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FIR 72: Noah Davidson's FINANCIAL ARK!!

Noah Davidson shares his back story of learning about trading and investing. After two initial failed attempts he learned the secrets of making good trading and investing decisions. Twenty years later he is an accomplished educator and successful trader of many instruments. Noah shares the patterns he has observed of good and bad trading and investment behaviors.


FIR 71: He's a SAVINGS Machine...Starting With Candy!!

It is my privilege to interview another expert in his field. It all started with Halloween candy many years ago. Kenny would organize the candy into piles and then set aside piles for eating and other piles were meant for longer term use. We first noticed it when Kenny was eating Halloween candy at Christmas time. Later, we noticed he was eating Halloween candy during school spring break. This all came to a head when we realized Kenny had stored some of his Halloween candy for an entire...


FIR 70: What's In The MIND of the Wealthy?

I read an article not long ago where regarding an author, Steve Siebold on his book "How Rich People Think". Now you may or may not agree with the summary of this material; but there are some interesting insights. Here are just a few of the items he listed: Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil. - I tend to think it is more the LOVE of money, not just money itself, is the root of all evil Average people think selfishness...


FIR 69: Did YOU Say the GOLD was GOALS???

One night about 3 years ago we were taking some young men on a camping trip. We loaded our backpacks into some canoes, and the sun had just gone down, it was pitch black, there was no moon. We had to get across a lake and back into a canyon to our camp spot. On the other side of the lake, near the mouth of the canyon was one red light. It was the only way to visualize where we needed to go. As we worked our way across the lake in the dark we continually monitored our direction by keeping...


FIR 68: QUEEN of Mobile Homes Getting Big Returns on Investment!!!

Chimene came through a journey of selling a few remaining assets she had to get money to pay for some education to learn about real estate. In this episode she shares some secrets about finding great mobile opportunities and the system she has developed to help others achieve the same results. She also shares a passive investment strategy she has where people achieve 12% - 15% ROI.


FIR 67: EXTREME Markets SURVIVE Downturns!!

Looking at the longer-term trends and the sentiment analysis of recent trends are hallmark attributes of Boron Capital's investment strategy. Zach unfolds how they seek PROTECTION 1st and PRODUCTION 2nd. He also weathers a blistering storm of objections and describes what potential investors can do TODAY to reach their ultimate INVESTING GOALS!!


FIR 66: The Investor's 2 JOURNEYS!!!

Michael Kalisperas takes us on a journey from his BBC digital media profession to a challenging trial with the health and welfare of his son. Taking care of his family first, Michael changes professions and turns to property investing. This lifestyle change permits him to take care of his responsibilities first while doing well with investing. How does he do it?


FIR 65: Zach Says - PROTECTION 1st...then PRODUCTION!!

Getting started with investing is scary enough...protecting our investments is job #1. The peace of mind that comes from strong protection gets only better when the probability of strong, consistent returns is high. Zach Morrow was on the protection team for the President and is now a Real Estate investment guru. Zach joins us and shares how his organization achieves a consistent return and has never had an investor lose money! Mr Morrow shares some secrets on real estate investing.


FIR 64: Investing is like a Mini-Bike!!!

Part of my growing up years was in California. My dad had a mini-bike that we'd get on and ride. One of the tricks to mini-bikes is they have no shocks on every bump on the ground you feel all the way to the top of your head. The first time I rode it with my Dad it was a blast but it was so bumpy I thought my teeth were going to pop out. A mini-bike also has a very short wheel base, so when you turn too fast, there is a high probability you are gonna to fall over to the side....


FIR 63: Investing Gone MOBILE!!

Chimene shares her story on how she got started into real estate investing selling items that she had to pay for the training. In this process she meets a mentor and applies fundamental principles to investing in an area where most people overlook. If you are looking to create a return on investment but with little in your bank...listen UP!!


FIR 62: Gaster Changes Your MINDSET to Change YOUR WEALTH!!

Todd Gaster joins us to discuss the power of mindset in our investing. He outlines some core components of a person's mindset. Some of these include identifying what we believe and how to change the beliefs in order to have a new mindset. After 20 years of helping people make mindset adjustments to change their wealth outcomes, Todd shares some nuggets to help us get on the journey.


FIR 61: to-MORROW Real Estate TODAY!!

Zach Morrow, Boron Capital started with 0 dollars and still found assets he could use to get started in his real estate investing journey. Zach has been a protector of POTUS, worked with Robet Kiyosaki, and did a bootstrap investment journey to become a powerful real estate investor. Zach talks about the power of mindset, finding a mentor, and not giving up....



Todd Gaster is an expert at helping you see what elements compose your mindset and the beliefs that are either propelling your or are holding you back. In this podcast Todd reveals how he discovered these techniques and how to apply them!!!


FIR 59: From $300 to $70,000...HOW??

I was hiking in the mountains with some of my boys years ago and we could see in the distance a storm coming towards us. In the mountains during the summer there is often afternoon rain storms. We noticed the storm was approaching fast, and we had no ponchos, nor umbrellas, and we still had a long way to go before we got to something to cover us up well. As the storm got closer we noticed that it got dark very fast, and it started to rain hard. Suddenly the rain turned to hail; then it...


FIR 58: Sweet can HANDLE SOUR!!!

Mr Steven Sweet, Zaner VP / Broker / Trader...developer of Pathfinder...overcoming Trading and Investing Mindset challenges. Who can benefit with Pathfinder and what makes it unique, different from other opportunities? Pathfinder IS different than most trader education available. Unique, because it is focused on personal development, not teaching a specific trading system. I personally worked with a student that said to me that he felt that I really listened and understood him as he...


FIR 57: Mr STOCKhousen's HOUSE Rules!!!

1. What is your did you get involved in investing and trading? 2. How long did you manage the hedge fund? 3. What do you most like about trading? 4. What do you least like about trading? 5. What do you trade? 6. How would you characterize your approach to trading? 7. Do you consider yourself a short term or a long term trader? 8. What are some key lessons learned over the years that you can share? 9. How can people best get started with trading? 10. What's your...


FIR 56: A SWEET Solution!!

Steven Sweet, Zaner VP, is back introducing the Pathfinder solution. Review some of the challenges that you had identified in the previous podcast - inconsistency - not using indicators - over-trading - not sticking with plans - emotional decision making Question: given those problems, what did you do to overcome those problems? Question: who is this for? Question: how is this different from other offers out there? Question: how long does it take to go through...


FIR 55: HEY-ta...How 'bout some THETA!!!

One time while driving my family in the car we were going a long distance. It was about a 12 hour drive. We were about 11 1/2 hours into the drive and from the back of the car our youngest child spoke up and said, "Dad, do you know where you are going?" To her it seemed like we were driving aimlessly around for hours and she was letting me know she couldn't take it any more. I tried to convince her that I knew the direction and where we were going. When I started trading options I was...


FIR 54: They Call Him Mr SWEET!!!

Vice President Zaner Futures Group, Been a Professional Trader, Member of the Exchange, Trading Systems Author; Steven Sweet identifies patterns or trader and investor problems across decades of working in the markets. - When did you get started with the markets? - Why did you get started? - What markets have you traded? - Did you trade in the pits? - What have you noticed different between floor trading and electronic trading? - What problems have you seen traders deal with,...


FIR 53: Trade RISK, NOT PROFIT Potential!!

One time in England, many years ago, I was boarding a train and was loading my luggage and my bike into the luggage car. I had placed my bike there and turned around to get my luggage and the train took off. I chased the train with my luggage in my hand and jumped onto it. However, I could not keep my balance and fell off the train, taking a serious roll on the platform. That is called trading with profit potential, not trading with risk potential in mind. I was clearly thinking, oh yeah,...