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From the Cutting Edge of New Mobility.

From the Cutting Edge of New Mobility.
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From the Cutting Edge of New Mobility.






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Live from Masdar - Greg Lindsay chats with Scott Smith

Episode 27. This conversation between Greg Lindsay and futurist Scott Smith was recorded on location in Masdar City, UAE. Scott and Greg chat about the famous closed-loop zero-carbon city, which Scott refers to as "a fragment of the Gulf future's 1.0 dream", and about building the next vision of the future. Scott, Founder and Managing Director of Amsterdam-based consulting group Changeist, talks about how mobility cultures differ from city to city, and highlights the need to think about...


Standards and Practices - Greg Lindsay chats with David Zipper

Episdode 26. Greg Lindsay chats with David Zipper, fellow in the Urban and Regional Policy Program at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, about integrating public and private modes of transportation into Mobility-as-a-Service platforms, without letting companies create mobility "walled gardens", or having privacy advocates turn against city-run multi-modal networks.


Mapping the Invisible - Greg Lindsay chats with WhereIsMyTransport CEO Devin de Vries

Episode 25. Greg Lindsay chats with Devin de Vries, co-founder & CEO of WhereIsMyTransport, about improving visibility and accessibility for informally run transportation networks, which cities have traditionally had very little insight into. WhereIsMyTransport is a startup which provides an integrative mobility platform for governments to centralize information from both formal and informal transportation networks. Rather than disrupting informal transport services, WhereIsMyTransport wants...


The Kiwi Approach to MaaS - Greg Lindsay chats with the NZTA's Martin McMullan

Episode 24. Greg Lindsay chats with Martin McMullan, Director of the Connected Journey program at the New Zealand Transportation Agency, about the the nuts-and-bolts of Mobility-as-a-Service and public sector innovation. Martin explains how he and his team implemented their own MaaS app in Auckland, NZ, by building a business case off of user feedback, and providing the underpinning digital infrastructure for an integrated service open to both public and private operators, which allows for...


How the Mobility Revolution is Reshaping Real Estate Development - John Rossant & Nixon Peabody

Episode 23. John Rossant sits down with Nixon Peabody real estate attorneys Justin Thompson and Garth Bostic to discuss ways in which the fast-changing urban mobility landscape will affect real-estate development in the three decades to come. John, Justin and Garth chat about parking requirements and the need for flexible, “future-proof” design, how regulatory environments and geographic considerations will affect the advent of autonomous vehicles, the impact congestion pricing and urban air...


What Transit Leaders Want - Greg Lindsay chats with Paul Comfort

Episode 22. Greg Lindsay chats with Paul Comfort, Vice President of Buisness Development and Chief Transit Evangelist at Trapeze Group, which provides the enterprise software that runs public transportation systems all over the world, among other products. The former transit head also hosts a mobility podcast of his own, “Transit Unplugged” where he interviews transportation leaders. Greg and Paul talk about redesigning routes for high frequency service, providing ease of use and ease of...


Truly Shared Rides - Greg Lindsay chats with Amir Ghorbani and Ruben Schultz

Episode 21. Greg Lindsay chats with Swoop's CEO, Amir Ghorbani, and Ruben Schultz, Co-Founder, about mobility as an experience. Swoop is a shared mobility startup focused on large sized vehicles for groups. Greg, Amir and Ruben discuss the evolution of the shared vehicle market.


EV Charging Made Simple - John Rossant chats with Paul Glenney

Episode 20. CoMotion Founder and Chief Curator John Rossant sits down with Paul Glenney, CEO of Hubject Inc. Hubject is an interoperability platform focused on simplifying EV charging. Hubject works with Charge Port Operators (CPOs) and e-mobility service providers in 26 countries, and has more than 300 business-to-business partners. Hubject operates as a hub, enabling partners to communicate with each other and do business together. John and Paul chat about public charging and ways to...


Building Urban Mobility From The Blockchain Up - Greg Lindsay chats with Eduardo Javier Muñoz

Episode 19. Greg Lindsay chats with Eduardo Javier Muñoz, CEO of EVShare, about ways to reinvent our mobility ecosystem. EVShare operates a combination of home solar renewables, feeding into electric vehicles and using blockchain as a way of awarding credits and paying out people’s use of mobility. The foundation creates fleets that enable people to move around using less vehicles, in a cheaper and more energy-efficient way. Eduardo views blockchain technology as a “digitalized...


Paris: Beyond the Dense Urban Core - John Rossant chats with Alexandra Dublanche

Episode 18. John Rossant chats with Alexandra Dublanche, Vice President of the Paris Region, to discuss how the region is strengthening its public transportation network beyond the dense core of the city. The Paris Region is experimenting with innovative and sustainable new modes of transportation, such as flying water cars on the Seine or shared autonomous vehicles. John and Alexandra compare different cultural mindsets regarding public transportation, and how those can evolve.


The "Patagonia" of Electric Cars - Stephen Baker chats with RJ Scaringe, CEO of Rivian

Episode 16. Stephen Baker and RJ Scaringe, CEO of Rivian, an electric car startup, sat down at LA CoMotion to discuss how the consumption model for cars will evolve over the next decades. RJ calls Rivian the “Patagonia” of electric cars - a comfortable vehicle encouraging customers to go out and explore the world. The car’s smart battery can learn from its user and adjust to his preferred charging mode in real-time. RJ Scaringe believes that as we move away from an exclusive consumption...


A Planet Free of Traffic - Greg Lindsay chats with Nat Parker, CEO of moovel North America

Episode 16. Greg Lindsay and Nat Parker, CEO of moovel North America, address the dire after effects “competing empires” of MaaS platforms could have on congestion and discuss moovel’s long term vision for building an open, avant-garde mobility operating system for cities. moovel and BMW are combining their transportation offerings in an effort to build a mobility powerhouse that works as an open network, where competing service providers can offer their solutions as well. Nat Parker makes a...


LA: A Powerhouse of the Mobility Revolution - John Rossant chats with LA Metro's Joshua Schank

Episode 15. John Rossant sits down with Joshua Schank, Chief Innovation Officer for LA Metro, to talk about LA county’s collective decision to retrofit a car-centric region for public transit. John and Josh discuss how LA’s infrastructure shift compares to older cities in the rest of the world, and why this tremendous undertaking will allow LA to emerge as one of the key global hubs in the mobility revolution. LA Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation collaborates with the private sector...


Repurposing (some of) LA’s 18.6 million parking places - John Rossant chats with Nik Karalis

Episode 14. John Rossant and Nik Karalis, CEO of Woods Bagot, chat about the implications of the mobility revolution on the built environment. At LA CoMotion, Woods Bagot, the global architectural and design consultancy, will present their fascinating research on the repurposing of parking places in the city of Los Angeles, exploring how a shift in planning could provide dwellings for more than 3 million people. Woods Bagot’s 3D data visualization tool will adjust itself live to different...


The Future of Cities is Polycentric - John Rossant chats with Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev

Episode 12. John Rossant and Thierry Mallet, Chairman and CEO of Transdev, chat about emerging new mobility options for the cities of tomorrow. These cities will be polycentric and need to be redesigned for humans, not cars - all our basic needs will be fulfilled through micromobilty. John and Thierry discuss the need for local governments to regulate mobility, while remaining open to innovation. Thierry Mallet expands upon some of the integration lessons Transdev has learned in developing...


Human-Centric Streets - Greg Lindsay chats with Meghan Sahli-Wells and Kome Ajise

Episode 13. How can we frame the conversation around urban mobility in the Southern California region and encourage people to opt for safer, more enjoyable streets at a human scale? Greg Lindsay chats with SCAG Planning & Programs Director Kome Ajise and Meghan Sahli-Wells, Vice Mayor of Culver City. The Southern California Association of Governments is a regional planning agency whose role is to make sure there is alignment in planning across jurisdictions, and that the region’s ambitious...


Electric, connected & shared: Inventing the car of the future - John Rossant chats with KT Neumann

Episode 11. John Rossant sits down with KT Neumann, In Charge of Mobility for Evelozcity, to discuss the future of cars. The Evelozcity project is all about bringing electric cars to the masses and disrupting car ownership. Evelozcity cars are developed for city use and ride-sharing, with a radical new design and a whole new business model. KT Neumann believes the car of the future will just be a device in a larger ecosystem of mobility, and Evelozcity cars are connected to a blockchain...


Towards a shared autonomous future - Greg Lindsay and Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America

Episode 10. LA CoMotion’s Director of Strategy Greg Lindsay and Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America, chat about how shared autonomous transportation will transform cities. Transdev has a hands-on, experimental approach to inventing the future of mobility. Yann Leriche explains the need to work with cities and develop shared solutions in order to balance out the appeal for autonomous vehicles and the increase in traffic and congestion. Yann and Greg discuss the difference between...


Electrifying California: the path to green mobility - Greg Lindsay chats with Jill Anderson from SCE

Episode 9. Greg Lindsay and Jill Anderson, Vice President of Customer Programs & Services for SoCal Edison, chat about ways to reach California's ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets in practical terms. SoCal Edison’s clean power and electrification pathway strategy will help the state of California reduce gas emissions by 80% by 2050. This will be done by simultaneously working toward a carbon-free grid, electrifying transportation and buildings and through solar panels. Jill Anderson...


New mobility: China as number 1? John Rossant chats with Michael Dunne, CEO of ZoZo Go

Episode 8. John Rossant, LA CoMotion’s Founder and Chief Curator, and Michael Dunne, CEO of ZoZo Go (A Dunne Automotive Company), discuss the industries of ride hailing, electric and autonomous vehicles in China, and how those will play out on a global scale. The Chinese Government has set high ambitions to become leaders in future mobility technologies. John Rossant and Michael Dunne explore political trade tensions between China and the US in the mobility revolution market.