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Bonus: Making a Successful Digital Entry in China (Jons @ China BizConnect)

The audio below is a collaboration podcast I did with Tim Lindeman from China BizConnect. Together with Tim, we have discussed how to make a successful digital entry and get started with digital marketing in China. Digital marketing in China requires a different approach than in other markets. Foreign companies looking to enter China should first investigate the unique requirements of their target Chinese customers. They must also learn to use new marketing channels to reach these...


SheLeaders Podcast Series - Ep. 2: Female roles with Lisa Renkin

The second episode of Sheleaders Podcast had invited Lisa Renkin with us to talk about female roles in politics and diplomat area, the importance of taking risks and having a mentor, strategies on identifying opportunities and maintaining work-life balance. About Lisa Renkin Lisa represents the interests of Victoria State of Government, Australia in China, Hongkong, and Taiwan and has worked in strategic and technical leadership roles in China for last 15 years. Prior to her role at the...


Bonus: RISE 2019 - short clips on the ground @ RISE

Today’s podcast we’re together with guest host Michael Eagleton from Trovitech (a leading Supply Chain Solutions Company) visiting the largest tech conference in Asia “RISE” which is held annually in Hong Kong. Michael talks with Anthony Baker Executive Director, Technology at R/GA, and Patrick Siu COO at MEGA Automation about the conference, their business and China RISE is produced by the team behind Web Summit and Collision – two of the largest and fastest-growing tech conferences on the...


Ep. 97 - Cross-cultural market entries with Lina Bartusevičiūtė

About Lina Bartusevičiūtė Lina got her HSK 6 in 2010 and became a sought-after Mandarin Chinese interpreter for official meetings and business delegations, and soon she noticed that language was just a minor barrier in building sustainable cross-cultural partnerships. So she got into a top Chinese school for diplomacy and after graduation opened LITAO in order to solve the issues arising in cross-border projects: language is important, but it's really the clarity in your competitive...


Ep. 96: Update on WeChat Mini-Programs with Tommaso Sora

Today’s podcast is featuring a dialogue about some thoughts on WeChat Mini-Programs with our Guest Tommaso Sora. About Tommaso Sora Tommaso is the founder of Sinaweb 脉国 and Smallchina; Respectively Sinaweb 脉国 is a digital web agency that develops web applications and solutions in China and for China, and it’s also a community of small businesses, entrepreneurs, passionate people, based in Shanghai. Smallchina's mission is to help people with a passion to find their purpose and get...


SheLeaders Podcast Series - Ep. 1: A Dialogue Between Male and Female Leaders | Panel Discussion From SheLeads 1 Year Anniversary

This is a new series of CBC in collaboration with SheLeads, an empowering platform for all professional females in China. SheLeads dedicates to promote female leadership, and in this series, we will bring you interviews with inspiring and successful female (She) LEADERS in China and share with you their exciting life stories, work experience, professional insights and career advices. Today’s podcast is featuring a dialogue about female leadership between male and female leaders. This panel...


Ep. 95: Trade wars and cultural differences with Richard Conrad

Today's podcast we are talking about trade wars and cultural differences with Richard Conrad, author of "Culture Hacks" Call out for the donation campaign The first 3 listeners who provide the screenshots of their donation can receive the Richard Conrad's book:"Culture Hacks: Deciphering Differences in American, Chinese, and Japanese Thinking" About Richard Conrad EPISODE CONTENT: Episode Mentions: campaign to support Sri Lankan kindegartenAmazonChina Business Cast WeChat groupLinkedIN...


Ep. 94: Entrepreneurship, accelerators and unicorns in China with Matthieu Bodin

Today's podcast we are talking about entrepreneurship, accelerators and unicorns in China with Matthieu Bodin, Regional Manager at Techstars. Note: In between the time of the recording and the release of this episode, Matthieu has move from Techstars to XNode Matthieu Bodin EPISODE CONTENT: Episode Mentions: LinkedINwebsitewebsitewebsiteChina Business Cast WeChat groupLinkedIN Download and Subscribe Download this episodeChina Business Cast on iTunessubscription options


Ep. 93: Open Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Amado Trejo & Luis Sarre, Co-founders of Free Entrepreneurs.

Today's podcast we are talking about Open Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Amado Trejo & Luis Sarre, Co-founders of Free Entrepreneurs. Amado Trejo: Luis Sarre EPISODE CONTENT: Free entrepreneurs Episode Mentions: LinkedInFree entrepreneurs websiteLinkedINLinkedINChina Business Cast WeChat groupLinkedIN Download and Subscribe Download this episodeChina Business Cast on iTunessubscription options


Ep. 92: How to structure your finances as an expat with Mikkel Thorup

Today's podcast we are talking about “How to structure your finances as an Expat” with Mikkel Thorup, host of the popular podcast The Expat Money Show, expat for 20+ years and author of the book “Expat Secrets” Mikkel Thorup: EPISODE CONTENT: Episode Mentions: Expat SecretsThe Expat Money ShowFulfillment by AmazonFlagtheory15 Global Strategies to protect your wealthChina Business Cast WeChat groupLinkedIN Download and Subscribe Download this episodeChina Business Cast on...


Bonus: TECOM conference impressions and insights

First of all a big thank you to Marian from WeHustle for the invite and having us run around grabbing guests left and right. Thank buddy! So this bonus episode is a bit of a different format. Where we normally have one or two guests in the episode and go in-depth on a specific topic, in this one we gather some impressions and quick insights from 7 guests to the TECOM conference. For each guest we cover the these 3 questions: A big thank you and shout out to our guests on this TECOM...


Ep. 91: How to Optimise and Use LinkedIn for business in China with Daniella Santana

Today’s podcast we are talking about how to optimise and use LinkedIn platform for your business and how is it used in China? This the question we will answering with Daniella Santana in the 91th Episode. About Daniella Santana: Daniella Santana is from country side of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to China in 2005. She is an inspiring Entrepreneur / LinkedIn Trainer / China Business Consultant & Female Catalyst. EPISODE CONTENT: Episode Mentions: Concept ExpressTEDx...


Ep. 90: Douyin/TikTok and Influencer Marketing in Asia with Fabian Bern, Partner at UPLAB

In today's episode we are talking about a very popular topic over the last few years in Digital Marketing which is Influence. Which in Asia is the one of the most cost-effective customer acquisition channels. And to talk about it, we invited a fellow China-preneur, Fabian Bern who will explain his way of reimagining Storytelling in Asia through Influencer Marketing. About Fabian Bern: passionate by marketing, technology, and mental healthgrowth marketing and business developmentUPLAB, a...


Ep. 89: Exciting News about China Business Cast - With Shlomo, Mike and Jons Slemmer

A very interesting episode where Shlomo and Mike are introducing Jons Slemmer as our new host of China Business Cast. From Thailand, Sri Lanka and Chengdu you’ll hear our hosts talking about the exciting news of our podcast. About our new host: Jons is a digital entrepreneur with current adventures in China, Hong Kong and Estonia. He is building a global future for brands and consumers going in and out of China. Feel free to ask your questions! Episode content: Episode Mentions: Mike’s...


Ep. 88: How to Avoid PR Mistakes When Chinese Tech Companies Going Global with Elliott Zaagman

Elliott Zaagman (aka “Ell”) is a writer, executive coach, and speaker, helping Chinese enterprises grow into global organizations. During past years he’s been a writer, journalist and researcher on China’s tech industry, as a regular contributor to Huxiu, Tech in Asia and Technode, as well as a coach and PR assistant for a number of Chinese tech founders, including LeEco during their global takeoff and crash and various made-in-China Internet giants. Recently, he launched his own podcast...


Ep. 87: Unleashing the Power of Mini Programs with Jesse Cai, Founder & CEO of

A serial entrepreneur who was co-founder of P1, a fashion social network before Tantan, and served as chief technology officer, reaching from 0 to 10 million users. He went on to work and study in Silicon Valley, USA from early 2014. started a new business in Shenzhen from 2016, help non technic founders getting started their startup from 0 to 1, several projects have been successfully invested by VC. Focus on build WeChat mini-program for e-commerce and enterprises, an VC invested SaaS...


Ep. 86: Cultural difference and leadership in China, with Gene Hsu, Founder of EME China Consultants

Gene is an American born Chinese (ABC) with over 20 years of cross-cultural management, business development, consulting, and teaching experience in APAC and Greater China. Gene began managing key accounts, establishing channel partners, and developing new business in Mainland China in 2004. He received his first permanent assignment in Shanghai in 2012, leading all sales in Asia Pacific for a German B2B manufacturing company. Gene has led M&S activities in Asia for several MNCs, worked as a...


Ep. 85: Learnings From Being An Ultramarathon Runner with Greg Nance, CEO of

Greg Nance is working to expand education access. Greg is the founder and CEO of, a mentorship platform that has helped students earn over $27M in university scholarships. Greg loves exploring the outdoors he is an ulthramarthoner and has solo climbed Mont Blanc, swam across the Nile River, and run 250KM through the Gobi Desert. Next up, Greg will run 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents, beginning in Antarctica on January 30, 2019 and finishing in Miami six days later. Episode...


Ep. 84: Making An Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Product For Entrepreneurs, with Rico Ngoma, CEO of Source Find Asia

Rico Ngoma is the Founder, CEO & Vlogger at Source Find Asia, a manufacturing consulting company based in Guangzhou China. They make sure their clients are working with top quality suppliers so they don’t have to lift a finger. Having spent over 10 years on the ground in Asia, their market experience allows them to tackle problems in ways nobody else can. He is also a podcaster at Made in China Podcast and is super passionate about creating engaging and informational free content. He always...


Ep. 83: Landscape of Biotech Startups and Investment Trends in China, with Stephen Mallon of Triwise Capital Investment

Stephen "Steve" Mallon studied molecular biology of viral infections and oncology for PhD and post-doc at the University of Chicago before moving to China in 2016 to help start a biotechnology incubator and work for the biomedical team at Triwise Capital Management. His background is in infectious disease and oncology Triwise Capital Management is a venture capital and private equity fund focused on funding innovative enterprises in the biomedical, technology and clean tech space. They are...