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A podcast for B2B sales professionals featuring a new tip everyday, 7 days a week. All tips will be 5-10 minutes or less so that you can binge through a week's worth of tips in less than an hour.

A podcast for B2B sales professionals featuring a new tip everyday, 7 days a week. All tips will be 5-10 minutes or less so that you can binge through a week's worth of tips in less than an hour.
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A podcast for B2B sales professionals featuring a new tip everyday, 7 days a week. All tips will be 5-10 minutes or less so that you can binge through a week's worth of tips in less than an hour.






95: Make Someone’s Day - Jeff Bajorek

"First of all, you have an opportunity to practice some humor. You have an opportunity to try to get people to laugh. Sometimes it's material that I want to use with a client or a prospect." - Jeff Bajorek in today's Tip 95 I hope you’ll help me make Jeff Bajorek’s day. Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/95 and make someone's day.


94: Urgency - Chad Sanderson

"And so when we dig into this, what we see is there's really three fundamental areas where the sales rep has failed to make a connection or has just believed what they'd been told rather than pressure testing it, which is not a condemnation of salespeople." - Chad Sanderson in today's Tip 94 How do you drive urgency? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/94 and learn more about Chad Sanderson.


93: Build Rapport - David Ragosa

“Those four key things, if you answer those four things while you're building rapport, you will get the sale and you can go into the sale and we all know sales is all about building value and solving a problem” – David Ragosa in today’s Tip 93 How do you build rapport? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/93 and know more about David.


92: Sales Travel Techniques - Scott Ingram

"Like I’ve done with some of these other tips this will probably a bit more in the form of thinking out loud, but the general theme that you’ll probably notice about how I approach a lot of these things is that I try to be thoughtful and approach these different decisions whether they be social media strategies or travel techniques with real purpose and reasons why." - Scott Ingram in today's Tip 92 It’s Easter so go enjoy the day and your family and just be intentional about your...


91: Rest & Recovery - Scott Ingram

"Today and tomorrow over this Easter weekend, my tips are as much for me as they are for you, and may involve some more thinking out loud. Especially after how much the conversation prompted by my Reach vs. Relationships piece on LinkedIn has helped evolve my thinking." - Scott Ingram in today's Tip 91 What do you do to rest & recover so that you can stay on top of your game? What’s the best fiction book you’ve read in the last year? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/91 and I love...


90: MEDDPICC Explained - David Weiss

"I'm trying to understand, those types of positions and how people fit into those buckets and then how those buckets impact of business." - David Weiss in today's Tips 90 Are you using MEDDPICC yourself? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/90 and share your experience!


89: Nuance - Dale Dupree (5 of 5)

"This is the overall driving factor of your reason. This principle is what will evolve your pitch into an emotion fell by the prospect as you speak life into their business through your first interactions." - Dale Dupree in today's Tip 89 What did you think of Dale's REASON Theory in its entirety? Have you started using it? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/89 and share your thoughts!


88: Embrace the Uncomfortable Silence - Craig Nishizaki

“But if you're able to embrace that uncomfortable silence and allow that other person to talk and then you spark it with another question that lets them go deeper, there's a tremendous amount of trust that starts being built in that conversation.” - Craig Nishizaki in today’s Tip 88 In one of your conversations today I want you to focus on embracing that uncomfortable silence. Take a deep breath before you ask your next question. Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/88 and share your...


87: Craig Nishizaki’s Top 3

"You're able to build trust and all those things and you're not thinking about what the next question is you're going to ask because it becomes part of how you talk and how you interact with folks." - Craig Nishizaki in today's Tip 87 What do you believe are the top 3 things that have contributed most to your success in sales? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/87 and share it with us!


86: Capture Planning - Warwick Brown

“Your existing customers create a longterm plan that helps solve your clients' business problems and positions you as the obvious supplier of choice and works towards that holy grail of trusted advisor.” – Warwick Brown in today’s Tip 86 What is your capture planning? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/86 and find more links to Warwick Brown.


85: Reach vs. Relationships on LinkedIn - Scott Ingram

“I love LinkedIn. It’s my favorite social network by far.” – Scott Ingram in today’s Tip 85 What’s your philosophy or approach when it comes to LinkedIn? Can you better articulate the value of a more reach centric open networking approach than I have? What would you love to see LinkedIn change to improve the experience for all of us? Join the conversation DailySales.Tips/85 and share your thoughts!


84: Listening, Hearing & Happy Ears - Scott Ingram

“Too often we’re listening selectively for the areas where we know our particular solution fits, and we’re listening to respond rather than really hearing what’s going on and taking the time to really understand and ask good follow-up questions. In other words, we listen selfishly and not generously.” – Scott Ingram in today’s Tip 84 What would you add? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/84 and share your thoughts!


83: Building Trusted Relationships - Andy Jaffke

"You build trust, trusted relationships with others by making and keeping commitments." - Andy Jaffke in today's Tip 83 How do you build a trust relationship with your customers? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/83 and share your thoughts!


82: Outline - Dale Dupree (Part 4 of 5)

“This is the part that ties the business outline into the entire pitch and sets the tone for the first meeting between you and your prospect.’ – Dale Dupree in today’s Tip 82 Do you agree with it? Does it match your style and approach? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/82 and find all links to Dale Dupree.


81: Phone a Friend - Jeff Bajorek (Part 2 of 2)

“I want you to ask them what they think you do differently than the other people that they see doing it.” – Jeff Bajorek in today’s Tip 81 Did you do what Jeff's suggested? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/81 and share your thoughts!


80: Salespeople Need to Start Behaving More Like Marketers - Scott Barker

"I see that salespeople need to start behaving more like marketers and it's a kind of transformation that I went through about three years ago or so, and I started slowly building some of these skills that you typically be relegated to like the marketing department and it's been it's worked wonders for me." - Scott Barker in today's Tip 80 Do you think salespeople should start acting more like marketers? Do you think the generalists are going to win out over the specialists over time? Join...


79: Q1 2019 Top 3 Countdown #1 - Jeff Bajorek

We’re doing a countdown of the top 3 tips from Q1. Here was the most popular tip by far from the first three months of the year and of the show from Jeff Bajorek 3: Do Real Work – Jeff Bajorek


78: Q1 2019 Top 3 Countdown #2 - Richard Hellen

We’re doing a countdown of the top 3 tips from Q1. Here is the second most popular tip from Richard Hellen 24: 3 Things All Sales People Need to Know and Master – Richard Hellen


77: Q1 2019 Top 3 Countdown #3 - Matt Heinz

I thought we’d try featuring the best of the show for the next few days now that Q1 is behind. I’m going to countdown the top 3 tips by # of listeners and engagement in the next three days: Here's #3 from Matt Heinz 23: Have a Set of Daily Habits – Matt Heinz


76: Qualification in Professional Sales - Tony Hughes

“Do know the only limited resource that we really face in business is actually time and resources and that's why it's so important to make sure that we apply our time and resources to where we most likely to get a successful result, not just for us as a seller and our own sales organization, but also for the customer.” – Tony Hughes in today’s Tip 76 What’s happened inside your organization to cause you to want to change the way you’re currently operating? Join the conversation at...