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Ensightium Podcast with Renée Walker features actionable business, branding, marketing and client development strategies to help small business owners and entrepreneurs accelerate their growth.

Ensightium Podcast with Renée Walker features actionable business, branding, marketing and client development strategies to help small business owners and entrepreneurs accelerate their growth.


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Ensightium Podcast with Renée Walker features actionable business, branding, marketing and client development strategies to help small business owners and entrepreneurs accelerate their growth.








022: Win Buyers and Influence Sales with Client Segmentation

Today, our Pro Tip focuses on the importance of client segmentation as a key business development and growth driver. Nicole Lewis, the president and CEO of Nicole Lewis & Associates, is a passionate client advocate and solution architect who creates high impact and “out of the box” initiatives to consistently deliver double digit return on investment for her clients. Nicole shares her progressive business development strategies and the importance of client and donor segmentation in this...


021: Why Ignoring Business Etiquette Will Cost You Time and Sales

Today, our Pro Tip focuses on business etiquette and why it is important for business owners, professionals and executives to achieve greater business and career success. Joscelyn Davis, the president and chief strategist of JADE Strategies, Inc., is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer who brings more than 25 years of proven experience in organizational change strategy and leadership coaching in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. She shares her business etiquette insights to...


020: Boost Your Communications with these Expert Tips

It’s my pleasure to welcome Ryan to the Ensightium podcast. Ryan is an award-winning marketing strategist and brand consultant that transforms communications into mission-driven and results-oriented solutions for a wide array of creative projects. Ryan mixes strategy with creativity, technology with graphic design to produce inspired and unique identities, collateral and marketing materials, as well as social media marketing, and digital properties. In this episode, Ryan shares his...


019: Achieve Greater Success with a Coach, Consultant or Mentor

Let me briefly introduced Matt. He has coached hundreds of financial advisors for more than a decade. Following Matt's extraordinary success with helping his client achieve and exceed their goals, Matt launched his own coaching/consulting company, Top Advisor Coaching. With a Master’s Degree as a Therapist and a Coach, Matt is trained to deal with the human elements of business. As success means different things to different people, Matt helps his clients find what success means for them and...


018: Everything You Need to Know about Referrals

Referrals are an extremely effective and cost-efficient revenue generation strategy. Yet, many business owners constantly expend countless resources focused on mass marketing in an effort to appeal to an entire market using a one-size-fits-all approach. With some planning and consistent execution, a referral program offers many benefits to small businesses. So, why are referral programs a great revenue generation strategy? Let’s consider the following statistics. • 92% of consumers trust...


017: How to Make Money with a Surefire Pricing Strategy

It’s January 2018…A new year always brings the inevitable resolutions or if you prefer behavioral modifications. Many business owners—like you and me—resolve to generate more revenue and to grow their companies. With an estimated 80 percent of resolutions likely to fail by February (that’s about 30 days), a surefire pricing strategy is necessary to achieve your revenue goals. Business owners commonly and unknowingly commit several significant pricing faux pas that limit their revenue...


016: Boss Up: How to Transition from Business Owner to CEO

Do you remember the moment you decided to launch your business or to become a business owner? Do you remember the myriad of decisions you had to make? Specifically, how did you decide on your new title of president, managing partner, founder or CEO? Whatever your decision-making process, your title represents more than your position. It reflects you level of competency to effectively manage and grow your business. As you launched your business, you were confident in your technical abilities...


015: Excellent Customer Service Should Be Your First Focus

Customer service is personal for your clients and customers. There are many benefits when businesses provided exceptional, excellent or even good, customer service. Yet, many business owners don’t consistently focus, monitor or improve their customer service. In fact, they create shortcuts and cut costs. Horror stories abound! Most recently a passenger refused to deplane a United Flight and was forcibly removed by security personnel, suffering a broken nose, a concussion, a sinus injury...


014: When It Pays to Fire Clients

Deciding to end a client relationship is a highly stressful, intense and difficult choice that should not be made quickly or taken lightly. In fact, your decision should be made with all due consideration and with well-defined reasons. It is also important that you take extreme care in executing your decision as you end a client relationship. Why would you ever fire your client? There are many valid reasons to part ways with a client to grow your business, to improve your capacity or to...


013: Best Marketing Ideas for Spectacular Business Growth

Marketing can be a daunting challenge. There are so many conflicting recommendations. And, the landscape seems to evolve daily with new digital and social media platforms. If that’s not enough, there are the issues of what to say, how to say it, where to say it, and who should hear it. Marketing is and should be viewed as a critical investment for the financial success of your business. PERIOD. Marketing is not optional. It’s imperative. Believe it or not, you will spend significantly more...


012: How to Align Sales and Marketing for Breakthrough Profits

The terms sales and marketing are often used interchangeably. However, these vital functions provide very different—and equally important—contributions to the company or organization. They’re in fact the yin-yang that cultivates customers, generates sales, and serves as the fuel for your company. Today, we explore how to align your sales and marketing functions to significantly improve revenue generation, enhance productivity and to increase profitability. Many business owners and executives...


011: Capacity, Cash Flow and Calculated Risks

Growing or managing your business can be a daunting challenge. Keeping customer acquisition and opportunity costs low is extremely important for sustainable business growth and revenue generation. Today, we will unpack how to assess business opportunities and optimize business growth potential without bankrupting the company, to identify niche and target markets to accelerate customer acquisition and revenue generation, and improve your return on investment. If you enjoy this podcast (and we...


010: 10 Awesome Lessons from the Best Global Brands Part 2

I hope you have been able to incorporate lessons from last week’s episode. Today, we will continue to examine lessons from the 10 Best Global Brands. As a reminder, the 100 Best Global Brand valuations by Interbrand, a global branding consultancy, are distributed each October. The 10 Best Global Brands provide invaluable lessons for growth-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners. The lessons will help you strategize, implement and achieve your desired growth, and to build a strong and...


009: 10 Awesome Lessons from the Best Global Brands Part 1

In today’s episode, we will examine lessons from the 10 Best Global Brands as valuated by Interbrand, a global branding agency. The 10 Best Global Brands provide invaluable lessons for growth-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners. The lessons will help you strategize, implement and achieve your desired growth, and to build a strong and resilient customer-focused brand. For our purposes, we have isolated a specific lesson from each brand. If you enjoy this podcast (and we hope you...


008: Relationship Power: The Art and Science of Winning Business

Today, we will focus on a mission-critical skill—relationship building—for the success and viability of your business. Having the ability to confidently and effectively engage with people in both business and social environments is imperative to successfully market your business, to develop key relationships, and to attract business opportunities. So, love it or hate it, relationship building is everyone’s responsibility in your company. And, mastering this skill will provide enormous...


007: How to Improve Communications for Successful Growth

In our previous episode, we discussed lead generation strategies for your business success. Now, we turn our focus to effective communication strategies that will engage your current and prospective customers. Small business owners can effectively employ the following techniques to strengthen their customer relationships, to attract new customers, to differentiate their products and services, and to enhance their profitability. If you enjoy this podcast (and we hope you do!), please take a...


006: Generating Leads Is Easier Than You Think

Many business owners believe generating leads is a costly, low return and difficult task. By purposefully and strategically creating a lead generation plan, you can significantly reduce spend by maximizing low cost and highly effective platforms to develop a sales pipeline. Today, we introduce lead generation and explore several tools and techniques that small business owners can implement now. If you enjoy this podcast (and we hope you do!), please take a minute to subscribe, review or rate...


005: Perfect Pitch: Keys to Winning More Business

In an extremely competitive marketplace, creating customer value is essential for winning more business. Optimizing sales and marketing activities while employing customer cultivation, acquisition and activation strategies are significant drivers to increase sales volume, differentiate products and services, create competitive advantages to win more business and accelerate growth. Today, we delve into purchase decision-drivers, the marketing and sales funnel and how to create strategies that...


004: Supercharge Your Executive Brand

Today, we will explore the executive brand strategies used by influential CEOs to increase their top-line revenue, gain access to more deal flow and bring in bigger dollars. When you think of branded CEOs, many come to mind, including Steve Jobs (Apple), Richard Branson (Virgin), Warren Buffet(Berkshire Hathaway), Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, and the list goes on. Each of them have carefully and purposefully created iconic CEO brands that enabled them to build their companies and to become...


003: How to Attract Awesome Talent with a Powerful Employer Brand

Growing your business is no small feat and requires several critical resources. And chief among them is highly qualified talent that can help address new client demands, new marketplace realities and modify internal processes to cost-effectively deliver new products and services. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs falsely believe they are unable to successfully hire the best in-demand talent as the competition with larger and global corporations is unwinnable. Today, we will...