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Weekly financial and retirement planning guidance from Scottsdale's Charles Scott of Pelleton Capital Management.

Weekly financial and retirement planning guidance from Scottsdale's Charles Scott of Pelleton Capital Management.


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Weekly financial and retirement planning guidance from Scottsdale's Charles Scott of Pelleton Capital Management.






How To Avoid Critical Retirement Planning Mistakes

Let’s talk about some of the common mistakes that we see being made time and time again by retirees and pre-retirees. Show Notes: 2:24 - Bonds Are A Safe Investment 5:19 - Avoiding The Idea of Long Term Care Needs 8:43 - Guarding Against Market Declines 10:49 - Categorizing Different Investment Vehicles As Always Good, Or Always Bad 14:03 - Not Having A Plan In Place 16:06 - Beverly Asks If She Has Enough Diversification Between Her 33 Mutual Funds


Are You Paying Attention To Your Biggest Assets?

If you really took inventory of your financial situation, you might find that you’ve been taking for granted some assets that make up a huge piece of your puzzle. Is it possible you should be putting a little more thought into some of these assets? Show Notes: 1:56 - Are you paying attention to your biggest assets? 2:32 - Should we be putting more thought into these assets? 3:32 - Asset #1: 401(k) 5:45 - Asset #2: House 8:54 - Asset #3: Social Security 11:15 - Asset #4: Smaller...


Life Events That Spark Major Changes

Sometimes events happen in life that make it really important for you to carefully assess your financial situation. Let’s explain why each of these events is usually a good reason for a financial review. Show Notes: 2:32 - Will Rogers Quote 4:00 - Life Events Can Spark Major Changes 9:50 - Unplanned Events Of Jobs 7:31 - Serious Medical Issue 11:09 - Estate Planning 17:56 - Mailbag Rick Worries About Running Out Of Money With Recent Downturn In The Market


Coronavirus Update

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a dramatic impact on our daily lives and many people are taking a huge financial hit from lost wages, a volatile stock market, and general economic uncertainty. Charles will talk about his thoughts on this situation and we will briefly mention a couple elements of the new CARES Act. Show Notes: 1:18 - How Business Has Been For Charles 3:27 - Being Able To Help A Client With The New CARES Act 6:03 - RMDs Are Not Required For 2020 8:51 - Taxes Will...


Financial Truths

There are many "it depends" situations in financial and retirement planning. On today's show we look at some truths we can state with confidence. Show Notes: 2:07 - Financial Truths 3:17 - TV Can Be A Big Enemy 5:49 - The Market Moves In Cycles 8:10 - There’s No Magic Bullet 9:30 - Why Diversification Is Important 13:04 Mailbag Tim asks “My advisor is retiring and passing on the business. Should I Find A New Advisor?"


What's Bugging Charles?

On today's episode Charles explains why people who give investment advice without a securities license are bugging him. We also talk about how past epidemics have affected the stock market and we answer a couple email questions that have come in. Show Notes: 1:46 - What's Bugging Charles? 6:25 - How Past Epidemics Have Affected The Stock Market 7:46 - You Need A Plan To Help During These Pullbacks 9:35 - Mailbag Question from Conner: "How To Pay For College In Retirement?' 13:07 -...


Who Really Pays Income Taxes?

With the national elections in November, the parties have VERY different opinions regarding who should be paying their fair share of income taxes. But do we really know who pays what? You certainly can’t rely on either political party to give you the straight information. We also dive into a discussion on how to reasonably incorporate emotions into your financial plan. Show Notes: 1:32 - Who Pays Income Tax? 2:20 - Income Tax Statistics From 2016 5:12 - Top Wage Earners 7:01 - Emotions...


The SECURE Act Passed - Now What?

After it simmered in Congress for a year, the SECURE Act is now law. If you have a retirement account of any kind, or will one day inherit a retirement account, this will affect you. Matt will hit the main points of this new bill and how it will change retirement planning. Show Notes: 0:58 - The SECURE Act 1:23 - Death Of The Stretch IRA 2:14 - Small Businesses And Retirement Plans 2:48 - Required Minimum Distribution Change 3:38 - 10 Year Window Eliminated 5:36 - Multiple...


The Ins And Outs Of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have long been the most popular way for people to invest, but is that landscape changing? Show Notes: 1:45 - Financial Dictionary: Tax Loss Harvesting 5:06 - Ins And Outs Of Mutual Funds 5:19 - Point #1: What Percentage Of Clients Have Mutual Funds When They First Come To See You? 6:24 - Point #2: Expense Ratios 7:58 - Point #3: Front Load, Back Load, No Load 9:20 - Point #4: Tax Issues Mutual Funds Can Create 11:07 - Point #5: Should Mutual Funds Be Eliminated? 12:59 -...


Your Financial Advisor Must Have These Traits

Trustworthy. Likable. Problem-solving. Good listener. We should be describing your financial advisor or a potential advisor if you’re in the process of finding one. On today’s show, we’ll talk about why it’s so important for your advisor to embrace these kinds of characteristics. That’s the easy part. But we’ll also tackle the harder part and discuss some tangible ways how you can determine if an advisor has these characteristics or not. Show Notes: 1:38 - Headline: Rand Paul Bill 6:45 -...


Top 5 Social Security Misunderstandings

Myths, rumors, and misunderstandings are pervasive in the world of Social Security. On this show, we’ll look to clear up the top 5 misunderstandings about Social Security. Show Notes: 1:33 - Mailbag Question from Randall: "Places to start investing in for retirement." 5:21 - Top 5 Social Security Misunderstandings 5:42 - Misunderstanding #1: Social Security Is Going Broke 6:43 - Misunderstanding #2: You Should Start Social Security As Early As Possible 7:31 - Misunderstanding #3: You...


Avoiding Critical Estate Planning Mistakes

There are some people who don’t care at all about leaving a financial legacy, but for those who do, it’s important to eliminate some of the common estate planning mistakes. Show Notes: 0:56 - In The News: How the stock market might react to the result of the upcoming election 5:27 - Avoiding Critical Estate Planning Mistakes 5:43 - Mistake #1: Not Planning Your Expenses In Retirement 7:17 - Mistake #2: Beneficiary Designations 10:01 - Mistake #3: Not Considering The Tax Implications Of...


It’s Good To Have Awkward Conversations

Sometimes being a good financial advisor means having uncomfortable conversations. We’ll take a look at how advisors should help clients navigate various tricky situations. Show Notes: 0:48 - Story Time: Tax Planning 3:48 - It's Good To Have Awkward Conversations 4:30 - Conversation #1: Death Of A Spouse 6:11 - Conversation #2: Nursing Home Care 8:50 - Conversation #3: Working Longer Than Expected 12:01 - Conversation #4: Legacy Planning 15:21 - Mailbag Question from Kevin: "My...


Retirement Constants That Affect Everyone

While there are some factors that are different for everyone in retirement planning (variables), there are also constants that affect everyone, no matter the specifics of your situation. How do we plan around these constants? Show Notes: 2:13 - Retirement Constants That Affect Everyone 2:34 - Retirement Constant #1: Inflation 4:45 - Retirement Constant #2: Rising Taxes 6:37 - Retirement Constant #3: Market Volatility 9:15 - Retirement Constant #4: Healthcare 11:54 - Mailbag Question...


What Flying Teaches Us About Retirement

There are some important lessons that flying can teach us about retirement planning. So check your luggage, strap into your seat and let's take a trip with Charles. Show Notes: 0:56 - What Flying Teaches Us About Retirement 2:11 - Lesson #1: Flight Plan 4:26 - Lesson #2: Turbulence 7:31 - Lesson #3: Air Traffic Control 11:13 - Mailbag Question from Tom: Term vs. Whole Life Insurance 13:41 - Getting To Know Charles: What job would you be terrible at?


Even Responsible Savers Make Mistakes

Even for people who have been very responsible with their money over the years, entering retirement can still be a challenge because it’s such a different stage of life. Let’s talk about some of the missteps that even responsible savers can make… Show Notes: 1:16 - In The News: Wedding Loans 3:53 - Even Responsible Savers Make Mistakes 4:24 - Mistake #1: Don't Get Too Enamored With Cash 5:57 - Mistake #2: Don't Take Too Much Risk 7:27 - Mistake #3: Don't Forget About The Tax Time...


Busting The Biggest Financial Myths

Today’s episode is simple. We’ll look at some of the most widely believed financial myths and try to bust them wide open. The scary thing is that a lot of people base their financial plans on some of these myths. Show Notes: 2:17 Helping clients understand how their financial jigsaw puzzle fits together 5:58 Myth 1: Shifting from stocks to bonds removes the volatility from your portfolio 7:32 Myth 2: Once you've retired, life insurance is no longer necessary 9:12 Myth 3: You will...


Why Are You Making Excuses For Sticking With The Wrong Advisor?

Very often, we find that people wil stick with a broker or financial advisor who's doing a less than stellar job, and there's usually a handful of reasons why. Charles will poke some holes in those excuses, and give you a healthier picture of what your financial advisor should be doing for you if he or she is truly a good fit. We'll also take a look at some recent news items related to the student loan debt crisis. Show Notes: 1:45 - In The News: Proposed solutions to student loan debt...


Why Should You Plan For Retirement With A Sense Of Urgency?

Some people (in fact, probably most people) find it easy to procrastinate when it comes to financial planning issues. But let’s talk about some scenarios that might cause people to have a bit more sense of urgency. Show Notes: 1:43 - Mailbag Question from Blair: Why am I not in a lower tax bracket in retirement? 5:45 - Sense of Urgency: Scenario 1 - Loss of a job 7:09 - Sense of Urgency: Scenario 2 - Receiving a retirement buyout offer 8:39 - Sense of Urgency: Scenario 3 -...


Exposing 401(k) Weaknesses

Your 401k can be your most powerful retirement savings tool. But it’s not perfect. Let’s talk about some of the weaknesses that you should be aware of in your 401k (or 403b, or TSP, or 457 plan). Show Notes: 1:24 - News headline about the SECURE Act 4:33 - Exposing 401(k) weaknesses 7:43 - Charles shares a tip on moving 401(k) plans outside your company 10:36 - Mailbag Question from Angie: Are all long-term care policies this expensive?