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In conversation with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) personnel and experts, we shed light on the best digital communications practices and strategize on innovative ways to develop our voices while getting out of our comfort zones.

In conversation with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) personnel and experts, we shed light on the best digital communications practices and strategize on innovative ways to develop our voices while getting out of our comfort zones.


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In conversation with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) personnel and experts, we shed light on the best digital communications practices and strategize on innovative ways to develop our voices while getting out of our comfort zones.




Measuring Your Impact

Now that we’ve taken a deep dive into the social media universe – from figuring out the type of content we want to produce to the best ways to distribute it – we are wrapping up our Digital Now series with Mercer. From here, we can use the data available to measure the impact of all our hard work developing our social media presence. Although having the ability to understand what’s happening in this universe can seem daunting given the hundreds of metrics available for each social platform,...



Twitter is today’s go-to platform for following the latest from journalists, politicians, influencers, and bloggers. Yet jumping into and starting real-time conversations on Twitter requires an understanding of its language and structure -- from hashtags to character limitations. Natalie Gouché, founder of L.A Social Media Trainer, Inc., breaks down the basics and shares why tweeting is an essential form of communication for organizations like UNDP.


The Social Media Universe

Kelvin Lee, global director of social media at Refinitiv, one of the largest providers of market data to the institutional financial industry, and a former DJ, is our guide through the social media universe so we can apply the power of digital tools to our digital marketing strategy. Kelvin breaks down how we should think about our digital content, channels, and communication so that we can find our place in this vast, ever-changing digital world and engage more efficiently with our digital...


From the Town Square to the Cloud

Alvin Chang, a reporter at the Wall Street Journal, is like a magician -- he makes the invisible, visible by telling data-driven stories in visually compelling ways. It’s an especially relevant skill because, in this digital world, it can be hard to wrap our heads around everything happening and our role inside of it when the forces that shape it aren’t necessarily visible. Alvin walks us through the evolution of social media and the risks that come with its use so we can be more deliberate...


The Recipe to Integrated Marketing

Years ago, when it came to marketing, everyone had their own way of doing things. The process was fragmented. Departments worked independently from one another. Today, things are different. As digital communications bring everyone into a shared space, the possibilities for how we can work together across departments are endless. In this episode, we take a step back with marketing expert, Jo Lynn Deal, to consider how all of the departments at UNDP affect our audiences and how together, we...


Fluent in Influence

When you go online, it often seems like everyone is trying to sell you something. That’s why, when engaging with your target audience in the digital world, it’s easy to come off the wrong way. Luckily, we can correct course by building relationships with the right influencers, as Aleesha Worthington, an expert in digital marketing, suggests. The peace of mind that comes with someone having our back, validating our message, and celebrating our goals in a world where it’s hard to be seen as...


The Beat of the Digital Communications Revolution

In the nonprofit world, communications have become more digital over time. Raj Khera, Executive Vice President, and chief marketing officer at Wealth Engine, a company that uses artificial intelligence to provide data and analytics to nonprofits, has seen the shift's benefits firsthand. The digital communications revolution is here – whether it’s for branding, fundraising or public relations – and we at UNDP can be at its head simply by incorporating the most effective digital communications...


People-Centered Transformation

Today, everything is online. If it is not online ... did it actually happen? Onaiza Drabu, a digital transformation consultant, asks. In this episode, we speak with Onaiza about how digital technologies are reshaping our world. How we are seen and remembered, and how we connect with others depends on our digital footprint and engagement with online communities. Through our digital transformation journey, we can adapt to this new world and continue to evolve with it.


What's Trending on Social Media

Social media is a game-changer. But, the impact of sharing on social media is not limited to only communications teams. Social media is useful for everyone at UNDP. Elja Daae, a social media expert based in the Netherlands, encourages us to use social media channels to find our community, share our work, and learn more about what’s happening around you and the world. In this episode, we explore how following the latest social media trends can open up our worlds and transform how we...


Stop Them in Their Tracks

Social media never stops changing. With new platforms, algorithms, and trends arriving constantly, why should we still be on social media? How can we best use it? Anna Bruce-Lockhart has guided the editorial team of the World Economic Forum to develop award-winning new formats and drive audience growth into the billions. In this episode, Anna shares her experience and ideas about how we at UNDP can best utilize social media.


Making Sense of Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing? Kelly Ann Collins, a marketing expert with a passion for social media and a former journalist, talks about the fundamentals and how to use social media channels effectively to bring your best ideas to the world.


Breaking the Digital Bubble

How can you ensure your stories reach the right audience and have a good impact? Understanding the four pillars of digital communications is a great way to start. We speak with expert Peter Panepento about these factors and also about the upcoming trends in digital communications to look out for in 2020.


Understanding the Digital Octopus

Navigating the digital communications landscape on your own can be daunting. After all, the landscape consists of many constantly-changing elements. Digital marketing expert, Obele Brown West breaks it down for us. She takes us on a deep dive into the depths of the digital communications landscape. In this episode, you will learn the components of it and a key strategy to successfully navigate it.


Decoding Digital

Everyone has their own understanding of the meaning of digital communications. Eva Appelbaum, a London-based digital strategist, tells us how we can reach a shared understanding to get our message across.