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Inspirations & Actions from African Leaders and Founders

Inspirations & Actions from African Leaders and Founders




Inspirations & Actions from African Leaders and Founders




Edtech - With Jade Li from Katapult

Education is one of those industries that require a total revamping. Jade Li founded Katapult to tackle the issue of STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and bring a fresh approach to education. In this episode, Jade walks us through her company, Katapult, unique approach to education and how she started and grew her business. Starting the acceleration program of Turbine, Mauritius Incubator and Accelerator, Katapult will expand its footprint, so stay...


Angel Investors - with Abu Cassim

Money is a crucial part of any company, but probably even more for startups who generally start their operations on a shoestring. In this episode, we discuss with Abu Cassim, founder and CEO of Jozi Angels, a business angel organization in Johannesburg, South Africa. Abu has invested in dozens of startups on the African continent and bring a wealth of knowledge when it comes to picking up the right venture to invest in. In this interview, Abu walks us in what is the secret sauce that makes...


Entrepreneurship and Leadership Education - With Lucy Scott

Are you born an entrepreneur, can we learn entrepreneurship or are we made entrepreneurs? To answer this question, we welcome a young professional who is in charge of the student venture project at the African Leadership University in Mauritius. Coming from a liberal art and alternative education background, nothing predestined Lucy Scott to be in charge of developing the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of students at ALU. This podcast is all about Lucy’s story, before, during (and...


Coaching - With Chris Suzdak

If you ever had a coach, be it a professional or life one, you probably know how valuable his or her sessions were to you. Generally, most of us are skeptic about coaches until you meet a real life-changing one. Then you become afficionado. Our guest today had a few coaches that really made a difference and, while working on the continent, realized very few professionals were offered coaching sessions by their employers. Coffee Chat was born. Today, we welcome Chris Suzdak, the founder of...


Crowdlending - With Paul Perrier

When, as an entrepreneur, you need money, you know have multiple options without requiring to go through the classical banking system. One of them that is available to businesses and individuals is crowdlending or peer-to-peer lending. In this episode, we have the pleasure to interview Paul Perrier, the founder of FundKiss, the first crowdlending platform in Mauritius. Paul comes back on his entrepreneurial journey and particularly the creation of FundKiss. Timing, resilience,...


Let's talk Fintech - With Michal Szymanski

Fintech is one of those buzz words that everyone has heard one day or another. A couple of years ago, Mauritius founded the Mauritius Africa Fintch Hub and hired Michal Szymanski to lead the organization. Michal has been in a startup ecosystem for a while and "speaks" fintech, blockchain and payment gateway fluently. In this interview, he comes back on the fintech ecosystem and the importance of building one, as well as about the power of the network. Known for his no-BS direct approach,...


Scaling and Growth - With San Bhaskaran

"The great danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." –Michelangelo In this episode, we welcome San Bhaskaran, the CEO and founder of Upilot.com, an innovative CRM aimed at changing the CRM landscape. Serial entrepreneur, San is walking us in his personal journey about value creation and overall growth and scale! In this interview, San distils his wisdom and sound advice to all entrepreneurs and...


Xmas Bazaar - With Gerald, Jason and Marc

We wanted to end this short season with our thoughts, about the bazaar and our MVP approach to interviews, as well as our key insights. Stopping, thinking and reflecting about what happened is a nice way to learn and improve. In this final (and special episode), you will hear from the three of us. We are sharing our key learning with a smile after a great day, meeting cool and courageous startupers. We wish you a Merry Christmast and a Happy New Year. Enjoy!


Xmas Bazaar - With Xavier from MIPS

One key element of any ecommerce web site is its payment page. One key element of any retailers is its card payment system. But cards are no longer this only digital payment way. Phones are getting ubiquitous in this space. Based on this, MIPS, Multiple Internet Payment Systems, was created to fill that void. In this episode, Xavier, from MIPS, walks us through the importance of a payment system in the internet and retail spaces, as well as the simplicity they wanted to focus on. It's all...


Xmas Bazaar - With Ruben from Junkart Creation

This episode is somehow different from others. It's the first time we welcome a "builder" in Entrepreneurs Talk Africa. Ruben loves music and recycling objects into musical instruments. He transformed his passion into a side hustle, that he's sharing with us today. It's a little bit unusual interview with a musical twist and a Mauritius flavor. Enjoy!


Xmas Bazaar - With Jade from Katapult

How to have more kids interested by STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics? Jade wanted to provide an answer to this question to be able to transmit her passion for STEM. What did she do? She created Katapult, a company aimed at having kids play with STEM to make them love STEM. Then, recently, she created a game to help kids discover electricity in a fun way, Squishy Circuits. In this episode from the Xmas Short Series, we learn how Jade came to entrepreneurship and how she...


Xmas Bazaar - With Shamir from AVR Plato Technologies

In this second episode of the Xmas Bazaar short series, we welcome Shamir, co-founder of AVR Plato, a startup focused on augmented reality technology and editor of AR Games. Shamir explains what AVR Plato was founded, his challenges and difficulties as a startuper, and how he overcame and got stronger! A story of determination and resilience! Enjoy!


Xmas Bazaar - With Hisham from Met Enn Koste

We inaugurate this short series with Hisham, co-founder of Met Enn Koste, a Mauritian Startup. Because they were an online service, they got turned down by Xmas market organizers. This did not get them down, instead they decided to create their own, the Met Enn Koste Xmas Bazaar. We hear right from Hisham, how they came up with the idea, with his co-founder, and how they execute. Pure MVP approach, pure startup thinking, pure simple execution! Enjoy!


Impact Investing - With Marie Espitalier Noël

As her LinkedIn profile says, Marie Espitalier Noël is passionate about sustainability, she believes in a new form of business model which reconciles profit and impact optimization. Leading Inco in Australia after working in Mauritius and Reunion, Marie is focusing on making a difference in people's life by supporting innovative companies to maximize their social impact and upskills diverse individuals to reach their full potential. In this episode, we focus on impact investing. What it is,...


Geo Expansion - With Adefolu Majekodunmi

Today, we step into business expansion and particularly geo expansion, by welcoming Adefolu Majekodunmi, co-founder and managing director of Asseco Nigeria, co-founder and non-executive director of Capricorn Digital and President of European Business Organisation Nigeria. Expanding a company geographically on the African continent can be tricky and costly. How do you operate a company far from its headquarters? Where and how to start? When to pull the plug if necessary? Those are some of...


Tech Impact on Smart Cities - With Gaetan Siew

This episode is a little bit special. We are honored and humbled to host Gaetan Siew. World citizen, Gaetan Siew’s leadership and his vision of a world of sharing allows him to mobilize and inspire political and business leaders around a creative consensus unleashing the full potential of our resources. President of the International Union of Architects from 2005 to 2008, he travelled the world to meet international institutions and governments promoting greater solidarity. With his...


Talent Management - With Eric Van Gils

Attracting and retaining talent are jobs in themselves, especially for startups and small entreprises. In this episode, we have a the pleasure to welcome Eric Van Gils, Partner at Holbourne Advisory, an Africa focused Executive Search firm. After a career in Finance, Eric decided his passion for talent management was stronger that his for numbers. An organisation without its people is nothing. When the times comes to hire employees, the founders are generally faced with multiple questions....


Startups and Big Tech - With Yvonne Bettkober

In this episode, we welcome Yvonne Bettkober, from Cameroon, who is the General Manager of Amazon Web Services Switzerland. We cannot but think about all the young professionals in Africa who dream about having a great career in tech and drive their own success! Yvonne is a real role model! Yvonne discusses at leanght how technology can be an enable for many challenges faced by Africa. She explains how Africa is a startup, and why we need a more connected economy to the needs of the...


Lead Conversion - With Berty Tonta

A Sales-Driven Digital Marketer Berty is the founder of Leadstalk Digital, a consultancy firm specialised in sales-driven digital marketing strategies. Passionate about Marketing and Technology, he had the chance to have a 20-year career that embraced both. His track record includes the implementation of a CRM system at One&Only Le Saint Geran and the development of Sales Enablement solutions for companies like Constance hotels, Sun Resorts, Veranda Resorts or Espral. He also participated...


Unleashing Growth - With Raghav Hunasgi

This is episode focuses on growth and how to unleash it. Every startuper and entrepreneur wants to grow his/her business, us at Entrepreneurs Talk Africa included. But how do you do it? We had to ask somebody who did it, not only once, but multiple times. We had the pleasure to discuss growth and acceleration with a serious serial entrepreneur, and we are delighted to share this conversation with Raghavendra Hunasgi. Raghav is a global Marketing and Branding expert helping Fortune 500...