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Real Millionaires. Real Stories. Real Business Wisdom




Finding and managing high-quality virtual assistants with Barbara Turley

Episode Highlights: How crazy do the systems have to be when you start to hire a VA, Sample tools to use in implementing your systems and processes, How to have efficient and effective communication with your VAs, Recruitment tips in hiring the right VA, When should you fire your VA, How often to do the "How it's going?" call with your VAs, Learn how Barbara built a business and had a baby at the same time with high-quality VAs, Reasons you fail with a VA (And how to fix it)... The post...


Building a 7-figure business from nothing with Jessica Zimmerman

Episode Highlights: Jessica journey in her life and business, How to know when you are stress (And how to alleviate it), Learn how Jessica shifted everything through meditation, Tips in preparing for your next business opportunity... The post Building a 7-figure business from nothing with Jessica Zimmerman appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.


The courage to make huge changes with Ken D. Foster

Episode Highlights: Ken's definition of courage, What helps generate courageous success, The role of self-awareness play in having the courage to change your life, Why people need to do what they love now (And not later), How to move forward to create future success, Steps to take to use the consciousness of courage to break through limitations... The post The courage to make huge changes with Ken D. Foster appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.


Why You Need to be a Self-Reliant Entrepreneur with John Jantsch

Episode highlights: The difference of his latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur, to his other books, Tips in enjoying your life and business together (especially meditation), How to get away from guilt in putting self-care before business, How to be resilient when things don't work out, Tips in re-framing your mindset, How to know what's working and not working for us in this world, How to test and implement a good idea... The post Why You Need to be a Self-Reliant Entrepreneur with...


All about franchises with Erik Van Horn

Episode Highlights: Learn How real estate launched Eric in business (which still plays a role in his overall strategy), Finding, buying, starting, scaling and selling franchises, When to buy a franchise (and the issues to work on before buying), How to match a franchise buyer to a franchise, Traits that will lead to business success, Partnerships: the good, bad, and the ugly, How to find good people to manage the businesses (when to give them equity), What franchisees should do to level up...


The vacation effect with Denise Gosnell

Episode Highlights: Learn how Denise developed "The Vacation Effect", The secret in running 3 businesses 3 different industries by working just 3 days a week, What is scheduling experiment (and how to implement it), How freedom is a mindset, and not a destination, Learn the better way to have growth in you personal and business life, Difference of male and female business owners (productivity wise), How to figure out the flow of your freedom days, What life event made Denise shift from being...


The trust equation with Josh Turner

Episode highlights: Learn the four pillars of trust equation, Tips on building relationships with new prospects and maintaining relationships with existing network and connections, What is Connect 365 (and how to use it), How to efficiently segment your list and communicate to it, Tips and tricks on having a high open rate and engagement from your list, What are the constraints in using LinkedIn as a marketing channel... The post The trust equation with Josh Turner appeared first on...


Energy solutions for better results with Sheevaun Moran

Episode highlights: Learn more of Energetic Solutions®, What is quantum energy, Strategies of energy solutions for better results in business and life, What is energy cutting (and tips on how to implement it), How to overcome ADD, Strategies to maximize the use of Trello, How to deal with task switching in a day, How to reshuffle and prioritize all the things to do in a day, Stories of entrepreneurs Sheevaun helped in their business and life, Learn how to be financially independent by lining...


Becoming a “champion” goal achiever with Dr. Jeff Spencer

Episode highlights: What is a champion's blueprint, The two fundamental parts of achieving your goals, In-depth explanation of Jeff's goal achievement roadmap, How to understand our human nature, When to celebrate your success, How long does the daily grind last, Learn goal achievement as a leader of a team, The difference of "belief" and "knowing", How to recalibrate moments to have a champion’s mind... The post Becoming a “champion” goal achiever with Dr. Jeff Spencer appeared first on...


The best way to exit a business with Mark Mills

Episode highlights: Things that will come up when you exit from your business, What is the standard due diligence list you need, What the three elements in presenting your business, Who you should approach specific buyers, How to test a good advisor for your business, How to approach your closed-knit team when you're selling your business, How to set up a timeframe in selling your business, Tips in delegation when exiting a business... The post The best way to exit a business with Mark...


How to survive business puberty with Eric Gilbert-Williams

Episode Highlights: What is business puberty (and how to survive it), Why each business growth spurt requires different mindset and skills, How to make people in your team accountable (and how to call them for their mistakes), How to get unstuck (especially as the business owner), Learn how manage risk and failure in business, The difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner, Hiring process tips to hire the right type of people for you... The post How to survive business puberty...


The brilliant work-life balance with Cherylanne Skolnicki

Episode Highlights: How to identify your roles to have a balance in life(especially for working moms), How to withstand judgement(good mom vs good business owner), What is a decision sprint exercise(and how to do it), Tips in making decisions faster, How to take the time to step back and create the decision framework, How to create a year plan that will hit all your high points, How to break the changes you want into projects and practices(project vs practice), Tips to ease the transition...


Building thriving podcast communities with Nigel Eccles

Episode Highlights: What is Nigel's goal in creating podcast communities, How to build a thriving podcast community, The protocols that will make your audience engage, Common things new startup entrepreneurs need to know, Tips in visioning, What is OKR (Objective and Key Results) and why is it important... The post Building thriving podcast communities with Nigel Eccles appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.


The Art of Communicating with Employees with Trivinia Barber

Episode Highlights: The 4 buckets of letting go and delegating, How to deal with employee mistakes, What non-negotiables in the company (reasons that might get an employee fired), How thick should the boundary between the boss and employees (Tips in making better boundaries), How to create a great relationship with your employees, How to deal with your executive admin for them to grow, How to hire a great executive assistant, How to fire somebody (when to fire somebody), How to set up a...


Scaling Jungle Scout Fast with Greg Mercer

Episode Highlights: His experience in creating and developing Jungle Scout, Learn what led Jungle Scout to the fast growth trajectory, His journey growing up as a kid with a successful entrepreneur dad, How to counter the fear of failure, How Greg's role grew in Jungle Scout (The strengths he developed in five years), How to step back and not micromanage (let go!), Tips and tricks in systemizing your hiring process, Learn the deciding factors of hiring, Tips in firing your employee... The...


Making Millionaire Choices with Tony Bradshaw

Episode Highlights: Breaking the family cycle of financial mismanagement, Retirement vs. freedom to live your life, How to instill ambition and financial responsibility in your children, Learn whether you are emotionally or logically driven towards your money, The fast way to get out of debt, The 4 Categories of Money... The post Making Millionaire Choices with Tony Bradshaw appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.


The Origin Story of Zapier with Wade Foster

Episode Highlights: The origin of Zapier (Called Zaps with API in the name!), How to know if your product is good enough in the market, Why talking to customers as the owner is critical, Tips and how to’s for hiring, Why hire people that have a roll up your sleeve mentality, Find the systems that works for you and match your mental model. (It’s not a one size fits all.), Tips for people that are more visionary than detail-oriented, Specific Actionable Zaps that save you time + energy... The...


Building Intentional Business Relationships with Darrah Brustein

Episode Highlights: Darrah's actions that led her to work with Deepak Chopra, Learn how to setup boundaries in your relationships, How deep a relationship needs to be before you can start to give and take, Learn Darrah's 30 Days Give It Forward challenge, Tips in asking for help in a relationship, Tips in checking and pausing your life to lead you to the life you want to have, How to measure things in your life (and understanding how far you've come!)... The post Building Intentional...


Selects Edition: How To Buy Businesses With Nunzio Presta

Episode highlights: Starting a business from scratch is cheaper, right? Wrong!, Discover the hidden costs of startups and why buying an existing business can be a better bargain, Three pillars of buying businesses that make you money, How to buy businesses when you DON’T have experience, "Secret" traits of a startup entrepreneur and an acquisition entrepreneur. Which one are you?... The post Selects Edition: How To Buy Businesses With Nunzio Presta appeared first on Eventual Millionaire.


The Replaceable Founder with Ari Meisel

Episode Highlights: Learn the 6 levels of delegation, How to effectively communicate with your team, How to create a feedback loop, How to determine which hats are replaceable in your business, Learn Ari’s three-circle exercise, Tips and tricks in hiring the best employee for your team, How to fast track your newly hired employee, How to deal with business partnership (especially when it’s not going well)... The post The Replaceable Founder with Ari Meisel appeared first on Eventual...