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Podcast by Adam Stewart

Podcast by Adam Stewart




Podcast by Adam Stewart




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Outsourcing Debt Collection Services - Hire a Debt Collector or a Lawyer?

So, your emails and phone calls are getting you nowhere? It’s time to outsource your debt collection services to a professional. But which one should you hire - a debt collection agency or a lawyer? Here are a few tips from Adam Stewart, CEO of Debt Recoveries Australia. Factors to Consider in Hiring the Right Professional: 1- Area of Specialty If you're choosing either a debt collector or a law firm, make sure that the collector that you choose has a specialty in that area. 2 - Speed of...


Weekly Blog To Help Clients And Debtors Deal With Credit Issues - Debt Collection Expert Blog

Adam Stewart publishes blogs on a weekly basis to provide tips for clients and debtors. Adam gives good points on how they can control their budget, how to work with debt collectors, how to write their credit application forms, and sometimes, he even gives free initial legal advice. In this interview, Adam Stewart shares his passion for debt collection, which gave way to writing weekly blogs targeted towards clients and debtors. Adam is an Expert Debt Collector, owner of Debt Recoveries...


Expert Debt Collector in Australia and New Zealand - Debt Recoveries Australia

Debt Recoveries Australia (DRA) strives to be the leader in the field of debt recovery. We have consistently performed above our clients’ expectations while making sure to uphold their brand integrity. In this interview, Adam Stewart shares his passion for debt collection, which gave way to starting up his own company. Adam is the Founding Director of Debt Recoveries Australia (DRA). He is also a Director of ADC Legal, a team of litigation specialists that help companies recover debts and...