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Host Mark W King gathers venture capital’s success, failure, genius and insanity and distill it down into wisdom and know-how that accelerates your entrepreneurial success

Host Mark W King gathers venture capital’s success, failure, genius and insanity and distill it down into wisdom and know-how that accelerates your entrepreneurial success
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Host Mark W King gathers venture capital’s success, failure, genius and insanity and distill it down into wisdom and know-how that accelerates your entrepreneurial success






Why A Startup Needs 16 Lawyers

For detailed show notes and links go to MarkWKing.com/6 In this episode, I distill some positive and negative lessons about why a startup might need multiple attorneys. The short answer…lawyers are like doctors, they specialize. One size does not fit all situations. Equally important, entrepreneurs need to be careful about who an attorney has a duty of loyalty to. A lawyer that represents a company's best interest does not by default represent the founder. Also in this episode, I...


Is A Startup Co-founder Essential?

For the detailed show notes and bonus information about Nic Brisbourn go to MarkWKing.com/5 Startups Are Hard. Don't Go It Alone - Satay Patel, Homebrew Ventures Building The Right Founding Team - Nic Brisbourne, Forward Partners How Solo Founders Beat The Odds and Got Into Top Accelerators - Lora Kolodny for the Wall Street Journal


How Do VCs Make Decisions?

VC decision making is one of the great mysteries of the business world. In this episode we look at the range of decision making models used by VC funds. Elizabeth Yin of 500 Startups wrote a great blog post on the topic. She was also generous enough to record some follow-up thoughts for this episode. The secret behind VC partnerships… The take home point is that venture capital funds fall on a spectrum with champion based decision making on one end and consensus models at the other. The...


How To Pitch Startup Investors

In this episode we look at advice from Hyde Park Angels and Rob Go of NextView Ventures about how to best pitch your startup to VCs or angel investors. We also look at what you can learn from a story Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures tells about an entrepreneur who successfully convinced Fred to invest without a pitch deck at all. Building The Perfect Pitch Hyde Park Angels As part of their educational series Hyde Park's team created a great outline for the story your pitch should...


What Does A Co-Founder Actually Do?

Satya Patel of Homebrew, Steve Blank of lean startup fame and Aaron Harris of Y-Combinator wrote three amazing posts about founders, co-founders, founding teams and founding CEOs. In this episode, Mark W King explores their best thinking and explains what you need to know. Start-ups Are Hard. Don't Go It Alone by Satya Patel, Partner at seed fund Homebrew Ventures Satya does a great job explaining why founders need co-founders both for their own sake and the sake of their...


How Do Venture Capitalists Really Make Money?

If you really want to understand a business figure out how it makes money. That's true for every kind of business. It's especially true in venture capital. Most people think about venture capital in terms of single deals. A VC's job is to essentially buy low and sell high. That takes a ton of work. In future episodes we'll take a look at how an individual VC deal makes money. Ultimately, however, venture capitalists make their money by managing a fund of venture investments for other...


Know When To Fold ‘Em - Venture Capital Coroner's Report

My interviews with venture capital’s most successful failures have proven that the sage old advice from Willy Nelson still applies: “Ya gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.” It’s not time to run, but it is time to fold up the […] The post Know When To Fold ‘Em appeared first on Venture Capital Coroner's Report.


Fail Fast! Jeff Novich On What Made His Start-up Fail At Launch - Venture C

As a serial entrepreneur Jeff Novich could spot a problem that meant opportunity. His Dad had one of those problems in his medical practice. Doctors’ offices were drowning in paper and inefficient communication. Jeff and his dad saw an opportunity to disrupt how medical offices operate and at the same time improve patient care and […] The post Fail Fast! Jeff Novich On What Made His Start-up Fail At Launch appeared first on Venture Capital Coroner's Report.


Co-founders, Paparazzi & Family…Oh My! Nikki Durkin on Start-up Relationshi

What were you doing when you were 18? Nikki Durkin was finding co-founders, doing the Y-Combinator thing, raising venture capital, dealing with reporters, replacing co-founders, raising more venture capital and otherwise trying to grow her start-up. Listen in to find out what she learned when it all collapsed. My Guest Nikki Durkin hails from Sydney, […] The post Co-founders, Paparazzi & Family…Oh My! Nikki Durkin on Start-up Relationships appeared first on Venture Capital Coroner's Report.


When Should You Pivot? Gard Mayer On Making Critical Decisions

Gard Mayer’s path as an entrepreneur has more twists & turns than a back road through the mountains. In this venture capital podcast he talks about huge success, complete failure & everything in between, pivoting his start-ups when reality set in My Guest Gard leads Invodo’s sales team, driving growth through expanding the client base […] The post When Should You Pivot? Gard Mayer On Making Critical Decisions appeared first on Venture Capital Coroner's Report.


Wait For The Check To Clear! Peter Schlegel on Needing Plan B

Peter Vilsholm Therkildsen Schlegel had a path. Get seed capital. Launch start-up. Join incubator. Finish program. Get capital from incubator’s loan fund to build start-up. Sounded good to everyone…except one person at the loan fund. And did I mention the letter from the Danish immigration authority? I’m Moving!Well sort of…just a new Twitter handle. I’m […] The post Wait For The Check To Clear! Peter Schlegel on Needing Plan B appeared first on Venture Capital Coroner's Report.


Shut-up and Listen! Rachel Chalmers Explains the Biggest Mistake You Can Ma

Rachel Chalmers knows your Achilles heel. After two plus decades sitting in Silicon Valley’s front row watching start-up technology companies, she has a very clear idea of the single biggest cause of start-up failure. Rachel was kind enough to sit down for a few minutes at the Montgomery Summit and talk about it. Listen in […]


Not So Fast! Nag Palavalli on the Perils of Easy Capital Raising

Can you raise venture capital too easily? Nagarjun “Nag” Palavalli, my guest on this episode, thinks you can. Nag’s journey from dropping out of college in India to the fast paced start-up culture at the Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley illustrates the pitfalls of quick success. Nag also discusses why the romantic notion of the […]


3 Strikes You’re Out: Nigel Grierson on 3 Fatal Mistakes Your Venture Backe

Nigel Grierson has been investing in start-ups for quite awhile, first by launching Intel Capital Europe and then as co-founder of Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures. To say he’s learned a few things about venture capital success from failure is an understatement. In this episode he shares three of those lessons that apply to any start-up. […]


Help Wanted: Jeanette Cajide on Finding the Right Team and Investors

Nobody was better prepared for leading a start-up than Jeanette Cajide. She had a solid academic foundations in public relations, communications, business and finance. She’d done technology consulting and turn around management. When a friend pulled her into launching a start-up app company, she was primed and ready. Listen in as Jeanette shares the struggles […]


Herding Cats: Rick Faulk on Merging Start-ups

Rick Faulk knew what it took to ramp sales for a venture backed software company. He’d done exactly that for WebEx prior to its sale to Cisco. Then he was asked to do the same thing as co-CEO for three merged social software companies. Listen in as Rick shares what he learned from this cat […]


Learn To Take A Punch: Barry Weinbaum on Entrepreneurial Toughness

Entrepreneurship is not for wimps. It’s a good thing Barry Weinbaum learned how to take a punch when he was a kid growing up in the Bronx. He got socked by a massive telecom market meltdown, an over-sized, cash burning lab and factory, a founder law suit and a divided board. Oh yeah, and he […]


Two Tours of Duty: Kevin Naughton on Returning To A Troubled Start-up

Kevin Naughton had done the start-up thing and moved on. Then came the call: “We’re in trouble. Can you come back and help us sell the company?” Kevin answered the call and returned for a second tour of duty at GTess, a Dallas based healthcare claims processing start-up. Listen in as Kevin explains what he […]


Waiting For Uncle Sam: Mark Redlus on Gov’t Created Markets & Capital to Pi

It was a matter of when, not if. Global forces were pushing Mark Redlus’ company ImageTree towards a huge opportunity. ImageTree’s technology would be the gold standard for validating forest assets being used for carbon emissions off sets. Mark and his venture capital backers had already pivoted once. Listen in and find out what prevented […]


Know Where The Exits Are: Dennis Clerke on Timing Exits and Investor Alignm

When should you sell your start-up? Dennis Clerke joins me to discuss the start-up CEO’s critical task of managing a company’s path to an exit. Dennis discusses how to monitor your company’s market environment and internal investor dynamics, so that you can exit at the optimal time. We also chat about promoting robust team debate […]