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A collaboration between the Dave Cantin Group and Cox Automotive, Dealer News Today creates content and information for dealers in the automotive industry. The information they need today and insights for tomorrow. Our content is exclusive and our podcasts feature automotive industry powerhouses from around the globe giving master-class advice to dealerships.

A collaboration between the Dave Cantin Group and Cox Automotive, Dealer News Today creates content and information for dealers in the automotive industry. The information they need today and insights for tomorrow. Our content is exclusive and our podcasts feature automotive industry powerhouses from around the globe giving master-class advice to dealerships.


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A collaboration between the Dave Cantin Group and Cox Automotive, Dealer News Today creates content and information for dealers in the automotive industry. The information they need today and insights for tomorrow. Our content is exclusive and our podcasts feature automotive industry powerhouses from around the globe giving master-class advice to dealerships.






“We’ll just do what we’ve done - take care of our customers” || Rita Case, Owner, Rick Case Auto Group

She’s back! One of the hardest-working women in the automotive industry, Rita Case, returns to Dealer News Today for another enlightening and entertaining chat with Derek D. Cars have always been a family affair for Rita, with her children also working at Rick Case Auto Group, and she continues to look ahead on behalf of future generations in the auto business. Listen in as Rita Case talks what it’s like being immediately recognizable, navigating supply and demand in today’s car...


“I had two choices - sit on the sidelines, or jump in.” || Matt Gunderson, State Senate Candidate, CA-38

Matt Gunderson came from a large family in western Wisconsin, never intending to sell cars. But after getting into business with his brother in an open Infiniti dealership point in California, he found himself two decades later, running that successful dealership, plus two others he had started from the ground up. On this episode, Matt Gunderson talks with Derek D. about his unlikely path to both California and the automotive industry, how he built his business in an unfamiliar state, and...


“I am not a car person - I am a people person.” || Liza Borches, President and CEO, Carter Myers Automotive

Liza Borches is a fourth-generation automotive dealer, but once upon a time, she never imagined she’d want to sell cars. Over the last 15 years, Carter Myers Automotive has experienced explosive growth, from three rooftops to 20 - and Liza, Cox Automotive’s 2020 Woman of the Year, says they’re ready to go even further. Listen in while Liza Borches, President and CEO of Carter Myers Automotive, shares her passion for helping people through automotive sales, CMA’s philosophy of “Moving Lives...


"I was driven to be an exception" || Rita Case, Owner, Rick Case Automotive Group

Rita Case has literally spent a lifetime in the auto industry. She was born into one car-selling family, married into another, and now is the president, CEO, and owner of the country’s largest retail auto group that is owned and operated by a woman. Listen as Rita Case, the CEO and owner of the largest woman-owned retail auto group in America, tells the tale of her lifelong journey in what she calls the “funnest business ever” and her history of innovation and “picking winners.” On this...


Unconventional Advice on Working with Family || Larry Crain Sr. Crain Automotive

The Crain Companies began as “Paul Crain Wholesale” in Searcy, Arkansas in the early 1950s. “Mr. Paul”, Larry Crain Sr.’s father, started out “peddling” tire repair items and now Crain Automotive is 23 rooftops strong - all from the trunk of a car. Listen to industry veteran Larry Crain Sr. as he discusses the history of Crain Automotive and how he went from one dealership in 1991 to 23 thirty years later. Episode Highlights: “As a dealer principal of a family-owned business, and a CPA...


We all Need to Be Ready to Pivot || Rob Cochran, CEO, #1 Cochran

45-Year-old automotive brand has seen it all. With 26 dealerships and over 35 facilities, Rob Cochran, #1 Cochran President, and CEO, has a wealth of leadership and operational insights. “Building a brand means developing the organizations’ culture, and that culture needs to be one of growth and empowerment.” — Rob Cochran CEO, #1 Cochran Listen to industry veteran and thought leader Rob Cochran as he espouses the values of building a time-tested brand while being nimble enough to adjust...


For Some Dealerships Things May Get Tougher Soon || Scott Kunes, COO, Kunes Auto Group

Time Magazine Dealer of the Year - 40 dealerships across four states, Scott Kunes, Kunes Auto Group COO, looks into his crystal ball. What’s in store for the auto industry? Listen and find out. From professional chef to one of the top Cheif Operating Officers in the auto industry, Scott Kunes has a unique point of view on the industry and has some core values he’s learned in the kitchen and applied to the showroom. Listen as Derek and Scott take a deep dive into the businesses of a...


A deep dive on strategic expansion || Transactions with Dave Cantin

Opportunity remains extremely strong in the automotive M&A sector, and for nearly two years, this high-reward dynamic has allowed auto groups to be especially “picky” and strategic about the dealerships they acquire. Today, Dave takes a deep dive into the art of strategic acquisitions and how dealer groups today are positioning themselves across the US market. For example, groups are being more selective about the brands they acquire. They’re also more willing to widen their radius and...


“I had no idea the return we would get.” || Brett Hopkins, CEO, Ken Garff Auto Group

Brett Hopkins has had a fascinating career story. He went from a try at medical school, to 3 years in Paris, to being CFO of the 2002 Salt Lake CIty Olympic Committee, where he forged a relationship with Bob Garff, then the 2nd-generation CEO of Ken Garff Automotive Group. Brett joined Ken Garff Auto Group following the 2002 games, and in 20 years, he’s helped grow the company from nearly 20 dealership in Utah to 61 rooftops across 8 states. This episode is full of heart, as Brett tells...


Sugar Ray Leonard Exclusive Interview - Winning When it Matters

An Exclusive Interview with Sugar Ray Leonard Before His Appearance at the NADA Afterparty Hosted by DCG. “There’s a special something, a way to live that helps you win the fights that matter.” ~ Sugar Ray Leonard He’s an Olympic gold medal winner, Golden Gloves winner, world champion boxer in five weight classes (the first boxer to ever achieve this), a legendary sports icon, Hall of Famer, bestselling author, television personality, ringside analyst, and tireless philanthropist- Sugar...


The long game of value in the auto industry || Transactions with Dave Cantin

Today we talk about the true nature of value. Dave reflects on DCG Acquisitions’s recent announcement that, in 2021, the firm closed over $1B in total M&A transactions. (Read more in Business Wire.) But they didn’t do so by gunning for the billion dollar mark. Instead, the team was focused on more essential elements of value. Later in the episode, Dave talks about the long game of automotive acquisitions, explaining why a dealership purchase is not about immediate ROI. It’s at least a 5-7...


How to flip a dealership || Transactions with Dave Cantin

Get ready to take notes. Today, Dave runs down the checklist of dealership profitability and talks about entrepreneurs who are skilled at purchasing dealerships, increasing profits, and then selling them at a higher price three to five years later. Plus, Dave and Derek share predictions on the performance of mainstay automakers over the next 12-18 months, especially GM, which suffered Q4 losses but is looking at a big emergence into the EV market through 2023. And the conversation returns...


With the industry evolving, M&A remains strong || Transactions with Dave Cantin

The auto industry is changing faster than it has since the days of Karl Benz and Henry Ford. Manufacturers are investing billions into EVs. Dealers are adopting “order your vehicle” sales models and transforming the way they do business with customers. In this environment, M&A remains full-steam-ahead. Smaller auto groups and family dealerships continue to look at historic high valuations, deciding their best option is to sell. Large companies continue to consolidate, invest, and reinvest...


“A lot will be said in the history books.” || Bridget Beyer, COO, Beyer Automotive Group

Bridget Beyer’s family has been in automotive for over 100 years. She’s the COO of Beyer Family Automotive Group in New Jersey, which operates Ford, CDJR, and GMC franchises, multiple commercial truck dealerships, and even a Fleet dealer that sells over 2000 police vehicles annually to municipalities across NJ. Today on DNT, Bridget brings up some key under-recognized points about the inventory shortage. She also explains how she uses her law degree every day at her job and tells a few...


Launching 2022: A Prosperous Outlook, One Precaution || Transactions with Dave Cantin

There’s no crystal ball for the year ahead, but the automotive industry is not slowing down and 2022 may shape up to be a stronger year than 2021 or 2020. However, there’s one thing we’re keeping our eye on — how will manufacturers respond to dealers making record profits, while they aren’t seeing the same on their end? Dave and Derek discuss why this is happening and what options manufacturers may have to grab a piece of the pie. Episode Highlights: DCG AcquisitionsEpisode Quote: “I’m...


How Speed and Confidence Win the Deal || Transactions with Dave Cantin

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is usually quiet in the M&A world. Not this year. At a moment when DCG has 37 deals in the pipeline, Dave breaks down how two key attributes in a buyer—speed and confidence—are essential to winning dealership acquisitions. He goes on to discuss how New Year’s is his favorite holiday, because it’s a chance to hit the restart button. For business executives, it’s a chance to take stock of everything and everyone at your company, and to lay a strong...


“‘What is your forecast for 2022?’ is a loaded question.” || Jessica Caldwell, Exec. Director of Insights, Edmunds

This episode is full of rich insights and data from one of the industry’s leading analytics experts. Jessica Caldwell began her career with various OEMs and has spent the past 15 years at Edmunds, where she is now Executive Director of Insights. Jessica and Derek discuss the great flux the industry has felt since the start of the pandemic, and attempt to form a picture of what may take place in the coming year. It’s hard to predict any year—let alone 2022—but this conversation will give...


An Unconventional Year-End in Automotive M&A || Transactions with Dave Cantin

Today’s episode of Transactions starts with some holiday cheer and jumps quickly to the frenzy of M&A activity happening at the close of the year. “It’s the unknown,” Dave says, that’s driving the rush to close. We all know factors are favorable in 2021 — from laws and taxes, to interest rates and dealership profits — but nobody knows exactly how things will change in 2022. Dave and Derek go on to discuss how historic consumer demand continues to snowball into high dealership valuations...


“It’s not about talk, it’s about action.” || Don Forman, CEO & Founder, Forman Automotive

Don Forman is one of the top names in the Vegas auto market. As CEO of Forman Automotive, he’s now getting ready to open his sixth dealership in the greater Las Vegas area. On this episode of Dealer News Today, Don tells how he found his career in Vegas by chasing opportunity, and he gives us a sense of the work ethic and passion that are behind the growth of his auto group. Don wakes up each day at 4am and stays focused on his work until late in the evening, because he loves what he...


Synergies and Consolidation in 2022 || Transactions with Dave Cantin

If there’s a phrase to sum up today’s episode, it’s “positive outlook”. Dave kicks off the conversation by describing how he chooses a positive outlook as often as possible, in any situation, to stay on the right path, take the right actions, and guide his team toward consistently positive outcomes in dealership transactions. Then he delves into the positive forecasts for the M&A market in 2022 (in automotive and across all industries), including why a major contributing factor is that...