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Welcome to Creative Queso with Jennifer Perkins, where we taco about the business of being creative. Learn more at:

Welcome to Creative Queso with Jennifer Perkins, where we taco about the business of being creative. Learn more at:
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Welcome to Creative Queso with Jennifer Perkins, where we taco about the business of being creative. Learn more at:




Ed Roth of Stencil 1

Ever wanted to see your products hanging in the aisles of Target? Yeah, who hasn’t? Today’s Creative Queso Podcast guest, Ed Roth of Stencil1, is in Target stores right now and we are chatting all about how he got there. Ed not only has product lines, but has also authored several books and licensed his images to companies like Plaid Crafts landing his stencils into stores like Michaels and JoAnns. Influencers and content creators often only get the one off chance to work with large...


Dear Handmade Life

My guest today is Nicole Stevenson, and she makes my new favorite crafty business retreat, Craftcation, possible. Not just Craftcation, Nicole also produces a vendor based event called The Patchwork Show, has her own podcast Dear Handmade Life, dabbles in illustration, designs and sell T-shirts made for ADD crafters like me that say “make all the things”. Honestly, Nicole is just one of those people constantly spreading inspiration and valuable information with everything she does. Host:...


Cassie Stephens

Cassie Stephens is the Mary Poppins of art teachers. As in she gets things done, but with a spoonful of rainbow sugar. This my friends, is not your average grade school art teacher. When Cassie is not sewing her own custom wardrobe with portraits of Andy Warhol’s iconic soup to wear during pop art week at school, you can watch her on You Tube, listen to her podcast, or follow along on Instagram with all her art class adventures. Teachers, creatives, lady bosses, -- if you have an Etsy...


Swell Designer

Today I am chatting with content whisperer Alexa Westerfield AKA The Swell Designer and the boss lady at Swell Creative Media. Alexa and I chat about her amazing new free PDF, "One Piece of Content 25 Different Ways". There is not a creative content designer on the planet that does not need that kind of information in their back pocket. The never ending treadmill of creating content is hard wheel to get off of. Alexa and I talk about clever ways to repackage the content you already have, how...


Ana Victoria Calderon

I am so excited to be chatting with watercolor artist and entrepreneur Ana Victoria Calderon today on the Creative Queso podcast. Ana’s new book Creative Watercolor - A Step by Step Guide for Beginners is what brought her to my attention but now I am obsessed with hanging out with her talking about business at The Magic Jungle in Tulum. Ana teaches online, licenses her artwork and knows all about the business of being creative and the creativity behind running a business. Host: Jennifer...


Vickie Howell

Today on the Creative Queso podcast Jen is talking with her dear friend Vickie Howell. Vickie is knitwear designer, author of countless yarntastic books, host of the Craft.ish podcast, boss babe in charge of the Yarn Yay subscription box service, host of The Knit Show on You tube and the longest running craft themed Facebook Live show Ask Me Monday. Vickie Howell, like most of us in the creative industry wears a lot of hats, or shall I say knit beanies, and she wears them well. Host:...


Craft Industry Alliance - While She Naps

Don’t let the innocuous business name - While She Naps fool you. Abby Glassenberg is an author, pattern designer for companies like Simplicity, small business specialist, Harvard graduate, podcaster and one half of the Craft Industry Alliance. Part Barbara Walters doing investigative glitter covered journalism, part Martha Stewart with her line of adorable plush toys and patterns and a little bit Norma Rae fighting for the rights of crafters everywhere. In this episode of the Creative Queso...


Darn Good Yarn

Nicole Snow is not your typical crafty business owner. Where some people are happy to make a little extra spending money with their side hustle her company Darn Good Yarn brought in over 7million dollars last year. Besides being named one of Inc Magazine’s top 5,000 fastest growing companies for the 2nd year in a row Nicole and her Darn Good Yarn also have an amazing mission statement to start at love. In this episode of the Creative Queso podcast listen as Nicole and I chat about business,...


Crafty Lumberjacks

The Crafty Lumberjacks AKA Dennis and Andrew had no idea when they met on a traveling production of Fiddler on the Roof that they would fall in love or find themselves teaching crafts on shows like Rachel Ray and The Chew. Good thing they like wearing plaid because this adorable pair of DIY experts keep on gaining in popularity with their HGTV Handmade series and blog. Actors at heart (they would search out the local craft stores while on tour) they are the yin to each others yang. Listen as...


Crafty Chica

Kathy Cano-Murillo of The Crafty Chica is one of the OG’s of the handmade movement we now know. Always evolving and growing as a businesswoman but staying true to her distinct Latino style and brand. Not just a star of the DIY world she is also a fiction author, creative motivational speaker, mom, wife and physical store owner. Listen in as Kathy and I chat about our years long friendship and ever changing trajectory in the arts and crafts industry. Kathy talks about how she came to have so...


Kid Made Modern

In this episode host Jennifer Perkins chats with Danielle Kurtz the director or marketing and creative at Kid Made Modern. Listen in as the two talk about brand collaborations with: Target, J Crew and The MOMA. They also discuss how smaller craft bloggers might garner the attention of Kid Made Modern. Find out how KMM is helping put the steAm in STEM with their artistic kits. Plus, get some behind scenes insight into how licorice whips and trips to the candy store become fabric for clothing....


Sew Taco

It seemed only natural for husband and wife side hustlers Elena Flores of Sew Bonita and Gerald Flores of Taco Gear to combine forces and start a podcast called Sew Taco. Each episode is a perfect combination of craft chat, inspiration and businesses advice. Listen in to hear us talk about the reason local is so important to them, why they built their businesses around their heritage and culture and how I think I might be their long lost sibling. HOST: Jennifer Perkins GUESTS: Elena Flores...



Freelancers and Creative Content Designers are well versed in the world of learning to pivot in their career. Knowing when and how to make those slight careers turns and adjustments can be what stands between you and a day job. In this episode host Jennifer Perkins shares a recent crafty career change that forced her to pivot. Jen also discusses 5 different instances when it might be time for you to make a change PLUS working through the self talk that might be holding you back. HOST:...


Welcome to the Creative Queso Podcast

Welcome to Creative Queso with Jennifer Perkins, where we taco about the business of being creative. This trailer is the introduction to the show, gives you a bit of background on what we will cover in future episodes, and tells you more about your host, Jennifer Perkins. Host: Jennifer Perkins Producer: Myrriah Gossett Learn more: