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Conscious Conversion is a weekly podcast about how we bridge the gap between business and spirit, money and meaning, technology and regeneration in a wildly changing world. In a time of so much polarity and uncertainty, this podcast explores how together we are connecting across the planet, across our differences and across dimensions as we build the New Earth together.


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Conscious Conversion is a weekly podcast about how we bridge the gap between business and spirit, money and meaning, technology and regeneration in a wildly changing world. In a time of so much polarity and uncertainty, this podcast explores how together we are connecting across the planet, across our differences and across dimensions as we build the New Earth together.



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Parenting, Psychedelics, & Trauma... Oh My! w/ Jamie Glowacki

My friend Jamie Glowacki is a badass mother. In the rainbow tapestry of influences on my parenting style, Jamie is one of the gorgeous threads. We met over five years ago, when she was a client for another marketing agency I worked with. At that time, she was the foremost respected expert on... drumroll please... potty training. Now, Jamie is an internationally recognized parenting expert. She's the author of the best selling books Oh Crap Potty Training and Oh Crap I Have a Toddler. It turns out that her former careers as circus performer and social worker make her uniquely qualified to deal with toddlers... and poop. And... as her work grew, she realized unhealed trauma in parents vastly affects parenting. She's now committed to helping parents heal that trauma through some pretty unconventional healing modalities. Jamie and I have always had some fun parallels. When I was moving to Costa Rica, she decided to buy a house in the exact community I moved to. We both play and work in the realm of plant medicine and psychedelics. We are both total renegade mamas, navigating the shift from old school to new paradigm parenting. She's got a son, Pascal, much older than my Indy, but who reminds me of what my son could be like as he matures into a young man. We went deep on boundaries, transparent communication with our children, and the importance of healing our trauma. Jamie's in-your-face insight is both empathic and confronting. Check 'er out... Guest Links: Host Links:


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The Art of Deconditioning w/ Alyssa Troob

What does it really mean to be yourself? Who are we really, when we're stripped down of all the roles and external influences - all the agenda-driven conditioning of media, school, jobs, family, community, government? What is left underneath all of that? Is there some intrinsic spiritual Self that we can access? And if we don't know, how do we find out?! If you've been listening to my podcast for a while, you'll likely know that my favorite answer to the question, "What is your soul's purpose on the planet right now?" is to be fully one's self, when a guest responds that their soul's purpose is to more fully actualize into their truest nature... to become the unique flavor of the Divine that they came here to become. And no one answers that call more gorgeously than today's guest, Alyssa Troob. Alyssa is a heart-centric, holistic systems thinker, here to guide brilliant humans through the art, science & eros of honing their magick. She bridges the technical & intuitive using modalities such as nutritional biochemistry, menstrual cycle syncing, human design, astrology & embodiment. Alyssa has dedicated her life to the Art of Deconditioning, of stripping down all of the roles we assume throughout our lives, so that we can know ourselves intimately. This conversation is rich and one that I never want to end. Listen in and allow your unique flavor of the Divine to come even more fully into being. Guest Links: Host Links:


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The No-F*cking-Around Approach to Attracting Abundance w/ Dr. Amanda

I've been working in the online entrepreneur scene since I first left my government job back in 2012. And since then, I've come across a ridiculous number of coaches - business coaches, marketing coaches, relationship coaches, sex coaches, money coaches, mindset coaches... the gamut. So when I was introduced by a mutual friend to today's guest, Dr. Amanda Barrientez, a Money Mindset and Manifestation Coach, I was not expecting to be as beautifully wowed as I was. Amanda is a freakin' powerhouse of spiritual wisdom, mixed in with crystal-clear grounded real-world advice. Dr. Amanda is known as "The Money Healer" and is the founder of NFA - which stands for "No F*cking Around" - Money. She’s a bestselling author, an international speaker, the host of The Woman Entrepreneur Podcast, and the NFA Money YouTube Channel. After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, Dr. Amanda’s been on a quest to teach people how to transform their relationship to money so they can attract abundance from their Zone of Manifestation™. Dr. Amanda and I discovered that we have much in common, including our anti-religion and spiritually-jaded backgrounds and our respective passion for an economic paradigm shift. We discussed the three steps to manifestation, what the word "abundance" really means, and how living a joyful life can improve your relationship to money. Listen in and let your money woes fade away... Guest Links: Get Free Chapters of the Book: Host Links:


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How to Alchemize Chaos into Beauty w/ Dr. Christy Matusiak

In our mainstream culture, at least in the States, mothers have spent perhaps hundreds of years deprioritizing ourselves and our own spiritual, mental, and physical health in favor of everyone around us. I think of my own blessed mother and how much she unintentionally martyred herself in order to please the ones she cared for. And how her mother did the same. And probably her mother before that. And so it goes, generations and generations back. In some ways, we can see the beauty of that. It's part of what it means to embody a Mother Archetype - to love and nurture and lift up the ones we love the most. And favoring others over ourselves also has some potentially pretty devastating consequences at the individual, family, and community levels. Many of us have lost sight of boundaries, of the energetics of harmony and how to create it, and of true self-responsiblity for our own health and self-care. Today's guest is Dr. Christy Matusiak, a holistically-driven chiropractic physician. She has spent over the last decade helping patients overcome autoimmune conditions, pain, and chronic illnesses. She uses many systems to identify the root cause and support all areas of health (physical, nutritional, emotional, and energetic). As a holistic doctor, and mom to three boys, Dr. Christy used her personal and professional perspectives to author the book “Coordinating the Chaos – Through Birth and Burnout.” Dr. Christy and I talk about the art of surrender, the importance of personalized self-care routines, the new paradigm of medical care, and how we can alchemize the chaos of motherhood into absolute beauty. Dr. Christy is a refreshing voice, reminding us to fill our own cups first. Listen in, my beautiful and busy mamas... Guest Links: Host Links:


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Superfood Pancakes & the Harmonization of Duality w/ Ryan Seaman

One of my favorite things about living an aligned life is the wild synchronicities that happen as a result. When we are operating in a Unified Field with our Divine nature, in service to humanity and our most beautiful trajectory... the sacred geometry of the universe makes itself known through indisputable signposts. Okay, I know I sound like a heady hippie right there. I own it. One of those synchronicities was my meeting of Ryan Seaman, today's guest on the podcast. We met about two years ago in Los Angeles through a mutual friend... and since I have a digital marketing agency, Ryan invited me into a Zoom call with his Maui-based business partner Brian, to discuss their superfood co-creation, which had yet to be named at the time. Fast-forward to today, and I'm now synchronistically living on Maui, hanging out with Brian, and eating their Superfood Pancakes with my son, Indy. On this episode, Ryan and I go DEEP AF, because Ryan doesn't know how to just talk about pancakes and nutritional health. We dive into karma, samsara, alchemy, the shadow, and the harmonizing of duality. And, of course, superfood pancakes. Ryan is an astrologer and a sci-fi writer, who also happens to have an extensive background in alternative medicine and a passion for holistic health. Like many who gravitate to the healing path, it was his own dark night of the soul that led Ryan down a very different path than his degree in business and had otherwise prepared him. Ryan is intellectual and FULL of insight. His company, Living Prana, is an outpouring of his love for the health and evolution of humanity. May his words... and pancakes... light your path... Guest Links: (AFFILIATE LINK - get 15% off your order) Host Links:


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Transform Your Home into a Temple Space w/ Carly Thornock

I've recently been playing with a new definition of ceremony for myself, and that is "inviting the Divine, or God, into every single thing that I do". Yes, doing the dishes and cleaning the house. Yes, looking at my banking. Yes, taking my kiddo to school. Yes, even marketing and podcasting. Todo es ceremonia! How can I make everything into a Divine Union with God? I know it must sound extreme, but seriously, it makes life SO much more pleasurable. And shit, I'm a Taurus. I love pleasure! Thank goodness, I've got friends and colleagues who are up for this quest with me, so I don't feel quite so crazy. On today's episode I'm joined by Carly Thornock, half family coach and half interior designer, Carly is a gorgeous specimen of human that I absolutely adore. We bonded through a podcasting mastermind, and we went deep on this episode about love, connection, and co-creation to create a home space that feels sacred. We can do this by creating rituals to help root the mundane into ceremony and prayer - like lighting a candle while doing the dishes, setting an intention to make the task divine. Being human is sacred. Even if it doesn’t always look perfect on paper, we can look at ourselves through a divine lens and create our home to reflect that by asking what makes our heart sing and how can we bring more of that into our space? Carly is crystalline presence, as far as I'm concerned. I'd welcome her into my Temple Home Space any day. Hope you enjoy... Guest Links: Host Links:


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Truth, Resonance, & Quantum Marketing w/ Bec Mylonas

For those of us that are doing our best to live in increasing integrity and alignment with an authentically spiritual path that elevates our planet and humanity... the whole concept of marketing has completely shifted. While numbers, conversion rates, and revenue still matter tremendously (and I know, we entrepreneurs still track and optimize these metrics perpetually)... it's the ease, flow, and especially the impact that really matter the most to us now. On today’s episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Bec Mylonas. Bec is a psychic channel, new earth leader, creatrix, speaker and writer about everything from new paradigm marketing, making soul offerings, and elevating our consciousness within our everyday lives. Bec’s greatest gift - and deepest honor - is the ability to activate and initiate others into their soul gifts and mission. She believes that true leadership comes from empowering others to recognize their own divinity and power. And... when we do the energetic work, show up online vulnerably and authentically, allowing the messages to flow through, it’s absolutely magical to discover what’s possible. Today's discussion is more than a conversation; it's a full-on transmission and activation. Here we go... Guest Links: Host Links:


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Exploring the Wisdom of Huachuma w/ Kashi

Last week, I returned to Maui from the most recent leg of what I'm calling The Magical Mystery Tour, where I accompany and assist my dear mentor-friend, Munay, to bring the sacred cactus medicine Huachuma to more beautiful humans. During this tour of my old stomping grounds in Costa Rica, I took nearly two months off the podcast, as I was focused on ceremony and the magical realms that we inhabit when we're with this medicine. When first announcing our upcoming arrival to Costa Rica to my soul family in Puerto Viejo, I called the ceremony Ater Tumti. In its original language, Ater Tumti means ‘Heaven on Earth'. This phrase was supposedly born in Atlantean times over 13,000 years ago... and though I have no way to verify the term or the mythology of this prophesy, I can speak from my own experience of a Heavenly State of Being that we encounter when with we are with this ancient medicine. One of the four ceremonies we held in Costa Rica took place on Friday, January 13th, and my beautiful soul-sister, Kashi (who you may remember from an earlier episode of the podcast last year), took the leap with us on that sunny day in the Caribbean. Kashi, an Embodiment Mentor and Tantric Alchemist, and I met two years ago in Costa Rica, and we were instant best friends. As you can tell from her gorgeous accent, Kashi was born in London and has spent many years traveling India, Southeast Asia, California, Mexico and Europe and exploring Hinduism, Buddhism, and mystic, tantric and shamanic traditions. In today's episode, Kashi and I share our experience of this ceremony together. We traverse so many topics, including how plant medicine ceremony helps us to see things from a wildly different perspective - allowing us to experience more of our human selves with compassion, laughter, and so. much. love. At the end of our conversation we spoke about our dreams for plant medicine, our hopes for accessing more temple spaces that allow for safe healing to take place all around the world, and how we can be in service to Earth within an ancient futuristic landscape of peace, harmony, and dare-I-say, Heaven on Earth. This episode is as close to my heart as any, and I am honored to share Kashi and our experience in ceremony with you... Guest Links: Host Links:


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Filling the God-Sized Hole with True Love w/ Adriana Rizzolo

The word "Love" is used so ubiquitously, it almost feels flippant when we go deep and feel what it truly means. I mean, there are 96 words for "Love" in Sanskrit, and only one in English. That's 96 flavors of Love! And really, there's as many types of love as there are things and people to love. Its infinite. And yet, at the root of all of it... no matter how many words there are or are not... for me, Love is always an embodiment of the Divine, of Source, of God. It is presence with whatever is happening in any given moment with trust. And we can apply that intention to any relationship. On this episode, I embarked on a deeply profound conversation with Adriana Rizzolo, a raw, real, and gorgeously love-filled human. Adriana is founder of Body Temple, a spiritual mentor, somatic healer, sex educator for women, trans* and non binary folks, grief and aliveness doula, and a Tantric meditation, energy healing and embodied movement facilitator. In addition to waxing sexy and wholesome about love, we also went incredibly deep about the body as our temple, worshiping the Mother of God, and co-creation as both our current reality and how we envision the paradigm shift happening right now. Adriana has the power to blast your heart and your mind wide open. Can't wait to share her with you... Guest Links: Host Links:


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Weaving Magic into Medicine w/ Dr. Sarah Rothman

Magic and Medicine. In our mainstream world, these are two things that couldn't be further apart. In sterile offices with cold metal equipment and chemical aromas, it's a challenge to connect with our natural magical abilities to heal ourselves and one another. And yet, over the last several years, I've discovered a new relationship to the word and concept of medicine... one where my emotional and energetic body has every bit as much to do with my health as my physical body. And one where the natural world, including the plants and mycelium, around us contains the remedies that we can harness to heal ourselves - emotionally, energetically, and physically. Which brings me to today's conversation with my in-real-life bestie here on Maui, Dr. Sarah Anne Rothman. Sarah and I spend a lot of time together, as our sons are super-besties too. Sarah is a Board Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Breathwork Facilitator, and Mama of two! Bonding over our love of plant medicine, we talked about this revolutionary idea of combining modern medicine with ceremony. Magic can happen when we open healing up, bringing it out from behind closed doors, into circles of people who are all holding the intention of healing - each other, themselves, and the world! Sarah is like a healing breath of fresh rainbow-filled air. I hope you enjoy our engrossing conversation as much as I did! Sarah's IG Sara's IG Conscious Conversion's IG


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How to Change Your DNA w/ Janet Elaine Schmidt

Today I’m pleased to be speaking to my new friend, Janet Elaine Schmidt, who uses multiple modalities from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to PSYCH-K to help her clients reach a whole brain state and change their belief systems. She says that shifting your consciousness and changing your belief system can actually change your DNA. Not only that, but subtle shifts in behavior can have a monumental impact on those around you; everyone you come in contact with can be changed by how you behave - by what you think, say and do. Janet is full of insight, intellect, and inspiration. Janet's IG Janet's Linkedin Sara's IG Conscious Conversion's IG


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From Wall Street to the Jungles of Costa Rica w/ Fern Olivia

I’m chatting today with dear in-real-life soul-sister Fern Olivia, a multi-instrumentalist who is passionate about medicinal plants and mycelium, music and vocal activation, ceremony... and yes, travel. Fern’s story is so interesting and mirrors mine in a lot of ways. She spent seven years in finance on Wall Street in New York City, traveled to Los Angeles to continue building her wellness brand, and finally moved to Costa Rica where she is deepening her relationship with music, freedom, and self-love. We actually met right outside of Puerto Viejo earlier this year! Fern believes the new paradigm includes connection via music, building communities with our families and others for support, and honoring the indigenous people and their ancient practices. Her passion and love is absolutely infectious. You don't want to miss this one. Fern Olivia IG Pranamor Musica IG Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG


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Multidimensional Healing w/ Ssanyu Birigwa

Today's guest, Ssanyu Birigwa, is a practicing Bone Healer Shaman, a Death Doula, and a Professor of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. Ssanyu is absolutely rich with alchemical wisdom. She interweaves deep spiritual insight, storytelling, and academic knowledge together into powerful transmissions about how we can inhabit our very bones in order to heal on an individual and collective level. Together, by diving into the unknown depths of our souls and exposing our innermost selves, we are liberating a different consciousness from our being. Listen in as Ssanyu takes us on a journey of alchemical bone and soul healing... Ssanyu IG Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG


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Curiosity, Conversions & Why Your “Funnel” is Really a Hero’s Journey w/ Chanti Zak

Today's guest, Chanti Zakariasen, is a messaging and marketing genius. She is a brilliant copywriter and the Quiz Queen. In fact, she creates an entire hero's journey with lead-generation quizzes. I've got one myself called "What Kind of Paradigm Shifter Are You?", in case you haven't taken it yet. ;) Anyway, my girl Chanti is launching her signature course called Grow with Quizzes, and you can get a taste of her brilliance on this episode... and on her upcoming free training called Quiz Quest. This is an affiliate link, so definitely use that and tell Chanti you heard it from me. Quiz Quest Chanti Zak IG Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG


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Claiming Abundance, Self-Love, & Goddess Status w/ Mary Grace Theory

Allow me to introduce you to the lovely Mary Grace Theory, an Oracular CEO and Priestess whose soul mission is to amplify the feminine. Her business, Goddess Support, seeks to help female entrepreneurs figure out their own treasure maps to create success, abundance, and joy. She believes that our feminine energy is the magic and when we embrace that magic we discover the key to our own bliss. We talked about how women set the tone for our families, our communities, and the world at large, that if we can make love our secret chant, cultivate and embrace deep self-care - no matter what’s happening externally - we can create miracles. We concluded our conversation talking about the paradigm shift to new earth and dreamed up a beautiful world where people are well-rested so they have the space to listen to divine downloads and make healthy next steps within their own lives. Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG


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A Global Re-Evolution in Conscious Embodiment w/ Sean Tebor

Today I have the great honor of introducing you to my mentor and friend, Sean Tebor, a passionate guide in the arts and sciences of conscious embodiment and integrated awareness. Drawing on over 38 years in an ever-evolving journey, his alchemy and integration of functional movement, energy and breath awareness, locomotion, strength, mobility, and gut integrity help practitioners develop profound tools for deepest self-realization and healing. Sean passionately lifts and deepens the human experience in an evolutionary remembrance of our primal purpose - to come fully into Being. Sean offers group and private sessions, personal and group retreats, workshops, trainings, and more. Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG


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Leveraging Modern Technology To Meet Your Ancient Needs w/Pathly

Today I am joined by two of the co-founders of Pathly, Matt Shenker and Mathew Lazarus, both gentle, deep souls. We talked about leveraging modern-day technology to meet the needs of our ancient path. So that we don’t have to go backwards, we need to adapt and utilize technology for human connection and empowerment. Success by society’s standards talks about rugged individualism, but Pathly believes that no one in human history rises completely on their own. At the root of our lives we need connection, we need community to show us our values and our inherent worth as human beings. Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG


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Using the Magic of the Earth to Heal Your Body w/ Arabella Blaker

On today’s episode I’m joined by the beautiful and brilliant, Arabella Blaker, a naturopath and nutritional therapist. Listen as Arabella shares her own intimate story of healing her own incurable illness with plant medicine, where first she thinks she will need to live her life managing her symptoms and then learns that she can actually heal herself with plants and food and gifts from the Earth. She also shares amazing stories of true magic, forgiveness, creating your own story, and building communities online that support health and vitality. Arabella's IG Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG


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High Vibration Community Building w/Andrew Genovese

This week on Conscious Conversion, I am joined by the profound Andrew Genovese. This conversation blew my spiritual mind as we discussed starseeds, traveling through the galaxies, and vibrational changes that we will be seeing across the planet. Exploring the duty that we have, as awakened beings, to the people we meet on our journey so we can shift the paradigm, jump timelines and make the impact needed to change the world, was transformational. Emotion Codes, launching September 24th, 2022! Andrew's IG Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG


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Infinite Freedom is within Infinite Surrender w/ Kute Blackson

Today we had the infinite divine being that is Kute Blackson on the podcast. This mean's wisdom knows no bounds! We talked about how deeply profound this time in history is and what it actually means to be participants in the awakening of the planet. He shared his EPIC journey of pursing his dream of becoming the next Oprah, getting the opportunity of a lifetime and then turning it down. Then we dove DEEP into his journey towards infinite surrender and the deeply emotional and magical moments he shared with his mother as she was transitioning. Kute's Website The Magic of Surrender on Amazon Boundless Bliss Bali Kute's IG Sara Yamtich IG Conscious Conversion IG