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Entrepreneurs Over 40 features inspiring stories by Entrepreneurs talking about the businesses that they created and the Side Hustles that they launched. New episodes come out every Monday!

Entrepreneurs Over 40 features inspiring stories by Entrepreneurs talking about the businesses that they created and the Side Hustles that they launched. New episodes come out every Monday!


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Entrepreneurs Over 40 features inspiring stories by Entrepreneurs talking about the businesses that they created and the Side Hustles that they launched. New episodes come out every Monday!






59 - Dale Miller Invented Chin-up Strips

In This Episode Dale Miller Shares: That he was a successful lawyer before inventing Chin-Up Strips. His wife had always complained about his snoring but it wasn't until he had a case where a man had a fatal accident that he recognized that his difficulty sleeping could be deadly. He had a Sleep study done and it confirmed that he had Sleep Apnea. He was prescribed a CPAP machine which he said changed his life but he still had a problem with mouth breathing at night. His doctor told...


58 - Chef Dennis Littley Talks About Blogging

In This Episode Chef Dennis Shares: That he has had several mentors throughout his career that have helped him become the Chef that he is today. He has had two carpal tunnel surgeries on his hand. How he started a culinary program for teen girls that was one of the schools points of excellence. What prompted him to create a blog and how it didn't initially function like he thought that it would. How many hours a week he works in 'retirement.' That he was Philadelphia's Power User for...


57- Bob Wheeler Talks About Our Relationships With Money And His With Comedy

In this episode Bob shares: That originally he wanted to be a lawyer until he met some. Accounting for Bob was initially just a course to keep his GPA up in college and not something he wanted to specialize in. Accounting allows him the freedom and opportunity to pursue creative outlets. Bob shares that his girlfriend at the time got him his first job out of college as a Controller for a hotel. Bob was one of the first people in his college to actually use a computer in the work force. Bob...


56 - The Wisdom of Connie Inukai, April Mitchell, and LaQuita Monley



Ep 55 - Dan Shinder Talks About Social Media On Steroids

In this episode Dan shares: That he developed his Social Media On Steroids course after someone pointed out that DrumTalk TV was achieving 900% more online reach and engagement than its competitors. Dan considers himself an introvert which I found surprising. Dan preaches that "There's a lot of people who are forever learners with no action. With learning and no action, the knowledge is worthless without application of the knowledge. There's no progress, and without progress, it's all for...


Ep 54 - Cathy Nesbitt talks about Worm Farming, Sprouts, and Laughter Yoga

In this episode Cathy shares: That she gave a TED talk on the wonderful world of worms. Why she is an advocate for worms and worm composting. How her business is ultimately an education business. How a trade deal with the US that closed her local landfill spurred her to take action. The number one main objection to worm composting How she dispels the myth that someone needs a yard of their own to grow food. How to do vermicomposting. How to get rid of fruit flies even if...


Ep53 - The Wisdom Of Dana Knowles, Victoria Wieck, Catherine Kirk, Shawn Moye and Chris Klesh

Dana Knowles discusses: How her invention 'The Hanging Shower Caddy' came about. That the book "One Simple Idea" by Stephen Key introduced her to the world of licensing. What a good example of a royalty percentage is. Chris Klesh talks about: What got him out of retirement and in to being a travel guru. How his son is the perfect example of being able to work remotely in a vacation setting. Victoria Wieck shares: How the typical MBA program's curriculum does not serve...


Ep52 - The Wisdom of Sara Crique, Joe Pulizzi, Zev Asch, Brian Fried, and Alan Beckley

Joe Pulizzi discusses: The seven steps of starting a business using the Content, Inc model. What the term Content Tilt means and how to use it to differentiate your business. How a Content, Inc business is one that must be in it for the long haul. Zev Asch talks about: How marketing is based on 100% human behavior. What Marketing Chutzpah is and how Jet Blue is a great example of it. Brian Fried shares: How he comes up with an idea and commercializes it with regard to...


EP51 - Larae Mayo, Entrepreneur and Model

In this episode Larae shares: That her family goes back four generations living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. How she came from a mixed family and that her maternal Grandfather fought for the social justice issues of his day. Her first business was selling oxygen canisters in Aspen Colorado to combat altitude sickness. Though she wanted to source her product locally, the best that she could find at the time was a manufacturer in New Jersey. She still was able to keep the product...


Ep50 - Ann Tracy Talks About The Business Of Art

In this episode Ann shares: That she got in to radio news because of the numerous injuries that she had suffered as a modern dancer. How she had to have a very regimented morning routine due to how early she got up in the morning to go to work. She left working in the radio industry to become a PR consultant. She started her own theatre company in Sacramento that focused on either world or Sacramento premieres. That she had to augment her ticket sales with additional funding such...


Ep49 - Andrea Pass Talks About Public Relations For Your Business

In this episode Andrea shares: That even before she made the leap in to entrepreneurship her clients were almost begging her to start her own firm to better serve them. What she does as a PR Manager to help her clients increase their media exposure. The unfortunate event that happened in the previous agency that she worked for and how it propelled her to start her own firm. How her biggest mistake centered around a form that she thought needed to be more complicated than it was and...


Ep48 - Karen Liz Albert Talks About Using Social Media For Your Business

In this episode Karen shares: How losing her Mother caused her to re-examine her life and make changes. How volunteering for a friend helped her to find her niche in Social Media. That she now considers herself unemployable. How a musical theatre event provided the perfect name for her business. The mistake most people make by trying to target everyone for their business and how that it backfires. That in addition to real estate professionals, another target market of her business is...


Ep47 - Warren Wilson Talks About Creating Better Blocks

In this episode Warren shares: The one trait that he believes separated him from other inventors and allowed him to get Better Blocks manufactured. That dealing with success was not always easy for an introvert like himself After Better Blocks was dissolved he began to question himself as an inventor. That he and his Dad used to race and build their own motorbikes. His Dad was the first person in Australia to grind camshafts for cars and that his Mom was a well-respected dress...


Ep46 - Julie Austin Talks About Inventing Swiggies

Episode Forty Six Features Julie Austin Talking About Inventing Swiggies. My Key Takeaways: Julie was a lot of fun to talk to and we learned a lot, both about Inventing as well as Side Hustles in general. . In this episode Julie shares: Her advice to anyone starting a side hustle. How her Grandmother inspired her by having run her own little Country store in North Carolina. What inspired her to invent Swiggies. How she developed her first prototype and what it was made of. The process...


Ep45 - Ogburn Charles Talks About His First Book

Episode Forty Five Features Author Ogburn Charles Discussing His First Book. My Key Takeaways: Ogburn is an interesting guy that has traveled to a lot of different countries and experienced a myriad of foreign cultures. . In this episode Ogburn shares: That he lives on a 25 acre farm. When he was seven he had a pot bellied pig named Betty. His ancestor founded Hewitt, New Jersey. Who his pen name honors. What the plot of Passages is and what he based it on loosely. One of the VAs...


Ep44 - Brian Winch Talks Trash

Episode Forty Four Features Brian Winch Talking Trash. My Key Takeaways: Brian Winch was a lot of fun to talk to and has a business model that blows me away with its simplicity. In this episode Bryan shares: In this episode Brian shares: That he was a pretty good Hockey player and at one time thought about playing it professionally. How his Dad had prepared him to do this although he didn't realize it at the time. What he was doing as a job before he started his business. How he...


Ep43 - Featuring Bryan Lifshitz Talking About Branding

Episode Forty Three Features Bryan Lifshitz Talking About Branding. My Key Takeaways: Brandon Lifshitz, despite having an FCC unfriendly name, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Branding and Ecommerce. In this episode Bryan shares: How his family moved from South Africa to the US in 1980 and how his Dad eventually changed industries. That his Dad gave him a wealth of business knowledge by having him work in the family's Computer business. The story behind the PiggyBack Rider...


Ep42 - Andrew Darlow Talks About Inventing

Episode Forty Two Features Andrew Darlow Talking About Inventing. My Key Takeaways: Andrew Darlow was a great guy to interview and he has a very creative mind. He has been a successful Author, Photographer, and Inventor. In this episode Andrew shares: How his families businesses helped shape both his mindset as well as his interest in photography and typography. That his families first Macintosh computer helped to reinforce his interest in fonts and typography. Where he went as a foreign...


Ep41 - The Wisdom of Mary Fain Brandt, Jo Draper, Colleen Kochannek, Ramon Ray, and Rob Cosman

Episode Forty One Features Guests Seventeen Through Twenty One Imparting Wisdom and What They Have Learned My Key Takeaways: I was extremely lucky to get the following guests as my next five interviews: Episode 17 - Mary Fain Brandt Episode 18 - Jo Draper Episode 19 - Colleen Kochannek Episode 20 - Ramon Ray Episode 21 - Rob Cosman In this episode: Be sure to hit Subscribe in your podcast app so that you don't miss it or any other episodes. Show Notes: [00:00:00] We're actually starting...


Ep40 - Dr. Hank Talks Mindset

Episode Forty Features Dr Hank Seitz Talking About Our Mindset And How It Affects Us. My Key Takeaways: Dr Hank Seitz was another interesting and charismatic guest who talked about the power of the mind. In this episode Dr. Hank shares: That in addition to being a neural Scientist and author that he is an ordained minister as well. That we typically have 60,000 thoughts per day and that around 80% of them are unwanted or considered negative thoughts. Our thoughts truly do become...