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This show is for highly-driven successful Dads who want to live life on their terms. You've got a business. You've got cash in the bank. You've got your family. Now it's time to create your legacy.

This show is for highly-driven successful Dads who want to live life on their terms. You've got a business. You've got cash in the bank. You've got your family. Now it's time to create your legacy.
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This show is for highly-driven successful Dads who want to live life on their terms. You've got a business. You've got cash in the bank. You've got your family. Now it's time to create your legacy.




The Massive Audience You've Been Looking For

As an entrepreneur, you know getting the right message in front of the right people can blow the roof off of your revenue, reputation and impact. But creating hard-hitting content is difficult. Throwing social media posts into the abyss doesn’t exactly build empires. And even the best blog posts usually don’t see much light of day after publishing them. If you’ve been thinking about starting your podcast, this training will show you why most podcasts fail—and how to start a podcast that...


They Lied to You



How to be Broke and Fail Your Family

You always have to get things done. You think of your business and how to achieve something even when you’re not working—and that impacts family time. Instead of giving full attention to your kid(s), your mind is racing, trying to solve some challenge your business is facing. The conventional solution to this is getting up earlier, squeezing more and more work into every day and using productivity systems that take as much work to maintain as they help you get done. In this episode,...


Perfection is the Enemy



Russel Lied

As a business owner, you’ve seen all sorts of “experts” with rented sports cars dispense advice on how to make millions (preferably in the next few months). You probably hate the empty promises and hyped-up claims as much as anyone. And yet, one lie in particular is so deeply ingrained in marketing that you might still believe it. In this episode, you’ll hear Nate Kennedy bust this myth and hear the truth about how to scale to seven figures (if you use the word “funnels” a lot, consider...


The Greatest Salesman that ever lived

Before there were funnels. Before there was the internet. Before there was mass media. There was a guy setting the foundation to sell more books than anyone else in history. I call him the greatest salesman that ever lived. His name was Jesus and the book is the Bible. I’m working my way through it (again.) And I still can’t believe some of the crazy stuff in there. Jesus always taught through parables. Simple short stories that taught a moral lesson. There’s a reason for...


Podcasts Suck for Getting Leads

If you’ve been listening to Daddy’s Working, you know a podcast could add tons of revenue to your business. You might see your podcast magnetizing more leads than you can handle, topping all of your previous revenue records. Stop there. Because it’s time to admit podcasts actually suck for getting leads. A few might trickle in here or there, but the real value of a podcast lies elsewhere. In this episode, you’ll hear how a podcast can actually transform your business and allow you to spend...


Never Be Boring

Almost any business owner has tons of valuable knowledge they could share on a podcast. Many go out and start a podcast—and fail miserably. Maybe they didn’t get the listeners they wanted, lost all their listeners quickly or didn’t make any money off their podcast. Whatever the reason they abandon their podcasts like a childish dream, they fail because of one thing: They’re boring. Being boring is the worst sin in podcasting and ensures any podcast will fail. In this episode, you’ll find...


Tools for Picking Up Clients

Successful entrepreneurs have sustainable and repeatable systems for pretty much everything in their business. Those who fail leave the survival of their business up to chance. The same is true in dating: Average people stay lonely for years at a time while they wait until they bump into the right person. But some people have figured out a reliable method to find partners. Getting clients for your business is just like that: Finding partners. And although you’re not trying to marry your...


How you can fail your way to successHow you can fail your way to success

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re professional and competent, but there’s still a bit of “Do I even know what I’m doing here?” in you. You might try to hide this and only admit it to your closest friends. In reality, this feeling can actually help you grow your business and build the life you dream of so you can watch your kids grow up, watch every soccer game and take the day off for every birthday. In this episode, you’ll hear how you can fail your way to success by embracing...


Business Growth Hacks

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. And if you’re at a point in your business where growing more feels hard, you might feel stuck. You might feel like others are lapping you, like you’re getting left behind. And when you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, feeling that way can crush you and make you feel like your whole journey has been for nothing. But there are ways out. In this episode, you’ll find out how you can grow your business even if you feel like there’s no more growth to be had for...


3 Ways to Master Self Discipline

As a business owner, you want to perform at your absolute best—whether that means closing deals, creating new products or working effectively so you can stop working all day and spend more time with your family. But if you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, it doesn’t always play out that way. You work late hours, procrastinate on the work you need to do and never feel “done”. You end up spending less time with your family and the time you do spend with them sucks because your mind is...


Speed Influence

Tired of having to prove yourself? Spending all your time trying to convince someone why you're the best choice for them, call after call, over and over again? It’s not exactly fun when you have to sell yourself so hard. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because today, I’m going to share with you the 3 pillars to something I call my ‘Speed Influence Method.’ Put simply, this will help you build trust and authority in minutes...instead of years. Let’s dive in. The Show Highlights: -...


No More Regrets

“No one on his deathbed ever said, I wish I had spent more time on my business.” Paul Tsongas. I’d imagine getting to the end of the line and realizing you’ve got regrets is one of the most challenging feelings ever. That feeling of knowing you’ve been given your ‘shot’ and there’s no way of getting to live life over again. That’s why it’s so important you don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers along the way or fail to achieve your goals. So look… If you’re carrying around...


Your Greatest Competition

Every day, we’re reminded that we need more, that we need to do more, and that we need to have more - and it can be intimidating. If you’re tired of seeing people around you doing better than you and you’re disappointed with your progress and where you are, today’s episode is for you. We’re going to be breaking down what your greatest competition really is. Here we go: The Show Highlights: - A secret about happiness no one has probably ever told you (3:00) - A counterintuitive look...


The Law of Reps

Muscle memory is the act of completing a physical or mental task to the point where your body learns to complete the task more efficiently but with less ‘processing power.’ Although your muscles don’t have brains, skills become ‘grooved’ in your mind through motor memory. Put simply, the more you repeat certain actions, the better you’re going to become! So look, if you want to be a great baseball player, a great swimmer, a great Entrepreneur a great need to practice over and...


Never Be Satisfied

Never Be Satisfied. This could be a tough one to understand. Because the truth is, if you ever feel completely satisfied with everything in your life, chances are, you haven’t set the bar high enough and have probably given in to the temptation of accepting mediocrity. And that's not what this show is about! If you’re not living up to your potential, if you’re working too much, if you’re not getting the big wins that you need to take you to the next level, then today’s show is for you as...


The Four-Hour WorkDAY

How much ‘real’ brainwork should you aim to get done in one day? I’m not talking about zoning out in meetings or reorganizing your stationery drawer. And this isn’t some trick question. When you’re stressed to near breaking point, the last solution you’d imagine is to do less. But like we cover in today’s show, doing less might just be the antidote to accomplishing MORE and maintaining balance in your life. Let’s dive in: The Show Highlights: - One little hack for figuring out exactly...