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Purpose of a Creative Director in the Fashion Industry|Marcus Teo|Creative Director & Fashion Editor

Marcus Teo , served as fashion director of W Magazine Men’s Portfolio and an editor at Vogue, and GQ. Before founding Teo Creative in 2009, Marcus was senior vice president and global creative director of Georg Jensen. In that role he positioned the famed Danish luxury brand to be a global trendsetter and culture shaper with a multi layered media strategy running the gamut from accessories/lifestyle branding to digital marketing. Marcus has provided multi-tiered design, fashion consulting,...


Exploration of Quality Craftsmanship & Design| Dana Glaeser| Founder of Slightly Alabama

Dana Glaeser, founder and owner of the Slightly Alabama leather goods, bags and accessories label. Dana had all the trappings of a successful career in corporate America, as a marketing executive. But it didn’t take long for him to realize his true calling—making handcrafted leather goods, and making them marketable and fashionable—by identifying with his roots. Memories of his grandfather making wood and leather gifts for friends and family in his red-barn workshop in Sheffield, Alabama,...


The Use of 3D Printing + Fashion Design | Snezhana Paderina | Fashion & Wearable Technology Designer

Meet Snezhana Paderina, a New York City-based fashion and wearable technology designer. Snezhana combines 3D printing and a traditional sewing method to create her designs. Her fusion of today’s hi-tech with traditional fashion design has shifted her vision of style toward a combo of avant-garde and ready-to-wear clothing and bags that intersperse elements of architecture, technology, cyberpunk, literature and art throughout her silhouettes and designs. Her exclusive apparel collections...


Transforming an Idea into a Conceptual Retail Experience | Haytham Elgawly | Owner of The Clearport

Meet fashion designer/entrepreneur Haytham Elgawly & owner of The Clearport, an airport-themed retail concept. The Clearport is a conceptual retail experience soaring at 30,000 feet above the clouds, located in the heart of Jersey City, NJ. It greets “passengers” with “Arrival/Departure” screens that list brands the store currently carries. At its three terminals (M for men, K for kids, W for women), customers grab security-bin shopping carts. In the TSA body-scanner fitting rooms they not...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #24: Mario Lanzarotti of Awl & Sundry Custom Shoes

Awl & Sundry Custom Shoes bridges the growing divide between price and premium quality in the men’s shoe industry. The company’s mission is to democratize bespoke luxury by ensuring that custom crafted shoes are within reach for the modern man.Mario began his internship with Awl & Sundry, where he started out managing Social Media accounts. He quickly rose to managing customer relations as well as other interns at Awl & Sundry. Once he completed the internship Mario was offered a partner...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #23: Photographer & Filmmaker Rose Callahan

Featured this week on the False Image Fashion Podcast is Photographer & Filmmaker Rose Callahan. Rose assisted many notable photographers before establishing herself as a commercial photographer, and more recently, filmmaker, in collaboration with her husband Kelly Desmond Bray.In 2008, Rose began The Dandy Portraits blog to tell the nuanced story of extreme masculine elegance alive today. In 2013, I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman, a coffee table book of Rose's dandy...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #22: Ewing Athletics Footwear

“ Its not Nike, Reebok, or Adidas its PATRICK EWING'S ” The 1980s and 1990s is what we consider the golden era of professional sports and for hip-hop music. In 1989, Hall of Famer and one of the greatest big man to ever play in the NBA, revolutionized and changed the sneaker industry forever. Patrick Ewing took it one step further, becoming the first professional basketball player to form his own footwear brand. The footwear brand had great success in its earlier days within 7 years grossing...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #21: Kimberly Jenkins, Professor at Parsons School of Design

Today on the False Image Fashion Podcast we professor at Parsons School of Design & Pratt Institute Kimberly Jenkins. Kim Jenkins is a New York-based educator and graduate of the M.A. Fashion Studies program at Parsons The New School for Design. Kim has devoted her life thus far to not only accepting the formalities within the fashion industry but as well using education to create instant change at two of America’s largest fashion institutions. If you have the opportunity to meet Kim you...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #20: Founder of Fashion Week Brooklyn Rick Davy

On today we are joined by Rick Davy someone I would say desired more than just the American Dream. Rick has carved out his own path within the fashion & entertainment industry. A former stylist for BET Networks and stylist for Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliams. These experiences are credited to the his spark to fill a necessary void in one of America’s melting pots Brooklyn, New York. In 2006, Brooklyn would witness its own community of talent individuals have a platform of its own, Fashion...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #19: Style Icon & Textile Teacher Debra Rapoport

The year was 1945 and World War 2 was coming to an end and the U.S. and Japan could not seem to get along it was at this very same moment there was birth being given to a child. This child would go on to groom their own vision within mind of creating a new palette of style. Debra Rapoport has amassed a life as a textile teacher, milliner, and entrepreneur. Some of her creations are featured in museums around the world . Not to mention she is one of the pillars of the critically acclaimed...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #18: Celine Vernon Founder of Slow Factory

Céline Semaan Vernon is a Lebanese-Canadian Designer, Activist, teacher and entrepreneur. Two common themes can be found across her diverse work: the power of remixing, collage and juxtaposition in creating new aesthetics and narratives. She founded Slow Factory out of her design consultancy, and it has grown to be world-renowned for high quality silks printed with satellite images from NASA. Her work with Slow Factory is sold at the MoMA Design Store, Smithsonian CooperHewitt National...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode#17: Albertus Swanepoel

South African born Albertus Swanepoel is coined as “Fashion’s Favorite Milliner”. The highlight of his career in New York was receiving the coveted first runner up Award in the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Competition in 2008. In 2009, he was nominated as Accessory designer of the year for the CFDA/Swarovski Award.


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #16 " The Last Thread"

“Passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience. It is not about feeling good. It is about endurance. Like patience, passion comes from the same Latin root: pati. It does not mean to flow with exuberance. It means to suffer.” -Mark Z. Danielewski I cant think of how many times I have said thank you to all those who have supported the False Image Fashion Podcast. When I originally came up with this idea in 2014 I struggled with having enough confidence that I could...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #15: Randy & Demi Howell Of House Of Demi

"Beauty & The Beast" Two lifelong partners Randy and Demi have been in business for over 15 years since day one their focal point has been building a legacy that others can be inspired about and find it to be resourceful. This dynamic duo is covered within their faith in God and exemplifies a spirit of giving that is unmeasurable. House of Demi is more than a hair and beauty salon. Randy and Demi Howell carries its own cosmetic line, conducts in house seminars, does clothing designs, and the...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #14: Richard McGill Hamilton Founder Of Mobile Fashion Week

A great pleasure I had to return back to my hometown Mobile, Alabama for the second time this season of the podcast. Today I have the honor of presenting a gentleman who accepted the challenge to provide a platform where designers, business owners, artist, photographers, and make up & hair artist can share talents to the Gulf Coast Area called Mobile Fashion Week. Richard McGill Hamilton the founder of the Mobile Fashion Week Richard aspirations has always been a combination of other...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #13 Allison Volek Shelton Of Shutters And Shuttles

Today we had the opportunity to brought into the world of textiles produced in Nashville, Tennessee by Shutters and Shuttles. Allison Volek Shelton its founder showed us a marvelous time in the studio of where she creates something of the best fabrics. She showed us several of her looms and the process of how each product is made from her very studio. Allison has been weaving for nearly 10 years now. She was first introduced to fiber arts in college at Tennessee Tech and instantly fell in...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #12 "Dangers of the Creative Mind" featuring Afu Okosun

"Dangers of a Creative Mind" featuring Afu Okosun founder of Soul Sessions, Licensed Counselor, and Author. As we discuss the high rates of depressions , suicides, and drug overdoses which are important issues among others that are affecting the young talent within the fashion & beauty industry. This episode's topic serves as an importance that correlates with the newly released book "Scared of Success" by Afu Okosun. For more information about Afu Okosun please go visit his website...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #11 featuring Mobile Kappa League

"To whom much is given, much is required from" -John F. Kennedy Today's episode I took the liberty to return back to my hometown Mobile, Alabama. Mobile is a place that gave me my foundation to be encouraged to take the road less travel. Growing up in Mobile I always felt that my city was portrayed in a very negative way more specifically the young males in the local community. With so much negative press about our young males in our society I thought to myself how encouraging is that to our...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #10: Shannon Lea Of People Like Art Clothing

This week we present Shannon Lea founder of People Like Art Clothing. Shannon expounds on how her entrepreneurial mindset was develop in her infant stages of life which eventually birthed her obsession with several different art form. This obsession lead Shannon to following her heart in creating the People Like Art Clothing brand which has a minimalist approach in combining the elements of art and quality techniques. Each piece of clothing is individually made at the People Like Art Studio...


False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #9: Alicia Searcy Of Spashionista Fashion Blog

As we embark on another episode we had the great pleasure to converse with the Alicia Searcy of Spashionista Fashion Blog. Alicia is far more than just your average fashion blogger she has indeed built the Spashionista platform into something more than fancy post and pictures. Alicia has taken much joy in being considered an individual who loves to serves as a bridge for designers, boutiques, and any creative individual within the Nashville area. Whether it is spending time with a designer...