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A podcast for service-providers starting and growing their online business

A podcast for service-providers starting and growing their online business
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A podcast for service-providers starting and growing their online business






The Number One Reason why you’re not getting the results and what to do about it

Have you ever been in the situation where you just KNOW there is something you have to do to achieve your next goal, yet it seems like you just can’t bring yourself to tackle this? Yep, me too - and everyone else out there. In this episode we will look at the one thing holding you back and how you can start to become aware of your self-sabotaging patterns and embark on the journey to fixing them.


How Your Future YOU Determines Your Success Today

In this episode we’re taking a deep dive into one of my favourite topics - the vision for YOUR future. This is something I have been working on intensely myself recently due to a lot of changes happening in my life, and I have found this work to be crucial and today I’m sharing why.


5 Reasons Why You're Short Of Time, That Have Nothing To Do With Time Management

Do you feel like no matter how good your schedule is, something always throws you off? And the result is an endless list of tasks that just never get done? We always assume that it’s because there is something wrong with our schedule, that we just don’t organise ourselves well enough, however personally we’ve discovered 5 demons stopping you from achieving what you set out to do and we are sharing those today.


Things nobody tells you about running an online business

There are 13 of these things. Just for this episode anyways, there may be one or even more follow up episodes at some point, but these are the top things I wish someone had told me more about BEFORE I even got into the online business world.


How to tell your friends and family about your new online business (or not!)

When you are super excited about your discovery of the online business world you may feel like you’re on fire and you want to tell everyone you know about your new side hustle - but hold on for a minute. Not everyone is going to feel the same way you do about this, so before you tell anyone, listen to this episode to get a little more perspective and some handy tips.


How to decide which service to offer in your service-based business

If you have spent the past few weeks or even months consuming content to establish how to take the first steps in your business yet you’re no clearer on what service to even offer, this episode is for you. I will teach you how to look inside yourself to establish how to move forward so that you can get out of analysis paralysis and take action.


Being selfish is not selfish

In this episode we welcome Lucy Smith to the podcast to talk about all things mindset with a particular focus on morning routines that set us up for success. We talk about her journey to personal development and the techniques and tools she and her clients have used to make big changes in their lives.


What exactly is a Virtual Assistant and WHY should you consider becoming one

It’s time to dive a little further into the Online Business world and this time we are looking at the virtual assistant (or VA) role in particular. We are going to talk about what a virtual assistant is, what kind of work VAs do and why it is such a great starting point for anyone looking to join the online business world.


What the heck is an Online Business and an Online Service Provider?!

In this episode we are starting our journey into the Online Business World. We are talking about what an online business actually is, what an online service-provider does and why they are SO needed. This will give you some basic insights into the online business world and how YOU can find your place in it.


Crush It With Confidence - Intro

Welcome to Crush It With Confidence. In this episode I want to give you a quick intro to the show, who it's for and what you can expect to take away from the show.