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Engineering career success – growing income and taking control of career

Engineering career success – growing income and taking control of career
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Engineering career success – growing income and taking control of career






139: How to Decide if My Startup Should be an LLC or S-Corp [Podcast]

Trying to decide if your startup should be an LLC or S-Corp? In the startup world, this is one of the most frequent questions I get. It falls closely in line with Do I need a business license? Should I incorporate or not? How do I find an attorney and CPA? I have dealt with parts of these subjects in past episodes. Ep 115 - What you need in terms of LLC or business license Ep 56 - Do I need a business license to sell online? Blog Post - Do I even need a business license or LLC? But today I...


138: How to Find the Time and Money to Start a Side Business (when you have no time, no money, and no ideas) [Podcast]

Where do you find the time and the money to start a side business? You never have enough of either - right? But do a reality check. Others have. Other people have been more broke and had less time and found a way. And ... they are not any smarter than you. But yet, we struggle. Families. Jobs. Friends. And even just fatigue saps us of time. So today I will unpack several common practices that others have used to find the time and money to start a side business. We will start by dealing with...


137: How to Find a Business Idea for a Side Hustle [Podcast]

Want to know how to find a business idea for a side hustle? To some, it seems daunting - to others simple. You might be the person who comes up with 20 ideas a day, or maybe you are the person who has no ideas. Either way, there are traps in both sets of thinking. Today I will go over some simple ways to uncover ideas and common mistakes others make. How to Find a Business Idea for a Side Hustle (Outline of the podcast) Goals of the Side Hustle What is a Side hustle? What can you expect to...


136: How to Use the Reverse Interview to Stand Out in Your Current Company [Podcast]

How can you use the reverse interview to stand out in your current company? In this podcast, I will should you just how to do that! Here is my outline of how to use the reverse interview on your current job What is a reverse interview? Check out my previous episodes for details on the process. A quick summary would be that the reverse interview is used to help you connect to people by asking specific questions to get them to talk. Usually, this is used to find a job or start a company. The...


135: What I Want to Hear You Say in an Interview [Podcast]

What I want to hear you say in an interview is how you will help me win. It is as simple as that. But while most of us understand this simple message, we think we have to talk about ourselves - accomplishments, strengths, all that stuff. STOP! Remember that you are a Company of One. You are looking for a new customer. So in a job interview, you are trying to sell a POTENTIAL customer. Customers do not care about you, your plans, or your goals except in how they help them achieve their goals....


134: Finding a Job After 50 [Podcast]

Looking for a job after 50? How many of these thoughts are going through your head? I will have to start over! I am so specialized in my area of expertise that I can never find another job that needs my skills. I am going to have to go back to school to learn new skills. No one will hire me now that I am over 50. I am competing against people of a very young age who will work for less. You might be coming out of the military. You might be coming out of a long career where you have developed...


133: Your Daily Routine for a Productive Job Search [Podcast]

How can you make the best use of your day while on a job search? If you are out of work, or about to be, you need a solid plan to make the best use of your day. After all, every day out of work costs you money. I have had the honor of helping many professionals in job searches. But I have noticed that most people on the search really do not know what to do. How to make the best use of your day on a job search Today I cover a step by step plan that has worked. This plan will help you find a...


132: How Being a Christian has Made Me Wealthy [Podcast]

Being a Christian and being wealthy can seem like an oxymoron. I confess I have struggled with money and faith. As a Christian should I give it all away and go live a life like Mother Teresa? Or as a Christian, how do I recognize my gift of serving others through education and business? Could it be that the Bible is the best business book ever written? Today, I will share a bit of my story of how becoming a Christian helped me to grow wealth like never before. >> [02:41] I have always been...


131: Overwhelmed at Work? How to Eliminate, Delegate, and Automate Your Work [Podcast]

Overwhelmed at work? You have to learn to eliminate, delegate, and automate. I know what you are thinking... Eliminate? What can I stop doing? It all has to be done. Delegate? To who? Automate? I do not have time (or the skill) to do that. Really. Then why do some people, who are busy like you, seem to get more done? Come on - you know some of them just like I do. The number one issue professionals talk about is being overwhelmed. Too much to do, to little time, and new stuff coming every...


130: How to Increase Your Income – Without Working Any Harder or Any Longer [Podcast]

We have all heard it. You might have even said it “The harder I work, the less I make.” If you feel that way, you are doing it wrong. Back in episode 129, we explored the idea of being a Company of One. That means you, yes you, are an entrepreneur right now. And what reasonable business owner would settle for working harder and making less money. Today we will explore some simple and practical (yes doable) ideas to help you increase your income. While on the same job! No need to quit. No...


129: What Does it Mean to Be a Company of One? [Podcast]

How do you become a company of one? What does it mean ot be a company of one? It seems everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. We want to get control of our time and income. We want to have the ability to serve more and grow. But I want to help you see a new perspective. You already have more control of your time and income than you think. Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur (or unemployed looking for a job), you have a lot more control than you think. Your job is to take control....


128: Create A Personal Marketing Plan For 2017 [Podcast]

As a business owner, I know the value of a business marketing plan. A marketing plan typically covers a year of activity. By having a plan, we know what is coming and can slowly move toward a goal. You also need a marketing plan - a personal marketing plan. Why would you leave your image and your future growth up to chance? You need to have a specific plan for how you will grow in the next year. Here are some quick ideas to help you develop a plan to grow the business of you. [Tweet "You...


127: How to Finish Those Unfinished Projects [Podcast]

Do you have a pile of unfinished projects laying around? Those pesky projects tend to drain your energy as you see them in front of you begging for attention. We can throw them into the closet and ignore them, but some projects just need to be finished because - for whatever reason - they are important. Here is a trick I use to get those unfinished projects done. [Tweet "Get those pesky projects done. #GettingToDone"] My Steps to Complete those Unfinished Projects Define finished - One thing...


126: Assessment of Your Personal Economy [Podcast]

Your personal economy is usually thought of as a combination of your finances, your time, and your career. In this episode of Company of One, you are going to do an assessment using a downloadable worksheet. This exercise will help you determine the current state and set some goals to improve your personal economy. [Tweet "Do you know the state of your personal economy? #PersonalDevelopment #Download"] To get started, download the Assessment of Your Personal Economy worksheet here. Questions...


125: 15 Minutes to Get Out of Overwhelm [Podcast]

The other day I had four projects coming up. I sat there in indecision not knowing what to work on. Which one to do first? What was the next step? It felt like 5 minutes that I just stared at all things in front of me. I was suffering from overwhelm. As I tried to figure out what to do, I realized each project had its own challenges. Each one of them seemed to have an unknown set of things that I needed to do. I took some quick actions using a tool I have used many times before - and found...


124: How to Read More in Less Time [Podcast]

Have a stack of "to be read" books and magazines lying around? (My son, Daniel, labels his "to be read" TBR.) Want to get those reports at work read faster? A few years ago I got into reading faster. I will not call it speed reading because that conjures up images of those weird speed reading exercises when I was in grade school and I start to hyperventilate. (Have I mentioned - I HATED school?) My method has been more of a speed skim, but it worked for me. Yet, the other day I came across a...


123: Productivity Hack – Tiger Time using Google Calendar [Podcast]

Decisions. We have to make them over 1000 times per day as we decide what to do next. Too often we are consumed by meetings, email, and other items so we forget what is key. Last week I talked through my email management method I use to get to inbox zero - so this week I want to share how I use my TIGER TIME with Google Calendar. [Tweet "Work in the mornings: afternoons = brain mush = nothing gets done #TigerTime"] Tiger Time Amy Porterfield calls her mornings Tiger Time where she focuses on...


122: How to Get to Inbox Zero with Gmail [Podcast]

I want to share something that has really changed the game for me - that is operating from INBOX ZERO. Specifically, I am going to be talking about how to get to inbox zero with gmail, but most of the same principles apply to other email systems such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. Gmail - Filters and Tabs One of the reasons I converted to Gmail was their excellent spam filter. My life was consumed by SPAM before Gmail. Now, not only does my Spam go to the right place - but training your Gmail...


121: How to Finally Get Things Done [Podcast]

One thing we all have in common is that we all want to learn how to finally get things done. No matter position, title, or role - we never have enough time to really get the big items done. I can claim no particular expertise or success here. I struggle just like you. But, I have found some things that work for me. Here is my method on how to finally get things done. How to Finally Get Things Done (well what works for me) [Tweet "Get things done - make sure you set appointments for what you...


120: How to Overcome the Fear of Selling (for Non-Sales People) [Podcast]

Recently I was encouraging a client to get busy moving her product. After about 20 minutes she told me she just needed to learn how to overcome the fear of selling. Bingo - that was the issue. The fear was pushing her to do all kinds of work on the business - none of them making money or serving customers. Until that point, she had sounded 120% confident in her product and her plan and I thought she was going gangbusters. Yet, at this moment of honesty, she told me she had yet to sell...