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The Ecommerce Wizards podcast features top leaders in e-commerce and business to discuss proven strategies and trends from people in the trenches.

The Ecommerce Wizards podcast features top leaders in e-commerce and business to discuss proven strategies and trends from people in the trenches.


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The Ecommerce Wizards podcast features top leaders in e-commerce and business to discuss proven strategies and trends from people in the trenches.




How To Build a New Ecommerce Brand with Mike Jackness of Terran

Mike Jackness is an entrepreneur and e-commerce expert. He is the President and CEO of Terran, a leading e-commerce conglomerate that owns and builds top brands like IceWraps and Wild Baby. He also co-hosts the company’s podcast, EcomCrew, where he discusses all things e-commerce. Mike started his first business straight out of high school before joining Lee Technologies as the IT Director. During his time there, he helped grow the company from 40 employees to over 200. More recently, Mike...


How Effective Is SMS Marketing With Tivan Amour of Tone?

Tivan Amour is a serial entrepreneur, leader, and SMS expert. He is the CEO of Tone, which was acquired by Attentive in 2021. Both work as SMS marketing solutions designed to increase revenue for ecommerce brands. Now Tivan serves as the General Manager and Conversational for Attentive. His last business, Fortified Bicycle, was acquired in 2019 after six years of continued growth. He also served in the past as a FedEx board member and a student entrepreneur mentor at BUILD. In this...


What Products to Sell on Amazon With Neil Twa of Voltage Digital Marketing

Neil Twa is an Amazon growth expert and the CEO of Voltage Digital Marketing, a company that launches, operates, and acquires private e-commerce brands. Since founding Voltage with Reed Larsen, Neil has steadily expanded the company’s services to help e-commerce sellers create successful brands on Amazon. They now work with businesses in SaaS, consulting, business coaching, and Amazon managed services industries. Throughout his career, Neil has introduced dozens of entrepreneurs to passive...


How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business with Shawn Johal of Elevation Leaders

Shawn Johal is an entrepreneur, workshop leader, and business growth coach. In 2019, he launched his coaching practice, Elevation Leaders, where he works with companies generating anywhere from $5 million to $200 million in revenue. Shawn is also the Co-founder of DALS Lighting, a manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. Under his leadership, the company grew its revenue three times over and established a world-class workplace. Additionally, he is the Director on the Board for the Champions...


How To Successfully Implement an Ecommerce Platform With Caspar Hardholt of Alumio

Caspar Hardholt is the Founder and CEO of Alumio, an integration platform for e-commerce brands. Caspar founded the business in 2016 to help companies simplify their digital processes and scale their businesses. His background is in user experience design and digital commerce. Caspar spent more than 15 years as the CEO of MediaCT, which he helped grow into one of the leading Dutch commerce development agencies. Additionally, he has served as a board member of Touch Kiosk B.V. and...


How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business With Vinnie Fisher of Fully Accountable

Vinnie Fisher is an entrepreneur, author, and the CEO and Co-founder of Fully Accountable. Fully Accountable is an accounting firm that offers outsourced accounting and finance solutions to e-commerce and digital businesses. Since Vinnie founded the company in 2014, it has earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list and was named one of the Top 10 Outsourced Accounting Firms by CFO Tech Outlook. Vinnie has nearly 20 years of experience growing businesses. Before founding Fully Accountable, he was...


How to Elevate Customer Service for Ecommerce Brands with Michael Potters of Gorgias

Michael Potters is the Enterprise Partner Manager at Gorgias, a multichannel helpdesk for e-commerce brands. Gorgias empowers over 7,000 businesses with better customer service on platforms like Shopify and Magento. Before Gorgias, Michael was the Co-founder and CEO of Parachute Coffee, a coffee subscription service that was acquired by LeJeune Brands in 2020. Outside of work, Michael volunteers at King’s University College as an Alumni Association Board Member, leading the outreach and...


How to Measure and Maximize Your Data with Chris Mercer of

Chris “Mercer” Mercer, Co-founder of, is an in-demand measurement marketing expert. Mercer and his team have been helping marketers, marketing teams, and agencies evaluate their work, so they know how to adapt and improve. They create practical dashboards and pull actionable insights to begin forecasting and optimizing future results. In short, Mercer helps marketers measure their marketing, so they know what’s working and what’s not. Mercer spends countless hours...


Generating Traffic to Your Ecommerce Business With Steven Pope of My Amazon Guy

Steven Pope is the Founder of My Amazon Guy, a full-service Amazon agency with more than 160 clients. As Founder, Steven helps clients grow through onsite and offsite channels, including SEO, SEM, and social media. Steven has also worked for multiple product brands and served as the Digital Marketing Manager for APMEX, Inc., which achieved 10 million additional website visits under his direction. Outside of work, Steven is a chess enthusiast and a proud Eagle Scout. He also currently...


Key Strategies for Success on Amazon with Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs

Jeff Cohen is a brand entrepreneur and the Vice President of Marketing at Seller Labs. Seller Labs offers Amazon seller software designed to increase profits and drive growth. The company’s services encompass Amazon advertising, customer review optimization, SEO, and more. Jeff joined Seller Labs back in 2014 and has since helped the company become a leading revenue optimization platform. Before this, he spearheaded the launch lifecycle of both and Throughout...


How to Price Your Ecommerce Products with Burc Tanir of Prisync

Burc Tanir is the CEO and Co-founder of Prisync, a company that tracks competitor prices and offers dynamic pricing software for e-commerce businesses. Since starting Prisync in 2013 in Istanbul, Burc has scaled it to serve more than 500 e-commerce brands from over 50 different countries. Before founding Prisync, Burc held marketing and sales roles for a number of companies. He co-founded his first business, a multi-platform enterprise IM app called BizCorner, in 2012. Now, he utilizes his...


SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce Businesses with Vlad Mkrtumyan of Logic Inbound

Vlad Mkrtumyan is a search engine marketing guru and the CEO of Logic Inbound, a white label PPC provider that delivers customer acquisition strategies to help businesses drive growth. Vlad and his team have over 30 years of combined experience with early-stage SaaS companies. Beyond SEO services, they also offer web design and development and conversion rate optimization. As a serial entrepreneur, Vlad has also founded businesses such as Skyreal and the Shoplletes app. In addition to this,...


How to Successfully Exit Your Business with Joe Valley of Quiet Light

Joe Valley is an Advisor and Partner at Quiet Light, a business advisory firm that helps online entrepreneurs achieve amazing exits. Joe joined the firm after selling his own e-commerce business through Quiet Light in 2010. Over the past nine years, he has mentored countless entrepreneurs with the goal of helping them achieve their own profitable exits. In addition to being a frequent speaker and podcast guest himself, Joe is also the co-host of the Quiet Light Podcast. Recently, he...


Adobe Magento vs Shopify with Derric Haynie of

Derric Haynie is the Chief E-commerce Technologist for After seeing a disconnect between e-commerce teams and the tools they were using, Derric started his company to help these businesses find the right technology for them. He has years of experience in marketing, technology, and e-commerce and is a renowned expert in Shopify applications and tech. Before starting, Derric held executive roles at a number of e-commerce and marketing companies, including...


How to Use Data to Grow Your Business with AJ Yager of Praxis Metrics

AJ Yager is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author. He is the Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Praxis Metrics, a company that helps e-commerce brands increase profits and drive change through data. AJ is also the Founder of Yager Media Group, a direct response digital marketing agency that specializes in conversion optimization, funnel building, and overall traffic conversion. In addition to this, AJ hosts the DataRich Podcast where he helps companies turn their data...


Growing Your Business Through Proper Inventory Management with Chad Rubin of Skubana

Chad Rubin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Skubana, a service that integrates products, fulfillment centers, and sales channels onto a single platform. After seeing a hole in the e-commerce industry, Chad started his own business to fill that space and thus, Skubana was born. Their platform solves the most serious problems of order processing and inventory management that cause millions of dollars in losses for e-commerce sellers every year. Chad has worked in e-commerce since 2007 and is...


The Journey from Startup to Raising $22 Million with Investors with Brandon Gell of Clyde

Brandon Gell is the Co-founder and CEO of Clyde, a technology company that helps retailers—from startup to enterprise—offer product protection plans to customers. Brandon and his team are on a mission to provide customers with quality assurance, merchants with easier wins, and insurers with greater reach. Since founding Clyde in 2017, Brandon has raised $22 million from investors and has used that funding to grow the company into a valuable online brand. In this episode… While warranties...


Strategies for a Successful eCommerce Gated Launch

Jordan West is an ecommerce investor and the Founder and CEO of Mindful Marketing, an agency that helps scale brands, stores, and makers using paid marketing. Jordan is also the Co-owner of Little & Lively, a children’s clothing company, and the Co-host of the marketing podcast, Secrets To Scaling Your Ecommerce Bran‪d. ‬ Jordan got his start in marketing at age 22 when he bought a Taco Del Mar chain restaurant. After selling the store five years later, he started Little & Lively with his...


Everything You Want to Know about PIM (Product Information Management) for eCommerce with Jon Marsella of Jasper PIM

Jon C. Marsella is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Jasper PIM, a leading Product Information Management (PIM) solution provider that predominantly serves Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento merchants. Jasper PIM empowers ecommerce businesses to manage and merchandise their products from a single source of truth, so they can sell faster and work smarter. Jon began his career as the lead technical architect and solution producer for the Official Canadian Winter Olympics website. Since then,...


The Future of PWAs with Sergej Derzap of Amasty

Sergej Derzap is the CEO of Amasty, the world’s first premier Magento extension builder. Amasty provides all the tools you need to scale your business to the next level by improving Magento functionality. The company is heralded by many high-profile clients, including Canon, eBay, Nestlé, and more. With more than 11 years of hands-on ecommerce and IT experience, Sergej is committed to the global development of the industry. His mission is to automate and simplify the day-to-day activities...