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Eat Blog Talk is the one-stop podcast for food bloggers, delivering value and instilling confidence so you can level up in your business. The podcast features interviews with food bloggers and other experts who deliver valuable and relevant information and insights to the blogging space. We cover all the hot food blogging topics such as SEO, social media strategies, keyword research, how to pitch yourself to brands and which keyword research tools to use. We also focus on improving your mindset, as this will help improve your job performance, creativity, productivity and add value to your business. Eat Blog Talk publishes new episodes every Monday and Thursday.


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Eat Blog Talk is the one-stop podcast for food bloggers, delivering value and instilling confidence so you can level up in your business. The podcast features interviews with food bloggers and other experts who deliver valuable and relevant information and insights to the blogging space. We cover all the hot food blogging topics such as SEO, social media strategies, keyword research, how to pitch yourself to brands and which keyword research tools to use. We also focus on improving your mindset, as this will help improve your job performance, creativity, productivity and add value to your business. Eat Blog Talk publishes new episodes every Monday and Thursday.





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548: Create For Your Audience Instead of Google (+ Why Social Media is More Important than You Think) with Luay Ghafari

In episode 548, Luay Ghafari teaches us strategies for growing a food blog through SEO and social media and why your audience should be your main focus. Luay is a published author, social media content creator, blogger, photographer and gardening educator. Like many other bloggers, he wears multiple hats. Luay is based in Toronto Canada and his gardening/cookbook, Seed to Table, was released July 2023. He also teaches a garden-to-table Master Class. In this episode, you’ll learn about how Luay grew his blog sessions quickly over the last 2 years, including his unique approach to SEO, building a strong social media presence and his emphasis on E-A-T. Key points discussed - Create for your reader while following Google’s guidelines: Focus on building a loyal following through consistent content creation aimed to serve your audience instead of creating for Google. - Streamline recipes for readability and internal linking: Write recipes concisely without unnecessary photos or fluff and link related recipes to boost older posts and improve user experience. - Consider seasonality and content clusters when planning topics: Focus content by season or topic area to provide more value to readers. - Invest in tools and services to help your blog business grow: If you treat your blog as a business, you would invest in audits, keyword research and other paid services to help it grow. - Diversify revenue streams and platforms to weather industry changes: Do not rely solely on one platform or monetization method. - Create unique, shareable content for social media growth: Novel, interesting content is more likely to drive engagement and new followers on social media - what unique twist can you put on your content? - Leverage redirect tools like ManyChat for social traffic: Use automation tools to easily share blog content in response to social media comments. - Continually increase your E-A-T: Promote your qualifications and achievements on your About Page and keep it up to date. Connect with Luay Ghafari Website | Instagram


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547: 5 Steps to Recover from Burnout (Mindset & Self-Care)

Burnout. Every time it hits, I act like I’m all surprised. Like, what? How can this happen? Have you ever felt the same? As I’m currently going through a bout of burnout, I want to share 5 ways in which you can recover from it. If there is one lesson I have learned about burnout, it is: Once it happens you can’t undo what has been done. And you can’t rush your recovery. You’ll need to let it run its course. There are ways in which you can help yourself recover quicker. And this is what I’d like to share with you: practical ways to get back on track with your work and prevent burnout from happening again. Action Plan: 1 - Acknowledge when you feel burnt out and surrender yourself to recovery. 2 - Pump the brakes, slow down work, and have grace for the healing process. 3 - Prioritize daily acts of self-care to help with recovery and continue making this part of your routine. 4 - Seek support from loved ones (or professional if needed) by openly discussing feelings of burnout. 5 - Reevaluate your goals and plans to figure out how to prevent future burnout - journal about your main goals for next year and what you need to prioritize now to achieve them. Get in touch with Megan if there is a specific mindset and self-care topics you'd like her to cover. Website | Instagram Resources Ghostwriter – Terrence Roche ( Promote your food blogging services: Megan’s recommended books and resources at


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546: SEO is Not Dead with Carl Ross

In episode 546, Megan chats to Carl Ross about the current state of SEO and why our traffic is either dropping or increasing following changes in Google’s algorithm. Carl is an engineer who spent many years in corporate technology consulting roles which gave him a unique perspective on the application of technology, processes, and getting a return on your investments. It means he’s spent literally decades helping customers make sense of technology products. In 2019, he started offering SEO services and the food blogging niche was an obvious fit. While Carl works with bloggers in many different niches, food bloggers are his bread and butter. In this episode, you’ll learn about current effective strategies to rank on Google, including what is implied by ‘helpful content’ and why you should focus on user experience and backlinks. Key points discussed: - SEO is not dead: While some sites have seen traffic declines, Google is still sending traffic to food blogs and recipe sites through search results. - Focus on content, technical SEO, and backlinks: These three pillars are important for SEO success according to the three-legged stool analogy. - Optimize ad density: Reducing intrusive ads can improve the user experience and SEO performance of a site. - Build your brand: Establishing a presence on platforms beyond your website signals to Google that you are a genuine content creator rather than AI. - Be careful with AI-generated content: You can use AI to generate ideas, but do not copy and paste AI-generated text for your blog post. - Evaluate affiliate links: Excessive low-revenue affiliate links may affect your site’s Google ranking. - Experiment with changes: Disable or turn down ads to evaluate how they affect traffic and revenue. - How to deal with algorithm updates: During an algorithm update, some blogs rise while others fall, so monitoring changes and being flexible is important. - Focus on what you can control: Prioritize your efforts on things you can control on your blog, social media profiles, email list and other revenue streams. Connect with Carl Ross Website | Facebook


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545: Discover Your Authentic Food Blogging Voice by Sharing Vulnerability and Letting Go of Inhibitions with Desiree Nielsen

In episode 545, Desiree Nielsen teaches us how to find our unique voice and cooking style in food blogging through self-reflection, embracing creativity and sharing vulnerability to meaningfully connect with readers. Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian in Vancouver Canada with over a decade of experience in plant-based nutrition and chronic digestive and inflammatory disease. She is the author of two Canadian bestselling and award-winning cookbooks, Eat More Plants and Good For Your Gut. Her latest book, Plant Magic, arrives April 2024. Her work has been featured in People, Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, KTLA, WGN Chicago, The Social, Food Network Canada and Elle Gourmet Canada in addition to hundreds of media features across North America. Desiree is also a food blogger and the host of the evidence-informed wellness podcast, The Allsorts Podcast, where she hosts a diverse roster of guests from NYT bestselling authors to leading health professionals and researchers. In this episode, you’ll learn about the importance of standing out as a food blogger, how to find your unique voice and style (while still following SEO guidelines) and how to build a community that is not reliant on social media platforms or Google. Key points discussed: - Reflect on your personal food interests and cooking style: Take time to understand your preferences, tastes, and approach to cooking to develop a unique voice. - Look at what others are doing differently: Analyze popular blogs and recipes to find gaps that allow you to approach topics in a distinctive way. - “Write drunk, edit sober”: Write without inhibition first and then structure anecdotes and humor within a format to meet SEO guidelines. - Prioritize search volume: Focus recipes on your blog on trending topics and keywords people are actively searching to maximize visibility. - Develop recipes with unique ingredients: Add a flavor profile or component that is unique to you to make recipes stand out and memorable. - Build community consistently: Nurture readers through high-value, free content to develop loyal readership and build a newsletter to connect directly with your community. - Embrace the unexpected: Leave space for unforeseen opportunities that could further your growth in surprising new directions. - Share vulnerability: Connect with readers through candid self-disclosure in small doses to form deeper relationships. - Your Path is Your Path: Pursue your interests wholeheartedly and say "yes" to chances that excite you creatively. Guest Details Connect with Desiree Nielsen Website | Instagram


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544: 5 Ways to Move Your Body (Mindset & Self-Care)

Moving your body and staying physically fit has a significant impact on your mindset. Yet, many of us depioritize fitness in favor of work. In this episode, I explain why we should avoid falling into this habit and my top 5 ways to stay active. I found that the peak of my mental performance has always aligned with times when I was prioritizing my physical health. Moving my body consistently gave me confidence and I experienced so many other physical and mental benefits, including just being in a better mood. Action Plan: 1 - Track your steps using your watch, Fitbit or phone and find an accountability buddy. 2 - Commit to a workout program whether at home or at the gym, or choose a sport like running, cycling, CrossFit etc. 3 - Do daily bursts of physical activity like pushups, burpees or running on the spot. 4 - Double duty: Move while doing other tasks, for example you can walk while on a call. 5 - Choose the harder option such as taking the stairs instead of the escalator or parking far away from a venue. Resources Beach Body On Demand Coaching and Mentorship for Food Bloggers by Brittany Roche Promote your food blogging services: Megan’s recommended books and resources at Get in touch with Megan if there is a specific mindset and self-care topics you'd like her to cover. Website | Instagram


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543: How to Hire a Reliable Food Blog Writer and Rank on Google Without Adding More Work to Your Plate with Shyanne Reynolds

In episode 543, Megan chats to Shyanne Reynolds about why it is worthwhile to hire a food blog writer, where to find reliable writers and other tips for the hiring process. Shyanne is a food blog content writer who helps bloggers manage editorial teams and rank in Google. She has 7 years of writing experience and a degree in English. Shyanne started her freelancing journey while in college and accidentally on purpose launched a 6 figure career. In this episode, you’ll learn about how to outsource food blog writing, how this benefits your business and why you shouldn’t ask your VA to do blog writing. Key points discussed: - Where to Find Food Blog Writers: Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to find a reliable blog writer. - Why Should You Outsource Writing: Blog writing takes up most of our time, and can be especially overwhelming during content updates. - What to Look For In a Content Writer: Look at a content writer’s portfolio and someone who has ideally studied English, journalism or another relevant degree. Start with a test project. - Is Your Writer a Good Fit: Do you feel like they are matching your voice, do you have similar values and a positive base of communication? - What is an Editorial Manager: Editorial Managers oversee the work of several writers, making sure they all stay on brand. - What If It Doesn’t Work Out: Hiring a writer does not always work out, but it is worth trying several writers if that happens. Guest Details Connect with Shyanne Reynolds Website | Instagram


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542: How to Make a Profit By Selling Products That Fill Your Creative Soul and Make Customers Happy with Kathie Lapcevic

In episode 542, Kathie Lapcevic teaches us how to create products that fill us up creatively and make customers happy, while making a profit. Kathie Lapcevic is a blogger and teacher living in northwest Montana. She is a quiet rebel, embracing a simple and seasonal life that isn’t exactly mainstream. She can often be found either making a mess in the garden or in the kitchen where she focuses on intentional living that showers love upon the important people in her life. In this episode, you’ll learn about how to brainstorm ideas for products that could work well for your niche and why testing the idea is essential before investing time and money into it. Key points discussed: - Align Your Product and Actions With Your Values: If you stay true to your niche you’ll feel good about your product and selling it will come more naturally. - How to Think Outside of the Box with New Products: Look at your competition - what are they selling? Will it work for your audience? Use it as inspiration but do not copy. - Research the Market Before You Launch a Product: Ask your audience directly what they want to learn from you - use a survey with a few specific options. - Digital Products Become Passive Income: Digital products may require a lot of work upfront but beyond that you earn money from them with minimal time spent. - Add a Personal Touch to Your Products: How can you make your products unique and personal to your brand? - Know Your Ideal Profit Margin Before You Start: Tally up costs of production (if any) with your time spent to work out a suitable price for your products - avoid undervaluing yourself and remember that success takes time. - Reach Out to Other Bloggers: Are there other bloggers or brands you can collaborate with? Subscribe to newsletters in your niche to stay up to date with trends and potential collaborations. Guest Details Connect with Kathie Lapcevic Website | Instagram


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541: 5 Things to Finish This Week (Mindset & Self-Care)

Do you finish your projects or do you postpone them indefinitely? It’s important to finish projects off in order to open up doors to new opportunities. Megan shares 5 things you can finish this week to reap the rewards waiting for you. Finishing off work projects can be hard. It’s sometimes easier to get started on an exciting new idea, but seeing it through to the end requires perseverance. Besides work, there are other things in our life that often get put on the back burner. But what if we just finished them? Stubborn admin tasks, home projects and other to do list items. Imagine the relief you’ll feel if you finish off one thing this week. Action Plan: 1. Finish off a house project: make it small and manageable like tidying up a drawer before moving on to bigger tasks. 2. Finish off a work project. Especially as an entrepreneurs, we tend to collect unfinished projects. If you’re putting something off the whole time, is it really worth your time at all? 3. Finish off a conversation with a family member, friend or colleague. Are there any important topics that could be a game changer in life or business? 4. Finish off an admin task. What easy admin task can you finish this week? 5. Finish off a to do list item, either work or personal. Are there any to do list items that have been on your radar for months? Do them this week! Get in touch with Megan if there is a specific mindset and self-care topic you'd like her to cover. Website | Instagram Brand Positioning Coach (Carrie Tyler) Explore Megan’s recommended books and resources at


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540: How to Keep Readers on Your Page By Bringing Powerful Storytelling to Food Photos with Dyutima Jha

In episode 540, Dyutima Jha teaches us how to keep readers on our food blogs for longer by creating visually compelling narratives with our photos, and which common mistakes to avoid. Dyutima is an architect-turned commercial and editorial food photographer and podcaster based in Singapore. She is the first South Asian woman to host a food photography podcast, My Food Lens. After 15 years as an architect, designing healthcare facilities around the world, she found her passion in food styling and photography. Today, she has a successful business working with clients around the world and teaching other photographers how to do so as well. Her work has been featured in a range of food & photography magazines like Thrive magazine, Whalebone magazine etc. and she has worked with several prestigious clients like The Intercontinental Hotel Singapore, McCormick etc. In this episode, you’ll learn about the importance of visual storytelling, lighting, angles, and consistency in creating compelling narratives that engage and retain the viewer's attention. Key points discussed: - Plan Food Photo Shoots in Advance: Use a storyboard to stay focused creatively and save time during a photo shoot. - Think of Your Recipe as a Story: Like a movie, there's a plot, hero, theme and genre. Use these elements to tell your story. - Bring Readers into Your Story Through the First Image: Improve first impressions with powerful opening photos that hook readers emotionally or visually - Activate the Viewer's Imagination: Create a sequence of events and narrate this through your photos using ingredients, movement and context. - Readers Disengage with Technically Weak Photos: Check lighting, camera angles, storytelling cohesion, and color editing in photos. - Readers Disengage with Disconnected Visuals: Do your photos match with the vibe, colors and branding of your website? Do they match the specific type of recipe? - Show Readers the Bigger Picture: As a final photo, include the context of where readers might enjoy the recipe; use props to narrate this visually. - Make Dull Food Look Appetizing: By adding contrasting colors using herbs or flowers and by using macro shots, you can make unappealing food look great. Connect with Dyutima Jha Website | Instagram


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539: The Low-Cost Investment That Can Change Your Blogging Career - Benefits of Joining an Accountability Group with MaryAnne Hoekstra

In episode 539, Megan chats to MaryAnne Hoekstra about why joining an accountability group can help you refocus and gain direction, especially after a drop in traffic. MaryAnne is the writer, recipe developer, and photographer behind Gastronotherapy, where she creates delicious recipes that are mainly vegetarian and vegan. MaryAnne grew up in Minnesota with a fondness for baking, and lived in NYC for 17 years. While there, she sharpened her palate over the years while taking cooking and baking classes, making dinner for friends, and trying as many restaurants as she could afford. In this episode, you’ll learn about 7 benefits of joining an accountability group, including having a supportive community with which to share resources, ideas and receive weekly support to help you set and achieve your blogging goals. Key points discussed: - Get Specific Support From an Engaged Community: Unlike general food blogger groups, a focused accountability group, like the Eat Blog Talk Accountability group, allows for more specific support from bloggers who are invested in each other’s success. - New Ideas for Diversifying Your Income etc.: An accountability group helps you share your ideas and get inspired by others in the group when it comes to diversifying income and other topics. - Set and Achieve Goals: You’ll be encouraged to set blogging goals and will receive support to achieve them, helping you stay motivated. - Receive Diverse Resources: Accountability groups consist of bloggers with diverse skills - you’ll be able to improve your knowledge and skills and share useful resources. - Benefits of the Eat Blog Talk Accountability Group: The Slack channel, leverage the knowledge of the other group members, the twice-weekly productivity focus calls and once a month Zoom calls with specific topics. - Why is the Investment Worth It?: By investing in a resource like an Accountability Group, you regain your blogging motivation, narrow down your priorities and invest in a successful blog.


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538: 5 Ways to Not Let "Time Off" Sink You (Mindset & Self-Care)

Time off can often derail us from our goals. In this episode, Megan talks through 5 ways you can prepare for time off, whether planned or unplanned, so that you get back into work without disruption. Whether it’s a planned vacation or sudden sickness, if we don’t plan for time off, it can be challenging to get back on track when we return to work, especially as entrepreneurs. Therefore, some entrepreneurs never take time off. But there’s a way around it! Action Plan: - Plan ahead and have your content ready and scheduled a few weeks or months in advance. - When planning time off, allow for wiggle room so that you give yourself time to get back into your routine - Don’t overload your to do list on the first day back! - Set a ‘jump back in date’ and stick to it to avoid compounding work. This counts for your self-care and workout routine as well. - Work on your mindset as many of the struggles related to getting back into work after “time off” is related to mindset. - Do not feel guilty for taking time off - it’s essential to maintain a healthy balance and you’ll be more productive if you allow time for self-care. Resources Food Photography by Ikram Ali Promote your food blogging services: Explore Megan’s recommended books and resources at Get in touch with Megan if there is a specific mindset and self-care topic you'd like her to cover. Website | Instagram


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537: What You Should Prioritize Now for Long-Term Success As a Blogger (+Why Google Analytics Should Be Your Friend) with Madeeha Anwar

In episode 537, Megan chats to Madeeha Anwar about why blogging is a marathon and not a sprint and how to prepare yourself accordingly, especially if you’re starting out, including what to prioritize now for long-term success as a blogger. Madeeha is a baker, recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer. Her blog, Now Delish, was started in December 2021. In addition to the blog, Madeeha continues to work full time, and has reached a point where she knows how to organize her blog well to keep things moving forward. Now Delish primarily features baking recipes and easy main course recipes, especially the authentic Pakistani recipes that Madeeha grew up with. In this episode, you’ll learn about common difficulties food bloggers face, the need for patience, why you should spend time to understand your analytics and invest in your blog, as well as other strategies for continued growth. Key points discussed: - Prepare Your Mindset For A Marathon: Blogging is complex with many layers to learn; there is no get rich quick scheme that gets you long-term success overnight. - Plan Your Content In Advance: It’s important to plan and create a content calendar prior to creating blog posts - it will help you stay organized and on top of your goals. - Find a Way to Pivot and Adapt: Adapt your content strategy when something is not working or as a result of Google updates and other changes in the field. - Allow Yourself to Procrastinate: If you do not feel inspired to do a certain task, be easy on yourself and postpone if necessary. - Stay Productive, Avoid Burnout: By focusing on quality over quantity in blogging and social media it’s easier to stay balanced. - Invest Time in Free Resources: Use free resources like podcasts and YouTube videos to learn as much as possible about different aspects of blogging. - Get an Audit as Soon as You Can: If your budget allows, get a website audit as this reveals SEO mistakes you may not know of and other areas that you can improve. Connect with Madeeha Anwar Website | Facebook


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536: Is Social Media Ruining Your Productivity? How to Prioritize Deep Work and Minimize Distractions with Mike Cleavenger

In episode 536, Mike Cleavenger teaches us how to prioritize deep work and set boundaries to minimize distractions to get more done in less time. Mike Cleavenger of the Frizzled Leek started his career after culinary school working in professional kitchens in the San Diego area. He got laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic and as a result decided to embark on a journey as a food blogger. The goal of The Frizzled Leek is to show people that cooking shouldn't be intimidating but fun! They specialize in Sous Vide and Air Fryer recipes. In this episode, you’ll learn about managing social media distractions, time management strategies and creating a conducive work environment to maximize productivity and focus. Key points discussed: - Why Should you Prioritize ‘Deep Work’: Deep work is when you focus on one task and eliminate all distractions in order to be more productive. - Manage Distractions to Increase Your Focus: Put phones in a different room and remove other distractions that may prevent you from focusing 100%. - Schedule Time for Social Media: If you schedule for example 30 minutes a week for social media you’ll feel less tempted to go on your phone when you’re working. - Spend Time on Your Phone Wisely: Decide what are beneficial activities on your phone and which social media accounts are most inspiring - curate your feed and be intentional. - Increase Your Productivity with Time Blocking: Time block as much of your workday as possible - do not leave open space. - Brain Dump all Tasks Before Planning: Use brain dump techniques to plan and prioritize tasks for the week, batching similar tasks together for maximum efficiency. - Take Breaks to Recharge and Gain New Insight: Include breaks in your daily planning and do things outside of work that bring you joy as a reward for deep work. - Schedule a Shutdown Routine: Be strict with ending your work day at a specific time and give yourself some time to plan for the next day. Connect with Mike Cleavenger Website | Instagram


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535: 5 Things to Put in Your Calendar for a Balanced Week (Mindset & Self-Care)

How you plan your calendar can either lead to increased productivity or burnout. In this episode, Megan shares 5 things to put in your calendar for a balanced week and how to avoid work backlogs. If you want to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it’s essential to start your calendar planning with self-care, downtime and family time. While it might seem counterintuitive to prioritize non-work related activities, if you plan on constantly working, especially at unrealistic times and without quality breaks, you’ll risk low levels of motivation, productivity and potentially burnout. Action Plan: 1 - Block out self-care and downtime for the following week before adding other items. 2 - Consider when and for how long you want to spend quality time with loved ones - plan dates or meetings with friends/family. 3 - Schedule regular time for life and work admin tasks on a weekly basis to avoid backlogs. 4 - Schedule calls and appointments on your calendar to avoid last-minute chaos and ensure preparedness. 5 - Once you’ve scheduled your self-care and admin tasks, block out time to work around other priorities. Get in touch with Megan if there is a specific mindset and self-care topic you'd like her to cover. Website | Instagram


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534: It's OK to Ask for Help As a Food Blogger with Teri-Ann Carty

In episode 534, Megan chats to Teri-Ann Carty about the value of asking for help in life and food blogging, including the potential for growth and success. Teri-Ann is a Toronto native renowned for her culinary creations and photography skills. Formerly a high-end restaurant manager grappling with addiction, she chose a different path, traveling solo and becoming a certified yoga instructor. Now settled in Toronto with her hubby and their two cats, Teri-Ann focuses on recipe development and photography, while also teaching yoga. Her journey to sobriety fuels her determination for future endeavors. In this episode, you’ll learn about embracing your vulnerability, being courageous, the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people and learning from others to succeed as a food content creator. Key points discussed: - Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help: Everybody who seems successful, probably has help. It may seem scary, but asking for help will be a game-changer for your life and business. - How to Ask for Help: Start by approaching friends or colleagues to make it less intimidating. - Start Small When Looking for Help: Ask students for help if your budget is limited - look for someone who is aligned with your values. - Release Control and Surrender to the Process: By releasing control, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business and doing what you love most. - Tap into Your Community on Instagram: Make connections on Instagram or your favorite social media platform. Normally, people are eager to help others. - Invite More Good Things Into Your Life: By reaching out to others and thereby building your network, you’re opening up the door for more good things to happen. Connect with Teri-Ann Carty Website | Instagram


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533: Increase Your Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing and SEO (+What You Should Do to Adhere to Google’s Helpful Content Update) with Tonya Lawson

In episode 533, Megan chats to Tonya Lawson about strategies to generate regular passive income through affiliate marketing and what you should do to make sure your affiliate posts adhere to Google’s Helpful Content Update. Dr. Tonya Lawson is a musician, blogger, passive income and SEO specialist whose mission is to empower creatives to build out passive income streams so they have the financial freedom to live the life they want to live. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who runs 3 blogs, a coaching business, a private music studio, and teaches at Middle Tennessee State University. In this episode, you’ll learn more about creating valuable content that attracts organic traffic and affiliate income, through programs like the Amazon Associates Program or while working with brands. Key points discussed: - Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing and Niche Websites: Make it easier to rank on Google by having a well-defined niche and using new SEO strategies. - Amazon Associates Program and the AAWP Plugin: Amazon remains a popular option for affiliate marketing and the AAWP plugin for WordPress can streamline the process of adding affiliate links to your blog. - Maximize Affiliate Income: Share your blog content with affiliate links as widely as possible - email list, social media etc. - Affiliate Links with Sponsored Work: Ask for affiliate links when working with brands to maximize long-term income potential. - Think Big, Earn More: Think beyond immediate work and set bigger goals for yourself over time to expand your reach and income. - Blog Posts Need to Be Real and Helpful: Google prioritizes helpful content, such as original images and real-life experiences, over curated flatlays and special images. - SEO Optimization and Understanding Google Updates: Google seems to follow trends on social media platforms like Instagram, so focusing on real people and helpful information in blog posts can give an edge in SEO. 5 day challenge just for Eat Talk Blog listeners! Connect with Tonya Lawson Website | Instagram


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532: 5 Ways to Get the Most Juice Out of Your Wins (Mindset & Self-Care)

Do you celebrate your wins or do you let them pass by quickly? Megan shares 5 ways to get the most juice out of your wins, so that you can fully enjoy your success and invite more good things into your life. As we are often rushing to our next goal, it is easy to brush off our wins when they do happen. In this episode, Megan emphasizes the value of gratitude and appreciation in attracting positivity as well as the importance of acknowledging and appreciating small and big wins in life, encouraging us to create a win list and journal about them to keep gratitude alive. Action Plan: - Write down 5-10 wins in a Google Doc or notebook daily to reflect on and feel accomplished. - Journal about wins when they occur as this will help you understand the process that bring you success. - Set up win triggers in daily life so that you can remind yourself daily of your accomplishments and express gratitude. - Practice meditating while focusing on wins - this will help you appreciate life’s wins leading to personal growth and more success. - Celebrate wins verbally - say it out loud - or through a special occasion. This will help boost your confidence and morale. Get in touch with Megan if there is a specific mindset and self-care topic you'd like her to cover. Website | Instagram Resources Mentioned Brand Positioning Coach (Carrie Tyler) Explore Megan’s recommended books and resources at Promote your food blogging services:


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531: How To Build A Profitable 7-Figure Business With Ease with Octavia Conner

In episode 531, Octavia Conner teaches us strategies to increase profits, including how to determine the overall financial health of our business, identify financial leaks and avoid overpaying on tax. Octavia Conner stands as an esteemed financial and tax strategist, celebrated best-selling author of two books, accomplished speaker, and the visionary proprietor of not one but three successful enterprises: Say Yes To Profits, Her CEO Space, and Octavia’s Helping Hands Inc. With notable mentions in Forbes and prominent features in Essence, Fox Five News, Portia TV, Fox Soul, ENSPIRE Magazine, Voyage ATL, Authority Magazine, Intuit, and numerous other esteemed platforms, Octavia’s unwavering mission is to eradicate small business failure and create wealthy entrepreneurs. Recognized as one of the top 50 accountants in North America for two consecutive years, Octavia boasts a remarkable history of guiding more than 90% of her clients to achieve remarkable growth ranging from 30% to a staggering 350% within just 12 months, all while saving over 55% in business taxes. Octavia Conner isn’t merely a financial and tax strategist; with over 20 years of accounting and finance experience, she is the go-to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for entrepreneurs or small business owners seeking to streamline their finances and pave the way for generational wealth through their business’s success. In this episode, you’ll learn about having a solid financial foundation, accurate bookkeeping, pricing your services or products for profit, and proactive cash flow management in order to maximize profits. Key points discussed (and action items!): - Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses: Review your pricing strategy and ensure your products and services are priced for a profit margin of around 30% (including hidden costs). - Identify and Address Financial Pitfalls: Business owners should conduct a "profit audit" to identify unnecessary expenses and "profit leaks" in their business. - Are You Overpaying on Tax? Implement a tax strategy at the beginning of the year and check progress regularly to take advantage of deductions and reduce taxes (examples given in episode). - Bookkeeping is Crucial to Make Informed Decisions: Maintain good bookkeeping practices and use an accounting system to track finances and identify expenses for tax deductions - How Much Should You Have Saved? Save a portion of each payment received, such as 20-30%, in a separate "financial peace" or savings account and do not dip into it for other expenses. - Be Prepared for Emergencies: Project business cash flow and revenues several weeks in advance to prepare for periods where cash may be low. - Financial Planning and Profitability for Entrepreneurs: Keeping a track record of your finances and understanding where you can save or cut down on costs will help you become more profitable. Octavia Conner's Free Financial Toolkit Connect with Octavia Conner Website | Instagram


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530: How to Get the Most Out of Canva - Content Creation and Organizational Tips For Food Bloggers with Brenda Cadman

In episode 530, Megan chats to Brenda Cadman about how to use Canva efficiently to organize and optimize content creation for food bloggers. Brenda Cadman is a Canva Verified Expert from Prince Edward Island, Canada. After spending more than two decades supporting businesses with their website development needs, she now focuses on teaching small business owners how to use Canva more effectively and efficiently. Brenda has taught thousands of business owners through her courses, and in particular, she loves to help business owners tame their hot mess Canva accounts by creating an organizational system that ensures they can spend less time in Canva, and more time doing what they love. In this episode, you’ll learn about how to use features effectively, like the brand kit and magic tools, and how to organize your Canva account using folders to save time and boost productivity. Key points discussed (and action items!): - Declutter Your Canva Account: Create an "Archive" folder and move all old Canva designs and images into it to declutter the account. - Images in Canva: Organize images by moving them from the "Uploads" folder into custom categorized folders like "Images", "Pizza" etc. using the bulk select and move features. - Differentiate Important Files: Star templates, elements, icons and photos in Canva that are used frequently by clicking the three dot menu to access them easily from the starred folder. - Streamline Branding: Use the Canva "Brand Kits" feature to organize company branding assets like logos, colors and fonts for quick access. - Save Time Using Canva: Canva Pro’s features can help save you time and repurpose content easily, using tools like resizing, mock-ups, background remover and other AI-powered tools. - Don’t Postpone Decluttering: Set up a regular schedule (e.g. Fridays) for a VA or assistant to maintain the Canva organization system. - Don’t Overcomplicate it: Make most of the time you have, progress over perfection. Resources Canva Organization Roadmap - help organizing your Canva account Listen to Episode 502 on 5 Ways to Declutter Your Life. Connect with Brenda Cadman Website | Instagram


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529: 5 Steps to Inviting More People into Your Life (Mindset & Self-Care)

In this episode, Megan talks about the importance of social connections for well-being and business success, sharing five steps to nurture healthy relationships and turn your network into a strong support system. How will inviting more people into your life change anything? Will it not be overwhelming and give you more to do? That is why Megan explains, firstly, the benefits for personal growth and business success by inviting high-quality people into your life. Secondly, she share five steps that will help you manage new connections, making them a meaningful part of your life and potentially opening up new business opportunities. Action Plan: - Send an invitation to the universe / God for more high-quality people in your life. - Prepare your calendar or routine to make room and time for new connections. - Express gratitude daily for the people already in your life. - Host something new, even if small, to take action on your invitation. - Show up as the best version of yourself when interacting with others. Resources mentioned Food Blogger Services – Mika Kinney Explore Megan’s recommended books and resources at Promote your food blogging services: Get in touch with Megan if there is a specific mindset and self-care topic you'd like her to cover. Website | Instagram