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Welcome to Dave Turner’s Seat Yourself podcast series. Seat Yourself delivers news and information from all over the world on the foodservice and hospitality industry. Dave is the globally known Chief Evangelist and Editor for A non-traditional journalist, Dave has spent nearly 30 years as a sales and marketing executive in the world of hospitality.

Welcome to Dave Turner’s Seat Yourself podcast series. Seat Yourself delivers news and information from all over the world on the foodservice and hospitality industry. Dave is the globally known Chief Evangelist and Editor for A non-traditional journalist, Dave has spent nearly 30 years as a sales and marketing executive in the world of hospitality.


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Welcome to Dave Turner’s Seat Yourself podcast series. Seat Yourself delivers news and information from all over the world on the foodservice and hospitality industry. Dave is the globally known Chief Evangelist and Editor for A non-traditional journalist, Dave has spent nearly 30 years as a sales and marketing executive in the world of hospitality.






Marc Broccoli – Whole Business Marketing Coming to Foodservice

This week’s episode features marketing veteran Marc Broccoli. Marc has been helping start-up and established brands grow for the past 20+ years by combining proven marketing strategies and tactics with both traditional and leading-edge methods. Recently, Marc has turned his attention to marketing within the foodservice sector. So, in today’s conversation, we discuss with this veteran marketer how he views marketing versus sales and where he feels the future of marketing in foodservice is...


Ed Grocholski, Junior Achievement – Preparing Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs

This week’s episode has us sitting with Ed Grocholski, Sr. Vice President – Brand at the Junior Achievement organization. Recruiting employees and future leaders for the restaurant and hospitality industry currently is a real and present issue. We're fortunate to have Ed join us to discuss how his organization is working to develop top young talent that will hopefully be a source now and in the future for our industry! If you're interested in having young people learn and join our...


Greg Kirrish: On The Culinary Trail in Arizona

In this week’s episode, friend of the show Greg Kirrish returns to recap his just completed culinary sojourn to the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. Curious adventurer that he is, Greg gives us his food & beverage insights into the dining out goings-on in Tucson and Scottsdale, along with his encounters in the remote outposts of Sedona and Flagstaff. And – bonus – Greg offers up the location for the best tacos he’s had ever! You’ll definitely want to hear of the discoveries that our...


Zenreach’s John Kelly – Digitally Connecting Restaurateurs and Customers

This week, we bring a tech touch to Seat Yourself when we are joined by John Kelly, CEO of Zenreach. Zenreach is a software and information company that helps restaurant operators connect the physical and digital journey for their customers. With customer acquisition and retention as their primary targets, Zenreach offers operators digital marketing that can be measured with in-store results. With our industry’s return from the pandemic, we cannot think of a more important topic than new...


Nikki Gibson – Swurfing into The Mainstream

This week, we head back to one of our favorite cities – Edinburgh, Scotland – to speak to founder and creative entrepreneur Nikki Gibson about her start up company Swurf.This talented hospitality veteran seized the opportunity during the current pandemic to create a start to help both hotel properties and those who continue to work from home. Nikki will explain why her company Swurf is of great benefit to both the hoteliers and here Swurfer community, even after the pandemic is over. In...


Talking Tiki - Zander Lauritzen Hansen

This week, friend of the podcast Zander Lauritzen Hansen returns to talk #tiki! We could not be more excited to have this cocktail savant return to give us his thoughts on this fun concept that will no doubt be riding the returning wave as the hospitality industry begins its comeback. The tiki cocktail, and really the entire tiki concept, is associated with fun and the world could use a bit more of that these days, for sure. We’ll talk about the history of tiki, what are some of the...


To Thine Own Self Be True

In this week’s episode, Dave discusses the #coretrait of being true to yourself and your dreams. And, he does it by discussing the future possibilities that lay in front for TabletopJournal as it approaches its 10th anniversary. Ambiguity and uncertainty are always a part of our future and Dave’s personal approach in this week’s episode brings it home with candor, personality and, as always, without varnish.


Jay Allie: Talking His Career, EOT Podcast, Industry Trends & more

In this week’s episode, Jay Allie, friend, co-host of our other podcast Every Other Thursday - and Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing for Stolzle Glassware - comes on to discuss his lengthy sales and marketing career, the current state of the foodservice and hospitality industry. Jay also offers up his take on our Every Other Thursday podcast and how it differs a bit from this podcast. For those of you familiar with Jay, you know there’s never a shortage of stories so you’ll definitely want to...


Matt Inwood: Packaging of The Story thru Phone Photography

This week, we are joined by England’s Matt Inwood. Matt is well known in British culinary circles for his creative storytelling and his packaging of chefs, restaurants and their associated stories. In the more recent times, Matt has also become known for his extraordinary phone photography skills. In fact, he is so well regarded in that area he has turned to conducting workshops on helping others to improve their storytelling with images taken from our smartphones. Matt’s workshops and his 3...


Greg Kirrish: Talking EOT Podcast, Industry Trends & more

In this week’s episode, Greg Kirrish returns to talk about our Every Other Thursday Podcast - where he is a co-host - and what really differentiates our other podcast. Along with that, Greg weighs in with his unique perspective on the #foodservice and #hospitality industry – and, its tradeshow’s – recovery trajectory. Finally, we close out this episode by learning what destinations are on Greg’s developing travel agenda as the ability to move around our country continues to become easier...


Positivity: Simple Tips for Brighter Days

In this week’s episode, we discuss our building anticipation of the real beginning of the re-opening of the hospitality sector. Amidst the excitement, there is also the realization that our industry’s recovery will likely not be linear and straightforward. With a patchwork and often erratic recovery, it will take a great deal of positivity to continue to see our way forward. So, this week, we offer up a few simple and easy tips for keeping our individual positivity at a high level and why...


Bill Flannery: Balancing Humor to Produce Results

In this week’s episode, we sit with sales entrepreneur extraordinaire Bill Flannery. Based in the Washington – Baltimore marketplace Bill has been on all sides of the supply chain to the foodservice and hospitality industry. Using humor as his calling card, Bill discusses his philosophy for staying in touch with his customers, how he has evolved during the past year and much, much more. If you currently know Bill, this episode will help you know him better – and differently. If you’re not...


Within The Struggle is Often The Blessing

In this week’s episode, we turn the conversation back to a core belief that, throughout life, there will always be struggles. And, those struggles can be a great source of our strength and help us make decisions that we may have avoided otherwise. Let us all hope to see the many blessings that come from the struggles that life inevitably brings to us. As Helen Keller taught us - “The struggle of life is one of our greatest blessings.” After all, how could you get stronger without...


Cal-Mil: Presentation Upgraded & Company Culture

This week, our episode has a couple of distinct differences. First of all, we have 2 guests – Josh Callahan and Jason Wange, from Cal-Mil. And, secondly, in our opening segment, we will learn from these two top execs all about Cal-Mil which was started more than 50 years ago by Josh’s grandfather. And, then, in our second segment, we are going to learn about the Foodservice Powerplant Network that Jason has started as a support resource within the foodservice and hospitality...


Post COVID: Trends in Spirits & Mixology

This week, Zander Lauritzen Hansen returns to give us his take on the trends that he sees continuing with us into the future now that the pandemic horizon is – possibly - finally starting to show itself. Much has changed in the past 12 months and there are many new avenues that both operators and spirits companies are traveling to reach their target markets. Copenhagen-based and a global leader in the bartending & mixology scene and owner of bar supply company Scandic Bar, Zander brings...


Gratefulness In The Face of Great Challenge

In this week’s episode, we return to a conversation on gratefulness, but with a special perspective on being grateful in the face of great challenge. This past year has seen nearly all of us face challenges both big and small. Both personal and professional. And, while it has been a tough time for everyone, in particular, it’s been difficult for those throughout the hospitality industry. In this year-ending episode, we take a new look at why it is important to know our “Why” and what...


Simple Leadership - Purpose

In our next installment of keeping-things-simple leadership, this episode of our Seat Yourself podcast focuses on the concept of PURPOSE and its heightened importance during complicated and stressful times. Purpose, whether it's our own individual purpose or the purpose of our organization, can offer a guiding pathway through uncertain and often turbulent times. What is purpose? Why is it important? And, finally, how do we find our purpose? All important questions and we address each...


Sustainability: All In the World of Cocktails & Mixology

This week, friend of the podcast and cocktail & spirits guru Zander Lauritzen Hansen returns to continue the conversation about cocktails and mixology. This episode focuses all on the issue of sustainability. What it means, why its important and what, specifically, bar and restaurant operators can do to up their sustainability game. Zander always brings his passion and energy when joining us and this episode is no different. He also offers us several great takeaways for improving...


Paulo De Tarso: A Devotion to The Details of Dining

This week, we’re honored to be celebrating our 100 episode with one of our most passionate guests – London’s Paulo De Tarso. Having climbed the ranks and worked with some of the world’s best, Paulo is a noted restaurateur, founder of London's Margot Restaurant and now is preparing his next great adventure. A master of the front of the house dining experience, Paulo knows that often it is the little things that make all the difference. In our conversation, Paulo shares his wisdom and his...


Simple Leadership - Trust

With a return of the COVID-10 pandemic impacting many regions of the world, many in the #foodservice & #hospitality industry are returning to a tighter lockdown situation. Leaders at all levels far beyond just the C-suite are being stretched in ways never dreamed of before we all became far too familiar with the word pandemic. So, this week begins a “keeping-things-simple” series on leadership in complicated times. This occasionally appearing series will focus on the cornerstones of...