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The 7 Principles of People Power - With James Van Der Westhuizen

This week's guest is not the typical startuper. He's a more seasoned entrepreneur, fascinated as we are by Africa and entrepreneurial growth. We are happy to introduce James Van Der Westhuizen, founder and CEO of Knowhouse. In this show, we go over the 7 Principles of People Power, entrepreneurship, Africa rising, and many more topics. Here are the books we talk about in the episode: Creating ConfidenceThe Category Pirates seriesEnjoy this episode with Marc and James.


Debrief - Concept Development in Africa - With Ancel Ochino

If you want the core of concept development in less than 10 minutes, this debrief episode is for you. If you have another 30 minutes, jump there and get the full episode!


Concept Development in Africa - With Ancel Ochino

Ever heard about Concept Development ? I had not until we got Ancel Ochino on the line. In this episode, Jason exchanges with Ancel about concept development and a, not so uncommon among entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial journey. Jack of all trade, renaissance man, or man of many talents, Ancel walks us in his entrepreneurial life. Founder and CEO of Ancywax, a concept development company, Ancel Ochino explains in detail what tailored services are about. Enjoy this first episode of the heigth...


Debrief - Reimagining Insurance in Africa - With Ashley Gauzere

Do you want to have a view of what the future of insurance is in Africa? This debrief episode is for you. 10 minutes of distilled wisdom. For the full episode, listen here.


Reimagining Insurance in Africa - With Ashley Gauzere

Fintech is one of those buzzwords that span many industries and topics. Although we tend to think bank and payment, Connekt4, a company founded in Reunion and based in Côte d'Ivoire has launched Hub2, a solution to provide payment technologies in 10 African countries, with a mission to reimagine insurance in Africa. In this episode, Gerald welcomes Ashley Gauzere, founder and CEO of Hub2. Ashley explains what FinInsurTech is all about, its challenges and opportunities, but also how you move...


Angel Fair Africa Special Edition

This year the 9th edition of Angel Fair Africa will take place in person in Mauritius. With James Mwangi, CEO of Equity Group, and Esther Dyson, Chairwoman of EDventure Holding, as keynote speakers, this edition will group some of the most active African investors as well as top promising startups. Set on the 25th of November 2021, Angel Fair Africa is the event to attend if you want to know more about startup investment in Africa. In this episode, we talk to the founder of AFA, Eric...


Debrief - Community Empowerment - With Ifrah Arab

Here's the debrief for Jason's conversation with Ifrah Arab about Community Empowerment. If you have less than 10 minutes, this is the ideal format to get your entrepreneurial wisdom. If you have around 30 minutes then listen to the full episode here.


Community Empowerment - With Ifrah Arab

In this episode, we focus on everything it takes to change and empower a community. It’s very easy to sit and talk about how change and improvements can be made in any situation, but it is a completely different thing to take the steps to make that change and actually have that change be a source of empowerment for a community. Our guest today, Ifrah Arab, has not only done that, she has also been garnering a lot of recognition across the African continent for a variety of entrepreneurial...


Top Pick - Number 1 - Solutions to Food Waste – With Rebecca Espitalier-Noël

At the top of our picks, we find not only a dynamic women, but a social entrepreneur for a very worthy cause. Rebecca Espitalier-Noël graces us with some of her wisdom from Foodwise on how to solve the big issue of food waste. Prepare to be surprised!


Top Pick - Number 2 - African Startups and Big Tech – With Yvonne Bettkober

In this second place of our Top Picks, we meet Yvonne Bettkober, GM of AWS Switzerland. She distils her wisdom to all entrepreneurs: Think Big, Invent and Simplify, Start from the Customer.


Top Pick - Number 3 - African Diaspora – With Stephano Rose

Stephano Rose takes the third place in our Top 5 Picks. He walks us into his journey and how the African diaspora can spread the word with ideas and give back.


Top Pick - Number 4 - Are You a Multipotentialite – With Natacha Emilien

Number 4 of our Top 5 Picks from Entrepreneurs Talk Africa goes to Natacha Emilien, from Red Dot. She talks about multipotentiality and how to deal with it.


Top Pick - Number 5 - African Products with Madvee Muthu.

We start with number 5 of the top 5 most listened to episodes on the Entrepreneurs Talk Africa podcast. Madvee Muthu, from Bees with Stories, talks about the incredible potential of African products!


Debrief - Healthcare in Africa - With Elisha Kuchar and Marcel Kadoche

Jason and Marc share their insights about Elisha and Marcel discussion on Key Africa and its initiatives to transform primary healthcare on the African continent. 10 minutes of shared wisdom if you are in a hurry, or jump to the full episode here.


Healthcare in Africa - With Elisha Kuchar and Marcel Kadoche

With more that one billion people, Africa is a continent with many opportunities and challenges. Sub-saharan Africa’s healthcare systems remains inaccessible to most African citizens despite billions of dollars in funding. An Israeli startup, Key Africa, has decided to tackle this issue and in this episode we had the privilege to discuss with their co-founders Elisha Kuchar and Marcel Kadoche. Elisha and Marcel walk us through the genesis of the project and why it matters to them and to the...


Debrief - From Idea to Startup - With Chris Rey

The brilliant stuff about successful founders is their interviews is full of key insights. This is the case about Chris Rey's interview. Gerald, Jason and Marc come back on their key takeaways and distill some wisdom in 10 minutes. If you want to listen to the full interview, click here.


From Idea to Startup - With Chris Rey

Take young graduates working a successful corporate life in a big and famous company. Take the same young graduates looking at opportunities unfolding in the new mobility space. Shake a little, add some sleepless sights and a shot of risk, and you end up with Apollo Scooters, one of the top leading brands of electric scooters in North America. In this episode, we have the privilege to interview Chris Rey, Mauritius-born co-founder, of Apollo Scooters. We drill down the creation of the...


Debrief - SME Growth Facilitator - With Sandiso Ncube

In their conversation, Gerald, Jason and Marc come back on Sandiso's interview and share their key insights and takeways. your ten minutes of entrepreneurship wisdom. For the full episode, click here.


SME Growth Facilitator - With Sandiso Ncube

Growth! The Holy Grail of any startup, We all want to grow faster, higher, and better. Is there a secret ingredient to growth? What should entrepreneur be aware on their growth journey? Those are a few questions and topics we dive into with our guest today, Sandiso Ncube. Sandiso comes back on how he fell into entrepreneurship after some shining debut in finance. We also speak about his step-by-step approach to successful entrepreneurship that made the basis of the 10-Minute Guide to...


Debrief - Social Impact Ecosystem Builder - With Leyla Karaha

In this episode, Gerald, Jason and Marc share their insights about social impact and Marc's conversation with Leyla Karaha, founder of YourY Network. The perfect 10-minute for a quick bite, or jump into the full episode to get the full flavor.