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Create more certainty in your life and business with Finding Certainty's unique blend of insights, ideas, and special guests.

Create more certainty in your life and business with Finding Certainty's unique blend of insights, ideas, and special guests.


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Create more certainty in your life and business with Finding Certainty's unique blend of insights, ideas, and special guests.




Access Up to 26K Per W-2 Employee in < 30 Days—With Ben O'Quigley

This week on Finding Certainty, host Patrick Laing meets with Ben O'Quigley of ercTree®, Inc. ercTree® is an exclusive access site, similar to LendingTree but for Employee Retention Tax Credit providers. ercTree® has vetted and verified a number of accounting firms specialized in tax credits and incentives in the U.S.A. ercTree®-approved firms have been providing tax credit filings for Fortune 500 companies, major manufacturers, and more, for decades. Tax Credits Filings is a specialized...


Podcast and Progress Like a Pro—with Jason Miller & Phillip Lanos

No business is an island and no influencer is either. This week on Finding Certainty, we have the extraordinary pleasure of hearing from two icons in the world of business and professional podcasting, with Jason Miller and Phillip Lanos, co-hosts of the top 1.5% podcast worldwide, Strategic Advisor Board - War Room Round Table podcast. During the show, Finding Certainty host, Patrick Laing, discusses with Jason and Phillip their unique history and insights into podcasting in general and what...


Guaranteed Ad-Spend ROI Using AmplePoints—With Tony Singh

Advertisers all over the world have one main goal and objective: return on investment. They spend billions each year trying to attract new and existing customers to their offerings. The problem is is most of it's a crap shoot, a spray and pray approach, as they say, that rarely produces the ROI or the retention that they were hoping for. When it does, it is lauded as the Ad Campaign of the Year. Examples like Intel Inside and Nike's Just Do It come to mind. This week on Finding Certainty,...


Amplifying Your Brand via Podcasting and More—With Adam Torres

Every business owner, entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and more, has the goal to amplify his or her brand and message in positive and profitable ways. If you're unsure how to do this effectively, you're most definitely not alone. Many of us feel this way. This episode of Finding Certainty is a must-not-miss opportunity to learn from one of the very best in the business. Finding Certainty host, Patrick Laing, together with Mission Matters CEO and media personality, Adam Torres, discuss...


Time Freedom, Delegation, and Virtual Assistants—With Vali Aldea

Everyone wants their business to grow but most of us need help to get there, and we need to be able to find it without breaking the bank. Millions of us desire greater quality of life, and time freedom, yet we're wearing too many hats, too often spread too thin, and juggling multiple balls that we, really, should learn how to delegate to someone else. Finding Certainty host, Patrick Laing, and Vali Aldea, co-founder of Great Admin, discuss the solutions Great Admin provides through their...


Credit Forensics, Restoration, and Investing—With Don Oberle

One of the keys to long-term success in business is understanding your credit—your score, how credit reporting really works, debt elimination, score improvement, when to invest (and when you shouldn't), and more. This week’s guest is one of the foremost experts in the country on topics such as these. Donald Oberle, CEO of Credit, together with Finding Certainty host, Patrick Laing, discuss how Donald’s 32-year track record and team of all-in-one financial solution experts serve their...


The Certainty Mgt. Profit with Purpose Story—With Victoria Foster

There's nothing like an unbiased third-party to help cure tunnel vision, especially when they put their money where their mouth is and only get paid out of the savings they produce for you. Victoria Foster, Senior Partner and Director of Sales-North America at Certainty Management, together with Finding Certainty host, Patrick Laing, discuss how their nationwide profit consulting team is reinventing certainty for their clients across the U.S. and Canada through cost-reduction, deep-discount...


The Secret to Business Viability: Reciprocity—With Frank Helring

Frank J. Helring, live headliner host of the VoiceAmerica Business show, Bizzne$$ Buzz and the Bizzne$$ Watch live events, joins Finding Certainty host, Patrick Laing, in this premier episode to tell the story of how the Finding Certainty show came into being, how Frank was integral in helping it come to pass, and why Frank felt this show was important—needed even—as part of the VoiceAmerica Business lineup. Patrick and Frank also discuss how the vision that VoiceAmerica Founder, Jeff...