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The Digital Hospitality podcast helps business owners develop a mobile-first Internet strategy by sharing stories of innovative brands and personalities who are outranking the competition in search results. No one said running a business was easy. Let Digital Hospitality be your guide.

The Digital Hospitality podcast helps business owners develop a mobile-first Internet strategy by sharing stories of innovative brands and personalities who are outranking the competition in search results. No one said running a business was easy. Let Digital Hospitality be your guide.


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The Digital Hospitality podcast helps business owners develop a mobile-first Internet strategy by sharing stories of innovative brands and personalities who are outranking the competition in search results. No one said running a business was easy. Let Digital Hospitality be your guide.




You Can Never Have Enough Data – Photis Patriotis of Gritsee (DH137)

There's never too much information your business can gather. But how do you sift through the data? Photis Patriotis is the founder of Gritsee, which is an AI solution based business that seeks to optimize the operations of kitchens and businesses. It only takes seconds for artificial intelligence to find solutions to known — and unknown — problems using video and data-collecting software. “The main thing is there was just a ton of data missing,” says Gritsee's Photis Patriotis on the Digital...


Restaurant365 Makes Restaurant Accounting Sexy – CEO Tony Smith (DH136)

There's a reason more than 28,000 restaurants trust Restaurant365 to help them become more profitable. Led by inspiring CEO Tony Smith, Restaurant365 knows — and loves — restaurants. “We have four core values. Our first one is we love good food,” Tony Smith said on the Digital Hospitality podcast, hosted by restaurant owner Shawn P. Walchef of “We love the restaurant industry and we help restaurants thrive and grow.” Check out this Digital Hospitality podcast episode...


No Bulls**t Guide To Marketing | Erik Shellenberger (BAR MARKETING BASICS) | DH135

No BS. That is the best descriptor for marketing specialist Erik Shellenberger. His approach to teaching bar and restaurant owners the best way to market their business. Years in the industry have equipped Erik with a unique insight as to what works and what doesn't. ”There’s a lot of BS out there.” Digital Hospitality podcast guest Erik Shellenberger uses his extensive knowledge of the bar and restaurant industry and no nonsense marketing approach to buck trends and teach his clients the...


Commerce Moves To The Curb @ Curbivore Conference | Jonah Bliss (CURBIVORE) | DH134

Curbivore is a forward-thinking conference that highlights the necessary pivots of businesses and other tech pioneers in the modern era. Jonah Bliss of Curbivore was a guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast where he talked about the March 4 Curbivore conference in Downtown Los Angeles and how commerce is moving to the curb. Check out this episode to find out how you can get FREE TICKETS to Curbivore. (HINT: be one of the first 50 to use the code CALIBBQ when registering online.)...


How To Optimize Your Influence | Andrew Duffy (SPARKPLUG) Interview | DH133

SparkPlug aims to propel retail businesses and brands through personalized experiences and optimizing their influence. Andrew Duffy is a Harvard grad with the right amount of book smarts and business sense. Add tech savvy in the ingredients and one of the spark plugs behind the SparkPlug platform understands what it takes to build systems that optimize brands and retail businesses. SparkPlug CEO Andrew Duffy was a guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast where he talked about starting his...


How To Raise Money with Crowdfunding | Cleve Oines (MÄNNKITCHEN) | DH132

How did MÄNNKITCHEN raise millions on crowdfunding platforms? By finding a need and creating a solution. How many cranks does it take you to pepper a steak using your pepper mill? Probably dozens, right? For MÄNNKITCHEN Founder Cleve Oines, it was around 70 pepper cranks one day when he realized there was a problem. Why wasn't there a better pepper mill on the market? One for a man like him? That's when Cleve Oines saw the future of grinding pepper — The Pepper Cannon. "786 days, 54...


How To Become An E-Commerce Company | Ride1Up Electric Bikes | DH131

Ride1UP electric bikes (e-bikes) are built for performance and reliability. And so is the e-commerce company itself. Ride1UP developed a product they felt was life-changing: electric bikes. But how did the company leaders make sure they could get their e-bikes to as many people as they could? By becoming an e-commerce company. Ride1UP CEO Daniel Urbino was a guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast where he talked about running the San Diego e-commerce e-bike...


From Film to Food: Making it From Scratch | Chef Joe Gatto (@chefjoegatto) | DH130

What does "From Scratch" mean to Chef Joe Gatto? When he does something — whether it’s hosting a food show on TV or cooking a meal — he goes all the way. Chef Joe Gatto (@chefjoegatto) was a guest on the Digital Hospitality podcast, where the “From Scratch” host talked about making a streaming series, moving from film to food, and his process of digital media content creation. Thanks to friend and supporter Jason Jepson (@talkingduringmovies) for introducing us to Joe. ➤ Follow Chef Joe...


Preview: Restaurant Influencers | SAM THE COOKING GUY on Growing a YouTube Channel | DH129

The secret to YouTube is simple. It's not about you. It's about your audience. On this special preview episode of the Restaurant Influencers Podcast, Sam Zien (Sam The Cooking Guy) talks with host Shawn P. Walchef (Cali BBQ Media) about how he grew his YouTube channel to millions of subscribers and running multiple restaurants. “YouTube is a really simple concept: it's not about you, it's what your customers want.” • SUBSCRIBE TO RESTAURANT INFLUENCERS:...


Believe in Others. Celebrate and Elevate | My Mentor David Meltzer (@davidmeltzer) | DH128

David Meltzer is a mentor to many. However, there are two titans he studies closely himself. Their names? None other than William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein. Taking lessons from both, David Meltzer (@davidmeltzer) has been able to pivot from being a powerful sports agent to a motivational media maven at the age of 50. “I am an optimist,” smiles Meltzer from SoFi Stadium while being interviewed for a pilot for the Cali BBQ Media podcast production Restaurant Influencers. “I'm a...


Hospitality is at the Heart of Holiday Bowl 2021 | Mark Neville (Holiday Bowl CEO) | DH127

At the heart of the annual Holiday Bowl is hospitality and community. On this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast, Holiday Bowl CEO Mark Neville talks about the history of the NCAA bowl game in San Diego, the nonprofit's future at Petco Park, and how the live event gives back to the community. At Cali BBQ we are very proud to support the San Diego County Credit Union 2021 Holiday Bowl at Petco Park. The game takes place December 28, 2021 at 5pm. LEARN...


How To Raise Money + Execute Your Concept | My Yard Live Beer Co. Founders Jamie Minotti and Mark McLarry | DH126

You have a great business concept, but how do you raise the money needed to realize your vision? Check out the Digital Hospitality interview with My Yard Live Beer Co. co-owners Mark McLarry and Jamie Minotti to learn how they turned their grand vision into reality step by step. "(We thought) let's do something brick-and-mortar that encompasses (the) festival spirit: bringing people together, live music, good food, good beverages," said My Yard Live CEO Mark McLarry on the Digital...


Become Attention Merchants With Short Form Video Content | National Restaurant Owners Podcast | DH125

Hospitality and Media Maven Kyle Inserra knows that one of the most valuable currencies of our modern era is attention. Kyle Inserra (@kyleinserra) is an attention merchant. How does the commercial real estate strategist with a long history in the hospitality industry get attention these days? He publishes compelling video content online every day. On his National Restaurant Owners Podcast, host Kyle Inserra and his guests open up about the restaurant industry and share first-hand insights...


Satisfy Your Industry’s Hunger Pains | Steve Raggiani (8it app) | DH124

The 8it App was created to solve the problem of food ordering overload. 8it app co-founder Steve Raggiani is a guest on the Digital Hospitality Podcast where the entrepreneur talked about simplifying the search for the best food, online food reviews, digital marketing, and much more. ➤ Connect with @8itapp online: Three Takeaways from Interview: 1. Simplicity is Accessibility – In the world of apps and the new web, less is more. By creating an interface that’s simple, easy...


The Secret Sauce to Smartphone Storytelling for Business | FSMA Webinar | DH123

Smartphone Storytelling doesn't have to be difficult. These tips will help you learn to tell your story online. Speaking as a guest of honor at a Foodservice Sales and Marketing Association (FSMA) webinar, Shawn Walchef (Cali BBQ Media) shared the secret sauce to online storytelling, digital marketing for business, more inspiration and ideas. ➤ FSMA Online: 3 Takeaways From This Episode: 1. Smartphone Storytelling is Your Job – It doesn’t matter your title at your...


Every Business Needs a Website with a Heartbeat | Dawn Verbrigghe (Jottful) | DH122

Jottful is the solution to the problem of website creation and management for small business owners. Business owners are busy. It pays to find a sustainable path to having a living, breathing e-commerce website. We all know websites are hard to make and hard to keep alive. They are expensive and difficult. That's why Digital Hospitality podcast guest Dawn Verbrigghe founded Jottful. To make websites easy and affordable. ➤ Jottful Online: 3...


Harness The Power of Smart Video Marketing | Brian Dempsey (Bright Tribe Video) | DH121

Brian Dempsey of TribeVideo wants business owners to learn to use video marketing like rockstars. Most Americans consume 2.5 hours of video content per day. That's a lot of ways to reach them. So, why aren’t all business owners in front of the camera telling the story of their brand? Find out how to harness the power of smart video marketing on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast featuring Brain Dempsey of Tribe Video Marketing. Watch the full interview on YouTube....


Building Emotional Toughness Before The Sun Rises | Steven Musielski (The 413 Experience) | DH120

Some people wake up and pour a cup of coffee. Steven Musielski wakes up early to pour into people he has never met. Digital Hospitality podcast guest Steven Musielski is the host and founder of The 4:13 Experience clubroom on Clubhouse. Every morning before 4am (3:38am to be exact) Steven opens up the audio app to connect with and inspire whoever joins the room. ➤ THE 413 EXPERIENCE ON CLUBHOUSE — “We're building up emotional toughness,” he...


Digital Restaurants and the Future of Food | Authors Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn | DH119

Delivering the Digital Restaurant teaches how to build a successful digital restaurant business that will survive and thrive into the future. Authors Meredith Sandland (@meresandland) and Carl Orsbourn (@carlorsbourn) were guests on the Digital Hospitality podcast to discuss what they learned while writing their must-read restaurant business book, Delivering the Digital Restaurant Your Roadmap to the Future of Food. ➤ ORDER THE BOOK: ➤ GET THE...


If You Build It, They Still Might Not Come | Chip Klose (Restaurant Marketing Strategy) | DH118

Marketing Strategist Chip Klose knows you have to promote your business online to make it take off. The modern restaurant business is not Field of Dreams. If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. “Thirty years ago, you could just be good,” shrugs Chip Klose on the Digital Hospitality podcast. “Pretty place, good food, good service and you could survive. But now every place is great. Every place has interesting dishes, great service, and a cool dining room.” ➤ Watch the full interview...