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Chatter that Matters. A show about human perseverance and the possibility that counters the storm of negativity and a growing sense of impossibility. Host Tony Chapman shares inspiring stories of people who make things happen regardless of seemingly impossible circumstances. We learn powerful life lessons that help us get where we want, need and deserve. Tony's guests include athletes, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, immigrants, refugees, survivors and leaders from across society. In doing so, we learn life lessons that help us chase our dreams.




Chatter that Matters. A show about human perseverance and the possibility that counters the storm of negativity and a growing sense of impossibility. Host Tony Chapman shares inspiring stories of people who make things happen regardless of seemingly impossible circumstances. We learn powerful life lessons that help us get where we want, need and deserve. Tony's guests include athletes, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, immigrants, refugees, survivors and leaders from across society. In doing so, we learn life lessons that help us chase our dreams.






B K Sethi - Turning Lemons into Legacy

The first time B K Sethi came into my life was in 2023. B K wrote to me and said he loved listening to me on the radio and my podcasts. He then asked if we could have coffee. I had no idea I was meeting with one of our country's great entrepreneurs. I took this picture, and you can see and feel it in his face and smile; B K is a beautiful soul. B K joins me this week to share his inspiring story. From the streets of 1940s India, where, at age four, he sold lemons to help his family survive, to the ever-growing metropolis of Toronto, this is the sweeping story of B K Sethi's rise to success as Canada's international foods magnate. The stories B K shares are priceless, the people he rubs shoulders with are the who's who of the grocery industry, and the lessons he imparts are worthy. Discuss them at the family table, with teachers in high schools, and in the many corridors of academia and business. Immigration is in the news, so I closed the show with Amit Brahme, Head, Newcomer & Cultural Client segment at RBC, to provide context. We talk about the crucial role immigrants like B K play in helping us create a new economy and build a better country if we give them a newcomer advantage. To buy B K's book, Meet BK in the Ethnic Aisle: To learn more about RBC's Newcomer Advantage program. EN: FR:


Walker, Wilson, and den Bok - Philanthropy Trailblazers

Woman in Philanthropy. It's Nonprofit Appreciation Week, and I wanted to honour WoodGreen Community Services. WoodGreen ensures that the UNMET needs of thousands of Canadians are MET every year. In this special edition of Chatter That Matters, taped live at the Toronto Hun Club, I chatted with three remarkable women who are Philanthropy Trailblazers. I learned that Charity focuses on eliminating suffering. In contrast, Philanthropy focuses on eliminating the problem. I also learned that the world of Philanthropy is changing. There's more emphasis on causes like gender equality and sustainable development than before. A more diverse, representative range of voices is influencing decision-making. Women are among the key drivers. Shraddha Kothari Walker talks about why Philanthropy isn't just about giving back. It's about connecting and building a community that uplifts everyone – a cycle of kindness that must be passed on to the next generation. Beth Wilson, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D shatters the glass ceilings in Philanthropy by recognizing women's strength in driving impactful and bold change in our communities. Leah den Bok shares authentic stories of those who experience homelessness to dismantle the stereotypes and ignite a collective responsibility to act. It is also a fantastic show to share and discuss with our younger generation.


Tony Chapman - Make Financial Literacy your Superpower.

Every second Monday, I break the format by bringing out Chatters - a snackable podcast that is under five minutes in length. I share my insight on the status quo and ideas to bring about positive and substantive change. In this episode, I share a story at the grocery store that led me to my insight - smartphones and technology are making us less financially literate. I have no empirical evidence, but many people are losing their ability to do even simple math. With a math deficiency, how can someone make critical financial decisions? How can you decipher if that 'too good to be true' offer is a good deal or one that manifests into long-term pain? How can you be an informed voter and understand the implications of what is being promised. Let me know what you think of these Chatters and other topics we should explore to improve the status quo. FYI: If you are interested, here are four links to sites offering free value-added content on improving your financial well-being. RBC My Money Matters -700 hundred articles, easy to navigate, and will take you from debt relief to investing and every step in between: RBC Mydoh - I love this app, my brother-in-law swears by it. It is a fantastic way for parents to teach their kids and teens about money, including how work for their allowance. McGill Personal Finance Essentials is a free, online personal finance course offered in English and French, four times per year. Taught by professors from McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management, the course is open to everyone! And someone I have a ton of respect for is Kim Moody. He has a newsletter that I read every week.


Dr. Jean Marmoreo - The Last Doctor

Dr. Jean Marmoreo shares excerpts from her book The Last Doctor. Lessons in Living from the Front Lines of Medical Assistance in Dying Dr. Jean Marmoreo believes the best care a health professional can provide is to honour a patient's life and to end it on the patient's terms. For 45 years Dr. Jean Marmoreo was a family physician practising in downtown Toronto, and in 2016 became one of Canada’s first practitioners of MAiD, to provide Medical Assistance in Dying. Dr. Marmoreo shares powerful patient stories and her journey into caregiving and end-of-life decision-making. Leanne Kaufman, the President and CEO of RBC Royal Trust, returns to the show, and we have an important discussion on end-of-life financial matters.


Cam Inglis - Do what you love, and love what you do.

Today's episode of Chatter That Matters is a live taping, which I have always loved because we can feed off the audience's energy. My guest is Cam Inglis, the founder of Marble Slab Creamery Canada. Cam is an inspiring entrepreneur who shares his journey from dreaming of playing in the NHL to real estate before choosing the path of an entrepreneur. During the show, we'll cover the daily challenges of running a franchise business and the reality that everything you know turns upside down when a pandemic closes your doors or one of Canada's biggest restaurant chains overnight becomes a significant competitor. We also learn why communication and transparency matter, especially during tough times. To provide more context, we'll have two additional guests. The first is Amarjot Bhatthal, an incredible entrepreneur who owns five Marble Slab franchises with her mother. I look forward to sharing their whole story on the show one day. Our second guest is Graeme Green, Director of Franchise Markets at RBC, who will discuss the attributes of an exceptional franchisor and a great franchisee. A great episode and a treasure trove of valuable insights and lessons await.


Tony Chapman - Rewiring Elections from Negative to Positive.

In my second 'snackable chatter' I look at how we can rewire Elections from Negative to Positive," I delve into the tumultuous landscape of modern elections, which often feel like a relentless hailstorm of negativity, eroding the fabric of our society and trust in democracy. In three minutes, I present a refreshingly simple yet actionable concept aimed at rewiring elections to prioritize positivity and shift the focus towards substantive policy discussions. Thanks for listening, subscribing and sharing. It means the world to me.


Adam Robarts -Love, Loss and Inspiration

I was so profoundly moved by Adam Robarts and his book 'Nineteen' that I had to have him on Chatter that Matters. Anyone who has had to deal with the loss of someone you love will also be moved and have their heart lifted as Adam shares his deeply personal and poignant love, loss, and spiritual journey. Adam is a world-renowned architect, and his wife is an equally accomplished interior designer. They lived and raised their four children in China. In December 2018, during a family vacation in Canada, Adam was asked what he would choose to be if he were not an architect. He replied without hesitation, “A hospice nurse.” Five years earlier, he had a profound experience accompanying his father through the final weeks of life before he died of cancer in Uganda. Adam could not have imagined then that nine months later, he would begin to accompany his nineteen-year-old son, Haydn, through a battle with a rare brain cancer. Haydn graduated from this physical world in May 2020, at age 19, one week before his twentieth birthday. Adam’s first book, Nineteen, shares the beautiful and poignant lessons learned on his family’s journey with Haydn. This interview radiates universal lessons, insights from religion and science, and important perspectives. Haydn was a remarkable young man whose dignified response to his suffering provided essential wisdom and hopeful possibilities for anyone dealing with matters of life and death. Leanne Kaufman, CEO of RBC Royal Trust, returns to the show to provide meaningful context. To purchase Adam's Book: To learn more about Royal Trust -


Jesse Jones - The Show Must Go On

''You have dreams and goals, even a direction, but you must be active for the universe and magic to happen. It must find you, but it won't if you hide in the corner. You must be out there for your desired reality to unfold.' Jesse Jones I love taping Chatter that Matters in front of an audience. In this episode, we are live at Sheridan College and its stunning Hazel McCallion Campus, with students, faculty members, alums, and industry professionals in attendance and DJ Andre dropping the beats. My guest is Jesse Jones. Jesse is a change maker, creator, communicator, media personality and connector of worlds, brands and humanity. Jesse and I explore how individuals can overcome personal challenges and today's realities to chase their dreams and change their world, and even ours, for the better. Jesse is electric and offers several actionable ideas to foster positive transformations in your personal and professional life. Jones highlights the importance of choice, passion, and pursuit. He stresses the need for introspection, increased self-analysis, and self-care in our fast-paced world. Attending to our needs is the essential recharge for our mental health, creativity, and innovation. We take questions from the audience, and I invite two more guests to contribute to this inspirational conversation. Dr. Cherie Werhun is Sheridan's Associate Vice Provost of Human Development and strategic lead for Sheridan's S-Sense Initiative. Dr. Werhun emphasizes the need for educators to focus on the whole student, fostering a holistic approach to student development that focuses on the human capacities of agility, resilience, and adaptability. Jodi Wright, Senior Director, Youth & Young Adult Client Strategy, RBC, joins the show to discuss the role organizations must play to help youth pursue their passions. I am thrilled with the ideas presented in this show. They are inspiring and actionable. If you can, please share with every young adult and anyone feeling overpowered by their circumstances. Apple: Spotify: To find out more about Jesse Jones. Sheridan's S-Sense Initiative. RBC - My Money Matters. RBC - Student Hub.


Patrick Asare - Abject Poverty to International Acclaim

Patrick Asare went from abject poverty in a small village in Ghana to achieving international acclaim. In an inspiring interview, Patrick shared his remarkable story. He was born to illiterate parents, his father was a subsistence farmer, and his mother was a homemaker. Patrick was one of fourteen children living in a small mud house. Most children in his village didn't have the opportunity to continue their education beyond primary school, which perpetuated the cycle of poverty in the region. However, Patrick had a gifted mind and with the support of his village, he earned a scholarship to a private school, although he never felt like he belonged there. Despite this, his academic achievements continued. He had the opportunity to study in the Soviet Union and the United States. Patrick’s relentless determination to never give up showcases the transformative power of an unstoppable spirit. It emphasizes the importance of self-belief and internal acceptance in overcoming external challenges. His story is a must-listen for anyone struggling with adversity or feeling overwhelmed by impossibility. Jodi Wright from RBC joined Chatter that Matters to discuss their work in helping youth pursue their dreams. Ten quotes that mattered: 1. "I started my journey from here, scaling all the way to achieve my dreams." - 06:32 2. "I was determined to make something out of nothing and reach my goals." - 12:45 3. "I refused to let circumstances define me, and I fought against all odds." - 18:10 4. "I never gave up, even when I felt out of place and faced countless obstacles." - 23:15 5. "I chose to use every setback as a stepping stone towards my success." - 31:50 6. "I believed in myself when no one else did, and that made all the difference." - 38:20 7. "I stayed resilient in the face of doubt and criticism, and that's how I prevailed." - 44:05 8. "I turned every 'no' into a 'not yet' and kept pushing forward." - 50:30 9. "I never allowed the limitations of others to limit my potential." - 56:40 10. "I embraced every challenge as an opportunity to prove my strength and determination." - 1:03:15 To learn more about Patrick Asare, please visit To learn more about My Money Matters:


Tony Chapman - The Promise of Democracy

Every second Monday in 2024, I post a segment called Ideas that Matter. Each will be under five minutes, and I will examine an element of the status quo and then offer actionable ideas to improve upon. I don't preach, teach or criticize. I only want to foster conversations about positivity and possibility. In my first episode look at Democracy, and the importance of why promises made, must be promises kept. Let me know what you think.


Risa August - Never Surrender

Risa August is an Ironman Triathlete and an extraordinary cyclist known and highly respected for her love of pushing her physical limits. Risa is no stranger to intense challenges, having completed 500-mile bike tours and conquered mountains in the US and Nepal. Then, Risa’s life comes to a crashing halt. Her body is collapsing, and for good reason. She is diagnosed with a rare pituitary disease, a brain tumour that has been left unchecked for a decade. After undergoing life-threatening brain surgery and trying to live inside a body that can barely function, Risa chooses a different path. She reaches into her bucket list, and against all her doctors' advice; she trains and embarks on a 41-day, 3,000 km bike tour from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast Highway. While the old Risa could have effortlessly conquered such a ride, the new Risa found herself entangled in a body that felt unfamiliar and accompanied by an unwelcome companion, her brain tumour she named Bubba. Pedalling through rain, physical pain, and the haunting echoes of her memories, Risa confronts a challenge unlike any other. Risa questions whether the woman she once was and knew would ever resurface or if this is the person she was destined to become. An extraordinary story of recovery, resilience, renovation and reinvention to begin your New Year. To reach Risa August:


Todd Norian - Follow Your Heart

I wanted to create an entertaining and enlightening show for my New Year's Special. My guest is Todd Norian, a renowned yoga teacher, author, musician, and the founder of Ashaya Yoga. Todd is known for his teaching emphasis on the alignment of body, mind, and heart. Todd is the author of "Tantra Yoga: Journey to Unbreakable Wholeness, A Memoir." Additionally, he is a musician and has released albums, including "Bija." Todd is a masterful storyteller who shares his life journey. His passion was music until he found a profound sense of peace and self-acceptance through Yoga. This led him to live in a Yoga Ashram in Pennsylvania, then Stockbridge, MA, for 13 years.” Twice in his life, the Gurus he was committed to chose to surrender their values for personal gain. Through facing the pain of those betrayals, Todd found a more profound inner wisdom – to transform betrayal from an impasse into a Rite of Passage. Ultimately, this is what motivated him to create Ashaya Yoga. At 50:00, I conclude the show with my New Year's Message. Thanks for being part of Chatter that Matters in 2023, and here's to 2024. Some of Todd’s lessons that he offers: The Power of Destiny: "You know, fate is what's given to us, but destiny is what you do with that." — Todd Norian [00:19:27 → 00:19:31] The Balance of Yoga: "Everything in life is for your awakening. And from that mentality, everything in life has a certain meaning that we give to it and that we are perfectly imperfect just as we are, which is this embrace of ourselves, you know, with acceptance." — Todd Norian [00:25:01 → 00:25:18] Shadow Hugging: "I call it shadow hugging. It's when you put someone else on a pedestal who embodies all the positive qualities you need to recognize in yourself. Still, due to my feeling of lack or shame or unworthiness, I project that onto other People who are used to." — Todd Norian [00:35:53 → 00:36:11] The Essence of Tantra: "The bottom line is I want myself, and I believe everyone wants this as well, is to come to a deep recognition of who we are, that we're here on this planet to rediscover, to remember, to have A revelation of why we're here, of what is this? What is this body? What is this mind? You know, who am I? I am the essence of a question." — Todd Norian [00:40:00 → 00:40:31] To learn more about Todd, to buy his books or music:


Pete Bombaci - Making Human Connections Matter

I wanted to tackle loneliness for my holiday special this year as not all of us are surrounded by family and friends. The World Health Organization has declared loneliness a global health threat — as bad for your health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. Loneliness is the most significant preventable risk factor for depression, addiction, and suicidality. It increases the chance of early death by 30%, more significant than the risk of obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and excessive drinking. Loneliness also increases the risk of heart disease, dementia, and diabetes. My guest this week is Pete Bombaci. Pete aims to make the world happier and healthier by eradicating loneliness. Our show was taped in front of a live audience of Managers from the City of Barrie, the Town of Innisfil and the County of Simcoe. Pete talked about the GenWell Project, Canada's Human Connection Movement. Pete shares why social connection is the most significant contributor to happiness, empathy, compassion, and resilience, yet our world is more disconnected than ever. Pete offers simple ideas to make connections more intentional. Amy Deacon, the Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, joins me to explain why our multi-screening and multi-tasking youth are so lonely and what we need to do to encourage face-to-face connections. Moments that Matter. 00:00 Tony Chapman’s opening – a growing sense of impossibility 02:43 Introduce Pete Bombaci 04:37 Family life – a sister disabled, and the need to make time for others 05:48 Pete’s Dad dies and how that impacted his life. 08:49 Working at a bar offered two key insights. 11:32 The great blackout changed Pete forever. 14:40 Major career shift to not-for-profit raised $42M in 3 years. 17:42 Gen World Project: Canada's movement for human connection. 20:43 Research emphasizes the benefits of human connection. 23:25 Shift from reactive to proactive employee support. 26:32 Encouraging team and organization activities for growth. 31:08 Encouraging more in-person interactions for youth. 32:56 What can we do for our kids, our elderly parents, ourselves 35:35 Irony – Pete feels alone trying to create the GenWell Project 36:37 Global health expert outlines the dangers of Loneliness 37:32 Tony shares a story about a lone hiker 40:30 What Leaders can do - Authenticity and consistency are key 42:28 Loneliness and AI 44:20 Navigating post-pandemic challenges requires careful consideration. 45:32 My three takeaways 47:20 Amy Deacon, Founder of Toronto Wellness Counselling, joins the show 48:00 Amy explains why loneliness is so prevalent in the younger generation 49:14 What parents can do to help their children 50:26 Why parents are also part of the problem


Steffanie Strathdee - A Deadly Superbug and a Race Against Time

I had a profound and heart-wrenching conversation with renowned infectious disease specialist Steffanie Strathdee. Steffanie is Canadian-born and named by Time Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in healthcare. She has written a book titled The Perfect Predator. A Scientists race to save her Husband from a Deadly Superbug. Steffanie's story unfolds like a gripping thriller. On holiday in Egypt, with her husband Tom, a deadly Superbug hijacks his body and it has Superpowers. It steals genes from other bacteria and the environment to resist antibiotics. This Superbug isn't an anamoloy. 5 million people will die from these types of infections in 2024. By 2050, that number is predicted to be 10 million. Why? The misuse and overuse of antibiotics in medicine and animal husbandry. Tom is airlifted to Germany, where the doctors aren't only perplexed, they are terrified as in the past this Superbog has shut down entire hospitals. They can do nothing, so Tom is Medevaced to the US. Fighting for his life, his organs shutting down, Tom is running out of time. Steffanie is desperate. She sees a psyche, hears about a century-old forgotten cure developed by a French Canadian but must enlist a dream team to try to save his life. What they uncover might save millions of lives, including yours and mine. To buy Steffanie and Tom's Book: The Perfect Predator. A Scientist's Race to Save Her Husband from a Deadly Superbug. Time Code: 00:00 I introduce Stephanie Strathdee, An influential Scientist in infectious diseases. 04:48 Super Bugs are a Global Issue - 5 million deaths 05:57 Why aren't antibiotics working the way they used to? 07:54 Global agencies urge action and lack accountability measures. 10:41 The Perfect Vacation turns on a dime - A Super Bug invades Tom's body 12:40 Epidemiologist in Germany shocked by a deadly antibiotic-resistant bacterium. 15:38 Germans send Tom to the United States; nothing they can do 18:02 Tom is dying; a squeeze from his hand changes everything 24:57 Phage could be the cure but against all odds 29:48 Phage preparation to remove toxic bacteria so treatment doesn't kill Tom 30:52 Steffanie must make a life-and-death decision 34:07 Tom treasures life and moments together; phage therapy is a last attempt. 36:18 Phage saved Tom; can it save you and me? 37:48 Was this a miracle? 39:51 Tony's Three Takeaways 41:51 Tony's holiday message to you 43:50 Tony's Holiday Message


Stephen R. Bown - Rails and Tales

Join me to hear untold stories of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the birth of Canada. Acclaimed Author Stephen Bown shares excerpts from his new book Dominion, vividly describing the price paid to build the CPR and unite Canada. In this monumental saga, we learn about the ambitions, sacrifices, and the crimes against humanity that came with Canada’s most extraordinary infrastructure project. Stephen paints a vivid picture of an era of greed, corruption, destruction, discriminatory labour practices and hubris that almost bankrupted a nation and wiped out the Indigenous Population. Was it worth it? You be the judge. I ended the show by sharing my thoughts on what Canada needs to do to write its next chapter. Key Moments 00:00 My opening 03:39 Stephen Bown – Rails and Tales 09:28 Fear of American control led to the need for a Canadian railway 13:10 Allan was influential, wealthy, politically connected, and manipulative. 14:24 Railway through Canadian Shield and financing scandal. 18:43 John A McDonald loses election, Mackenzie and more corruption. 23:34 Railways had devastating effects on Indigenous people. 24:56 Buffalo provided essential resources; extinction led to famine. 28:03 Chinese workers faced exploitation 35:23 Widespread corruption in both public and private sectors. 39:08 Riel's rebellion secured funding for the railway. 41:17 My takeaways 44:21 Tony – What Canada needs to do to write its next chapter To buy Stephen Brown's book Dominion. Indigo: Amazon:


Dr. Georgette Zinaty - Why Not You?

What does it take to be exceptional? Why haven't we closed the gap if diversity has proven to create a more robust and resilient culture and greater profitability? Does that mean others must stand down if you stand for diversity and inclusion? How can you create or contribute to a culture of excellence if the people you count on work remotely? How can an individual make a difference in a world with many headwinds? What does having privilege mean, and why should it be surrendered for the benefit of others? Where do I find trust and a sense of belonging? I am a parent of young children. What education or career do they pursue when AI is stripping away the value and contribution of humans? I have so many questions about the future of work. I started looking for answers, and a name that came up several times was Dr. Georgette Zinaty. I am glad she agreed to join me on Chatter that Matters. I didn’t hold back; she answered my questions with clarity and passion. Dr. Georgette Zinaty is a leadership and diversity expert, the author of the book ‘Why Not You’ and the founder of Women Helping Empower Women (WHEW!), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women leaders and promoting diversity. She is also a TED speaker and Forbes contributor. This week, she started a new role as Chief of Staff at Myant, a disruptive company driving innovation in advanced material science, integrated systems, and advanced manufacturing to empower a future where humans, animals and the planet coexist harmoniously. Andrea Barrack, Senior Vice President and lead champion of Corporate Citizenship and ESG at RBC joins the show and we discuss the role that organizations can and must play to ensure everyone, regardless of ethnicity or gender has a seat at the table. We also talk about some of the challenges facing society and what can be done through our collective efforts. I hope you enjoy both these conversation as much as the learning I garnered from them. To buy Georgette Zinaty's book Why Not You: 100% of the proceeds go to support her non-profit Women Helping Empower Women If you don't have time for the entire episode here are my favourite spots. I don't have what it takes to lead – 01:00 Dr. Georgette Zinaty Intro 02:35 Dr. Georgette Zinaty Challenges Tony Chapman. 03:04 Tony asks Georgette – did I give my Niece the right advice? 06:38 Remote Working and Culture: 07:21 We learn about Georgette’s childhood. 10:11 Those kinds of skills don’t expire: 16:51 Importance of Mentorship 19:21 AI and the Importance of Community. 21:43 Does diversity mean your son has to stand down? 25:28 A big idea for all youth – Personal Advisory Board 28:15 What should I do with my privilege? 30:22 We talk about her book: What about you? 32:35 Will AI replace you? 37:59 Gender Gap is widening, why? 47:47 Tony’s Three Takeaways 49:21 Andrea Barrack joins the show. 51:36. Trust is falling in institutions. 53:00 What is our North Star 53:56 Hollowing out the middle class 55:00 What must be done to close the gap? 55:33 Government alone isn’t the solution. 57:00


Deenah Patel - Overcoming the Worst of Humanity

"We, as a society, do not talk about childhood abuse, and worse, many children between the ages of 5 to 18 go through some abuse." — Deenah Patel [00:33:41 → 00:33:52] Note: We don't share any details of the abuse; what Deenah shares is her path back. Deenah Patel has twice joined me on Chatter that Matters to offer advice to help small business owners. When the microphone was turned off, Deenah opened up about her story of being sexually abused as a child, decades of deeply buried trauma and how it surfaced later in her life as severe physical and mental health issues. I asked Deenah if she wanted to share her story and journey to reclaiming her life and identity, and she said yes in the hope it would help others. Deenah tells anyone seeking her advice, “You are worth finding the way to be better.” Deenah offers many powerful lessons in life for anyone struggling with their identity and self-worth. 1)Everyone is going through something. 2)Permit yourself to care for yourself; don't bury it. 3)Express yourself because you are worth it, and you deserve to be the best 4)Learn how to believe in yourself and believe in your beliefs. 5)You are in control of your future. Thank you, Deenah, for sharing; I will be the first of many who listen to your story to give you a virtual standing ovation. Speaking of ovations, at the end of my show, Amy Deacon, the founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, joins the show to provide context on overcoming trauma. Amy never disappoints, and her advice is content for all and content that matters. 10 Moments That Matter 1. [00:16] - Introduction and overview of Deenah Patel's story and the topics discussed in the episode. 2. [03:42] - Deenah shares her belief that society does not talk enough about abuse, particularly childhood abuse. 3. [08:52] - Deenah discusses the therapeutic aspect of verbalizing and speaking about her experience. 4. [15:31] - Deenah talks about her fear of regression if she comes in contact with her abuser again but emphasizes her strength and growth since then. 5. [22:09] - Deenah shares her experience confronting her abuser through therapy and letter therapy, setting boundaries and asking to be left alone. 6. [28:17] - Deenah discusses the challenges of coming forward as an adult about childhood abuse, including shame, self-doubt, and fear of judgment. 7. [33:42] - Deenah talks about the need for society to be more punitive towards and address grotesque behavior from adults. 8. [39:05] - Deenah shares her personal journey of helping others overcome traumatic circumstances and the importance of not judging oneself. 9. [42:39] - Deenah discusses her adult-onset childhood sexual abuse, resulting in PTSD and a mental illness. 10. [49:13] - Deenah highlights the challenges of finding the right mental health care and emphasizes the importance of seeking help and finding a practitioner who understands one's needs.


Tony Chapman - My Way

We have a surprise twist in this week’s Chatter That Matters. Mark Ferrier steps in as guest host and interviews Tony Chapman on his journey. Mark is a natural; the banter between them is like listening to two close friends, and you will uncover many parallels between their lives and I am guessing yours. Tony shares a childhood where their family had to deal with emotional uncertainty and dire financial insecurities resulting from his father's failing mental health. Tony promised himself that he would never put his family in a similar situation and that motivation propelled him into an entrepreneurial journey that has extended over decades. Tony opens up about his successes and failures, the lessons he learned along the way, and how an unchecked ego cost people their jobs. Tony also expresses his gratitude for everyone who has helped him along the way with a special shout-out to RBC for investing in Chatter that Matters and sharing stories of positivity and possibility. Tony closes the show talking about why Chatter that Matters, is his labour of love, and his passion for Canada and what must be done to reclaim our dream. Time Code: 02:02 Why family matters 03:09 Tony's journey, achievements, and lessons summarized. 06:37 Father's spending nearly bankrupts us, sparks change. 10:08 Grade 7 party, $20 payment, discovering radio. 14:35 Radio-inspired purpose: consumer insights, connecting, dreams. 16:48 Tony’s first agency - Communique 19:35 Help others is the best reward of all. 24:31 Letting people go is the worst failure of all. 28:36 More change and transformation 30:50 Innovative ideas presented, uncertainty about the future. 34:02 Mentor, moderate, lead, market, sell for attention. 36:57 Overcoming circumstances, changing lives, powerful lessons. 40:29 Tony talks about the Canadian Dream 42:20 Tony talks about Education 45:41 Mark shares the three takeaways


Vicki Cody - Army Wife and a Leader

Unveiling a Heartfelt Journey: Love, Family, and Resilience in Military Life. This week, we honour Remembrance Day by shedding light on the selfless commitment and sacrifice of military spouses. My guest is Vicki Cody, author of here memoir “Army Wife: A Story of Love and Family in the Heart of the Army,” Vicki shares her experience as an army wife as well as a leader to many in her community. Our story begins in the summer of 1969 when Vicki crosses paths with West Point cadet Dick Cody. What initially began as a schoolgirl crush blossomed into a profound love story, spanning almost fifty years of marriage. Vicki's steadfast support accompanies Dick throughout his remarkable career, from lieutenant to four-star general and Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army. Her memoir “Army Wife” not only delves into the commitment between spouses but also paints a vivid picture of unwavering dedication to the military way of life. While raising their two sons, Vicki learns to navigate the daily challenges intertwined with the Army's unique demands, including emotional roller coasters, extended separations and frequent relocations. Over more than three decades in an Army family, Vicki embraces her distinct circumstances and discovers joy, self-fulfillment, and pride while steadfastly preserving her identity as a woman, a leader, a successful author and a mentor to many others. This poignant tale of love, honour and commitment is a unique and fitting tribute to Remembrance Day and the often-untold story of all who support those who serve. At the 34:21 mark I end the show with my thoughts about November 11 and why this day matters. Visit Vicki Cody's site to learn more and to buy her books: 00:01:01 Admiring thought leaders, overcoming challenges, and a powerful love story. 00:03:25 Appreciating in-depth look at military life. 00:06:47 Dick Cody loved flying helicopters; no turning back. 00:10:50 Opposites attract strict military life versus college parties. 00:17:56 Time to settle down, he was ready. 00:22:28 Resentment over the military's indifferent and precise actions. 00:25:01 Inspirational figure brings an emotional connection to military families. 00:26:44 Army spouse not interested in advocacy role. 00:31:42 Trust, leadership, individuality, and embracing circumstances. 00:34:21 Tony talks about November 11 and why it matters.


Steve Phillip - From Pain to Purpose

Hello everyone, With so much negativity flooding our feeds and, with it a growing sense of impossibility manifesting into a mental health crisis, I encourage you to listen to this episode to uncover ways in which you can help. This isn't a show about committing suicide; it is about preventing it from happening. Some sobering facts: for every death by suicide, there are 20 attempts. And with every attempt, on average, 135 people are impacted including family, friends, peers, neighbours etc. Please share. Tony Steve Phillip. From Pain to Purpose I was on LinkedIn one morning and came across a post by Steve Phillip. It was titled: 'I could have done more.' As a father, it moved me to tears. Steve talked about a phone call on December 4, 2019, that changed his life forever. He found out that his son Jordan, whom he had exchanged texts with the day before, had taken his own life. Jordan had a fantastic network of friends, was loved and admired by many, and was caring and fun, but he also struggled with his mental health. Jordan had been diagnosed with clinical anxiety and depression in 2015. As Steve says, a lot was happening beneath the surface we didn’t see. Faced with the choice of either sitting on a sofa with a bottle or creating something to prevent other families from having to experience the trauma of losing a loved one to suicide, Steve chose the latter. He committed himself to doing whatever he could to have an impact in terms of reducing suicides so other families didn’t have to experience the same pain and grief. Leaning into the skills Steve had developed in his corporate career – public speaking, leadership, change management – Steve established The Jordan Legacy to provide hope, even a path for people who are feeling suicidal. Their mission is to engage others to move towards a zero-suicide community, which he defines as one in which everyone is willing and able to do all they can to stop preventable suicides. To find out more about the Jordan Legacy, To find out more about what RBC is doing to support mental well being with our youth: