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How to infuse more compassion into your business, whether it's having more compassion for you as the CEO or for the journey your intended customers are going through. For owners of (very) small businesses who are struggling with the online marketing and back end processes of building a brand that supports the communities you care about. Formerly "The Self-Employed Nerd."


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How to infuse more compassion into your business, whether it's having more compassion for you as the CEO or for the journey your intended customers are going through. For owners of (very) small businesses who are struggling with the online marketing and back end processes of building a brand that supports the communities you care about. Formerly "The Self-Employed Nerd."




Shifting Gears from Service-Based to Product-Based

Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram In this episode, Rochelle opens up about her personal journey as an entrepreneur and discusses her plans for a creative business pivot. Listeners grappling with the frustrations of a secretive business landscape will find solace in Rochelle's candid sharing of her experiences. Key Takeaways: Rochelle shares her experiences, shedding light on the challenges of entrepreneurship and her own transformative business pivot. Break the secrecy barrier: If you've ever felt frustrated by the lack of transparency in business education, Rochelle's open discussion offers a refreshing perspective on navigating the entrepreneurial landscape. Embrace creative entrepreneurship: Rochelle's shift from service-based to product and workshop-oriented business provides inspiration for listeners seeking alternative paths to success. Prioritize self-care: Learn from Rochelle's decision to take a break and reevaluate her podcast strategy, emphasizing the importance of sustainable work habits and avoiding burnout. Join the journey: Engage with Rochelle's upcoming offerings, including a course on social media content planning and a unique vision board workshop, designed to help you envision and plan your business goals in a fun and creative way.


How to stand out in a saturated, competitive industry

Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram In this episode, Rochelle explores practical tips for entrepreneurs facing the challenges of a highly competitive market. Whether offering a service or a product, she shares valuable insights on differentiating oneself in a saturated industry. Keywords: oversaturated market challenges, competitive industry differentiation, business uniqueness strategies, customer pain point solutions, standing out in crowded markets, elevator pitch, addressing client struggles, empathetic marketing tactics, lifestyle-focused branding, personalized marketing examples, navigating market competition, entrepreneurial differentiation, unique business approaches, market differentiation tips, standing out in a competitive field


10 Ways to Rest Now So You Don't Burn Out Later

Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram Rochelle guides entrepreneurs through 10 essential strategies to prioritize rest and sidestep burnout in this insightful episode. If you're grappling with the pressure to keep going without a break, these practical tips are your pathway to sustainable success. By incorporating these strategies, entrepreneurs can build a foundation for long-lasting success while prioritizing their well-being. Tune in to learn how to create a thriving business without sacrificing personal health. Keywords: entrepreneurial burnout, sustainable success, work-life balance, self-care strategies, productivity tips, creative rejuvenation, prevent burnout, stress reduction, holistic wellness, business resilience, personal growth, sustainable entrepreneurship, mindful living, well-being practices, motivation


Transformative Goal Setting for Sensitive Souls: Alternatives to traditional goal setting

Sensitives! Empaths! It's time to embrace your unique superpower! In this episode, Rochelle explores the challenges faced by those who feel overwhelmed by the demands of hustle culture and provides a refreshing perspective on goal setting for empathic entrepreneurs. An intro to alternative goal-setting methods that foster success without compromising well-being. Connect with Rochelle on LinkedIn, share your experiences, and be part of a supportive community redefining success in the business world. Subscribe now for more insightful episodes and take the first step toward a balanced and fulfilling approach to entrepreneurship. Remember, your superpower is your strength. Keywords: struggles, burnout, hustle culture, alternative goal-setting, emotional intelligence, empathic entrepreneurship, stress management, unique superpower, sensitivity, redefine success, mindful business, balanced journey, entrepreneurial challenges, authentic success, thriving Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram


Taking Your Side Hustle Full-Time

In this episode, Rochelle shares advice on transitioning a side hustle into a full-time gig. For listeners struggling with the fear of the unknown or financial uncertainties, Rochelle offers practical tips to make the leap confidently. Key Takeaways: Track Your Expenses: Keep a list of all business costs, including renewals and unexpected expenses, to better understand your financial needs when going full-time. Communicate with Loved Ones: Share your entrepreneurial journey with family and friends. Involving them early on can provide valuable support and understanding. Document Your Processes: Establish efficient back-end systems and document repetitive tasks to streamline operations and make future hiring smoother. Prioritize Mental Health: Seek the guidance of a mental health professional before making the transition. It's crucial to maintain clarity and confidence in your decision. Understand Business Sustainability: Recognize the seasons of entrepreneurship and ensure your side hustle's income is sustainable before taking it full-time. Remember, being a risk-taker is commendable, and having a financial backup plan, whether in savings or through supportive networks, is crucial for a smoother transition. Show notes for this episode: What to Do When You Know You’re Ready to Take Your Side Hustle Full-Time - Rochelle Sanchez Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram: Keywords: entrepreneurial challenges, financial uncertainty, family support, operational overwhelm, mental health concerns, business sustainability, fear of the unknown, risk-taker struggles, self-employment doubts, income unpredictability, emotional hurdles, entrepreneurial journey apprehensions, financial backup planning, passion versus stability, documenting business processes


Master Your Business Mindset: 3 Things to STOP Saying Right Now

Show notes & transcript for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram In this episode, let's talk about three common struggles many business owners face, and how to overcome them. Struggling with Feeling Stuck? Rochelle discusses the common complaint about social media algorithms, providing a fresh perspective on how to navigate frustration and find balance in content creation. Networking Anxiety? Addressing the challenge of networking, Rochelle encourages listeners to focus on connecting with specific groups they feel comfortable with, making the process more genuine and enjoyable. What are you prioritizing? Create a manageable workload by prioritizing one or two tasks, and boost your morale by being your own biggest cheerleader—celebrate the small wins on your journey.


A Self-Care Approach to Year-End Goal Setting

In this episode, Rochelle shares smart tips for setting goals without feeling overwhelmed, especially at the end of the year. If you sometimes feel stressed about achieving your goals, you may want to consider learning to take breaks and rest for better results, focusing on personal connections on social media, curating a positive online space, and understanding the benefits of investing in your mental health. Takeaways: 1. Prioritize Rest for Productivity: 2. Strategic Growth over Production: 3. Curate Your Online Environment: 4. Invest in Mental Health: Keywords: self-employed challenges, freelance burnout, goal-setting stress, work-life balance for entrepreneurs, social media fatigue, solo business overwhelm, time management struggles, content creation pressure, year-end stress, entrepreneurial well-being, mental health strategies, self-care for solopreneurs, business owner burnout, holistic goal-setting tips, overcoming overwhelm Podcast: Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy Episode Title: A Self-Care Approach to Year-End Goal Setting Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram


How to Focus on Just One Thing

In this episode, your host Rochelle (she/her) delves into the challenges of staying focused, especially for business owners juggling various tasks, particularly during the pre-holiday season. Rochelle shares her personal experiences and offers valuable insights to help entrepreneurs maintain concentration and achieve their goals. Key Takeaways: Create a Strategic Plan: Rochelle emphasizes the importance of having a strategic plan tailored to your life, budget, and business needs. While she offers her services for personalized plans, she acknowledges that not everyone may have access to such assistance. The crucial takeaway is to have a plan, whether obtained through webinars, courses, or other resources. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Rochelle introduces the concept of S.M.A.R.T. goals—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. She recommends associating a numeric value with your goals, making them more tangible and easier to track. Examples include the number of emails sent, social media posts scheduled, or hours dedicated to your business. Visible Reminders: The host stresses the importance of making your goals visible to avoid distractions. Rochelle suggests placing reminders where you're most likely to see them, whether on a planner, sticky notes on a mirror, or using smartphone widgets. The visual cues serve as constant reminders of your objectives. Attend Group Events: Encouraging audience interaction, Rochelle suggests participating in group events, whether virtual or in-person, to share and discuss your goals with other entrepreneurs. This not only creates a sense of accountability but also provides an opportunity to gain insights and support. Regular Goal Updates: Rochelle advises giving regular updates on your goals during these group events, fostering a habit of accountability and self-reflection. Whether successful or not, explaining the progress or reasons for a change in goals contributes to a more focused and intentional business approach. Conclusion: Rochelle wraps up the episode by reminding listeners to be kind to themselves amid the challenges they face. She encourages self-care, emphasizing the importance of finding calm amidst the chaos and assures her audience that she is rooting for their success. To explore more ways Rochelle can assist you on your business journey, visit Rochelle Sanchez's website. Connect with her on LinkedIn by sending a DM or connection request, mentioning that you're a podcast listener. Keywords: struggle, focus, concentration, overwhelm, time management, productivity, goal setting, business challenges, work-life balance, burnout, distractions, stress, entrepreneurship hurdles, task prioritization, self-care


Simple Sales Funnels

Podcast: Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy Episode Title: Simple Sales Funnels Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram: --- **Introduction: Unpacking Sales Funnels** In this episode, Rochelle delves into the often daunting world of sales funnels. Breaking down the complex jargon and dispelling common fears associated with sales, she emphasizes the importance of simplicity and a focus on user experience. --- **Key Takeaways:** 1. **Baseline Understanding of Sales Funnels:** - Rochelle outlines the fundamental concept of sales funnels, emphasizing the top, middle, and bottom stages. These stages represent the journey from a potential customer's first encounter with your business to making a purchase. 2. **Addressing Common Concerns:** - The episode addresses common apprehensions about sales, such as feeling salesy or questioning the need for a sales funnel. Rochelle acknowledges these concerns, emphasizing the importance of aligning sales strategies with personal values. 3. **The Three Levels of Your Funnel:** - Rochelle breaks down the sales funnel into three levels: Top of Funnel (TOF), Middle of Funnel (MOF), and Bottom of Funnel (BOF). Understanding where your audience is in this process is crucial for tailoring your business-building tasks effectively. 4. **Simplicity Over Complication:** - The host advocates for simplicity, challenging the notion that a successful sales funnel requires expensive technology. She highlights the significance of focusing on the customer's journey and avoiding unnecessary complexities promoted by social media ads. 5. **Call to Action (CTA) and Streamlining Processes:** - Rochelle stresses the importance of a clear call to action, especially at the bottom of the funnel where the audience is ready to make a purchase. Streamlining the buying process, whether through technology or a manual approach, is key to converting interest into sales. --- **Conclusion: Taking Action for a Seamless Funnel Experience** Rochelle encourages listeners to assess their current sales funnel by considering the top, middle, and bottom stages. The ultimate goal is to simplify processes, identify bottlenecks, and ensure a smooth transition from initial awareness to customer conversion. Keywords: sales funnel challenges, overcoming sales anxiety, simplifying business sales, sales process demystified, customer conversion hurdles, small business marketing tips, authentic business growth, effective call to action, streamlining buying process, social media marketing concerns, personal development in business, dealing with sales objections, customer acquisition strategies, converting leads to sales, managing business complexity


Raising Your Prices Ethically

Let's talk about ethically increasing service rates or product prices without alienating lower-income customers and striking a balance between financial sustainability and service. Key Takeaways: 1. Raising prices is a necessary part of business growth and sustainability. It doesn't mean excluding low-income individuals but finding a balance between service and financial stability. 2. You deserve to earn from what you love doing, and it's essential to value your high-quality offerings while maintaining yourself financially. 3. Self-employment complexities shouldn’t deter you because there’s an inherent desire for more – better outcomes not only for clients but also personal fulfillment and financial reward. 4. Wanting more money does not make you bad—it makes you someone who understands that quality work deserves fair compensation. 5. There are ways to remain accessible while increasing prices; this could include offering free services or donating part of every invoice sent out. Keywords: raising prices, self-employment, sustainable business practices, social impact, social change. In this episode of Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy with Rochelle Sanchez, we discussed the often tricky subject of raising prices in a way that balances earning a living with serving those who need us most without alienating lower-income customers - all contributing towards positive social change and impactful societal contribution! Remember friends; don't undervalue yourselves or your services! Let's continue making waves in our respective industries by staying true to ourselves whilst ensuring our businesses thrive sustainably too!


Want More Than a 9 to 5? An Intro To Side Hustling and Freelancing

Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram: Have you ever felt like just a "warm body" in your current job or network? How does this make you feel about your career and sense of purpose? You deserve more! Being self-employed in today's modern world means having more choices and opportunities. Whether you want to freelance and make more money doing what you love, or start your own company, the possibilities are endless. Starting and scaling a business is like riding a roller coaster. It's exhilarating, full of highs and lows, and at times, it can even make you feel queasy. The life of an entrepreneur is far from a smooth, predictable 9-to-5 job. It requires dedication, resilience, and a willingness to take risks. Here's why it's so challenging: 1. Uncertainty: As an entrepreneur, you'll navigate uncharted territories. There are no guarantees, and you may face financial insecurity, constant decision-making, and the fear of failure. Embrace the uncertainty and understand that it's part of the process .2. Work-Life Balance: When you're building a business from the ground up, it can consume your life. Long hours, endless to-do lists, and the pressure to succeed can make it difficult to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. Set boundaries and prioritize self-care to avoid burnout. 3. Financial Struggles: Starting a business requires funding, and money may be tight in the early stages. You may need to bootstrap, seek loans, or secure investors. Financial stress can take a toll, but remember that it's a temporary phase. By creating a solid financial plan and budgeting wisely, you can overcome these challenges. 4. Building a Reputation: When you're just starting, it can be tough to establish your brand and gain credibility. You'll need to put in the effort to build a reputation through exceptional customer service, networking, and leveraging social media. Stay focused and committed to delivering value, and the recognition will follow. Let's discuss how to navigate through the hurdles successfully! 🎢✨ #SelfEmployedLife #CompassionateHustle #BeYourOwnBoss #EntrepreneurMindset


On Community and the Unspoken Politics of Small Business

Podcast: Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy Episode Title: On Community and the Unspoken Politics of Small Business Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram: Let's talk about imposter syndrome by understanding its potential roots in systemic, political issues. It's a hard topic to tackle, it will help you reconnect with your business's true purpose. Because it's not just about profits but creating real change in your community. Let's explore the concept that business is political and how embracing your values can lead to more meaningful connections with the communities you care about. Key Takeaways: Imposter Syndrome: Feelings of inadequacy may stem from systemic issues. You're not alone in your desire to create change. Remember Your Mission: And don't get lost in the hustle. Make the effort to reconnect with your mission and the movement you're a part of. It's not just about sales, right? Embrace Your Values: Your business is political, whether you like it or not. Stand by your values, and you'll attract clients and collaborators who share your principles. Let values guide your decisions. Lead the Conversation: Addressing real-world issues brings people together. Engage with your audience on these matters, and seek partnerships that amplify your impact. Authenticity trumps superficial content.


Mastering Mindfulness to Overcome Self-Doubt as a Solopreneur

Podcast: Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy Episode Title: Mastering Mindfulness to Overcome Self-Doubt as a Solopreneur Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram: So you're in the early stages of launching your business, doing your research, and crafting your business plan. It's common to find a competitor who seems to have already mastered what you're planning to do, and you can't help but feel overwhelmed and disheartened. Maybe you begin to doubt whether pursuing your business idea is even worth it, now, since it's already been done. In this episode, Rochelle covers practical strategies that will empower you to embrace your uniqueness, manage stress effectively, and find the confidence to pursue your business journey with renewed purpose. Learn to navigate competition while staying true to your vision. Links to references in podcast: Palouse Mindfulness Insight Timer The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook Takeaways: Embrace Your Uniqueness: Understand that in a competitive market, it's natural to encounter others doing what you're passionate about. But remember, your perspective, your story, and your approach are uniquely yours. This episode shows you how to harness the power of your individuality to stand out. Tame Self-Doubt with Self-Compassion: If self-doubt and isolation are holding you back, learn how to practice self-compassion. Recognize that it's okay to seek support from mentors, therapists, or like-minded entrepreneurs. The journey doesn't have to be lonely, and self-compassion can change things for the better. Mindfulness for Stress Management: Consider the art of mindfulness to manage the relentless stress of entrepreneurship. This episode introduces you to practical mindfulness techniques that will help you stay centered, focused, and resilient in the face of business challenges. Listen to Your Inner Wisdom: Remember to tune into your inner wisdom. Trust yourself to make decisions aligned with your vision and values. Actively work on overcoming perfectionism and realize that progress is the key (stop trying to be perfect at not being perfect!). Your business journey is a reflection of your unique path, and you are doing good work. Trust in yourself!


How to Be Kind and Achieve Your Business Goals

Podcast: Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy Episode title: How to Be Kind and Achieve Your Business Goals Show notes for this episode: Let's connect! Message me on Linkedin or Instagram: Okay, maybe some of these sound familiar: Self-Criticism Overload: You've been overly critical of yourself, especially in your business endeavors. It's taking a toll on your confidence and motivation. Pressure to Conform: You feel the weight of traditional success narratives bearing down on you. You might think you should hit certain milestones by a certain age or within a fixed timeframe, and this pressure is causing stress. Marketing Frustration: Marketing seems like a labyrinth, and your efforts might not be yielding the results you hoped for. You're growing frustrated with the unpredictability of it all. Work-Life Imbalance: Balancing your business with personal life feels like an uphill battle. You're concerned about burnout and maintaining your well-being. Lack of Support: As a solopreneur or small business owner, you might be feeling isolated on your journey. The absence of a support system is making the road ahead seem even more challenging. First of all — whew that sucks! You're carrying a whole lot more than just "making money out of this thing" as a business owner. I'm here to help. By the end of this episode, let's talk these problems head-on with.... kindness! Things to try: Embrace Self-Compassion: Learn practical techniques to be kinder to yourself, which will alleviate self-criticism and bolster your self-esteem. Set Realistic Expectations: Understand that it's perfectly fine to achieve your goals at your own pace, free from external pressures and expectations. Reframe Your Mindset: Engage in the re-framing exercise and embody the role of a supportive supervisor or team member to transform your perspective and handle challenges with greater empathy. Achieve Balance: Discover strategies for finding equilibrium between your business and personal life, allowing you to thrive in both. Cultivate a Supportive Community: Recognize the importance of building a network that understands your journey and is ready to lend a helping hand. Key Takeaways:


How to be selfish: a writing exercise for solopreneurs

In this engaging podcast episode, Rochelle, encourages you to break free from societal norms and embrace your desires. She empowers you to practice the art of self-honesty, urging you to admit what you truly want in life. We introduce a creative exercise using mind mapping, a graphic journaling technique, to help you explore your aspirations and frustrations. From candidly addressing life's challenges to envisioning your dream scenarios, this episode inspires you to seize your desires unapologetically. Discover how mapping your thoughts can be a therapeutic journey toward self-improvement, and join Rochelle's challenge to share your positive aspirations on social media. Key Takeaways: Embrace the practice of self-honesty and admit your true desires. Foster a personal space to express your desires openly, free from external judgment. Find a balance between self-care and serving others in a culture that often prioritizes the latter. Use mind mapping to vent and analyze life's challenges, discovering their interconnectedness. Transcripts and links available at


On being unqualified and pivoting -- Final Summer Update

In this final episode of the Summer Behind the Scenes series, Rochelle reflects on her experimental content creation approach. Contemplating the possibility of integrating behind-the-scenes updates into regular episodes upon her return in August, she shares personal projects like a children's illustration course and her return to weightlifting. Rochelle opens up about how she gracefully pivoted due to feeling unqualified, and she unveils her plans for a brief hiatus. Don't miss the sneak peek into her upcoming Batching Membership, currently a work in progress. For a full transcript and to learn more, visit


Thoughts on ChatGPT and AI Tools, Summer Behind the Scenes Part 7

Latest on the Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy podcast! Listen to how Rochelle uses AI as a brainstorming tool and refines generated content to align with her voice and style in this seventh installment of the Summer Behind The Scenes series. Plus a sneak peek of her new offer coming in August! Don't miss this insightful episode filled with practical tips and Rochelle's unique perspective on navigating the side hustle journey. For full transcript and more info, visit Topics/Keywords:


Supreme Court Bullshit - Summer Behind the Scenes Part 6

Trigger Warning: Pet sickness and death. Join Rochelle in this explicit and candid episode of Compassionate Side Hustle Strategy, as she reflects on the impact of Supreme Court rulings, personal challenges, and a false alarm with her eldest cat. Also, some progress was made with Rochelle's workbook and thoughts on her decision to have it professionally printed. Tune in to explore thought-provoking insights on the role of business, money, and social responsibility, and find inspiration to prioritize self-care while working towards positive change. Full transcript available here: Keywords: compassionate side hustle strategy, behind the scenes, explicit discussion, Supreme Court rulings, personal challenges, workbook progress, professional printing, business, money, social responsibility, self-care, positive change Transcript Highlights: 1. "It's been kind of a shit week. And it was all of it was out of my control and a lot of it is also probably being experienced by people like you and people like us because of the fantastic Supreme court, you know, rulings and all of these stupid things that are happening in the United States." 2. "My entire feed is just full of hurting people, people in pain, people angry, people trying to tell other people how terrible this is, and it's really wearing me down."


Summer Behind the Scenes Part 5 - the Power of Beta Readers

Creating a Workbook and the Power of Beta Readers In this episode, I dive into the process of creating a workbook and the valuable role that beta readers play in its development. I discussed the importance of personal motivation, the authenticity of the process, and the power of validation. Remember, if you have knowledge to share, transform it into a resource and consider engaging beta readers to enhance its quality. "If you know something, put it into some kind ofDIY format for people to have access to. And definitely pay some people to go through it. It doesn't have to be a lot. But make sure that they are your ideal clients. Not your best friend who loves you for everything you do, but probably complete strangers who are your ideal client." Find Your Unicorn Virtual Assistant: --- Topics: Personal motivation to create the workbook Emphasizing the authenticity of the process Combining existing concepts and personal experience Exploring the intention behind digital products The benefit of involving others in the process Highlighting the importance of beta readers Differentiating between templates and genuine experiences Detailed instructions for beta readers Reflecting on the experiential aspect of the workbook Paid Beta Readers vs. Volunteer Readers Challenges with volunteer readers and seeking alternatives The positive impact of paid beta readers The affordability of compensating beta readers Emotional response to receiving validation Recognizing the need for validation and affirmation Positive feedback and affirmations from beta readers Compiling feedback and personal refinement process Adding illustrations and finalizing the workbook Future steps: cover design, posting, and promotion Utilizing social media scheduling tools for promotion Efficiently moving on to the next project


Summer Behind the Scenes Part 4 - Managing Multiple Projects and Setting Goals

Another personal update from Rochelle, sharing her experiences managing multiple projects and setting goals. Discover her progress with marketing workshops, evergreen social media posts, email list migration, and more. Tune in now to gain insights and inspiration for your own side hustle journey! Highlights: