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A collaboration between the Dave Cantin Group and Cox Automotive, Dealer News Today creates content and information for dealers in the automotive industry. The information they need today and insights for tomorrow. Our content is exclusive and our podcasts feature automotive industry powerhouses from around the globe giving master-class advice to dealerships.

A collaboration between the Dave Cantin Group and Cox Automotive, Dealer News Today creates content and information for dealers in the automotive industry. The information they need today and insights for tomorrow. Our content is exclusive and our podcasts feature automotive industry powerhouses from around the globe giving master-class advice to dealerships.


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A collaboration between the Dave Cantin Group and Cox Automotive, Dealer News Today creates content and information for dealers in the automotive industry. The information they need today and insights for tomorrow. Our content is exclusive and our podcasts feature automotive industry powerhouses from around the globe giving master-class advice to dealerships.






“There are two questions buyers ask…” | w. Bob George, & Brett Pomerantz, Cox Automotive

“What car?” and “What dealer?” This past year, the “what dealer” question has become far different, and today’s guests are uniquely equipped to address this change. Brett Pomerantz grew up living and working around his family’s dealership business. That experience now combines with a degree in Digital Media & Marketing to inform his position as Senior Director of Digital Retailing at Cox Automotive. Bob George studied to become an architect, but fell into automotive journalism and...


“Get dirty with data” | Digital Marketing w/ Kevin LeSage of Autotrader

Kevin LeSage’s career has been a dovetailing of two passions—cars and data—that have led him to his current role as Director of Digital Marketing at Autotrader. Today on DNT, Kevin joins Derek D to tell the backstory of his career, and what he’s doing today to transform sales at automotive dealerships. Kevin digs deep into his digital marketing expertise to relate how, as an auto dealer, you can optimize data across multiple platforms and build custom digital marketing campaigns to funnel...


Auto Sales in the Information Age | w/ Juan Flores (Kelley Blue Book) & Jade Terreberry (Cox Automotive)

Today’s episode is about clarity of information—and how it helps customer confidence. In an industry where customers can feel intimidated by transactions, high levels of information and transparency—around pricing, vehicle history, service, etc.—can dissolve fear, build trust, and create more sales. Derek D is joined today by Juan Flores — Senior Director of Product Management at Kelley Blue Book, and Jade Terreberry — Director of Dealer Sales Analytics for Cox Automotive. Their expertise...


“We Can’t Put the Genie Back in the Bottle” | Lori Wittman & Jessica Stafford, Senior VPs at Cox Automotive

The past year has transformed car buying—from process streamlining, to digital customer relationships, to customer expectations. And once customers grow to expect a way of doing things, it’s just about impossible to turn back. On this episode, Derek is joined by Jessica Stafford, Sr. VP of Consumer Solutions, and Lori Wittman, Sr. VP of Dealer Software, who discuss transformations in auto retail, with expertise on both sides of the sale. “Seamless. That’s the key word,” says Derek,...


Novel Thinking Part 4 — "2021 could be phenomenal." | Jake Sodikoff, Dealer Principal at Steven Nissan (Harrisonburg, VA)

Randy Kobat and Jake Sodikoff last spoke in March, at the beginning of the pandemic. Back then, Jake predicted the importance of used inventory during COVID. During 2020, his team was ahead of the curve, both in buying up inventory and providing at-home services to customers. Today, Randy and Jake catch up on the events of 2020 and make new predictions for the year ahead in the automotive industry. In 2021, Jake remains competitive in finding innovative ways to serve customers and move...


Every Tech Integration is a Win-Win-Win | Derek D w Emil Banga, Assc. VP of Operations at Cox Automotive, Dealertrack F&I Solutions

From the dealership, to the lender, to the customer— How do we help adapt to a new socially-distant sales environment, while simplifying communications and saving time, in vehicle leasing and financing? Today on the DNT Podcast, Emil Banga talks to Derek D about how digital contracting is cutting the fat out of vehicle transactions (leaving all the best parts intact), saving time, and helping keep all parties safe. While this purchasing model has been expedited by the pandemic, it offers a...


Bridging the Gap Between Traditional & Digital Retail | Chase Abbott - VP of Sales at Cox Automotive

Derek D is joined today by Chase Abbott, VP of Sales at Cox Automotive. Chase explains how AI now translates data into common sense customer insights, bridging the gap for dealers used to “getting a read” on an in-person buyer. He also explains how digital tools can, counter-intuitively, help in-person sales by cutting tedious processes like credit checks—while saving the exciting moments, like test drives, for the dealership. In all, Chase argues that digital retailing won’t eliminate...


Novel Thinking Part 3 – “Living in the now”

Used car guru Jonathan Hakes joins Randy Kobat to explain how he helped carry Dorschel Automotive Group through much of 2020 with pre-owned sales, and what he's doing to adapt to the current phase of the pandemic. Plus, Jonathan talks about utilizing data in the here-and-now to determine the best pricing and timing for sales on all used vehicles. Interview Highlights: “What we’ve done well with vs. what the market says… I think of it like EBAY. You have so many listings there. That’s...


With new pricing tool, data drives used car profits

“When business is good and easy, I fear that dealers often turn away from important disciplines and strategies to make even more money.” —Dale Pollak Here comes another DNT with Derek D! Today, Derek interviews Dale Pollak, Founder of vAuto, Executive Vice President at Cox Automotive, and bestselling author of Velocity: From the Front Line to the Bottom Line. Dale delivers some extremely poignant thoughts on today’s used car market. He also talks about the insights behind vAuto’s...


2020-2021: Turning the Corner

“It’s incredible to see where the technology is today, and I’m excited to see where it will be in 5 years.” It’s time to reflect on the year gone by and take a look at the year to come. On today’s DNT Podcast, Derek D is joined by two guests: Dave Cantin, CEO of Dave Cantin Group (and DNT's original host), along with Charlie Chesbrough, Senior Economist at Cox Automotive. Derek, Dave, and Charlie take a look at the most important developments of 2020 and give some interesting takes on...


The Flip Side of Sales in 2020

“If you can do these 3 things well, you put yourself in a good place to be one of the top dealers in your market.” —Brian Finkelmeyer Today— the premier of DNT with Derek D. You’ve heard his voice on episode introductions, now see what professional actor, comedian, and host Derek D brings to the table as an interviewer. Tune in to hear Derek talk with top automotive professionals twice a month on the DNT podcast. Derek’s first guest is Brian Finkelmeyer, Senior Director of New Car...


Season 2 'Novel Thinking' Series Episode 2: Playing Inventory “Moneyball” in 2020

Trent Waybright has played scrappy and smart with his pre-owned inventory during the pandemic. It’s worked so well, the auto group is going ahead with plans for a new auto mall in 2021. We’re back for another episode of Novel Thinking with vAuto’s Randy Kobat. Today’s guest is Trent Waybright, Vice President of Pre-Owned Operations for Kelley Auto Group in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With the current challenges in new car inventory, Waybright has undertaken successful tactics in used car sales to...


“We’ve got a showroom full of customers.”

An Automotive Success Story in Tumultuous 2020. Today’s host, Brian Finkelmeyer of vAuto, is joined by David Barash, Director of Finance at the Detroit-area Glassman Auto Group. Brian asks some extremely pointed questions on the past, present, and future impact of COVID-19. David provides detailed and thoughtful answers, not just pertaining to his own market but in observation of national trends and opportunities. What we get is a story of success in hard times, an optimistic outlook...


Season 2 'Novel Thinking Series' Episode 1 - “You have to trust the data. You have to trust yourself.”

Introducing “Novel Thinking” w/ Randy Kobat of Cox Automotive – Today with Independent Dealer Bradley Berndt Welcome back for Season 2 of the DNT Podcast! We’re proud to kick off the season with a new series: Novel Thinking with Randy Kobat of Cox Automotive. Today’s interview is with Bradley Berndt of Green Bay, WI. Berndt first visited the DNT podcast in April, when the COVID-19 was still new. Now that the world and the auto industry are relatively acclimated to the pandemic, Randy and...


Cox CEO Steps Down, Exclusive interview

Sandy Schwartz Discusses Moving On After 35 Years Leading Cox Automotive For the automotive industry, this feels like a sports legend leaving the game. Sandy Schwartz has led Cox Automotive through a myriad of victories with grace and style. Acquisitions during his tenure – Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and many more – grew the company to 35,000 employees and continue to lead the industry’s digital transformation. Now Sandy takes a bow. DNT is honored to present his first interview as he...


“Our Business is Changing.” Adapting to Digital Sales with Mark Vickery, Senior Director of Performance Management at VinSolutions.

An interview with Mark Vickery, Senior Director of Performance Management at VinSolutions. Mark Vickery is an expert in CRM systems for auto dealerships. He meets with dealers every day to help optimize their technology and operational investments. In the current market environment, these systems are more crucial than ever. Mark recently wrote an article about the road to digital adoption at dealerships and how technology decisions might make or break the future of your car dealership. He...


How an Industry Veteran Is Turning the Pandemic into Record Sales

Host: “This is part of the new normal. This is now the future.” Guest: “And it behooves us to be aware and capitalize on it.” An interview with Stephen Wade, Founder of Stephen Wade Auto Center in St. George, Utah. Wade and his company have thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, turning the crisis into perhaps Wade’s best year of nearly a half-century in the car business. Interview Highlights: Plus: Wade pays tribute to long-time business partner Robert Garff, as he tells the story of how...


“It’s All About Saving Time, Effort, and Energy That Comes Back to Your Bottom Line.”

"It's an absolute no brainer ... We have to continue to digitize, to find these solutions that we're able to use easily." Today’s interview is with Joey Yates, Senior Director of Business Operations at Dealertrack, and Tab Edmundson, VP of Client Solutions at IAA Total Loss Solutions. Their organizations have partnered to build digital tools, plus a network of insurance providers and auto lenders, that streamline complicated auto sales and add huge gains to dealerships’ bottom...


Exclusive advice: The market is sliding back. Car dealers need to prepare. Jonathan Smoke − Chief Economist, Cox Automotive

After a rapid industry recovery, “the next 3-6 months could see some reversing trends as COVID-19 cases grow and threaten the industry.” Our interview with Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist for Cox Automotive, contains amazing insights on factors that led to record setting sales in May and June, along with reasons to be cautious as the industry’s recent gains are likely to recede in the coming months. Episode Highlights: -------------- Episode Sponsor: DCG Capital - DCG Capital’s lender...


Understanding critical inventory windows - Randy Kobat, VP Inventory Mngmt. Cox Automotive

“Dealers need to fully understand inventory windows going into the future.” Inventory is the hottest topic in the auto industry today. Dealers are facing huge challenges meeting demand and managing inventory levels. Today we interview inventory expert Randy Kobat. Randy Kobat is vice president of operations for Cox Automotive’s Inventory Management Solutions which includes vAuto, Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer, and Rebates & Incentives businesses Interview...