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Innovation is often sparked by a single new idea. Faster Forward brings you stories, insights, and lessons learned from leaders and innovators that are transforming their industries.


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Innovation is often sparked by a single new idea. Faster Forward brings you stories, insights, and lessons learned from leaders and innovators that are transforming their industries.




February Market Pulse (Video)

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February Market Pulse (Audio)

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Rugby, Resilience, and Redefining Operating Models with Gary Paulin

Faster Forward welcomes Gary Paulin, Head of Global Strategic Solutions at Northern Trust. Gary’s journey has taken him from his family’s fruit farm in New Zealand to his current role in which he works to ensure Northern Trust’s solutions remain closely aligned with the fast-evolving requirements of clients around the world. He recounts his early … Read More Read More


January Market Pulse (Video)

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January Market Pulse (Audio)

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Preparing for T+1

Faster Forward welcomes Natalie Berkecz, Global Head of Regulatory Solutions at Northern Trust, to explore the industry’s pivotal shift to a T+1 settlement cycle. In this episode, Natalie discusses the impact the change will have, the steps that regulatory bodies and market participants are taking to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible, and … Read More Read More


December Market Pulse (Video)

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December Market Pulse (Audio)

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The Digital Workplace Transformation with Charles Lamanna and Pete Cherecwich

The digital workplace is the future of work. Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications & Platforms at Microsoft, and Pete Cherecwich, President of Asset Servicing at Northern Trust, join Faster Forward to explore the nuances of digital workplace transformation, share insights about the future landscape of work, and offer an exclusive peak into the … Read More Read More


November Market Pulse (Video)

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Metrics that Matter: ESG Data in Private Markets

With asset owners increasingly looking to align private market investments with ESG considerations, consistent reporting and data standards are paramount. This episode of Faster Forward, featuring Marc Mallett, Head of Platform Strategy and Marketing at Northern Trust, and Scott Kennedy, President and Co-Founder of Novata, navigates the intricacies of ESG considerations within private markets. Listen as … Read More Read More


The Northern Trust Carbon Ecosystem’s Digital Platform Explained with Ant Stevens

In this episode, Ant Stevens, Head of Innovation, Digital Assets and Financial Markets, at Northern Trust discusses the new digital carbon ecosystem platform that connects project developers working to remove greenhouse gasses with institutional buyers. He explains the concept of digitizing carbon assets and the importance of understanding and reducing carbon footprints. Ant also gives … Read More Read More


AI Explained: Understanding the Technology Shaping Our World with Mike Srdanovic

In this relaunch of the Faster Forward podcast, we are joined by Mike Srdanovic, Director of Enterprise Architecture at Northern Trust. Mike dives into the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a transformative technology that is revolutionizing our world and reshaping the future. Mike will discuss how AI has evolved over recent years, … Read More Read More


Crypto Custody Without Compromise with Julian Sawyer

In this episode, Julian Sawyer, CEO of Zodia Custody, discusses how his business satisfies institutional investors’ need for a digital asset custodian that understands traditional custody while also meeting investors’ high expectations. Julian also explains how Zodia Custody keeps up with the ever-changing crypto asset market. Julian discusses: What differentiates Zodia Custody in the market … Read More Read More


Beyond Asset Tokenization with Dan Sleep and Zhu Kuang Lee

This episode of Faster Forward features Dan Sleep, Digital Assets and Financial Markets Specialist at Northern Trust, and Zhu Kuang Lee, Managing Director and Chief Digital, Data & Innovation Officer at HSBC. The pair will discuss the power of tokenization as a true disruptor and how tokenization and the broader growth of the digital world … Read More Read More


The Digitization of Private Equity Data with Clive Bellows

Clive Bellows, Head of Global Fund Services, EMEA, at Northern Trust joins the Faster Forward podcast to discuss the digitization of the private equity market and the opportunities that lie ahead as technology continues to evolve. Clive discusses: The current private equity market and the digitization of the asset class Technological advancements in the PE … Read More Read More


Conversations on Crypto with Chris Carrano

In this episode, we are joined by Chris Carrano, Vice President of Strategic Research at Venn by Two Sigma, to discuss the work that Venn is doing in the digital assets space, the Venn platform, and how returns-based analytics can help investors better understand their risk. Listen in as Chris discusses: Venn by Two Sigma’s … Read More Read More


The Elevated Hedge Fund Investor Experience with Todd Frank

As technology continues to evolve, investors are seeking seamless and interactive user experiences to help them access and analyze their investment performance. In this episode, Todd Frank, Co-Chief Operating Officer at Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services, North America, discusses how advancements in digitalization through cloud-based platforms are enabling investors greater insight into their performance and … Read More Read More


Advancements in Digitized Banking with Peter Sanchez

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the banking industry is no exception. In this episode, Peter Sanchez, Global Head of Banking and Treasury Services at Northern Trust, dives into the current environment for banking, trends in cash usage and demand for liquidity amongst investors, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the pursuit … Read More Read More


The Current Landscape for Digital Assets with Justin Chapman

Season two of the Faster Forward podcast will be focused on digitization and digital assets. To kick off the season, we are joined by Justin Chapman, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Digital Assets and Financial Markets at Northern Trust. In this episode, Justin gives our listeners a glimpse into the current landscape for … Read More Read More