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Exploring technology and strategy to help market your event and build community.

Exploring technology and strategy to help market your event and build community.


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Exploring technology and strategy to help market your event and build community.




#6 - Converting to a virtual event - Lee Jackson

We are in unprecedented times. Event organisers around the world face the choice of cancelling, postponing or going virtual. We believe the world needs events, so we have taken ours virtual in 2020 and in this episode we share how you can do this too. Full show notes: https://eventmartech.com/converting-to-a-virtual-event


#5 - Live streaming your event - Lee Jackson

Since launching my conference, some members of my global community have asked if we will offer a live stream of the event, and so we already had an offsite engagement strategy in place for this year. I'm glad we did since I've received a few concerned emails from a minority who have said they are expecting to not be able to travel and would like to benefit from the live stream. In this episode I'll unpack how we planned it and the tools used, demonstrating that the whole strategy was far...


#4 - Social media strategy for your event - Lee Jackson

Frustrated that social media marketing is not working for you? Are you wondering how to use social media to build your online audience and promote your event? In this episode I will share some social media strategies for growing your reach and attracting more people to your event. Full show notes: https://eventmartech.com/social-media-strategy-for-your-event


#3 - Content marketing for event organisers - Lee Jackson

Content marketing helps you to lead with value, build an event brand and grow your business, yet do you ever struggle to produce good content? Are you disappointed with the results your content achieves, or perhaps you don’t seem to have the time to create something new and worthwhile? Full show notes: https://eventmartech.com/content-marketing-for-event-organisers


#2 - Managing multiple leads - Lee Jackson

There are so many moving parts to an event and it is easy to lose track of potential sponsors, exhibitors, partners and attendees. How can you ensure you and your team manage leads well to ensure your event is a success? Full show notes: https://eventmartech.com/managing-multiple-leads/


#1 - Launch episode

Welcome to the Event Martech podcast where we will be exploring technology and strategy to help market and deliver your event. Full show notes: https://eventmartech.com/launch-episode/