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(#25) Fly Baby

Are you struggling with SBA loan default? Read the most comprehensive article ever written on the topic here: Today on the show I talk to Kate Robart of Fly Baby ( and small business expert Brian Moran ( Geoff and I also discuss another one of my crazy business ideas.


(#24) Share a Refund - Nick Hoffman

1) Interest in trying Share a Refund for 30 days for FREE? 2) Do you have an SBA loan that you can't afford to repay? Mention Cool Idea! Podcast and get a FREE e-book and a FREE 30-minute consultation with Jason. 3) Are you satisfied with your e-mail marketing? Give Ecom Growers a chance to review your current campaign and they guarantee they can increase your revenue or you don't pay! Mention Cool Idea! Podcast and get $100 off...


(#23) Earthtiles by Big Future Toys

Do you have an SBA loan that your are struggling to pay? Distressed Loan Advisors ( has been helping borrowers settle their SBA debt since 2009. Mention you saw them on "Cool Idea!" and get $100 off any services. Interested in Earthtiles? Get 10% if you use this link: On this episode, Steve from Big Future Toys shows up that there are other issues that are more important than profit.


(#22) Cameron's Seafood

This episode brought to you by Ecom Growers ( Do you want increased profits without spending more on Ads? If you meet their criteria, Ecom Growers Automated Revenue System will deliver you increased profits guaranteed - if they don't, YOU JUST DON'T PAY! Serious Applicants Only. Must Already Have An Ecommerce Store. Mention you heard about them on Cool Idea! and get $100 off your first months fee. Interested in discounts on products featured on the show like golf clubs,...


(#21) Bonus Episode! Behind the scenes at Cool Idea! Podcast

This episode brought to you by Ecom Growers ( Do you want increased profits without spending more on Ads? If you meet their criteria, Ecom Growers Automated Revenue System will deliver you increased profits guaranteed - if they don't, YOU JUST DON'T PAY! Serious Applicants Only. Must Already Have An Ecommerce Store. Mention you heard about them on Cool Idea! and get $100 off your first months fee. On this episode, the tables are turned and Jason gets interviewed. Why did...


(#20) Carbage Can - Raymond Furgason

Want 20% off a Carbage Can? Click or copy/paste this link: Need Eco-Friendly Carbage Bags? Raymond also has a kickstarter campaign. On this episode, I talk with Raymond about how he took a simple idea, and used Amazon FBA (what does that stand for, anyway?) to turn it into his full time job. And by full time, I mean he works only a few hours per week, yet earns about as much as he used to as a 9-5 employee. Email comments to Want to...


(#19) Bombtech Golf - Tyler "Sully" Sullivan

Interested in purchasing Bombtech Golf products? Visit and enter the promo code "cool" for a 20% discount off your purchase! On this episode of the Cool Idea! Podcast, I speak with BombTech owner and founder Tyler "Sully" Sullivan ( Since 2012, Sully has grown BombTech from an idea to $6 Million in sales. We talk about long drives, why he believes email is a key Bombtech's success, and how it led him to offer consulting services ( to...


(#18) SlumberPod

Today I speak with Katy Mallory, co-creator of the SlumberPod (search "slumberpod" on or go to Her product addresses one of the biggest problems parents face while traveling: getting kids to sleep through the night! Want to win actual Kickstarter products, have me read your shout-out on the air, or be on an upcoming episode of Stud or Dud? Email me at or sign up at


(#16) Expandals Expanding Sandals

Today on the show, I meet Kenton Lee, the co-founder of Gro Five ( which makes sandals that can expand 5 sizes. Their kickstarter campaign has met it's goal, so hurry before the campaign ends (


(#15) Cricket Baking Flour & Cookbook

This week on the podcast we talk to Robyn Shapiro from Seek Food ( about her kickstarter campaign to fund her line of cricket (yes, the insect) baking flour and cookbook. You can check out their campaign here:


(#14) Hitch Hotel Expanding Trailer

Today I speak with Gil Goren, VP and Co-Founder of Hitch Hotel ( If you love tiny homes or teardrop trailers, you will love the Hitch Hotel! As of July 18th, 2018, there are only 10 days left to get one at kickstarter prices. Hear past episodes at or email Jason at


Limbo Mechanical Spinning Top (#13)

Today I speak with the Co-Founder and CEO of Fearless Toys. They have raised over $475K (to-date) on Kickstarter, and have a month to go on their campaign! Their website is, and I must confess I backed this one as soon as I saw it! Visit or email me at


Neudies (#12)

WARNING: ADULT THEMES AND SEXUALITY DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE. In this episode, I talk with brother and sister team Enrique and Ines about their product called "neudies", which is their take on what happened to all the "private parts" that were missing from your childhood male and female toys and action figures.


Stud or Dud - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Addition! (#11)

Back by popular demand, it's another episode of Stud or Dud, where our panel needs to guess which campaign has raise a ton of cash, and which is still awaiting it's big break. Ruth Bader Ginsburg vs. Heroin Action Figure Wheelbarrow Bike vs. Baby Carrier Handlebar Bike Towel that dries vs. Baby Bath Apron Play along and email us at with feedback or suggestions for a future episode!


Dummystop (#10)

On today's episode I talk with Edan, who runs a cool site called with his 2 brothers. Until now, they have sold other people's clever products, but with the Dummystop, they are wading into the waters of design and manufacturing. Their kickstarter campaign just launched, and they need your help to make the Dummystop a reality!


Package Safe (#9)

Today I talk to Kirk Dunkelburger of Package Safe. Kirk knows his odds of a successful kickstarter are not great, but that's ok, says Kirk. KS is only one part of the overall plan.


Stud or Dud! (#8)

Today on the show, I introduce a game called "Stud or Dud!" where I describe two kickstarter campaigns to my friend Geoff, and he has to guess which one was a monster success. For those of you who don't know Geoff, he invented tacos, the unicycle, and traffic cones. Needless to say, you don't want to miss this episode!


Aurora Night Vision Camera

Today on the show we talk about wild hogs and ghost hunting! Sionyx was originally a tech company that produced components for government and commercial-use camera, and with this campaign they are taking the leap into consumer retail. Lessons learned: 1) Some companies use Kickstarter not because they can’t afford the manufacturing costs, but rather to refine features of a product that they will be manufacturing anyway. Sionyx chose to launch on Kickstarter because it’s an excellent way...


Cart Cruiser - Project Hydroplane - Polaris App

Today on the show, we talk to three entrepreneurs who are scratching and clawing to get their piece of the kickstarter pie. As of the airing of this they need to need a major boost to reach their goals. Take a listen, and if they strike your fancy, support these interesting projects! Cart Cruiser Is trying to take the pain and hassle out of grocery shopping with kids! Project Hydroplane is trying to bring their educational program to schools across the US! Polaris is trying to help guys...


Episode 5 - Voxapod - Amanda Wilson

Today I speak with Amanda Wilson, founder of Voxapod ( Lessons learned: