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Episode 20: Eric Fuller--The Business of Fun

Today's episode is brought to you by Booking Protect. The global leader in refund protection. Find out how to offer your guests peace of mind and a better buying experience while also creating a new revenue stream for your venue by visiting them at www.bookingprotect.com Today's guest is Eric Fuller. Eric is the CEO of Yo Seats. I wanted to have Eric on because he has been a vocal opponent of Ticketmaster to the point that he has filed a lawsuit against them alleging that they used...


Episode 19: Adam White--The Business of Fun

This episode is brought to you by Booking Protect, the global leader in refund protection. If you sell tickets and you aren't offering your guests the opportunity to purchase refund protection for their tickets, you are missing out on an opportunity to improve their customer experience, provide them security, and grow your organization's revenue. Find out more by visiting www.bookingprotect.com or set up a consultation by emailing Cat Spencer at cat.spencer@bookingprotect.com Today's...


Episode 18: Business of Fun--Stephen Lee

This episode is brought to you by Booking Protect, the global leader in refund protection. Find out how your organization can offer your customers peace of mind and you can gain a brand new revenue stream by visiting www.bookingprotect.com Today's guest is Stephen Lee. Steve is the Chairman of the Fair Ticketing Alliance. They are an organization based in the United Kingdom that is focused on bringing the secondary market out of the shadows and advocating for a more responsible and...


Episode 17: Dan Meagher

This podcast is brought to you in part by Booking Protect. They are the global leaders in refund protection. Find out more at www.bookingprotect.com Today's guest is Dan Meagher. He's Director of Audience Development & Digital Strategy at the Diablo Ballet outside of San Francisco. We had a great conversation about arts marketing and the need for more humanity in the performing arts business. Dan shares some of the secrets that helped him and his team reconnect with old ticket buyers...


Episode 16, The Business of Fun: Laura Fragoso

Today's episode is brought to you by Booking Protect, the global leaders in refund protection. You can find out more about them at www.bookingprotect.com Today's guest is Laura Fragoso. She is the Senior VP of Marketing with the Round Rock Express, a minor league baseball team near Austin, Texas. We had a really great conversation that took a turn I wasn't expecting as we go really deep into digital marketing including how the Express measure their campaigns, how they deal with...


Episode 14, The Business of Fun: Michael Johnstone

Today's guest is Michael Johnstone. He's Head of Commercial with Walco Events in Australia. We cover a lot of my favorite topics including growing a fan base, generating revenue, marketing, selling, and experience. Michael talks about his experience growing rugby league in Australia and he goes heavily into the example of letting your fanbase do your marketing for you. To find out more about Michael, check him out on LinkedIn. You can follow him on Twitter. As always, visit me at...


Episode 14, The Business of Fun: Amir Zonozi

This one was a lot of fun for me because I learned a lot. Today's guest is Amir Zonozi. He is the Chief Strategy Officer with Zoomph. Amir and Zoomph focus on data, which on its own sounds like the same hokum that you get when you say Big Data without quotations. But it isn't. In this conversation, we cover a whole lot of ground including GDPR, social authentication, marketing and selling tickets, sponsorships, clean data, dirty data, and a whole lot more. You can follow Amir on...


Episode 13, The Business of Fun: Isabella Balsimelli

Today's guest is Isabella Balsimelli. She is the COO of Ingresso Facil one of the leaders in ticketing in South America. In this episode, we discuss experience, leading change, technology, the secondary market in Brazil, and a whole lot more. You can find Isabella on LinkedIn. As always, please visit my website www.davewakeman.com. Also, follow me on Twitter. Want to email me with some ideas, questions, thoughts, or whatever? Send me a note: dave@davewakeman.com Finally, if you'd...


Business of Fun, Episode 12: Michael Broughton

Today's guest is Michael Broughton. Micheal is Partner & Co-Founder in Sports Investment Partners. I wanted to have Michael on because I really enjoy following his LinkedIn videos and the way that he tackles sport through the lens of an investor. In this episode, we talk about the size of the industry, the challenges and opportunities that investors look for, platforms, competition, communities, data, and a lot more. Find Michael on LinkedIn. Follow Michael on Twitter. As always, I'd...


Business of Fun, Episode 11: Corey Gibbs

Today's episode is a good one! I'm talking with Corey Gibbs. He's the Executive Managing Director of Ticket Solutions. Corey is my first guest from the secondary market and we get into a lot. We cover: * Pricing * Verified Fan * Customer service * Customer focus * Getting fans to come to the stadium * Adding value And, that's just the surface. I think you are really going to enjoy this one. It is long, but I think you'll learn a lot. Find Corey on Twitter: @Imyourticketguy You...


Episode 10, The Business of Fun: Kara Parkinson

This is a really cool episode today with Kara Parkinson, Senior Marketing Director with Audience View. Kara doesn't have the traditional arts, sports, entertainment background...in fact, working at Audience View is her first job in the industry. Which blew open a door for me to talk with her about some things that are common and different. We also discuss how working in packaged goods has helped her as a marketer to the arts. We also discuss some of my favorite ideas like goal setting,...


The Business of Fun, Episode 9: Steven Dobesh

Today I welcome Steven Dobesh to 'The Business of Fun.' I wanted to have Steven on to talk about ticketing in the era of buzzword heavy Blockchain. We also talk about how you should differentiate Bitcoin from Blockchain and where the confusion lies. We talk a lot about innovation, but, maybe, most importantly, we talk about how nothing will change in any business if the value proposition doesn't change. Which is a core belief and focus of my work. You can find Steven at...


Business of Fun, Episode 8--Cat Spencer

My guest on episode 8 is Cat Spencer... Cat is the VP of Business Development with Booking Protect. I've been friends with Cat and her business partner, Simon, for several years now and one of the most impressive things I have seen is how well they manage to build and maintain relationships with their clients remotely. As someone that does so much work remotely, I wanted to see if I could uncover some of their secret sauce. Another thing that I wanted to find out is about their...


Business of Fun: Episode 7--Ken Troupe

My guest on Episode 7 is Ken Troupe. Ken is the Senior Director of Business Development with 4Front. He is also the creator and host of the Twitter chat: #social4tixsales We have a long and wide-ranging conversation about selling tickets, building fans and customers, leadership, value, and a whole lot more. *** I've been receiving a lot of feedback about the podcast and thank you... You can always email me dave@davewakeman.com with your ideas and questions. A few of the things I...


The Business of Fun: Lauren Teague

Today's guest is Lauren Teague... Lauren was the first social media manager for the PGA Tour and she provides some really great conversation about the concept of "real-time content." In this wide-ranging conversation, we discuss a lot. Some of the stuff we hit on: * The vibrancy of golf. * Lauren's love of the Dallas Stars and why it is important to use social media to tell stories, even when you aren't successful. * Why engagement on social media isn't just a vanity thing. And,...


The Business of Fun--Johannes Wohlert

My guest today is Johannes Wohlert. He is in charge of marketing for the Swedish Basketball Association. I wanted to have Johannes on to discuss growing a sport from the grassroots level, fighting the discounting mindset, and using social media to build a fan base. You can follow Johannes on Twitter. You can connect with him on LinkedIn. To learn more about the Swedish Basketball Association, visit their website.


Business of Fun: Jo Michele

On this episode, I welcome Jo Michele. Jo is a partner in Mission Tickets in Australia and she has spent over 20 years working with non-profits on ticketing events including festivals, productions, and other events. In this episode, we discuss a wide range of challenges and opportunities that she deals with including team building in compressed timelines, learning from all areas of focus, and a new conference that she is working to put together with another friend of ours, Angela...


Business of Fun: Rob Cressy on Content Creation, Community Building, and Fun!

Today's episode of The Business of Fun features Rob Cressy. Rob is one of the people that encouraged me to start a podcast and told me that the first few would be terrible, but I would get better. This episode is a lot of fun because we talk about fun, creating content that is compelling, and how you can connect with people. Rob is the Founder of Bacon Sports and is a forward-thinking content creator with an entrepreneurial spirit that develops creative goals and strategies to drive...


Business of Fun: Martin Gammeltoft

Today's episode is with VP of Commercial Activity for Activity Stream, Martin Gammeltoft. Martin came on the podcast to discuss using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in a way that creates impact and drives revenue for theatres, sports teams, and other organizations that are better trying to understand their consumers. In this episode, we cover: * Why technology has evolved to allow anyone to use AI to make better decisions. * How you can get started with data or AI. * Why using...


Dave Wakeman's The Business Of Fun

Welcome to "The Business of Fun" podcast. This is my opportunity to talk to industry leaders in the world of entertainment, attractions, sports, and more. My guest on this episode is Micheal Prindiville. Micheal is CEO of Team Dignitas, Harris Blitzer's eSports division. Our conversation covers many of the core issues of eSports: