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Conversations I wanted to have anyway is just that. There are a ton of great stories out there and I would like to hear them. Why not hit record and see what happens

Conversations I wanted to have anyway is just that. There are a ton of great stories out there and I would like to hear them. Why not hit record and see what happens


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Conversations I wanted to have anyway is just that. There are a ton of great stories out there and I would like to hear them. Why not hit record and see what happens








EP 41 Adam Nilson, Atlas Gunworks, The World of Manufacturing in the Firearms Climate of 2020

Highlights and Commerce You can find Adam and Atlas Gunworks on Instagram (@AtlasGunworks), Facebook (Atlas Gunworks) and YouTube IMPACTS FROM 2020 include: A look at the supply chain for the steel / aluminium / plastic parts / small widgets system There are something like 70 parts in the Atlas 1911 Doublestacks Atlas makes nearly 60% of their parts in-house. For everyone who is importing parts, they are now dealing with: What Atlas is doing about parts manufacturing and the pros and...


EP40 Mike Stoker, Super Vel Ammunition, Ammo in 2020

Bona Fides: Mike Stoker started in practical shooting in early 2018. As a competitive athlete since childhood Mike quickly became addicted to competitive shooting and hasn’t looked back. He shot over 50 matches in his first year with many top finishes. Mike competes in both the USSL and USPSA in single stack and limited division. He plans to continue to excel as a competitor and attend as many major matches as possible in his second year. Mike enjoys helping others and growing together as...


EP39 Joe Farwell, Farewell Firearms, The business of firearms training

MY NOTES: Started law enforcement career in 2007 as a volunteer for the Lake Wales Police Department in Florida He later served at the Winter Haven Police Department and quickly progressed into specialty units. During his time at the department he was assigned to patrol, Field Training, Tactical Patrol Unit, General Crimes Unit, Violent Crimes Unit, Special Investigations Unit, and took over as the lead detective for the Gang Suppression Unit. Emergency Response Team in 2014 - Entry,...


Bringing the Tactical Games to Minnesota with Sean Nelson and Dustin Sanchez

The Tactical Games is the hot new expression of the second amendment and physical fitness bringing Crossfit and multigun together into a shoot-em-up puke fest. In 2020 the Tactical games launched a franchise opportunity called Tactical Games Skirmishes. My good friends Dustin Sanchez and Shawn Nelson along with MN 3 Gun Group and Forest Lake Sportsmen's Club are bringing the games to Minnesota on May 23rd. Companies you should check out: Honorable Mentions Topics


EP38 Tim Jensen, Grunt Style, G3 Dynamics, Mammoth Sniper Challenge

My name is Tim Jensen. You may know me as the "Grunt Style 1SG". I have drank more beer, pissed more blood, banged more quiff and beat more ass than all you numb nuts put together. I am an ass kicking, hard charging salty soldier of the sea, so that means don't jerk me around or I'll kick your ass off this friggen planet. I like drinking whiskey and smoking fine cigars, play a lot of poker and can shoot the hair off a fly's ass well over 1000 yards away. Military Career Marine: Vehicle...


EP37 Sean Burrows on marketing and influence in 2020 part 2

Part 2 with Sean Burrows: Marketing and Influence in 2020 Let’s start with a little context: For yourself: What is your overall goal here? Where are you going with this? What industries do you look to for inspiration? Strategically: What are you using your influence to do… Personal website, sponsor website, tracking Tactically: Influence @seangoboom on Facebook (740 followers) Instagram catch all Twitter (1016 followers) Seans Political Voice Sean Borrows on Youtube (5800 subs)...


EP36 Sean Burrows on marketing and influence in 2020 part 1

This week on the #syndicast I am speaking with shooter, industry influencer and content creator Sean Burrows… better known as SeanGoBoom I suspect we are going to cover a lot of ground in this episode and it may seem a little overwhelming. If you are a shooter with less than 1000 followers on your primary platform pop over to and get a copy of how to get your first 1000 followers. For those of you that are already there and wondering what’s next go to...


EP35 Tactical Games Training with Bryan Everett

Intro: if you have been following my Instagram feed lately you will probably have notes I am training for the Tactical Games. My guest today is the man that keeps me from doing anything too stupid in that process - Bryan Everett (Spelling) Welcome to the syndicast Bryan’s background: 1. What are your current credentials and where can listeners find you if they want training? 1. DM Bryan on Instagram: @beverett23 2. Current and prior...


EP34 The Business of Hunters HD Gold in Rimfire, USPSA and 3 Gun

Hunters HD Gold is the Official Eye Wear of USPSA and Steel Challenge anecdotally I have seen their eyewear showing up all over competition shooting starting with where I first saw them at the PCC and Rimfire Championships. If you are aware of Hunters HD Gold odds are you have met my guest Brian Conley. Speaker 1: [inaudible]. Speaker 2: Hey everybody, and welcome back to the Cindy cast on this episode we've got Brian Connolly from hunter's HD gold. They're the official eyewear of USPSA...


EP32 Welcome to the Sickness! AND I need your help!

On my recent vacation I started writing a book on getting started in 3 Gun. I really want to highlight as much of the community as I can. Please email me: Here are a couple paragraphs from the intro to the new book (unedited). After 2 or 3 matches I remember standing by a couple 50 gallon barrels and eves-dropping on a conversation between Jay Schmitt and Jomar Villamor. Jay and Jomar along with Chris Cazin run the MN3GUNGROUP here in Minnesota which puts on the weekend matches in town and...


EP31 Upgrading your Cameras and Gear for filming 3 gun and creating influencer content

Cameras and Gear for filming 3 gun and creating influencer content You can find all the gear we recommend on our Amazon page: Stick with your smartphone at least at the beginning. You can do a ton with a smart phone and basic editing software. Upgrade 1: Filmic Pro Mobile for iPhone and Android gives you a lot more control of the quality of picture, focus, compression, etc. It gives you zebra stripes for exposure and edge highlighting...


EP30 Chad Swartout - Journey to 1000 Instagram Follower and Social Media Influence

In this episode I speak with new 3 Gunner Chad Swartout who took on the first 1000 challenge and knocked it out in a matter of months. We discuss: Links: Download the first 1000 Document Schedule an interview Hashtag Generator Check out all my recommendations at the new AMAZON STORE


EP29 Dave Hartman, The 3 Gun Show, Podcasting, Marketing and influence

Dave Hartman is at the heart of 3 Gun with his podcast the 3 Gun Show. In this weeks episode we talk about the evolution of the 3 Gun Show, the sport of 3 Gun, Dave's process for producing the show, monetizing content and much, much more.


Hive9 - Fitness, Forget the Gym and Get Moving

References: Bulletproof Workout Plan: Ben Greenfield Fitness:


Hive8 - Optimize, Automate, Outsource

Hive Recommendations: Ari Meisel has turned his hobby--optimizing productivity--into a popular framework and consulting service for automating and outsourcing life's tasks. Ari now has several companies including one that I use daily called Get Leverage. You can find out more about them if you are interested here: mention my name as the referrer and get a $50 credit. Optimize: Seriously, you have probably been doing...


EP28 Dustin Sanchez, JP RIfles, Heavy Shooter, Influencer, Sponsorship

This week on the #syndicast we are talking with Dustin Sanchez - Heavy Shooter, Influencer, Marketing {title} for JP Rifles, and now a marketing partner for the Nordic / Vortex Tri-Gun. Welcome brother! We have been trying to get this done for a while… Heavy Shooter: How did you get started in action shooting? Multigun? What is the fascination with Heavy? Lets talk a bit about your influencer journey. It is similar to mine. Some up front and a lot behind the scenes. Personal IG...


Hive6 - Breathwork - Breathe Motherf#@ker!

Breathing is Define woo : Option 1 : BOX Breathing : The most normal practice : Free The following technique is recommended by neurohacker Mark Divine. A retired Navy SEAL Commander, Mark now runs SEALFIT in Encinitas, California, which is a program to develop elite level physical fitness and mental toughness. He calls this breath control practice ‘Box Breathing,’ and cites it as his secret weapon for creating a balanced, energized state, and a calm, focused mind. Here’s how you do...


EP 27 Brian Conley from Hunters HD Gold

During the summer of 2018 I got to spend a bunch of Time with Brian Conley form Hunters HD Gold. I fell in love with the lenses for shooting, driving and the health benefits from an all day blue blocking lens. These glasses rock! I do still have a bone to pick about the frames. Basically, they don't make one that I like. Not a problem. Hunters HD Gold will put a set of their lenses in a pair of frames that you do like. Check out the pic to see my custom Ray Bans! More info:...