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Episode 94 with ALex Sokolin

Is it a Chain that Rules or a Chain-Chain-Chain of Fools? We speak of Blockchain. In Episode 95, Lex Sokolin, Global Director of Fintech Strategy for Autonomous Research, and Chris Cahill of Financial Poise Radio discuss what blockchain is, what problems it may address (re settlement of transactions, smart contracts, and even land records reform) and the threat to it of hackery. You can learn more about Alexey Sokolin and Vanare here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @LexSokolin...


Episode 95 with Jorge Newbery

How do you give home owners in financial distress a way to relieve their mortgage woes? Jorge Newbery, Founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation, has some great options. In Episode 95 of Financial Poise Radio, he discusses many under-utilized methods that benefit both borrower and lender with host, Chris Cahill. You can learn more about Jorge Newbery and American Homeowner Preservation here. Or you can find him here: LinkedIn Twitter: @JorgePNewbery About Jorge...


Episode 93 with Avi Levine

In episode 93 of Financial Poise Radio, our Chris Cahill and Avi Levine, of Star Funding, Inc., discuss out-of-the-box ways to finance production of goods when the customer needs them. You can find out more about Star Funding and Avi Levine here. Or you can find them here: @avilevine @STARFunding Linkedin: Avi Levine; Star Funding Instagram Slideshare About Avi Levine Avi specializes in finance operations and business development for manufacturers, distributors, and other...


Episode 92 with Adam Hirsch

Frauds! Fakes! Ponzis! In Episode 92, Chris Cahill and Adam Hirsch, of Robinson, Curley & Clayton speak of these fascinating things, along with RICO! Restitution! and Receivers! Adam draws upon his experience litigating business fraud cases to illustrate recoveries and defenses. See also Adam's column -- (Alleged) Frauds, Fakes and Ponzis -- on You can learn more about Adam Hirsch and Robinson Curley & Clayton P.C., click here. Or you can find them...


Episode 91 with Jeff Pomerantz

In Episode 91, Chris Cahill and Jeff Pomerantz, President of the American Bankruptcy Institute and member of Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP, discuss why retail is under stress, how Chapter 11 bankruptcy theoretically promotes operational and financial reorganization, and how developments in financing, capital structures, and supplier strategies continue to shape retailers' fortunes in bankruptcy. You can learn more about Jeff Pomerantz, PSZJ Law and the American Bankruptcy Institute...


Episode 90 with Jeff Kelley

The Bells of Retirement toll for thee, heh, heh. So plan. With whose help? The Department of Labor weighed in on that question with its "fiduciary rule," which has sent brokers and advisors scurrying to comply -- and which has consequences for investors. In this show, Jeff Kelley of Equity Institutional (an asset custodian) and John Drachman of Alpha Segment (a Series 7 Registered Representative) offer their perspectives. You can learn more about Equity Institutional and Alpha Segment...


Episode 89 with Albert Periu

Fintech! Episode 89 brings us Albert Periu, co-head of Capital Markets at Funding Circle, which provides secured loans to small businesses that Banks do not typically serve, while offering speed and transparency fostered by digital technology. The show looks at the borrower and the investor (in effect, the lender) perspective. You can find out more about Albert Periu and Funding Circle here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @FundingCircleUS LinkedIn: Albert Periu; Funding...


Episode 88 with David Jarczyk

In Episode 88, we ask David Jarczyk, founder and CEO of KtMINE about secrets, specifically the intellectual property capabilities and strategies of business entities. Anyone sloshing through tech start-up fever swamps should harken. Jarczyk explains how he selects and analyzes IP data to get beyond company filings and management pronouncements, to say nothing of journalistic hype. You can learn more about David Jarczyk and ktMINE here. Or you can find them here: Twitter:...


Episode 87 with Larry Swedroe

In Episode 87, Chris Cahill and Larry Swedroe, Director of Research Buckingham Asset Management and BAM Advisor Services discuss Larry’s upcoming book, “Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing: The Way Smart Money Invests Today” (co-authored with Andrew Berkin). Larry has the gift of assimilating academic research and conveying its practical essence in a conversational, plain English manner. The first part of this interview aired previously and can be found here. You can find out...


Episode 86 with Larry Swedroe

In Episode 86, Chris Cahill and Larry Swedroe, Director of Research at Buckingham Asset Management and BAM Advisor Services, discuss Larry’s upcoming book, “Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing: The Way Smart Money Invests Today” (co-authored with Andrew Berkin). Larry has the gift of assimilating academic research and conveying its practical essence in a conversational, plain English manner. The second part of this interview will air at a later date. You can find out more...


Episode 85 with Todd Ryden

In Episode 85, we speak with Todd Ryden, CEO of FNEX, a growing on-line alternative investor marketplace. FNEX brings accredited investors together with curated sellers of private placement equity interests, managed futures, secondary private securities, and interests in hedge funds and private equity funds. You can learn more about Todd Ryden and FNEX here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @InvestFNEX & @FNEXTodd Facebook LinkedIn: FNEX & Todd Ryden YouTube About Todd...


Episode 84 with Jason Stevens

In Episode 84, Jason Stevens, investment executive and natural resource specialist for Sprott Global Resource Investments, discusses the potential benefits of investing in the equity of high-quality "Real" Asset agricultural, mining, or energy companies with host, Chris Cahill. That's right, energy companies, even today: the key to garnering inflation protection plus return for such investment is the quality of the companies. Learn more about Jason Stevens and Sprott Global here. Or...


Episode 83 with David Drake

In Episode 83, David Drake takes a break from a world tour on behalf of The Soho Loft to talk with Chris Cahill about why debt crowdfunding will gain ground in the US and elsewhere over the rest of 2016, to the extent that some platforms will switch from equity offerings to debt offerings. David gets everywhere and hears from everyone, so his cosmopolitan insights are substantiated. Come join David Drake's world. Learn more about David Drake, The Soho Loft and LDJ Capital by visiting...


Episode 82 with Phil DeMuth

In Episode 82, Chris Cahill speaks with Phil DeMuth, author of The Overtaxed Investor: Slash Your Tax Bill & Be a Tax Alpha Dog. The author is as engaging and enthused as his frequent co-author Ben Stein affects not to be. Listen and learn about the benefits of taking a "lifetime perspective on your taxes." You can learn more about Phil DeMuth here. Or you can find him here: Twitter: @PhilDeMuth LinkedIn About Phil DeMuth Phil DeMuth is Managing Director at Conservative...


Episode 81 with Ethan Knight

Gap Year: using a year between high school and college in particular ways in order to maximize the value of college. In Episode 81, Chris Cahill talks Gap Year with Ethan Knight, co-founder of the American Gap Association. The AGA serves as a comprehensive resource for those interested in the programmatic Gap Year's instructional, experiential, and adventuresome qualities. You can find out more about Ethan Knight and the American Gap Association here. Or you can find them...


Episode 80 with Carrie Rosenbloom

In Episode 80, marriage and family therapist Carrie Rosenbloom discusses how to cultivate thoughtfulness and discernment in those relationships which constitute the why of our achievements, both professionally and financially. You can find out more about Carrie and The Family Mediation Group here. Or you can find her here: Twitter: @mommyontherocks Facebook LinkedIn: Carrie Rosenbloom; The Family Mediation Group About Carrie Rosenbloom Carrie Rosenbloom is co-founder and...


Episode 79 with Daniel Rossen

In Episode 79, Financial Poise Radio sits with Daniel Rossen, Senior Broker of-CRC Insurance, to speak of insurance. No, wait! Don't run! There are coverages that can help businesses grow! There are coverage choices that are meaningful at different stages of an enterprise's expansion. For a lucid, nay pellucid explanation, Mr. Rossen's your man. You can find out more about Daniel Rossen and CRC Insurance here. Or you can find him here: LinkedIn: Daniel Rossen; CRC Insurance


Episode 78 with Michelle Gershfeld

How are those financial abs? Are you financially fit? Michelle Gershfeld of Get Financially Fit is your financial trainer, and our guest for Episode 78 of Financial Poise Radio. Find out what Michelle means by the tenet "Pay yourself first!" Learn how our attitudes need to be adjusted to improve our relationship with money. And Michelle knows, in part from a career as counsel to chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees. Learn more about Michelle Gershfeld here. Or you can find her...


Episode 77 with Bruce Walker

In Episode 77, Chris Cahill speaks about hoards with World Numismatist and Cataloger Bruce Walker, of Stack's Bowers Galleries. From Lydia to the present, coins have delighted hoard-finders and collectors. Coins also constitute a tangible asset class with which one may balance the ol' portfolio. Find out more about Bruce Walker and Stack's Bowers here. Or you can find them here: Twitter: @StacksBowers Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Google+ About Bruce Walker Bruce Walker joined...


Episode 76 with Jonathan Friedland

In Episode 76, Financial Poise Radio host Chris Cahill interviews Financial Poise founder Jonathan Friedland. They discuss the roots of Financial Poise in educating investors about alternative assets, providing distressed deal data and marketing modes, presenting carefully selected and edited writings, and producing webinars on a strict NON pay-to-play basis. You can learn more about Jonathan Friedland here and here. Or you can find him here: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter:...