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Episode 60 - Emotion at Work in life (and work being part of it)

In this episode, Phil talks about boundaries, identities and different approaches to life. His guest is Angela Day, a business leader, Head of People, Risk and Compliance at Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL). MOSL are the market operator for the non-household water retail market in England and sit at the centre of the water industry. Angela discusses MOSL's Diversity Society and how they have created an environment for people to share their experiences to see the world through the...


Episode 59 - Emotion at Work in Boundaries and Burnout

This episode of the Emotion at Work podcast looks at two different topics: boundaries and burnout. My guest in this episode, Kelly Swingler, is a coach, keynote speaker and author who has an array of experience in both topics which have an important role in our overall wellbeing. Kelly discusses her own personal experience of moving towards burnout, outlines how this had manifested itself in her daily habits and routines, and talks of how this led her to start her own business. Kelly also...


Episode 58 - Emotion at Work in Self Presentation

In this episode, looking at what can be defined as a sub-category of impression management, Phil turns to inspect the role of self presentation. As noted in the episode, impression management and self presentation is “a goal-directed, conscious or unconscious attempt to influence the perceptions of others about a person, object, or event by regulating and controlling information in social interaction.” In the workplace, being able to understand the way that someone is looking to...


Episode 57 - Emotion at Work in Flexible Working

In this episode, I interview Krystal Wilkinson who is a researcher, practitioner, and senior lecturer at the Manchester Metropolitan University Krystal joins me to discuss flexible working; a very topical and relevant practice which surrounds the present landscape of work. Krystal is keen to challenge the narrative that often sits around flexible working and the preconceived perceptions that many organisations and individual’s hold towards who should be eligible. We look at some of the...


Episode 56 - This is how I am feeling - Emotional Wellbeing in the workplace research

We are very excited to be publishing our latest piece of research into Emotional Wellbeing in the workplace. In our latest research we wanted to find out, from people like you, what are the variables that impact key wellbeing outcomes of the extents to which people: 1. Find pleasure in their work 2. Recently experienced stress about their work 3. Find their work keeps them awake at night This podcast starts to dive into the detail of our findings which unveil the relationships between...


Episode 55 - Emotion at Work in Remote Leadership

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of work for many people and organisations. Shifting processes and leading teams in a hybrid way and/or a remote way has brought with it a myriad of challenges and considerations for people professionals and those in leadership positions. In this episode, Phil is joined by Sumit Gupta who is a leadership coach and entrepreneur. Phil and Sumit discuss the role of creating a trustworthy culture through effective leadership, particularly in a hybrid and...


Episode 54 - Emotion at Work Analysis - Negotiating Meaning in Context

The keen eared listeners out there will realise that this is actually episode 54 not 55. Sorry!! Here is a link to the data set that we are analysing: https://youtu.be/fGEUKQroPK0 Here is a link to the Co-operative Principle that I mention at around 5 minutes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooperative_principle Here is a link to the community where you can register for FREE to access the full report https://community.emotionatwork.co.uk/signup Here is a link to the podcast episode I...


Episode 53 - Emotion at Work in Interview Techniques

During this episode Phil is joined by Cody Porter, who’s research involves information elicitation and how this aids deception detection. Phil and Cody discuss the role that deception plays in the workplace, from exaggeration and minimisation in job interviews (or on a CV), to corporate fraud and day-to-day lies and omissions. There’s no Pinocchio’s nose when it comes to detecting deceit. They examine strategies to make life easier for truth tellers, harder for liars and help...


Episode 52 - Emotion at Work in Emotional Sensitivity (aka hot triggers)

Aug 31st, 2021 In this episode, Phil talks about Emotional Sensitivity or more commonly known as Hot Triggers. No guest is featured here but rather it includes targeted questions and reflection times throughout the episode for you as a listener to consider. The areas of focus are; what shapes hot triggers or emotional sensitivity, how to identify them and signposts strategies to deal with them once identified. There are regular places to pause and reflect with guided questions from Phil....


Episode 51 - Emotion at Work in Body Difference

How we think or feel about ourselves and how we want others to feel about us can be manifested in the way that we look. Some aspects about how we look, for example how we style our clothes, hair or accessories are within our control. Other aspects, for example, our height or the shape of our skeleton, the size of our feet or hands are aspects about which we cannot control (without clinical intervention). Body difference and physical appearance are two areas that my guest, Denise Sanderson...


Episode 50 - Emotion at Work in the Imposter Phenomenon

In this episode, Phil talks about the Imposter Phenonemon or more commonly known as the Imposter Syndrome. No guest is featured here but rather it includes targeted questions and reflection times throughout the episode for you as a listener to consider. Who we are making comparisons with and who those comparisons are against is an area that is reflected on here. Whether that comparison happens within oneself, in the workplace, or observed in others, different perspectives are explored....


Episode 49 - Emotion at Work in Power of Love Leadership

In this longer than usual episode, I interview Sarah Higgins who is a Leadership Coach and Author of her own book The Power of Love Leadership. Here, she developed 7 Strategies for leadership, team, business, and life to not only drive success but to manage and understand one’s own emotions in order to become a better leader (and person really). We walk through Sarah’s Model in Detail from the different components like Fear to each of the 7 Strategies which are Gratitude, Hope, Learning,...


Episode 48 - COVID Special on Emotion Regulation

This is a sort of special edition and is in response to a general feeling of exhaustion and fed up-ness with COVID. I shared a post on LinkedIn recently and it seemed to get people talking about how they are helping themselves right now. This got me thinking that I could pull the conversation together in a podcast that may be helpful for folk too. This is the result. I explore the 5 families of emotion regulation, what people (and I) are doing now under each family of strategies, and...


Episode 47 - Emotion at Work in Shame in the Workplace

Shame as an emotion and topic in the workplace is one particularly interesting to me because I have experienced it, and long story short, led me to the work I do today. This is something my guest Francesca Cardona is an expert in and why I chose to bring her onto the podcast. Francesca is an organizational consultant and coach and we first got onto discussing the idea of as she put it “listening to the music behind the words”, so looking beyond the surface of words and emotions, sharing some...


Episode 46 - Emotion at work stories - Uncontrollable change

As is often the case with our ‘stories’ series, the content has the potential to affect people, and so fair listener, I want you to take care with this episode, please. I am talking with my guest Dan Hone about being a business owner in a period of uncontrollable change (AKA Covid-19) As this is a ‘stories’ episode there are no ‘references’ as such, there were a few things in particular that Dan mentioned as things that helped him and I have added those too. Thanks for listening Your...


Episode 45 - Emotion at Work in Emotion Expression

Fair warning for you fair listener, this podcast includes mention of pineapple on Pizza, sorry!! I found the guest for this podcast when I was reading one of his papers and I LOVED it. The link will follow in the show notes. We open up with the standard unexpected and innocuous question and that takes us into the pineapple incident and then we get into the podcast proper. Arik discusses three characteristics that impact and affect the appropriateness of emotion expression (and associated...


Episode 44 - Emotion at Work in Decision Making

In an unexpected turn of events for the podcast, my guest Simon Ashton from Phoenix Leaders mentions context before me. We get into a lot of areas as this episode is the second-longest one to date. Simon described this off-air as 'a bloody big topic' and I agree with him. Decisions are massively influenced by what goes on inside our heads and by things that are happening or going on around us. Therefore, this podcast has a number of different areas that we focus on. The full list of all the...


Episode 43 - Emotion at Work in Job Crafting

On the title alone this episode may not seem to fit this podcast and the opposite is the case. As an evidence-based practitioner, my guest Rob Baker is right at home and his work is ultimately about how people feel about their jobs and their work. We cover a LOT of ground in this episode and on a personal note Rob's reply to my unexpected and innocuous question is a complete surprise and I learn a lot about him. Your references as always: Around 3 minutes we discuss the Fat Cat on Kelham...


Episode 42 - Grit and Growth Mindset: Good Practice Podcast Crossover Special

Carol Dweck's Mindset (2006) and Angela Duckworth's Grit (2016) are two of the most influential social science texts of this century, but difficulty implementing their ideas and a failure to replicate their findings have left them open to criticism. In this special crossover edition of The Good Practice and Emotion at Work podcasts, hosts Nicola Boyle and Phil Willcox are joined by Owen Ferguson, Ross Garner and Gemma Towersey to discuss. We explore: Show notes Mindset - Updated Edition:...


Episode 41 - Emotion at Work *Stories* - Chronic Pain

In this episode Mark Gilroy reprises his role as host of the podcast so that I can tell my story. Long-time listeners will be familiar that I have had some health challenges over the last 2-3 years. I am now feeling so much better. Some things remain and at the same time, I am a lot better. This is an opportunity for me to share my story and how my physical pain affected me emotionally, affected my identity as well as my professional and personal life. Fair warning, there is occasional...