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EDGE of the Web is a weekly digital marketing podcast discussing all things in Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and more. Host Erin Sparks discusses the latest news and trends in the digital marketing industry as well as interviews with some of the top names in marketing. Visit our website at edgeofthewebradio.com to see all of our past shows and videos.


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EDGE of the Web is a weekly digital marketing podcast discussing all things in Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and more. Host Erin Sparks discusses the latest news and trends in the digital marketing industry as well as interviews with some of the top names in marketing. Visit our website at edgeofthewebradio.com to see all of our past shows and videos.




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566 | News from the EDGE | Week of 1.30.2023

Mordy grabs the captain’s seat as Erin’s stuck in a trailer in the garage with COVID. Wow - listen to these guys. They just wander around the news while Erin’s away and offer up Ring Dings to everyone (by the way - call Mordy on that). Then we catch Mordy at the end imitating Ron Burgundy and James Lipton. What’s going on here? Seriously? Okay - articles from Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable and Kevin Indig. Digging their own holes deeper - Jacob and Mordy give their take on the...


565 | PAAs and Rich Snippets with Mark Williams-Cook

Erin Sparks and Mark Williams-Cook explore featured snippets and People Also Ask (PAA) features from Google. They dig into the benefits and how SEOs can take advantage of them. They somehow found a way to bake bread with Google, too. Mark helped spearhead the development of one of Erin’s favorite SEO/content tools, AlsoAsked.com. His software collects PAAs from Google and allows users to use the data in a variety of ways, from creating long-form content to writing higher-converting PPC...


564 | Zero-Volume Keywords & Intent Proximity w/ Mark Williams-Cook

Mark Williams-Cook and Erin Sparks have a deep conversation about the current transition happening for SEOs – moving from keyword search volume to intent volume. They opine on zero-volume keywords, PAAs, and Knowledge Graph optimization. He shares his experiences doing SEO for nearly 20 years and delves into some of his recent experiments around PAAs, content scraping, and AI-written content. Mark says that in the future, today’s Google will be like crawling around the floor of a library...


563 | News from the EDGE | Week of 1.16.2023

Brands are admitting publicly to using AI to write their content – How do you think Google responded? Erin and Mordy take a deep dive down the rabbit hole of Search Engine Land and explore ChatGPT, AI content creation and how the indentation of a link in the SERP may impact your organic traffic. The duo asks the tough questions like, “Is ChatGPT coming for your job?” This week’s Barry Blast confirms the completed rollout of Google’s Helpful Content and Link Spam updates, that linking to...


562 | How Google Has Learned with Voice Search w/ Cindy Crum

We’re talking voice search, the Internet of Things, and Google’s Multitask Unified Model with Cindy Krum on this episode of the EDGE. Her breadth of knowledge on these topics and ability to predict the future is nearly endless. So much so, in fact, some might call her the Nostradamus of SEO. Erin and Cindy dissect the difference between and the importance of Google’s transition from using a keyword-based understanding of the web to an entity understanding. This has major implications for...


561 | News from the EDGE | Week of 1.9.2023

We cover the MOST important digital marketing news of the week: which is better, Ring Dings or Ding Dongs - seriously? Erin, Mordy, and Greg Finn of Marketing O’Clock take on some great articles from Search Engine Land and Martech in regard to search engine marketing this week. Yup - Mordy had nothing to do. The serious part of the show, though: is Google changing how it defines what you opted into AFTER you approved of a Google Ads Recommendation? Is this really what we’re seeing? And...


560 | Understanding the Knowledge Graph and Topic Layer w/ Cindy Krum

The SEO Sherpa, Cindy Krum, comes back to the EDGE loaded for bear! It’s awesome to reflect back on what Cindy was talking about in 2018 and and nowm in 2023. She was spot on with Entities being the target of search engine optimization, and we cut back to that show just to reflect. Erin and Cindy walk through the history of the portability of concepts in search, watching what Google is leveraging as it rolls out features and functions for content providers to test. The Big G is always...


559 | News from the EDGE | Week of 01.02.2023

We just hit a new year, and like with every new year comes new SEO tips, tools, techniques, and upcoming trends to look out for. Mordy Oberstein and Erin Sparks explore all of the above in this information-packed episode. All while asking what your SEO resolution is for the new year. Below are some highlights of the discussion: Should SEOs use Chat GPT for content creation? Or are there other ways it can be used (insert thinking face/chin scratch emoji)? Hit play now and join us on the...


558 | Optimizing Search Content Like a Comedian w/ Dan Shure

Our final podcast of 2022 doesn’t fail to deliver as we tackle content optimization with an analogy: treating it like you would if you were a comedian! Dan Shure, the host of Experts on the Wire podcast, joins Erin again in the second segment of his interview in 2022. Dan shares a solid content creation perspective, focusing on intent before E-E-A-T. The challenge is that the content, once produced, often doesn’t get a second look! Dan has some great examples of success that he has seen for...


557 | Finding or Creating Your Podcast Niche w/ Dan Shure

Dan Shure, the host of Experts of the Wire podcast, returns to join the EDGE. He discusses how the show came about in 2015 and the factors of the success of a podcast with today’s digital consumers. There are some huge lessons that the EDGE team shares in common with Dan and his show. We were eager to discuss how podcasting flourished through COVID and what kept some of them afloat after. Dan shares some podcasting tips with our listeners as he reflects on one of the most important elements...


556 | News from the EDGE | Week of 12.19.2022

There’s a lot of news this week coming up on the holidays and it’s Google’s fault! Morty Olberstein and Erin Sparks dig into the new Google Search Console dashboard, December’s link spam algorithm update and Erin’s EEEEEEEEEE onomatopoeia. . . E-E-A-T On top of that these two peas in a pod(cast) lament on an Elon Musk Twitter poll asking if he should step down as CEO. You can guess how that conversation went. Oh, and both of their Twitter accounts may or may not still be live. . . Follow...


555 | Why Do We See Google as a Person?

Norm Vogele, the Onsite Content Strategist for Page One Power, opines on philosophical concepts with Erin Sparks about the inherent dangers of personifying Google. It’s understandable why it happens, but it can lead to false assumptions that get in the way of creating good content, the purpose of which is to help real people find the information they seek. When the sole purpose of content creation and SEO is to satisfy Google, then the crucial starting point of empathy for a human audience...


554 | News from the EDGE | Week of 12.12.2022

“Welcome back to the EDGE, In today's podcast: we'll be exploring three major headlines from the SEO/tech world. First, Google has brought the continuous scroll to desktop search results. Second, Google has rolled out a December 2022 helpful content update. And finally, ChatGPT is the latest tool for content and SEO. We'll be taking a closer look at each of these stories and the implications they have for the SEO industry.“ That….has to be our lamest intro…..brought to you by ChatGPT! We...


553 | Videos for SEO and SEO for Videos - Paul Andre de Vera

Erin Sparks at EDGE talks with Paul Andre (DRE) de Vera about all things video SEO. He brings over a decade of SEO experience to bear with his best practices for video and YouTube optimization. He’s constantly experimenting with using his own successful Video SEO Show and has developed a robust array of best practices. Dre opines on the importance of video for engagement, overall SEO, and its usefulness in owning the most pixels in the SERP. He explores how to use the EAT (Expertise,...


552 | News from the EDGE | Week of 12.05.2022

Two years with Mordy Oberstein as a co-host with us. Yes, let that sink in for a moment. Are we masochists? The EDGE team digs into a lot of news this week with stories from Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Roundtable and Fox News…….and Newsmax (don’t judge us). Follow us on Twitter and tell us how we did on this show. Help us out with a review of the show today! Go to RatethisPodcast.com/EDGE News from the EDGE: [00:02:39] Don’t promise your clients page 1...


551 | Bringing the Energy w/ Paul Andre de Vera from the SEO Video Show

Paul Andre (DRE) de Vera shares how Covid motivated him to start a live-streaming podcast. Over 100 shows and two years later, he’s still cranking out the content. A consummate entrepreneur and former corporate SEO shares his journey of building a successful podcast with Erin Sparks on the EDGE. Dre shares insider tips for both beginners and seasoned veterans and does it with panache. He explains the importance of audience feedback, consistency, having high energy, landing great guests, and...


550 | News from the EDGE | Week of 11.28.2022

Hear that record scratch? [ Skreekeekeekkhchhhchchchhh ] Is that an Obsolete Sound (care of CitiesandMemories.com), or Mordy and Erin jumping into the fracas of the SEO platform data comparison dialogue? The meat of the show is dedicated to an article from SEJ (good play) and an article from Sparktoro, covering toolset match-ups. The EDGE team weighs in on the discussion a bit with a flag on the play….. Let us know what you think! Articles from Social Media Today and Wix as well. And some...


549 | Semantic Search Evolution with Marie Haynes

Today on the EDGE, Erin sits down once again with Dr. Marie Haynes to discuss how semantic search has evolved and what the future may have in store for SEOs and webmasters. Many Google algorithm updates are discussed from 10 years ago until today. They spend time discussing the impacts of Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E.A.T.), as well as the considerations associated with Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) and Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines. The algorithm updates mentioned above all help...


548 | News from the EDGE | Week of 11.21.2022

Our Thanksgiving 2022 edition. Seriously, Jacob was using that gobble effect way too much! Mordy’s is back with us with a packed show, full of articles! Articles from Techcrunch, Moz, and Google Search Central Blog were key discussion points, along with our belief that the web is on drugs….yeah, I think we’re there, folks. With the Amazon layoffs, Elon Musk, and people trying to change the author of articles…..it’s a mess. News from the EDGE: [00:05:34] Layoffs at Amazon, Ticketmaster...


547 | Recovering from Algorithm Update Effects with Marie Haynes

Dr. Marie Haynes shares her thoughts and insights on the EDGE by looking at the plethora of Google algorithm updates this year. 2022 has seen its fair share of volatility in the SERPs. In addition, she explores ways to identify and track the impacts of algorithm updates on a website, while pointing out many of the culprits responsible for misleading false positives, which may be wrongfully associated with an update. With over 10 years of SEO experience, she’s a regular speaker at MozCon,...