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A podcast for B2B sales professionals featuring a new tip everyday, 7 days a week. All tips will be 5-10 minutes or less so that you can binge through a week's worth of tips in less than an hour.

A podcast for B2B sales professionals featuring a new tip everyday, 7 days a week. All tips will be 5-10 minutes or less so that you can binge through a week's worth of tips in less than an hour.
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A podcast for B2B sales professionals featuring a new tip everyday, 7 days a week. All tips will be 5-10 minutes or less so that you can binge through a week's worth of tips in less than an hour.






126: Get Feedback To Improve - Scott Ingram

"Feedback is a critical ingredient in understanding your strengths and weaknesses and you can get that feedback from so many places if you’ll just ask for it." - Scott Ingram in today's Tip 126 Are you looking for feedback on a particular part of your process? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/126 and give us feedback! Have feedback? Want to share a sales tip? Call or text the Sales Success Hotline: 512-777-1442 or email scott@top1.fm


125: Sales Voicemails That Get a Response - Florin Tatulea

"So the way that I see voicemail is that the main purpose of it is to direct the prospect to your email." - Florin Tatulea in today's Tip 125 Are you doing sales voicemails to get a response? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/125 and share your thoughts!


124: Sales & Marketing Alignment - Ian Altman

"And every time you come up with a great message, instead of each person having to learn it, we can create that in the marketing content that you can share with your customers." - Ian Altman in today's Tip 124 Do you want to create your own sales & marketing taskforce? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/124 and learn more about Ian!


123: Treat Sales as a Craft - Trong Nguyen

"I treat it as a craft and art and every day I think about how do I hone this craft how do I make myself better at it." - Trong Nguyen in today's Tips 123 How do you treat sales? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/123 and share your answer!


122: Podcast Listening Tips - Scott Colesworthy

"When you start to get into podcasts, don't just listen to random things." - Scott Colesworthy in today's Tip 122 What are your tips in podcast listening? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/122 and share your thoughts!


121: Find Another Way - Scott Ingram

"If you get creative you can find another way" - Scott Ingram in today's Tip 121 Can you remove the obstacle? Do you need to go through it, around it, under it? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/121 and feel free to share your answers!


120: Pick Up the Phone - Liz Tolin

"Let's get to that NO. So that we can work from there about why is it a no and what can we do to turn that into a YES" - Liz Tolinin today's Tip 120 Are you afraid of getting a NO? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/120 and share your thoughts!


119: Never Make Decisions for Others - Andrea Waltz

"Never make decisions for other people about what they are going to decide, to do, to spend or anything else for that matter." - Andrea Waltz in today's Tip 119 Are making a decision for others? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/119 and share your experience!


118: Mindset Can’t Hurt Me - Scott Ingram

"I’ve come to believe that having the right mindset is probably the most fundamental and foundational piece of Sales Success." - Scott Ingram in today's Tip 118 What audible book did you listen? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/118 and feel free to share it with us!


117: Back to Basics with Cold Outreach - Jeff Bajorek

"Instead of making the statement, ask a question that will then allow you to make the statement." - Jeff Bajorek in today's Tip 117 Do you have your own statement? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/117 and share a couple of the question you came up with!


116: Stop Calling to Check-In - Ian Altman

"When you follow up for their reasons, not your reasons, you'll get better results." - Ian Altman in today's Tip 116 Are you calling to check - in? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/116 and learn more about Ian.


115: Discover Who You Are as a Sales Person: Understand Your Own Style - Liz Tolin

"But I think that's part of discovering who you are as a salesperson is understanding your own style and not trying to mimic and be someone else because they are not you and you are not them." - Liz Tolin in today's Tip 115 Do you have your own Style? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/115 and tell us about your own style!


114: Rut or Routine? - Scott Ingram

"Today I thought I’d talk about something I’m working on right now, and that is re-evaluating some of my habits and routines." - Scott Ingram in today's Tip 114 How about you? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/114 and share your habits and routines too!


113: How to Become Successful in Sales - Dayna Leaman

"To be humble and to really look at other people not just where they work but other people that they know whether it's in a sales job or something else about how they gained their success." - Dayna Leaman on today's Tip 113 In your own thoughts how to become successful in sales? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/113 and share your thoughts and ideas!


112: Is Sales Your Job or is Sales Your Career? - Dayna Leaman

"If they want to break through and be great I think they really need to start looking at this question. Is it a job for you or is this your career?" - Dayna Leaman on today's Tip 112 Besides listening to podcasts, what else are you doing to improve yourself? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/112 and share your thoughts!


111: Potential - Thom Singer

"Potential is really exciting, right? People get really fired up around their potential and what it is they possibly could accomplish. However, potential does not equal performance." - Thom Singer on today's Tip 111 How close are you to living up to your own potential? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/111 and learn more about Thom!


110: Recommend a Friend - Jeff Bajorek

"I want you to do something publicly that recognize the value they bring to their company, the value they bring to their clients or their customers, the value they bring to your relationship." - Jeff Bajorek in today's Tip 110 Who can you impact in that way within your own network? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/110 and go write that recommendation.


109: Using Network Effects to Help with Prospecting - Ryan O’Hara

"Network effects basically take advantage of people knowing each other so that you can create more pipeline and be seen everywhere." - Ryan O'Hara in today's Tip 109 I challenge you to find an example of them pitching their solution or talking about how much better their data is than most other providers. Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/109 and share your thoughts!


108: Adding Value - Scott Ingram

"There's a lot of talk about adding value in sales these days, whether that be in the way that you're prospecting or how you're following up throughout the sales process." - Scott Ingram in today's Tip 108 Are there ways that you can make some of that experience relevant and valuable to your prospects? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/108 and go check all the links.


107: Getting Replies from Prospects Who Have Gone Dark - Shawn Finder

"Here's my tip for you today to increase how quickly you will get that reply from that prospect. Once you send the quote out, my tip to you is go on LinkedIn and try and be in front of them as much as possible." - Shawn Finder in today's Tip 107 What other strategies have you found work best for you to get a response from prospects who’ve gone quite? Join the conversation at DailySales.Tips/107 and learn more about Shawn.