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Podcast: Rick Petry, Storytelling for our Attention-Deficit Culture

When it comes to engaging audiences, the direct marketing industry has it down. And one of the foremost experts in direct marketing is our guest Rick Petry. Over the course of his career, Rick has helped clients realize more than a billion dollars in combined sales and he has some great insights to share on how storytelling and behavioral science techniques can help engage consumers and drive sales.


Podcast: Carla Johnson, Architecting the Story Experience

Hot on the heels of our Harris III conversation, we have another great chat with master storyteller Carla Johnson. What makes Carla unique is her focus on shifting people from being recipients of a story to actually having an experience related to the story. We explore how that can be done, the benefits to consumers, and which brands are already starting to embrace that technique.


Podcast: Brian Kurtz, Self-proclaimed “Serial Direct Marketer”

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Brian Kurtz, a long-time friend and colleague of my business partner Rich Thau, through his Titans Mastermind events. Always dedicated to bringing amazing value to his audience, I knew Brian would do the same for listeners of this podcast and he did not disappoint!


Podcast: Harris III- Speaker & Master Illusionist

Alright, friends…this is an fun one! How often do you get to hear stories and advice on engaging an audience from a master illusionist, keynote speaker, storyteller, creative consultant, and live event curator? Harris III (the third) has traveled the world learning how to entertain, inform, and inspire, and in this conversation he shares a ton of that experience with us. No one will leave this podcast without something tangible to immediately apply to their work and even personal life.


Podcast: Kristin Luck, Storytelling & Diversity for a Changing Research Landscape

When it comes to storytelling in market research, one of the best in the business is Kristin Luck. With over 20 years of experience as a marketing measurement and growth hacking expert, Kristin’s consulting practice, Luck Collective, focuses on nontraditional growth strategies. She’s a serial entrepreneur and a globetrotting keynote speaker on marketing, branding, storytelling, startups, and innovation. Kristin is also the founder of Women in Research, a global nonprofit that facilitates...


Podcast: Ray Poynter, Data-Driven Storytelling

No podcast covering the topics of storytelling and market research would be complete without a discussion with Ray Poynter. Between creating NewMR, authoring The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research, serving as Director of Vision Critical's knowledge sharing center, and as Managing Director of The Future Place, Ray is always at the forefront of how to tell stories with data.


Podcast: JoAnn Schinderle, Engaging Audiences IS A Laughing Matter

When thinking about a well-rounded group of guests for this podcast, talking with a successful improv and stand-up comedian made perfect sense. After all, if they can’t quickly engage an audience they’re sunk! So, we were excited to have recently crowned Portland's Funniest Person JoAnn Schinderle join us.


Podcast: Erika Isler, Reaching Past the Mind to the Heart and Body

On this podcast, we’ve had the good fortune of talking with many experts in their field. In the case of Erika Isler, we got to talk with someone who spans many fields. Erika is a reporter, editor, teacher, and personal development coach who uses horses (equine facilitated wellness) to help her clients navigate all kinds of issues. I was fascinated to learn how people’s interaction with horses (not their riding of them) can be used to uncover and solve a variety of challenges. Erika also...


Podcast: Ryan Serhant, Selling an Audience Like Serhant

Engaging an audience is hard enough through one medium, but imagine having to do it across four?! That’s what this episode’s guest, Ryan Serhant, has been able to master. You may know of Ryan from his hit TV shows, “Million Dollar Listing New York” and “Sell It Like Serhant.” Or, maybe you’ve heard he has a book coming out also titled, Sell It like Serhant. Or, maybe you watch his weekly YouTube vlog. Or, maybe you trade in multimillion-dollar New York real estate and have worked with Ryan...


Podcast: Kathy Klotz-Guest, Using Humor to Connect

In the world of audience engagement there are many people who do one thing really well. Then, from time to time, you meet someone who does many things really well! That’s the case with Kathy Klotz-Guest. Kathy’s main focus is on helping her clients connect with their customers as real people. What’s unique is that she draws from her experience as a Silicone Valley executive, speaker, author, workshop leader, and… wait for it… improv comedian.


Podcast: Elizabeth Merrick May, Customer Strategist at Nest

Elizabeth has been a client, co-presenter, and industry friend for years. From her days at HSN, to her role within the Market Research Association (MRA), to her strategy and insights work at Nest, Elizabeth is without a doubt one of the smartest and most talented people I’ve ever worked with. It’s my absolute honor to have her on this podcast.


Podcast: Brian Gottlieb, In Business, Like Politics, Reputation is Everything

Having worked as a staffer on Capitol Hill, public policy consultant, pollster, and corporate communication strategist, Brian Gottlieb knows a thing or two about getting a point across and engaging an audience. In this podcast, we dig in to Brian’s diverse career and get his take on a wide variety of topics. In this time of political divide and corporate reputation challenges, Brian’s experience and advice are particularly timely.


Podcast: Kristen Soltis Anderson, Engaging the Millennial Voter

When I asked my business partner, Rich, who would make a great podcast guest to chat with about crafting engaging messaging in politics and public policy, he replied Kristen Soltis Anderson without skipping a beat. And, I’m glad he did! Kristen is a respected pollster, co-host of the bipartisan podcast http://www.thepollsters.com/, co-founder of polling and consulting firm Echelon Insights, and regularly lends her voice to ABC News, MSNBC, FOX News, and more. In this conversation, Kristen...


03: Jamie Mustard on the “Science of Obviousness”

Here’s the deal…I’m a TED-head! I was fortunate to attend the TED Conference a few years ago and I never miss the amazing TEDxPortland. When I heard TEDxPortland was putting on its first Salon Talks, I was in! One of the speakers was this dude,...


02: Greg Weinstein, Audience Engagement Veteran

When I learned one of Brian Izenson’s former college roommates is a media veteran with a resume that includes writing, directing, and producing, I knew this conversation was meant to be. Greg Weinstein’s career has spanned the media landscape having worked with major traditional, streaming,...


01: Rich Thau, Message Testing Expert and Co-founder of Engagious

New partners—new company—new podcast. Seems appropriate to kick things off with a conversation with my business partner Rich Thau. Rich is an expert at using principles from social science and behavioral psychology to shape messaging and resonate with an audience. He’s advised senior members of...