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A podcast on adventurous women in tech

A podcast on adventurous women in tech




A podcast on adventurous women in tech




Unlocking your Full Potential

Elke Manjet is our Global Head of Talent Attraction. She is a true wizard of unlocking people's potential. In this episode, we took the opportunity to discuss the challenges we have all faced during this pandemic, reflecting on how it's okay to be not okay, what employers can do to make the best out of this situation, and what all of us can do to feel in charge of our own potential. Tune in for a conversation about values, mental health, and the blending worlds of work and life.


Breaking into Tech as a Non-Techie

​This episode is all about how to succeed in the tech industry without being able to produce any code. We spoke to Alexa Gorman, who was first drawn to the buzz of the tech world twenty years ago and never left since. She’s responsible for SAP’s early-stage startup acceleration and incubation globally across nine locations. In the face of challenges, Alexa is always persistent in forging a way forward. Tune in to get encouraged to carve your own path into tech!


Strengthening Inclusivity through AI

​Kishau Rogers is the Founder & CEO of Time Study, Inc., a venture-backed startup offering solutions for using machine learning, advanced natural language processing, and data science to automatically tell a story of how enterprise employees spend their time. She has a deep background in computer science, over 25 years of experience building enterprise technology solutions and more than 15 years of entrepreneurial leadership. This episode features discussions of current diversity issues and...


Building a Diverse Team

​Tonja Erismann is best described as an enthusiast for all things creative and innovative. From founding her own start-up early in her career, to currently managing an SAP Services Ventures team and getting a degree in interior design on the side, Tonja is not one to easily get bored. Just as much as cultivating diversity in her own life, she passionately believes that empathy and diversity within teams are essential to generate innovation. Tune in to hear all about passion, balance,...


Founding your Own Business

​ Creativity has always been at the core of who Erin Dierker is. When she was younger, she tried everything from pottery, to learning how to sow and even making her own puzzle books. She was always testing out news ways of exploring her creativity, and while her focus is different now, she still applies that same drive on a daily basis through her work as Founder and General Manager of Paid Pronto. In this episode, we’ll hear about Erin’s journey from strategy consultant to founder, her...


Investing in Female Founders

​Vanessa Liu dreamt of becoming an astronaut but became an entrepreneur instead. She is a business builder, digital media entrepreneur and technology innovator. She has been founding, launching and re-launching six businesses for more than 20 years and has always been at the forefront of innovation. After launching a digital media venture fund, she now heads SAP.iO Foundries in North America, which are SAP's accelerators for B2B enterprise startups. In this very first episode of our podcast,...