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This podcast helps service-based entrepreneurs and business owners attract paying clients consistently and without overwhelm. Here you turn your business into a client-attracting gem and become a confident and high-performing CEO. To learn more about the host, Maggie Perotin - business and leadership coach, head over to www.stairwaytoleadership.com




This podcast helps service-based entrepreneurs and business owners attract paying clients consistently and without overwhelm. Here you turn your business into a client-attracting gem and become a confident and high-performing CEO. To learn more about the host, Maggie Perotin - business and leadership coach, head over to www.stairwaytoleadership.com




EP # 82 - Initiating change

Being a high-performing CEO means you become an initiator of change in your business. Whether you want to improve service delivery, raise the prices, add a new offer, expand your marketing, hire help, or add new technology. All of it is change. in this episode, I share the psychology behind any change and some powerful tips on how to love change, be in charge of it, and have it work for you and your business. Scale your business with me without overwhelm. Schedule a free 50-minute...


MM 81 - Embracing failure

"Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better" - Jim Rohn As you grow your business, you'll encounter challenges along the way. Your success is directly proportional to your capacity to handle challenges. Today learn how you can embrace failure.


EP # 81 - Being the service provider clients choose to hire

Do you know why the clients you have chosen to work with you? Are their reasons what you want them to be? What if you had a business full of wonderful clients who chose to hire you for the exact reasons you wanted? The value and quality you offer, your communication, and others. In this episode, I share a simple 3-step process to get there. To work with me, schedule a free consultation here.


MM 80 - Better your habits for better results

We often think of habits as only actions - behaviors. But those actions start in our minds, with thoughts and decisions that lead to action. So the ways we think and make decisions are also habits.


EP # 80 - Handling setbacks and negative situations

How do you handle setbacks and negative situations in your business? This is a question I was asked during one of my webinars. I thought it would be a great topic for the podcast, so here we go. In this episode, I share with you a simple 3-step process on how to do that. Ready to take your business to the next level, simpler and faster? Work with me. The First step, schedule a free consultation call here.


MM 79 - Practicing radical responsibility

Radical responsibility, or taking 100% responsibility for your actions and reactions, is the #1 leadership skill and the # 1 drive of success in business. Start practicing it this week with today's Motivational Monday.


EP # 79 - Making 2023 the year of purposeful work

Happy New Year! With the first episode of 2023, I want to help you make this year count. Running a successful business is hard work. Hard work that is fun, purposeful, and feels meaningful. Hard work is not being busy all the time. Hard work is different than hustle. In this episode, I talk about the main differences between those two concepts and also offer you five tips on how to create your 2023 success through purposeful work. To work with me, schedule a free consultation HERE.


MM 78 - All in while having fun

When you're a high-achiever like me and go all in on your goals, have fun in the process as well. Even with the parts of your business that you tend not to enjoy.


EP # 78 - How to set and achieve goals

Many business owners don't know how to set and achieve goals. They set them too low, don't set them at all, or so high that they shut down or have an unhealthy relationship with them. In this episode, I want to challenge the way you think about goals, teach you how to set them, and how to have a healthy relationship with them so that you grow your business. If you haven't set the goals for the New Year yet, do it with the help of Design Your Success 2023 free training. Access it HERE To...


MM 77 - Focus on wants not shoulds

Stop should-ing yourself in 2023. Decide instead. Decisions are "wants." That's what confident CEOs do. They decide and then implement their decisions. They save time and energy. This way, they grow businesses with balance and no overwhelm.


EP # 77 - My biggest 2022 celebrations

With this episode, I want to inspire you to celebrate. Small and big things. Everything. I wasn't the person who'd do that in the past. I had a hard time celebrating my accomplishments. I was raised in a mindset that they were just expected. This is what you strive for. That there is nothing to be proud of as otherwise, you come across as arrogant and boasting. I've unlearned this unhelpful pattern, and now I want to show you that when you celebrate your accomplishments, it can inspire...


MM 76 - Pause, slow down and focus

Let's take the wisdom we all have access to during Holidays and let it guide us for the rest of the year for more impact.


EP # 76 - 10 Success secrets from my best clients

Success means different things for different people and it could mean different things in your business at each stage of each growth. Yet, there are certain prerequisites to achieving it. And this is what I'm talking about in this episode by sharing with you 10 success secrets form my best clients who achieve the best results, the fastest. Grow your business by growing yourself with me. Schedule a free 50-mins consultation with me here.


MM 75 - Celebrating everything

Don't let your mind discount your wins and progress. Celebrate even the smallest things. Happy Monday!


EP # 75 - PRO CEO - Achieving your full potential

As your business' main shareholder, you're expecting your business to generate profit and pay you some handsome dividends. The person responsible for the profit of any company is its top leader – the CEO. In your business case, you're the CEO. When you look at the most profitable companies in the world, they always want to attract the most skilled CEOs they can get. For the reasons above. Wouldn’t you want to become the most skilled CEO your business can attract for the same reasons?...


MM 74 - All about the business

Are you thinking like an employee of your business or as its owner, the leader? In today's Motivational Monday, I'm talking about the thoughts many small business owners have that limit their growth. Find out what they are and how to deal with them by listening to this bonus.


EP # 74 - Intention and being in charge of your results

Are you as intentional in your business as you'd like to be? Do you feel in full control of your results or attribute? Are you super clear on how what you do creates the results you have? This episode can help you create awareness about where you might not be fully intentional in your business. Join me in Design Your Success 2023 challenge - Dec 5-9th at 3 pm EST. Register HERE.


MM 73 - Making the most out of opportunites

To make the best choices possible for your business success in 2023, join me in the Design Your Success challenge starting next week. It's a free event. Register HERE.


EP 73 - Plan for success not recession

There is a lot of talk about the recession in the media lately. Whether it's coming or not, your business can still keep growing. Because ups and downs in the economy are normal. They always happen. This cycle doesn't mean that your business has to suffer. Today I'm giving you powerful tips on how you can take control and thrive in any economy. To register for Design Your Success 2023 free challenge - click here. To start recession-proofing your business now by investing in your own CEO...


MM 72 - Building relationships

This bonus episode talks about three fundamentals of strong and effective relationships.