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Join Emmy-winner Richard Janes as he interviews artists, athletes, authors, entrepreneurs, activists, and influencers, as they tell their inspiring story of embracing Passion and Purpose in their lives.

Join Emmy-winner Richard Janes as he interviews artists, athletes, authors, entrepreneurs, activists, and influencers, as they tell their inspiring story of embracing Passion and Purpose in their lives.
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Join Emmy-winner Richard Janes as he interviews artists, athletes, authors, entrepreneurs, activists, and influencers, as they tell their inspiring story of embracing Passion and Purpose in their lives.




My Story of Finding Passion & Purpose

If you have ever felt a little lost in work or life, and you’re unsure of how where the passion and purpose has gone, then I'm here to say you are not alone. I was in this exact position. This episode shares my story and what led me to create this wonderful new podcast. If this episode resonated with you, it would make my day if you could take a screenshot of you listening on your device. Post it on your Instagram feed or stories, and tag me, @richardjanes, and let me know how helped...



Laura Zellmer was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening illness that affects the lungs and pancreas, when she was just 16 months old. Despite a staggering 80% infant mortality rate at the time, Laura defied the odds and survived. Today, Laura is 43 years old and in her continued battle she received a double lung transplant last year. In this amazing conversation, you with learn: How Laura psychologically dealt with her diagnosis What inspires her to take chances and embrace...


Art & Wonder

Matt Hanover is an artist, an entrepreneur, and Children’s Museum curator. But these were not always titles that Matt embraced. It took, what he thought was, a heart-attack in 2012 for him to realize that his passions aren’t something to be put-off and that he needed to make a big change in his life. Today we dive into his transition and it all hinges around the world wonder. In this enlightening conversation, we discuss: How to combat self-doubtHow to know you’ve found your purposeThe...


Taking Life As It Comes

Kerry David lives for taking life as it comes and uncovering new passions in her life in the most unexpected places. And once she finds a passion, she'll lock on to fully embracing it in her life no matter what anyone says or how unrealistic the dream might be. Followed her heart has taken her in many many different directions. From traveling the world and working with women on the front line of the war on poaching, to working with Tom Cruise and producing movies that have grossed over...



Guy Camilleri is one of Hollywood’s top acting coaches and is regularly called upon by Independent Film Award winners, Oscar nominees and even Emmy Award winners. His dramatic journey of Finding Passion & Purpose started at the age of 16 when he ran away from home, stole a car, and drove halfway across America to fulfill his dream of surfing the North Shore in Hawaii.


Team Building

Philip Folsom is one of America’s top corporate cultural development experts. His journey to finding Passion & Purpose began at the age of 5 when his parents moved his family to a commune in the back woods of Washington. Today, he helps leading organizations such as Apple, Google, Red Bull, and Snapchat, build healthy, high-performing environments through inspiration and innovation. Also known as, “The Tribe Guy”, what makes him different in the world of team development is his unorthodox...


Indiana Jones

Chris Strompolos is the star of a fantastic new Netflix documentary called "Raiders: The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made". His story has Passion & Purpose written all over it. At the age of 11, after seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark, Chris decided to remake the film shot for shot and dedicated the next 8 years of his life to achieving his goal. And then... He grew up. Moving on to more adult pursuits such as getting a job, getting married, having a baby. Until a tape emerged of his little fan...


Redefining Success

Have your parents ever tried to live vicariously through you? For our guest today, that was what most of his early-life was controlled by: another person's desires. Ian Winer is an investment expert and a frequent contributor on CNN Money, Fox Business, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times. He took his skills in the hockey rink to WestPoint and was eventually led all the way to Wall Street. In this episode, we talk about how Ian was able to reclaim his identity, and what it...



Pete Bethune has been shot at, stabbed with a machete, and held captive in a maxim-security Japanese prison. All in the pursuit of his unique passion and passion. Pete is what is known as an animal rights vigilante and he travels the world helping to protect the globes endangered animals. From performing citizens’ arrests in Japan to rappelling from helicopters in Costa Rica, Pete's story is one of extremes. Find out how Pete found his passion and purpose later on in life and why most of...



Hollywood screenwriter Jordan Roberts is probably best know for writing the 2005 Oscar winner for best feature documentary March of Penguins, or perhaps you’ll have watched his 2014 Best Animated Feature Film Oscar Winner Big Hero 6. When we talk about purpose, it’s often thought that a true purpose needs to be grander than oneself, to serve a bigger cause. But what could set a greater example to the world than the compassionate healing of ones own soul so that it may shine bright for...


Soccer & Street Children

Joe Hewitt has worked in some of Rio’s most dangerous favelas helping at-risk youth through soccer. He is the CEO and founder of The Sports Creative: a non-profit, creating sports programs and partnerships around the world for at-risk youth. Through his work, he has seen the devastating effects that homelessness brings to people, which led him to discover his unique purpose. Host: Richard Janes


Civil Rights

On August 19, 1958, 7-year-old Ayanna Najuma, and a group of 12 students together with a High School teacher named Clara Luper, set the stage for a civil rights protest that would sweep the nation in the 1960’s and continues to resonate in modern America through movements such as Black Lives Matter and #MeToo. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his practice of nonviolent protest, the plan was simple. The students would occupy the ‘white’ only lunch counter of a drug store called...


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From the writer of two Oscar winning movies through to an animal rights vigilante who ended up spending six months in a Japanese maximum security prison, join Emmy winner Richard Janes as he invites guests to tell their story about Finding Passion and Purpose. Be sure to like, subscribe, and share. As well as leaving us review. We look forward to spending time with you.