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The eCommerce Profits Podcast features top founders and experts in the e-commerce industry and takes an in-depth look at the struggles & successes in growing eCommerce brands profitably.

The eCommerce Profits Podcast features top founders and experts in the e-commerce industry and takes an in-depth look at the struggles & successes in growing eCommerce brands profitably.


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The eCommerce Profits Podcast features top founders and experts in the e-commerce industry and takes an in-depth look at the struggles & successes in growing eCommerce brands profitably.




Driving Sales and Acquisitions Through Referral Marketing With Raúl Galera of ReferralCandy

Raúl Galera is the Partnerships and Business Development Lead at ReferralCandy, an app that helps online and offline businesses acquire new customers and retain existing ones through incentivized referrals. ReferralCandy is the leading platform in referral marketing, helping over 30,000 ecommerce brands leverage word-of-mouth marketing. Raúl joined the company in 2016 and built a partnership program that adds value to marketing agencies, affiliates, media outlets, and other tech companies...


Creating an Inclusive Brand Message With Blake Van Putten of CISE

Blake Van Putten is the CEO, Founder, and Business Developer at CISE, a black-owned fashion house focused on giving back and building community. As a skilled business developer, he has experience in operations, project management, and public speaking. Blake has been featured in major publications, including Time Magazine. Before founding CISE, Blake was the Senior Project Manager at Moody’s Investors Service and the CEO of Base: Buy and Sell Everything. In this episode… The ecommerce...


Balancing Creativity and Entrepreneurship With Kent Yoshimura of Neuro

Kent Yoshimura is the Co-founder and CEO of Neuro, a health and wellness company that creates gum and mints. With over 25 million products sold, Neuro has been featured in Time Magazine, Dr. Oz, Forbes 30 Under 30, Buzzfeed, Shark Tank, and other notable publications and media sources. As a multimedia artist, creative director, and entrepreneur, Kent has created content for global brands, including McDonald’s and Lego, created the visual direction for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s children’s...


Personalizing the On-Site Experience To Drive Conversions With Csaba Zajdó of OptiMonk

Csaba Zajdó is the CMO and Founder of OptiMonk, a software company that helps ecommerce businesses increase sales and drive conversions. OptiMonk offers companies customer-specific laser-targeted messaging aimed directly at existing and new customer acquisitions delivered at just the right moment. As a serial entrepreneur, he spent his entire career building and optimizing ecommerce sites to drive conversions. Csaba is also the CEO and Founder of Innonic and the Founder of Shoprenter. He’s...


Leveraging Crowdfunding to Launch a Successful Brand With Vance Lee of Playground Theory

Vance Lee is the Co-founder of Playground Theory, an agency that provides a product launch system for brands looking to scale. He is an ecommerce entrepreneur with 13 years of experience as a brand growth and marketing strategist. Since starting with Amazon FBA in 2015, Vance has mastered crowdfunding and the preorder launch strategy to launch products and grow brands. He has raised over $7M in successful launches and broken records with two of his launches — both classified #1 most-funded...


Global Market Expansion: Strategies and Considerations With Andy Hooper of Global E-commerce Experts

Andy Hooper is the CEO of Global E-commerce Experts, which provides end-to-end solutions for ecommerce brands expanding to Europe. He has been growing organizations in business development, consultancy, sponsorship, and coaching since 2006 across a range of industries and global locations. With a key focus on data, coaching conversations, and strategy, Andy is a dynamic leader who encourages teams and individuals to reach their full potential. In this episode… Global market expansion is a...


Breaking the Glass Ceiling With Stormy Simon of Mother Ruggers

Stormy Simon is the Co-founder and CEO of Mother Ruggers, a new line of washable, affordable, and quality rugs. She also serves as Executive Director of the Board for Mission Green, a nonprofit organization that works to free non-violent cannabis offenders from federal prison. Before starting Mother Ruggers, Stormy surpassed business school and college to destroy the glass ceiling in the corporate world. As a temp at, she charged through leadership roles until she became a...


Lessons Learned From Entrepreneurship With Kara Goldin of Hint, Inc.

Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., best known for Hint water, the leading unsweetened flavored water. She has been named Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, Fortune’s Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink, and EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Northern California, among many other accolades. Kara has experience running large companies and startups in many industries including media, tech, and consumer products. As an active speaker and writer, Kara hosts the podcast...


Building a Successful eCommerce Brand With Andrew Sabbatino of PowerHouse

Andrew Sabbatino works with PowerHouse, a company that helps entrepreneurs, businesses, and brand owners build, scale, and exit their companies. At the age of 11, Andrew got his start selling physical products by consigning his craft arrows to touristy gift shops in his area. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he has been instrumental in building brands and has a long history in the ecommerce space. Creating marketing campaigns for growing DTC ecommerce brands, he is head of the email...


Personalizing the Customer Journey With Gen Furukawa of Prehook

Gen Furukawa is the Co-founder of Prehook, an ecommerce company that helps Shopify merchants generate sales with quizzes and product recommendations. He has over 10 years of ecommerce experience, having worked in venture-backed SaaS companies. Before co-founding Prehook, Gen was VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout, the leading software brand for Amazon sellers. He is also the host of an ecommerce marketing podcast, Cart Overflow, where he shares how top brand operators, agencies, and tech...


Optimizing the Post-Purchase Customer Experience With Kiril Kirilov of Rush

Kiril Kirilov is the CEO and Co-founder of Rush, a shipment tracking software designed for Shopify merchants. It automates the shipment tracking process on all fronts, so you never have to worry about losing customers again. Rush helps ecommerce sellers and agencies increase their average order value (AOV), customer lifetime value (CLTV), and lower support costs by 90%. Kiril began his career in the ecommerce space in 2008 as an eBay seller before transitioning to Amazon fulfillment in...


Selling Your eCommerce Brand With Adrian Johnston of Una Brands

Adrian Johnston is the Co-founder of Una Brands, a company that buys and scales ecommerce brands in Australia and New Zealand. Before founding Una Brands, Adrian was a corporate strategy consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, specializing in consumer goods and private equity. Adrian holds a Master of Public Administration from Harvard, a Master of Business Administration from the INSEAD business school where he was valedictorian, and a Master in Applied Mathematics from the University...


How To Use Capital Advancements To Generate Business Revenue With Asher Ismail of Uncapped

Asher Ismail is the Co-founder of Uncapped, a European revenue-based finance provider that helps entrepreneurs raise working capital without losing control of their businesses. Uncapped offers fast, flexible funding for marketing, inventory, or hiring needs. They are now in now in 22 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Poland, and Spain. Asher has raised millions in capital from angels, VC, crowdfunding, and banks. In 2017, he was named Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. He is a Board...


Scaling Your Brand Through Subscriptions With Evan Padgett of Stealth Venture Labs

Evan Padgett is the Chief Operating Officer at Stealth Venture Labs, an ecommerce marketing firm. He oversees Stealth’s team and organizational infrastructure, working to provide the best environment for team members to thrive. Evan is an ecommerce executive with over 20 years of experience working with brands such as HelloFresh, Brock, and Factor 75. Prior to working at Stealth Venture Labs, Evan was the CMO at Thrive Market. In this episode… Subscriptions are a great way to grow your...


How To Grow Your Brand Through Influencer Relationships With Faiysal Kothiwala of The Beard Struggle

Faiysal Kothiwala is the Founder and Chief Bearded Officer of The Beard Struggle, a company that produces men’s grooming and beard care products. Faiysal founded The Beard Struggle in 2014 with a mission to become the most innovative customer-focused men’s grooming company. Now, with over 50 full-time employees and contractors, The Beard Struggle provides high-quality products that help men look and feel their best. In this episode… Are you trying to grow your brand? Do you want to connect...


Growing an eCommerce Brand Through Global Challenges With Nathan Resnick of Sourcify

Nathan Resnick is the President and Co-founder of Sourcify, the fastest-growing sourcing platform that helps hundreds of companies manufacture products around the world. He’s also the Owner of Bubble Hotels, is an angel investor and startup advisor, and is a Writer for Entrepreneur Media and HuffPost. Nathan prides himself on his ability to learn and move fast. By the age of 27, he had three seven-figure startups under his belt. He believes that anyone can be an A player with the right...


How To Scale Your Brand Through Direct Response TV Marketing With Rick Cesari of Direct Branding

Rick Cesari is the Chief Marketing Officer at Direct Branding, an omnichannel branding and marketing company that uses compelling videos to build brands and generate more sales. Before Direct Branding, he was the Founder, President, and CEO of Cesari Media and Cesari Response Television Inc. Rick was the first person to use direct response television marketing to build a national brand (Juiceman® Juice Extractor). By applying similar direct response strategies and video marketing, he has...


Marketing Messages That Maximize Conversion and Drive Growth With John Readman of Modo25 and BOSCO™

John Readman is the Founder and CEO of Modo25 and the Founder of BOSCO™. Modo25 is a digital marketing SaaS technology and in-housing marketing agency. BOSCO™ combines your internal marketing data with extensive algorithmic modeling to create personalized reporting dashboards. With over 20 years of experience in the ecommerce industry, John has helped several global brands shape their online presence and overall ecommerce performance. He has worked with the world's leading brands, including...


How Interactive Quizzes Can Help Grow Your Business With Gen Furukawa of Prehook

Gen Furukawa is the Co-founder of Prehook, a company that helps Shopify merchants create a unique personalized shopping experience for every customer using interactive quizzes to make product recommendations. Gen has been in digital marketing and ecommerce for over 10 years. He founded Retainable and was the VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout. He also hosts the Cart Overflow podcast, which discusses what ecommerce revenue growth means for the best brands, agencies, and tech platforms. In this...


The Secrets of Successful Beauty Brands With Anthony Standifer of mSEED group

Anthony Standifer is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of mSEED group, a contract manufacturer and marketing agency that specializes in expediting the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the beauty and personal care space. He and his partners built a seven-figure company, launching and supporting growth for over 150 brands in its five years of existence. Anthony’s work includes formulating beauty products, contract manufacturing, and assisting in the overall brand...