five World Cup editions. Her legacy is a testament to her athleticism and perseverance: five FIFA...


Leslie Ehm - The Undisputed Queen of Swagger

Have you noticed the bright yellow and magenta book in bookstores titled Swagger - Unleash everything you are and become everything you want? Grab one before they are gone. The author Leslie Ehm is the undisputed Queen of Swagger who has discovered the secret to tapping into your authentic self and turning it into a superpower at work and in life. And no, this is not the old Swagger—that show-off, in-your-face, arrogant kind. This brand-new Swagger is unshakable, unstoppable, and utterly...


Mitch Joel. Say it is so Joel.

Mitch Joel is a renaissance man with much to say about the relentless digital disruption and how it impacts you. His opinions have been shaped by a nomadic career that began when computers were rudimentary and the internet was the domain of a handful of universities. Add Mitch's insatiable appetite for reading, observing, writing, music, creativity, design and speaking — combined with being a serial entrepreneur — and you have someone who not only decodes the future but helps you map...


Natalie Marchesan - Fought for her country, now fights for the underserved.

A Canadian woman who flew for her country in combat brings her leadership skills to the private sector to champion the underserved. Why are no women at the altar if God made us equal? This was the question teenager Natalie Marchesan wrote to her Bishop. His response was you are equal but different, and that answer didn't sit well with Natalie. In fact, it began her lifelong quest to level the playing field, to create equal opportunity for all. Why are no women serving at the altar if...


Joe Foster - From a shoestring budget to the biggest shoe brand.

What started on a shoestring became Reebok, the biggest shoe brand in the world. This is the inspiring and against-all-odds story about how Joe Foster and his brother Jeff, with borrowed equipment in a falling-down factory in Northern England that also served as a home, created Reebok. In their day, it surpassed both Adidas and Nike in sales. So many life lessons- family, business, marketing, and sales- are woven into a fantastic story of achievement. Para-athlete, Meghan Hines, the...


Jim Estill - Do the right thing.

Do the right thing. These four words have been the compass for Jim Estill since his first business at age fourteen. Today he is one of our country's most successful and admired entrepreneurs. Learn about Jim's secrets to success, the daily habits that power his intellectual, emotional and financial wealth and how he has applied all of the above to help refugees create a new home built on purpose and pursuit. Some fantastic insights into how to do more with less and to lead by example.


Chanda Furney - A knock at the door, knocks Chanda over.

A knock at the door knocks Chanda over. A fantastic story of resilience we can all learn from. A successful entrepreneur who had it all. A profitable business, a respected person in her small-town community, and she found the love of her life. All was perfect until the knock on her door, followed by guns to her head, and the arrest and conviction of her boyfriend, Jeff Kompon, for being part of Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cocaine cartel shattered everything. Chanda says in her book Forever: A...


Sarah and Bryan Baeumler It's not a matter of if, but when.

Cybercrime. It's not a matter of if but when. How do you become cyber-aware and resilient? HGTV television superstars Sarah and Bryan Baeumler, with Adam Evans, Vice President of Cyber Operations at RBC, chat about cybercrime, estimated to be $10 trillion by 2025, bigger than all other crime combined. Why the Baeumlers? Sarah and Bryan Baeumler are celebrities and parents of four children; they have aging parents, have their own identities, and are successful small business owners. Like...


Anthony Lacavera - On a mission to benefit you.

An entrepreneur on a mission to benefit you. Anthony Lacavera is an entrepreneur who parlays a $25,000 small business loan from RBC into a billion-dollar enterprise, including Wind Mobile. Learn why purpose matters more than profit and why risk and reward are the oxygen that breathes life into ideas, entrepreneurial dreams and careers. What you will takeaway: Powerful insights for entrepreneurs and all who have that ambition. How to create a magnetic brand that attracts and sparks...

Dr. Alika LaFontaine - Is our healthcare a matter of life or death?

Is our healthcare a matter of life or death? We all know that our health matters most, and our health care is in a crisis. Lineups have become multi-year waits, millions do not have access to family doctors, we have a massive talent shortage, and many who work in the system are burning out or leaving it altogether. My guest is a positive change-maker who offers us a path forward if we listen and act as patients and voters. Dr. Alika Lafontaine is a recognized expert on health systems and...


Israel Diaz - Find the who behind the why.

Attention is the oxygen of human endeavour, and Israel Diaz will show you how to get the attention you deserve. Israel shares his amazing life story, and how today, as a renaissance man he works with solutionists who harness the alchemy of being, business, and brand. Some fantastic lessons for parents, leaders, coaches, mentors and collaborators. Georgia Balinksy, a brilliant strategist, returns to Chatter that Matters to offer her perspective on time, and we discuss Israel's belief that...


Paolo Tiramani - A mattress shipped in a box, how about a home.

If you thought a mattress shipped in a box was cool, how about a one-bedroom house packed in a box, with nine-and-a-half-foot ceilings, complete with a fridge, stove, washer and dryer? Paolo Tiramani is an inventor and a billionaire. Paolo has many patents and was one of the first to add wheels to suitcases and create a moveable workbench. In this episode, we talk about why innovation matters and his bold new venture Boxabl, which he believes will change the lives of billions of people...


Carey Nieuwhof - If your career doesn't fit, change it.

Carey Nieuwhof left his law career to become the founding pastor of Connexus Church, one of the most influential churches in North America. Carey shares his reasons why, how he almost burned out pursuing his passion, and why community matters more than ever in these turbulent times. Today, Carey Nieowhof is an author, much sought-after conference speaker, podcaster, and thought leader. This episode contains some great takeaways and inspiration for anyone looking to make positive changes in...


David Kincaid - A masterclass in building brands and businesses.

David Kincaid is a branding and entrepreneurial guru, founder of Level5 Strategy, and the former Chief Marketing Officer at Corus Entertainment and Labatt. David shares his incredible story that includes drumming his way through University while offering you insights, ideas and strategies on what it takes to build brands, including your own, that stand the test of time. And what does Pamela Anderson have to do with all this? You will have to listen to find out.


Jeanne Beker - Boldly goes with fashion and style.

"In this episode, Jeanne Beker - media mogul, fashion icon, business powerhouse, and stylish host of the legendary show "Fashion Television" - shares how she built the life she wanted from the ground up and why passion and pursuit are dreamer’s greatest asset." A child of Holocaust survivors who let Jeanne boldly go to find her dream. Jeanne also talks about how she is using her Breast Cancer diagnosis and her platform to raise awareness as to why early detection is the best cure.


Steve Tappin - Are you aware of your awareness?

Leadership Secrets with Steve Tappin. Your leadership skills matter as much as your work ethic. Learn how to be a better leader and get more out of life with Steve Tappin, a global thought leader on awareness, mindfulness, and human behaviour. Steve Tappin is the co-founder and CEO of Beyond Unity and co-author of The Awareness Code and The Secrets of CEOs. Steve hosted the BBC World television series CEO Guru and is a LinkedIn global influencer. Steve works with influencers, political...


Rev. Dr. Gordon Postill - Down and out now helps the down and out.

The path to a new life starts with a new calling. Dr. Gordon Postill shares his unique story of faith and overcoming personal challenges in order to help others on their journey. Listen and learn how one man's faith inspired a fantastic career change. We all face forks in the road, and choosing one over the other isn't always obvious or easy. What can compound this difficulty is if your current path is littered with alcohol and drugs that once gave you a false sense of courage but are now...


Sammer Haq - Bridging the great divide with positivity and possibility.

One woman's journey of choosing love over hate. Meet Sammer Haq, a young Muslim woman who turned her passion for youth empowerment into action. Listen how Sammer is helping to bridge divides between cultures. Sammer Haq is a unique and uplifting story of how an individual chooses to counter negativity and biases and build bridges that unite societies and create opportunities in underserved communities. Sammer Haq’s purpose was first motivated by 9/11. Overnight many painted Muslims as...


Susan Cain - The power of introverts in a world that won't stop talking.

Susan Cain, the author of NY Times Bestsellers, Quiet and Bittersweet, shares many takeaways on life, love and leadership. Over 40 million people have watched Susan Cain's Ted Talks, and Linked In has named her their 6th top influencer worldwide. With her bestselling phenomenon, Quiet, Susan Cain talks about why it is essential to cultivate space for the undervalued, indispensable introverts among us, thereby revealing an un­tapped power hidden in plain sight. Did you know that introverted...


James Mullinger - Standing up for comedy, community and Canada.

James Mullinger has just released his memoir Brit Happens. James and his wife had it all, living in London, England. They both had successful jobs, and a child with one on the way. James was the Comedy Editor for GQ magazine, but his passion was stand-up comedy. What started as a hobby became a dream and then a reality. He went from playing B venues to being one to watch and getting advice from people like Jerry Seinfeld. Yet, the Mullingers chose balance over their balance sheet. They gave...