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Coach’s Corner with Robert Imbriale






What’s Coming Next?

Don't you want to know what's coming next so that you can prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and even physically?


Navigating Uncertainty Today

I was driving to my studio today and thinking about how things were prior to COVID. And I wondered if they would ever go back to those times. Sadly, I think we have moved too far now to ever go back. We are in fact living in very different times. When you look forward, do you see a predictable path forward or do you see continued chaos? Most of the coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs that I speak with these days remain uncertain about the future. They cannot see past all the...


When does it all end? The Lockdowns, masks, fear, anger..

Listen, it's been rough. It continues to be rough and in some places it's getting worse as more and more shutdowns seem to just keep coming. It's taxing on us all. Being deprived of our basic freedoms (like breathing freely in public) is causing very bad depression in our society. We're frustrated. We're angry. Our leaders have been compromised, bought out, threatened, and are totally feckless. Our courts have turned their backs on us. And who knows where our military is and what they are...


Tell Your Friends

I see a lot of people asking for guidance on what they can do right now to help our current situation. Tell your friends! Now, if you're happy with they way things are, there isn't anything for you to do, but you would be in the minority. If you're like me and you're simply not liking much of anything that is happening, you may be motivated to do something, but you not know what to do. It's normal to feel that way in these very uncertain times. Can you post your thoughts on social media? You...


This Has to Stop Now

This past week, I could see that there is increasing anger in our society as more and more people are not at all liking the way things are going. From much higher gas prices to the situation at our border, things don't seem to be getting better. But there is a more pressing issue that I'm also seeing and experiencing that has to stop now. It's an issue that is destroying relationships, families, businesses and ultimately will destroy our country if we continue to act as we have been. There...


Here is Where Our Power Is

It can be quite frustrating to feel boxed in and unable to share comments, posts, ideas, and opinions that are not in line with that the powers that be approve of. This is censorship and it's unAmerican on every level. If you've been paying attention, you can see how it started slowly with just a few posts here and there being removed. And since it began, it's only gotten more and more aggressive. And it wont' stop unless there is pushback against it. That's where we come in. It feels that...


Are you being authentic? Really?

Over the past few years, we have been hearing a lot about being authentic. It's the new buzzword and one so many have been using to describe who they are and what they do. I'm all in on authenticity. In fact, you simply cannot have a successful relationship of any kind unless all parties involved are authentic. If not, the relationship will eventually fail. So what does authenticity look like when society is in turmoil as it is now? Is it different? Well things have certainly changed and now...


You can do something!

My friend, you may be like so many today wondering what you can do to help get our country back on track. It's hard to stand by and do nothing as we see the damage that is being done to far too many facets of our society. From putting covid positive people into senior care facilities, to silencing any voices that disagree with the narrative being dumped on us by main stream media and corporate social media. While you may feel like you don't have a voice and there is nothing you can do, and...


Time to Step Up

With all the crazy stuff happening in our world today, you may be wondering what YOU can do. It's time to step up!


Do This First in Uncertain Times

Do this first when things are uncertain. Why? Because uncertainty causes life to become much more difficult. In fact, when it comes to business, it makes things very complicated. You have questions about what you should do now, and how to plan for the future. I know, I've got those questions too. And I know that we all need answers. The good news is that we've been here before. Think back to 2008 when our economy hit a near full stop. How did we finally figure it out? What did we learn? Can...


Do This and Save a TON of Money!

2/12/2021 Want to save a lot of money? It's not just a good idea anytime, but it's especially important when things as disrupted as they are today. Since last March, I've been advising my clients to be judicious with their money as things remain uncertain going forward. I take my own advice. I did what I share with you in this episode of Coach's Corner. And, when I did, I ended up saving a ton of money in the process! Nothing I share here is hard to do. And I know that if you...


Are we back to business as usual?

What can we expect in the coming weeks? Will be we getting back to business as usual anytime soon?


Check Your Feeds!

How do you start your day? Has your routine changed much in the past year, or even just the last 30 days? I know that my routine has changed and as much as I didn't want to change my morning routine, the times we are living in now have forced me to make certain changes. When there is uncertainly all around us, it's important to create new habits so that you can get on with your day in as normal a day as possible. In the episode, I share the one thing that I now do that I've before done at...


Stop the tracking madness!

It's time to take a stand and stop the tracking madness!


It’s NOT all Bad News…

While things appear to be hopeless, and you may be feeling helpless, frustrated, and maybe even angry, there are bits of good news if you take the time to look for it. In life we will go through difficult times. It's never a straight live up or down. And right now, we're going through a bumpy time in many areas and it feels like it's not going to end any time soon. Now, that may be true, but you also don't have to suffer each and every day. In fact, I've made it my business to figure out...


Finding Nuggets of Hope

What are nuggets of hope and why do they matter, especially now when so much of our world seems to be mired in chaos? Over the past few weeks, I've been speaking with many friends, clients, and family members about how they are feeling. It should come as no surprise that most are feeling lost, frustrated, and even angry. I see it on my visits to my social media. I hear it in the voices of my clients. I see it in the eyes of local business owners. So what can we do? Well, right now, it does...


Now What Do We Do?

Here we are with a new President. Some people aren't too happy about it. Others are celebrating. Still others are angry, frustrated, and still others are feeling completely helpless. As an entrepreneur, one gift that we have is the ability to find the silver lining when all the world seems to be crashing down all around us. So are there silver linings to be found in these dark days? If so, where do we look? What do we do? How do we make the most of the situation? That is what we talk about...


Go Ahead and Talk About it!

Some days, there are just no words to express what we're now seeing in our world. It's shocking. It's scary. And it's happening. And it's causing far too many of us to stay quiet when in fact we should be speaking, sharing, discussing, and connecting as we are meant to! Look we've been kept away from each other for close to a year. We were told that our fellow humans could kill us if they were to breathe on us. They locked us in our homes, shut down our businesses. People all around us...


The Tipping Point Ahead

Are we about to come up to the tipping point? Sometimes I think I'd love to go back in time to January of 2020... because it was much easier then as compared to what we're living through now. Yes, I know that would put us right back at the very start of all the madness. So where are we now? What can we expect in the coming days? While I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you what to expect, I don't. What I do know is how life has cycles and I know what I can feel, what I see in those...


They are Looking to You for Guidance

As a coach, people look to you and I for guidance, for advice, and for help navigating the rough times we are experiencing today.