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10-minute Toolbox for business owners, marketers, SEOs, & start-ups

10-minute Toolbox for business owners, marketers, SEOs, & start-ups
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10-minute Toolbox for business owners, marketers, SEOs, & start-ups




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Using Automated Email Marketing in 2019

This episode is take from one of our Youtube videos. You can check it out here YOUTUBE Marketing automation benefits for small business owners If you’re new to the world of marketing or just getting your small business started, you may or may not be familiar with the term “marketing automation.” You might also be put off by the term — it sounds complicated and perhaps a tad too technical — and assume that your business does not need marketing automation. You may even think: “It’s only for...


Mind Your Own Business | Strategy and Innovation

Owning a small business is difficult. Many times, the first business plan doesn't go very well. That's why it's important to not be "married" to one idea. Start with "Version 1" of your company, evaluate, and launch "Version 2." Then guess what, you'll probably have to Launch "Version 3" and so on! Once you get to "Version 38" you may almost be where you want to be... almost. In this episode, William Nozak uses an example of his own business and how he has continued to grow with strategy...


13 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Series - Conferences, Competitive Intelligence, and more

In this episode we finish out the series on 13 marketing strategies for Small Businesses in 2019. We hope this has been helpful to you and if you'd like a free consultation, feel free to give us a call! At Nozak Consulting, we love to promote our clients. Here are a few of them. If any of these sound helpful to you, feel free to click the link. Tulsa Towing | Texoma Pool and Spa | Hot Shot Towing | Weighted Blankets | Tulsa Bagpiper Tulsa Dentist | Tulsa Collision Repair | Tulsa Eye...


13 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Series - Email Marketing and Paid Ads (Adwords)

Is email marketing still a thing? Well believe it or not... it actually is. One of the best ways to get content in front of people, is to get it to people who actually want it. Email is the best way to do that. Building an email list is key to your long term marketing strategy! You can't get around it... you are still going to want to pay Google, Facebook, etc... to get your ad in front of people. It's definitely a short term gain to get a big boost and there are key to doing it correctly...


13 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Series - Part 3 Social Media and Google My Business

13 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Series - Part 2 Creating a Website and Creating Quality Content Posting content weekly is key for branding and with Google My Business, it helps push you up in the search. This strategy is pretty time intensive, but there are some ways to utilize your time wisely and maximize your social media posting output. At Nozak Consulting, we like to promote our clients. If you're looking for any of these services, feel free to click on the...


13 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Series - Part 2 Creating a Website and Creating Quality Content

13 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Series - Part 2 Creating a Website and Creating Quality Content Obviously a great marketing strategy is getting a solid website build for your website, yet you also need quality content on the site! Creating quality content is the only way to get the robots on google to actually see the value you are offering. This podcast is sponsored by some awesome plumbing companies. If you're looking for a plumbing company near you, check these guys...


13 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Series - Part 1 G Suite

13 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Series - G Suite We talk about G Suite and How you can utilize it for your business. G Suite is a good tool to keep everything running smoothly for your company and can be utilized to keep your momentum! This Podcast is Sponsored by some awesome plumbing companies. If you're looking for a plumbing company near you, check out any of these guys! Tulsa Plumber |Tulsa HVAC |Marietta Plumber | OKC HVAC


In This SEO Topic We Cover Content Writing For Search Optimization

We cover Content marketing rules & best practices for the web. We talk about authority, readability, length, writing styles, uniqueness, evergreen strategies & iteration. This podcast is brought to you by Tulsa Mini Storage Units.


DIY SEO for Small Businesses

This lecture is a little hard to hear over the HVAC system, even still, it’s packed full of great information about how to DIY your SEO. This conversation covers a lot of topics about SEO. Keyword research, customer profile, NAPWC, all this and more. Shameless plug: Need a Private Label SEO or a reseller program?


Digital Marketing Lecture at the ORU Marketing Society

Talking digital marketing to the Marketing Society at Oral Roberts University. We talk about the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix, The Chasm, Buyer Profile, Porter's 5 Forces. We focus heavily on Promotion via Digital Marketing. Check out our SEO Dictionary.


Frequently Asked SEO Questions - Want to Understand The Language of SEO Better?

We talk about the frequently asked question of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The better you understand the language, the easier it is to navigate the massive amounts of information and conflicting perspectives. This SEO knowledge was brought to you by our Tulsa Metro RV repair Friends.


William Nozak talks with the ORU Digital Marketing Class About Off Page SEO

We analyze the tools, the articles, and the leaders in regard to what off page SEO is. A little bit about how we do our off page SEO service for our clients. This episode was brought to you by: The Best Dental Arts Studio in the Midwest!


Setting up the Tag Manager to Help You Listen to Visitors and Events on Your Web Property

We talk about triggers, events, variables, tags, Google Analytics - but mostly about Google Tag Manager and why/how we use our tag manager. This talk is a little technical and you should have some baseline knowledge about tag manager to give true value out of this audio. Have other questions? Want to track every action on your website? Here is where you start! Contact Our Digital Marketing Agency


Search Engine Optimization Planning Before The Website Is Built

The episode is about SEO planning before the website is built. There are things that must be considered before the project is undertaken. The planning includes understanding the client through on-boarding documentation, and a competitive intelligence report. This episode is brought to you by: Wooten Plumbing Wortman Central Air The Clog Dawg Plumbing Taggard Plumbing, LLC TMZ Plumbing, Inc.


William speaks to the ORU Digital Marketing Class About How To Blog To Win

William speaks at Oral Roberts University in the Digital Marketing Class about blogging. Learn from Digital Marketers and content writers what the tips and tricks are to create winning content for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Learn more about our digital marketing partnerships.


How To Blog For Small Business

Blogging for small businesses. We teach the ORU digital marketing class what goes into a successful blog for a small business. Addressing the components of a successful business blog. Tulsa Digital Marketing Agency.


SEO Changes in 2019 for Digital Marketers

William Nozak of Nozak Consulting & Ryan Redding from DP Marketing talk about the changing trends of 2019 in regard to search and optimization.


William Guest Lectures the ORU Digital Marketing Class

I talk to the class about my journey as a musician, franchisee, educator, and then owner of Harper's Hut & Nozak Consulting. We talk about the changed landscape of Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing Lab Interviews Jim Moss of 320 Coaching

Jim Moss Co-founder of City Church, and founder of 320 Coach & 320 Media. - Leading self & leading others. He explains importance of a routine, discipline, calendaring, commitments, Personal growth, and crucial conversations. Learning straight from an executive coach.


Nozak Consulting interviews Ryan Redding About 2018 Search Engine Ranking Factors

We talk about the Google My Business Signals and how they are changing the local ranking landscape. We talk about ranking factors and how to optimize your GMB page. Search Engine Journal's post about all the things you should do to improve your map positioning and features. Check out our SEO Dictionary Our research on the SEO front