Dr Kale, Director CMET Interview on Center of Excellence

Dr Kale, Director of Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (CMET), Pune shares insights about areas of R&D activities at the centre. He shares focus areas of Center of Excellence including Indigenous Cathode & Anode material for lithium batteries, flexible & stretchable batteries, indigenous battery fabrication machine building and solid electrolyte for fast charging. CoE is formed to support Make In India mission. He said that scientists at CMET work on social demand and would...


RIT Battery Prototyping Center -Dr Matthew Ganter Interview

Dr Matthew Ganter, Director of Battery Prototyping Center at Rochester Institute of Technology shares insights about the center. Listen in to understand how start-ups and other technology companies are utilizing the services & training provided by the center. Also stay tuned for IESA's hands on workshop for lithium ion cell fabrication in India.


Interview of Mr Awadhesh Kumar Jha, Vice President , Charge & Drive business, Fortum

Mr Awadhesh Kumar Jha, Vice President , Charge & Drive business, Fortum gives overview of Fortum business verticals on Global level as well as in India. He shares Fortum's plan in setting up charging infrastructure in India in 2020 and also explains few challenges private players are facing in this sector. He is optimistic that price parity will reach sooner than estimated with ICE vehicles price going up by stringent emission norms and EV car price going down with downward trend of battery...


Interview of Mr Sajid Mubashir, Scientist G, DST about new Applied R&D Program for eMobility

Mr Sajid Mubashir, Scientist G in Department of Science & Technology, India shares information about(new) DHI-DST Technology Platform, for Electric Mobility to implement demand driven R&D program. He talks about need of R&D for tropical EV batteries. He explains how the Industry can participate in the program, what level of technologies will be covered, how funding mechanism will work out for this innovative idea and why DST is stepping in these efforts.


Review of developments from India’s RE, EV & Energy Storage Market during 2019 by Dr Walawalkar

Dr Rahul Walawalkar, Founder & President of India Energy Storage Alliance reviews key developments from India’s RE, EV & Energy Storage Market during 2019. He shares IESA’s plan for 2020, towards the larger vision to make India a Global Hub for R&D & manufacturing of advanced energy storage & EVs in coming decade.


Interview of Mr Rakesh Malhotra, Founder of SAR group, LivGurad, Mentor & Investor

Mr Rakesh Malhotra shares his journey from his first startup, building Luminous brand, building Livgurad to his current focus on automobile sector & his views about India’s ESS market. Also listen in to know about IESA’s industry market reports…


Kick starting India’s ReUse & ReCycle initiative for advanced batteries.

Get idea of how much raw material goes into lithium cell manufacturing, how lithium battery recycling process happen, how flow battery recycling happen & how much of the material can be recovered from the process and how India can start ReUse & Recycling of Advanced Batteries.


Exicom's story: from leading power electronics solution provider to leading ESS provider

Listen in story of Exicom from leading power electronics solution provider to leading ESS provider in Stationary & EV sector. Mr Anant Nahata talks about importance of R&D, participation in end to end value chain & his focus on long term journey in the sector. Also IESA launching Recycling initiative


Interview with Mr Alan Greenshields, Chairman, Innolith on the occasion of World Energy Storage Day

A special episode on the occasion of World Energy Storage day featuring Innolith, innovative company bringing breakthrough technology to the world!


Rahul Walawalkar shares his experience of Tesla Australia energy storage project

Tesla commissioned a 129MWh project in Southern Australia in a record 100 days. Rahul Walawalkar who visited the site recently shares his experience from the visit on this week’s episode.


Neelima Jain on how EESL is enabling large scale adoption of emerging technologies (Rebroadcast)

After the success of driving down the LED prices and scaling up its manufacturing in India, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) is now looking to create a market trigger in Electric Vehicles (EV) and energy storage. Neelima Jain shares the story of EESL and its plans for the future with Girish Shivakumar. If you liked the episode subscribe, rate and review the podcast.


Mohua Mukherjee on a new approach for measuring global energy access (Rebroadcast)

In recent weeks, the Indian government’s ambitious electrification programme, Saubhagya has been in news, especially after the budget. The Indian government aims to electrify all households by end of 2018. So what does electrifying a household mean? Does it imply that households have reliable electricity? These are questions that are not unique to India. Energy access for all is now a global campaign especially after the United Nations emphasized it in the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG...


The paradox of electricity surplus co-existing with access deficit in India featuring Prayas Energy Group

On this week’s episode, we feature the discussion on ‘The paradox of electricity surplus co-existing with access deficit in India: Implications and way forward’ hosted by the Prayas Energy Group at the Girish Sant Memorial event.


Urj Moto: John Mathew shares the story of the electric two-wheeler startup

Urj Moto differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on delivering electric mobility solutions for fleet operations and claims to have a reliable battery temperature management unit as its USP. It was one of the finalists at the Startup event held at Energy Storage India conference earlier this year. On this episode Dr John Mathew from Urj Moto joins Girish Shivakumar for a conversation. If you liked the episode, subscribe, rate and review the podcast.


Dr Chetan Singh Solanki on empowering the local community through SoULS initiative

Dr Solanki is the brainchild behind the Million Solar Lamp initiative. He currently runs the Solar Urja through Localisation for Sustainability (SoULS) programme. On this podcast, you’ll listen to Girish Shivakumar interviewing Dr Solanki who shares the success story of million lamps programme and more. If you liked the episode, let your friends and colleagues know about it. A new podcast is released every week.


Manuj Khurana shares his views on the EV roll out plan and the role of Invest India in the space

Make in India is one of the flagship programmes of the current Indian government and there is an increased emphasis to roll out electric vehicles manufactured in India. The government agency which is the implementing arm of the Make in India program is Invest India and on today’s show Manuj Khurana from Invest India shares his views and experience in dealing with different stakeholders who are in the transition towards the roll out of electric mobility on a freewheeling chat with Girish...