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This show is for highly-driven successful Dads who want to live life on their terms. You've got a business. You've got cash in the bank. You've got your family. Now it's time to create your legacy.

This show is for highly-driven successful Dads who want to live life on their terms. You've got a business. You've got cash in the bank. You've got your family. Now it's time to create your legacy.
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This show is for highly-driven successful Dads who want to live life on their terms. You've got a business. You've got cash in the bank. You've got your family. Now it's time to create your legacy.





Mental toughness. The ability to push through difficult situations and win battles that people will never see us fight - all while maintaining peak performance. It’s what separates the elite from the average, and the only way to develop this muscle is through training and hard work. For us Entrepreneurs, it means having the grit to get through the hard times, and it’s something a lot of us need help developing. Today I’m going to equip you with the tools to help keep yourself prepared for...


Entitlement versus Expectancy

Here’s a newsflash: The world owes you nothing. If you want something, you have to get out there and work for it. This is one of the most important episodes I’ve ever put out. Take 15 minutes out of your day to listen to this episode - maybe even re-listen to it so you can really understand and internalize this life-changing lesson. Show Highlights Include: Resources mentioned in the show:


Champs and Chumps

Ever wondered how some people seem to have everything come to them easily...meanwhile, for you, life feels like a Lord of the Rings battle montage for every scrap of progress? Sometimes it even feels like the universe gets a thrill from creating obstacles so you have to go the long way around! Well, I’ve got good news for you buckaroo. I’m here today to tell you that there is a short to success. If you’re looking to be world-class. If you’re looking to rule this world. If you’re looking...


The power of Mentors with Brandon Neely pt2

This is part two of a series on the transformative power of mentorship with Brandon Neely. We continue where we left off to talk about key qualities to look for in a mentoring relationship, where Brandon found his first mentor, the mission to solve financial poverty plus a whole bunch more. Show Highlights Include: Find out more about Brandon over at where you can learn how to unlock your financial future and build wealth Grandma would be proud of. How would...


The power of Mentors with Brandon Neely pt1

There’s an open secret that nobody talks about...but everyone knows about. My guest today is here to show you the path to really moving the needle in your life through the power of mentors. Brandon Neely from Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom is here today to share some of his greatest life lessons around the idea of having a mentor, how to find a great one, and how powerful they can be for you. Show Highlights Include: Find out more about Brandon over at where you can...


Consumer versus Creator

This one might piss you off - but you need to hear it. Are you one of those guys who spends most of your free time doing nothing? Are you getting home after work and spending the rest of the evening lounging in front of the TV? Or playing video games all night? Or flipping through Netflix? This episode is your wakeup call. Take a break from binge-watching videos on your tiny phone screen and tune in to today’s show, and then start creating. There’s a huge world out there. It’s like a...


Being Vulnerable

Time for a little truth. Most of us are so ingrained in a ‘fake it till you make it’ mindset that we bury our struggles as far under the surface as possible. We keep up appearances. We downplay, rationalize, and hide our fears. We project such a sublime life to everyone around us - but inside, we could be quietly deteriorating. In today’s episode, I’m going to be showing you how to become a better person every-single-day as well as the epiphany that has quite literally changed my life and...


How to be Phenomenol with Matt Garabedian pt2

If you were listening to the last episode, you’ll have heard part one of our interview with Matt Garabedian. I know, I know...we left you hanging. Gosh, I’m such a tease. But we’re back and we’re ready to rock and roll! So let’s jump back into part two of our interview with Matt where he talks about ‘closing deals,’ adding more purpose to your life, the power of imperfect action, and how to elevate your game. Show Highlights Include: Be sure to check out more of Matt’s work...


How to be Phenomenol with Matt Garabedian pt1

My guest today is Matt Garabedian. Matt is a California based Real Estate investor - and right now he’s absolutely crushing it. His mission is helping people figure out what their ‘unique ability’ is - and in this episode, Matt shows you how to discover yours, how to harness it, and how to impact and add value to those around you. If you’re looking to take your business - and life - to the next level, or even looking for some powerful tips in Real Estate, you’re going to love today’s...


7 Principle Assets with Kevin Breeding pt2

As promised, this week we’re back to finish our talk with Kevin Breeding and his 7 Principle Assets. In this episode, Kevin dives into each principle asset individually, walking you through the steps that are going to elevate your game as a Dad, Husband, and Business Owner. Show Highlights Include: How would you like to spend more time with your family and less time in your business? Go grab yourself a copy of my Digital Daddy’s Toolkit where you’ll get my top 3 speed-influence tools to...


7 Principle Assets with Kevin Breeding pt1

I find it so much more fun to not talk to myself - and what makes it even better is when I get to have very cool people on the show with me. So I can talk to them, find out what they’re up to and give YOU a different perspective. Today on the Daddy’s Working Show, I’m joined by Kevin Breeding. He’s a Dad, Husband, Corporate and Agency business coach and he’s here to share his 7 principle assets with you. We also rap about turning ideas into marketable products, rewarding yourself, having a...


Making Agents Rich Reunion with Darin Persinger

I talk on this show all the time about how important it is to get good mentors and to be around the right people - the people that elevate you. The people that lift you up, make you think BIGGER and make you think BETTER. And that’s exactly who I have on the show today: My former business partner Darin Persinger from the Making Agents Rich Show - our podcast show from way back when. He’s a productivity junkie and the undisputed king of video marketing for real estate agents. And today we...


Building a Legacy Business with Tim Bratz

As well as being a full-time Dad, Tim Bratz is a real estate investor based in Cleveland, Ohio. He started his real estate career by flipping and wholesaling family residential properties, then went on to focusing on apartment complexes. In this episode, Tim goes into detail about his transformative real estate career, how he manages to keep a work/life harmony with his family, and how to build a legacy business that delivers residual, passive income. An eye-opening episode for any...


Both on Board with Ray Gonzalez

Marriage takes work and this is especially true when you work with your spouse. Each year, thousands of couples take on the challenge of starting a business together. They get to spend more time together and pursue their passion with their best friend. Unfortunately, not every couple has this experience. Working with your spouse can be stressful - and that stress can radiate out into all areas of life. It’s an extremely challenging balance - so what’s the difference between the...


Ghetto Riches with Joe Lieber

Today the script is being flipped. I got bored of talking to myself and decided to invite my friend Joe Lieber onto the show so he could share his wisdom with you (and it makes my life much easier!) Joe has been in the real estate game for 22 years. He’s been through everything. From landlording, flipping to name it, he’s done it. And today he’s here to share his ‘Ghetto’ secrets to investing in real estate - all learned through the school of hard knocks. Pay attention...


3 ways to Profit from Podcasting

As podcasts continue to EXPLODE, more and more people are jumping in head-first with the goal of leveraging themselves and their business, not forgetting the potential for an additional revenue stream. And I get it. You’re an Entrepreneur. You should be thinking about monetizing what you do. But you’ve got to learn how to do it the right way. By ‘right way’ I mean getting started in a way that serves your vision and supports others. Because here’s the thing...It’s never been easier to...


Reprogramming Yourself

Your subconscious mind is like the auto-pilot switch on an airplane. It’s been pre-programmed to follow a specific flight path - and it’s impossible to deviate from unless you change directions programmed into it first. Most people have accepted their own pre-programmed flight paths - the ones that have been given to them served up through TV, Radio, Movies, Commercials, Family and Friends. Adaptive tactics that have allowed you to survive - but certainly haven’t allowed you to...


Living the Dream

I was talking to my buddy the other day. We catch up whenever we can. We were on the phone grabbing a quick chat, reminiscing on the ‘good old days.’ I asked him… “hey man, how you doing?” His response? “Living the Dream” And that’s the topic of today’s episode. This idea of living the dream. Maybe you’re not living your dream right now. Maybe you’re chasing it but it’s not working out. Maybe you’re running out of energy trying to pursue this dream. Maybe it all comes down to getting the...


Upgrade Your Life

The default for almost all Entrepreneurs is action. We share a common belief that no amount of success is ever enough. We’re always pushing the envelope. But no matter how much of an insatiable drive we have, we understand that there are certain things we must do in order to continue our growth. Plotting a course AWAY from the traditional ‘burnout model’ needs some proactive planning. Today I want to share a game plan for recharging your Entrepreneurial batteries. Show Highlights...


Be The Best Version Of You (everyday)

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said… “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” For most of my adult life, I’ve pursued the principles of innovation - the things that force me to upgrade my life. So in today’s episode, I want to share with you something I’m calling ‘The Innovation Engine.’ An overly simple - but extremely powerful - three-point plan that you can use right now to transform your life and become the best version of you - every day. It’s...