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Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies as taught by the author of the book himself, Peter Harris, to help educate individual investors who want to own more commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies as taught by the author of the book himself, Peter Harris, to help educate individual investors who want to own more commercial real estate.
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Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies as taught by the author of the book himself, Peter Harris, to help educate individual investors who want to own more commercial real estate.




How to Make Big Bucks With Value-Add Real Estate

Discover how to make the big bucks by doing Value-Add Commercial Real Estate deals. In this podcast you will learn what value-add deals are, how to locate them, how to evaluate them and also be given a road map that you can follow to make the big bucks yourself!


Finding Great Multi Family Apartment Investments in Hot Markets

Discover how to find great multi family apartment investments in hot markets. Multi family real estate investors have been complaining that there aren't any good deals in today's market. The reality is that there are always great deals if you know exactly where to look for them. This podcast features an interview with our students Dave and Andrea, who landed two great deals in one of the hottest markets in the country.


How to Pay Off Your Student Loans in 3 Months

Discover how Jeremy paid off his student loans in just 3 months by wholesaling a commercial real estate deal AND learn how you can do the exact same thing too!


Why Diversification Is Investor Ignorance

Discover why diversification is investor ignorance. You'll learn how investors like Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban became so successful without diversification. Many investors diversify their investments just to diversify and end up de-versifying. They spread themselves too thin with little to no expertise in any area and lose the advantage of capital and cash flow that would enable them to invest in unique opportunities that come their way. This is a must watch video for any commercial real...


How To Maximize Your Retirement Investments

Discover how to maximize your retirement investments so that you get safety, growth, cash flow, tax breaks AND control all at the same time through Commercial Real Estate Investing. You can have your cake and eat it too! It requires stepping out the box of stock, bonds and mutual funds and investing in commercial real estate directly.


How Beginners Can Beat Experienced Commercial Investors

Discover how beginners can beat experienced commercial real estate investors. A common concern new commercial investors have is how they can grab good deals before the veterans already in a market snatch them up. This training podcast will explain the advantages beginners have over their more experienced competitors. If you're starting out in commercial real estate, this podcast is for you!


3 Persuasive Negotiating Tactics for Real Estate Investors

Discover how to get the upper hand while negotiating real estate deals using these three persuasive tactics.


Truth Behind Triple Net Lease

Discover how Triple Net Lease (NNN) investing is a truly passive commercial real estate investment that can provide a fantastic cash flow for life. With a Triple Net Lease Investment, there are no landlord headaches and no management responsibilities, just cash in the bank every month. However, that lack of hassles comes at a cost. Learn all the pros and cons, all the ins and outs, of triple net lease (net-net-net) commercial real estate investing.


1031 Exchange Step by Step Case Study

Discover how to sell your real estate and reinvest the profits into another property and avoid paying any taxes by doing a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. You'll learn, step by step, with a case study, how to do it. Use this powerful tool to build wealth in real estate and increase your net worth and cash flow.


How Chris Became A Millionaire in One Year

Can you become a millionaire with just one commercial real estate deal? The answer is yes. Can you do it with no experience? Of course you can. Now, can it be done in this crazy real estate market we have today? Yes it can. In fact, our student Chris accomplished all of the above in one year.


97% Return on Investment in 1 Year Commercial Real Estate Deal

What does it take to generate a 97% return on investment with commercial real estate? It takes a high level of skill and knowledge, but also it takes work, sacrifice, risk, admitting what you don't know, and getting out of your comfort zone. Are all of these qualities attainable by you in one or two years? I would say no if you are doing it by yourself, because I personally, find it too risky. But if you have a high-level adviser helping you out, a mentor willing to get in the trenches with...


How to Turn 2 Houses into 34 Apartment Units

Discover how you can convert equity in your single family home investments into the bigger game of commercial multi family properties that generate much high cash flow, much better upside opportunity and are much easier to manage so that you can get closer to your goal of financial freedom.


3 Tips to Get Commercial Sellers to say YES to Your Offers

Here's a scenario: You're on the phone with a motivated seller of a once in a lifetime commercial deal and they've just told you why they want to sell, what's going on with the property and how their ownership of the property is affecting their personal lives. Those three pieces of information are probably the most important things you need in order to structure offers to motivated sellers and get them to say yes. The issue is, most average investors have no clue how to do this. That's what...


How to Make 3000 Per Month Passive Income for Life

What could you do with $3,000 per month in passive income for life? How would it change your life? For some of you, it will be a total game changer. For others, maybe not, but how would it affect your life if you were the owner of a commercial property that produced $3,000 per month for life?


Turning a Bad Commercial Real Estate Deal Into a Good One

The very best commercial deals are not found, they are created. Many people believe that all of the great deals are already taken, everything is way overpriced. They don’t invest in commercial real estate because they don’t believe there is any real cash-flow. I want to teach you how to turn a bad commercial deal into a good one, and how to tell if a bad deal is worth purchasing, and new ways to look at deals that will put you in a state of creating rather than competing.


How to Make Offers on Commercial Real Estate

So you're ready to make an offer on a commercial property. What information are you going to base your offer amount on? A broker brochure is a glossy and beautiful pamphlet that lists the price and property information. You should never use it to base your offer off of.I would like to share the four phases of making and offer on a commercial property, as well as essential things to look at before submitting an offer.


What to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Mentor

I've had a total of four mentors my entire life. I even have one today. The mentor you might be most familiar with was Robert Kiyosaki. He truly changed my life and I would love to share with you the story of exactly how he did this.


How Many Doors Will it Take for You to Exit the Rat Race?

This could mean leaving a job, reducing your workload to part time, or simply having financial options. How many doors will it take for you to exit the rat race, and how do you calculate that number?


7 Tips When Buying Commercial Real Estate From Long Distance

This podcast is meant to help you differentiate between a good deal and a bad deal. These tips will also teach you to stay on the successful side of purchasing commercial real estate out of state.


How to Buy Distressed Commercial Real Estate

In the commercial real estate business you will eventually come across a distressed commercial property. Some of these distressed properties could turn a huge profit if you could just find a way to buy them and fix them up. I am going to share with you not only what a distressed commercial property is, but how to locate and buy them.