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S2E17 - The Superconnector's Playbook

“I think anyone can be a great, great superconnector whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert.” - Ryan Paugh Click to Tweet In today’s episode I sit down with the Superconnectors themselves, Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh. Scott and Ryan founded the YEC, an invite-only organization for entrepreneurs under 40 back in 2010, which quickly became one of the most elite organizations of its kind. Since then they have partnered on virtually everything they have done from founding a...


S2E16 - The Six Ways to Invest In Relationships

“If I could buy people at what they think they're worth, and sell them at their true value, I’d be filthy rich.“ Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet Amazing people become more amazing over time and you just can’t predict who someone will become or what they will go on to accomplish in their life. So if you’re looking to build a world class network, if you appreciate the power of proximity and want to build a solid group of peers, then find people who are undervalued, under-appreciated, who...


S2E15 - Prioritizing Relationships

“If you want a world class network, you need to invest in world class people.” Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet I’m a firm believer that all problems can be solved with the right peer group. That being said, if you’re looking to build a world class network then you got to go wide in your networking and narrow in your nurturing. In this episode I share action-oriented strategies for building an incredibly peer group regardless of whether you’re just starting out or already established...


S2E14 - Making the Most of Mentorships

If you want to be great at something, find someone who’s the best at it and learn from them.” -Todd Herman Full disclosure: I am a huge Todd Herman fan. I met Todd during one of the darkest times of my life, and my connection to him has had a substantial positive impact. This man owns real estate in my mind when it comes to mentorship, and for good reason. His digital book, The Definitive Guide on Finding & Becoming a Mentor is the most underrated piece of literature on the subject I...


S2E13 - How to Learn from Mentors Instead of Mistakes

“The best mentors know this: Instead of giving answers, they ask better questions. Instead of speaking in absolutes, they offer points of view. Instead of giving direct advice, they share their first hand experience.” Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet Looking backwards on my career, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am without the guidance of a few great mentors that took me under their wing. I have learned that you’re never too old to have a mentor, you’ll need different...


S2E12 - Building Communities That Scale

”I was feeling a little bit isolated in my entrepreneurial journey and I just wanted to build a circle of people.” Alexis Dean Click to Tweet In this episode of Community Made I sit down with two uber-catalysts, Giovanni Marsico and Alexis Dean. Giovanni is the founder of Archangel Summit, Archangel Academy and Archangel Masters, a trifecta designed to support mission-driven entrepreneurs, help socially oriented startups fund their dreams, and connect global leaders in cause-driven...


S2E11 - Hosting New York’s Top Influencers

Today I sit down with publicity powerhouses Selena Soo and Chris Winfield to discuss how their “divide and conquer” mentality has enabled them to host dinners for some of NYC’s top media influencers. Reviewer of the week: Mary Dooley Select Links and References Elite Retreat Impacting Millions Unfair Advantage People mentioned in this episode: Derek Halpern Dan Martell Todd Herman John Corcoran Clay Hebert Neil Patell Jeffrey Zurofsky Michael Fishman Ramit Sethi Steve...


S2E10 - The Business of Relationships

“If you’re not acting consistently, then any strategy you try to implement will be useless” - Zvi Band Click to Tweet How do you successfully implement a relationship strategy that nurtures key connections and takes them to the next level? In this episode of the Community Made Podcast, Derek Coburn and Zvi Band about best practices for building a killer network from scratch. Derek founded Cadre, which is a relationship-oriented, invitation-only community of successful business owners....


S2E9 - Breaking Bread and Building Relationships with Dan Martell & Sol Orwell

“I do dinners selfishly because I’m fascinated… I just have an addiction to being around people who are passionate about what they’re creating in the world. Period.” - Dan Martell In this episode of Community Made I sit down with my dear friends Sol Orwell and Dan Martell to talk about their signature styles of hosting catalyst dinners in their own communities. The three of us discuss everything you need to consider to become an excellent host. From best practices for invitations, to...


S2E8 - Becoming a Catalyst: How to Host Dinners & Unique Live Experiences

I’m a firm believer that all problems can be solved with the right peer group. Hosting dinners and unique live experiences is my favourite way to seed new relationships and re-invest in existing ones. To date I’ve done hundreds of dinners in cities all over North America but in full transparency, I was a complete wreck while planning my first dinner so many years ago. In this episode of Community Made I’m going to share some of the key takeaways from my book Mastermind Dinners: Build...


S2E7 - An Intimate Q&A with the Legendary Shep Gordon

“It wasn’t about being a great musician. It was about irritating the parents as much as we could” Shep Gordon Click to Tweet This is a very special conversation for me. Leveraging many of the principles shared in the previous "reaching the unreachable" episode, I connected (and ultimately fostered a great relationship) with the legendary Shep Gordon. A man who's name is synonymous with Film, Music, and the Culinary Arts. He's known by GQ magazine as the unfamous man who made everyone...


S2E6 - Reaching the Unreachable: Befriending Celebrities, Business Leaders, and Billionaires

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is that people will reward effort. The success of your outreach is often in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put into it.” Click to Tweet Connecting with big names is more of an art than a science and in today’s episode I’m going to talk you through 3 real life examples of reaching the unreachable to dissect the strategies used in each case to make those connections finally happen. If you listen carefully, you’ll discover ways to cut...


S2E5 - How to Connect at Conferences with Vanessa Van Edwards & UJ Ramdas

“I have been able to build a lot of relationships with speakers and mentors – not by being the most exciting person in the room – but by being the most attentive person in the room” – Vanessa Van Edwards Click to Tweet Vanessa Van Edwards went from struggling with social interactions in college to becoming the recognized expert on relationship building communication skills and author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People. In this episode I sit down with Vanessa and UJ...


S2E4 - Ditch the Pitch: How to Craft the Perfect Introduction with Clay Hebert

“What’s funny is why we get introductions wrong. We either never get taught how to do it, or we learn this stupid thing called the elevator pitch.” ~ Clay Hebert Click to Tweet A good introduction should engage you, draw you in, and leave you wanting more. It’s not a slogan or a sales attempt, and if it comes across like one it will turn people off. If your nervous, unprepared, or a little too aggressive you not only compromise what you’re saying but how you’re saying it. The good news is...


S2E3 - An Event Networking Guide (for Introverts)

“Anybody I know who really makes the most out of live experiences, judges an event not by the content, but by the potential connections.” Click to Tweet Events have the power to deliver a disproportionate amount of value for the amount investment made. Almost every time someone has helped me overcome an obstacle, opened a door of opportunity, or made a profound introduction, it’s been someone that I originally connected with at a live event. Investing your time, money, and energy into...


S2E2 - Even Leaders Need a Tribe: The Power of Peers

“You can't change the people around you, but you can change the people you are around. Who you surround yourself with is who you become, so choose wisely.“ ~ Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet Studies prove time and again that strong relationships are the key to lifelong health and wellbeing, yet in today’s digital age we are drowning in contacts and absolutely starved for genuine connection to other people. Entrepreneurs, who already tend to be socially isolated due to the demands of their...


S2E1 - Your Network is your Net Worth: The ROI of Relationships

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you just need to trust that they will somehow connect.” Steve Jobs In 2011 I attended an invite only event hosted by Tim Ferriss geared towards authors who wanted to become New York Times Best Sellers. I had no desire to write a book at the time, but with a price tag of $10k USD, I had a strong feeling that there was bound to be some interesting people in attendance. That event fundamentally changed the trajectory of my life. In...


Strategies for Building a World Class Network: An Interview with Jayson Gaignard

“I’ve been doubling down on relationships for the last 4 years and I’ve never felt more fulfilled, I’ve never been in a better financial position. To me it’s the safest, wisest investment you can make.” Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet Season two of the podcast - How to Grow, Nurture, and Amplify Your Business Relationships - is just a few short weeks away and I figured what better way to introduce the season than this rapid fire, actionable chat with podcasting pro Andrew Youderian. So I’m...


How to Build Instant Rapport: A Conversation with James Altucher and A.J. Jacobs

In this very special Wildcard Wednesday episode it is my privilege to sit down James Altucher and A.J. Jacobs to discuss the art of the interview. James is the host of the top rated podcast The James Altucher Show and best-selling author of over 17 books including Choose Yourself and The Power of No. He’s also a contributing writer to publications like the The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. A.J. is a contributing editor for Esquire, commentator on NPR, and the author of six books...


Corporate Gift Giving: 3 Reasons You’re Doing it Wrong

“Being exceptional at gift giving is not rocket science, but it does require you to go the extra mile. However when you go the extra mile, it’s never crowded...” ~ Jayson Gaignard Click to Tweet In this very special Holiday Edition of the Community Made podcast I share 3 important reasons why gift giving during the holidays is a big mistake. You’re better off spending your time, money, and energy on gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Consider your colleagues and clients from a...