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Episode 095: The Foundations of Craftsmanship

We’ve spent some time talking about what it means to be an Artisan. To make it easy to understand, I told you there were three C’s that marked an Artisan: craftsmanship, creativity, and community. Today we’ll dig deeper into Craftsmanship. You’ll learn that there are three support structures upon which craftsmanship is built. Not only […]


Episode 094: What’s Your Signature Scent?

Whether you know it or not, you have a signature scent. It’s not your perfume or after-shave. It’s the emotions you come in the door with. And that linger when you’ve left. How to know what your signature scent is, and change it if it isn’t as sweet-smelling if you’d like. Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe […]


Episode 093: Where to Start as an Artisan? With a MAP.

You want to create. Want to live a life as an Artisan. But how do you start? Or if you already started, how do you know you’re on the right path? With a MAP. Not a roadmap that anyone can follow. This is a special kind of MAP. One you create for yourself. On this […]


Episode 092: Are You a Creator, Consumer, or Critic?

We are created to be creators. When we stop creating out of fear or external circumstances, we often turn into consumers or critics. On this episode, we explore what creating looks like (it’s not necessarily what you think), what stops us from creating, why it’s so important to keep doing it. Play Episode | Subscribe in […]


Episode 091: The Three C’s of Artisanship

What are the hallmarks of an artisan? What makes them stand out? In this episode we explore the 3 C’s of artisanship – no matter what your walk of life. Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS On This Episode Rhythm of Life – I’m Not Singing Random Riffs – At a Loss […]


Episode 086: It’s Time to Break Free

You know how it feels when something you’ve been proud of becomes difficult? Maybe you even feel ashamed about it? Like you were a rising star at your company, and now younger people are passing you by. Or you were a great athlete and an injury leaves you not quite the same again. Now you […]


Episode 085: Let’s Explore Beyond What’s Possible

When was the last time you swung as high as you could? Explored beyond what you believed was possible? In today’s episode, we talk about why exploring beyond your limits is one key to a life fully lived. Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS On This Episode Random Riffs – From the […]


Episode 084: Want a High-Quality Life? Make Quality Decisions.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your decisions. The highest performers use a proven method for making good decisions as quickly as possible, and then taking action. In this episode, we’ll explore the two most important elements for making a quality decision. Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe via […]


Episode 083: Don’t Set SMART Goals; Set These Instead

You’ve probably heard it so many times: to reach your goals you have to make them SMART. Well, what if that’s not always true? What if sometimes SMART goals aren’t so smart after all? Listen to this episode to hear what is smarter than SMART. Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS On […]


Episode 082: What to Do When Tested

Testing. It's annoying, even painful. And necessary. For emergencies, and in our life. On today’s episode I’ll share how my commitment has been tested lately. And give you 5 actions you can take when your commitment is put to the test. Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS On This Episode Rhythm of […]


Episode 081: Don’t Follow Your Passion. Instead, Follow This…

The standard advice to follow our passion isn’t always good advice. Actually, you bring your passion with you in everything you do, as it’s part of you. So if you’re not supposed to follow your passion, what should you follow? On this episode we explore 3 road-signs to follow instead of your passion. Play Episode […]


Episode 080: The Birth of Hope

When we think of what it takes to move to the next chapter of our lives, we often think we have to burn the boats, throw caution to the wind, and do something radical. We also think of extreme goal-setting tactics. Since Episode 075, we’ve been debunking those myths. Sure, you can do it that […]


Episode 079: What Steals Joy…and How to Get It Back

In this third episode about starting your 2.x life with joy, we’re looking at 5 joy-stealers, as well as ways to prevent joy from eroding out from under you. And if you find your joy bank account running low, this episode will help you make deposits to get the balance healthy again. Play Episode | Subscribe […]


Hello. Your Life is Calling.

Has your heart ever tried to tell you something and you didn’t listen? What about your body? Well, if you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know that both my heart and body were trying to communicate with me, and I didn’t hear it. I was too busy working. Too busy “getting it […]


Episode 078: How to Measure Your Life

We've been exploring how to live Life 2.x – how to iterate your way through life. Today’s episode is related but different. It’s unplugged. Raw. Why? Leighton Phraner, my voice teacher for 35 years, recently died. That got me thinking about how we measure our success – the true measure of a life well lived. […]


Episode 077: How to Practice Joy

Today we’re continuing our Life 2.x series in how to iterate your way to a second life. Where do we start? With joy. On today’s episode, we’ll discover how to practice joy, especially when it doesn’t come naturally. Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS On This Episode Rhythm of Life – What’s […]


Episode 076: Start With Joy

If you want to create a new life, or even a small reboot, where do you start? With a vision? A plan? Not exactly. You start by living the life you already have with joy. True joy comes not from our circumstances, but from inside. On this episode we’ll discuss three important reasons to start […]


Episode 074: Promises, Detours, and Roadblocks

Our plans don’t always go according to…well…plan. Speed bumps, detours, and roadblocks can get in our way. On this episode we’ll explore how to recognize them for what they are, and work with these disruptions to make our plans actually happen Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS On This Episode Rhythm of […]


Episode 072: The Art of Possibility

Do you know that every day you decide what is and isn’t possible? That your mind tends to follow patterns established by our common ancestry and your own experience? On today’s episode we explore how you can open your mind and imagination to greater possibility – and then actually do something with it. Play Episode […]


Episode 071: The Secret Success Formula – A + I = P

You’ve heard E=mc² and 1+1 = 2. Well, now there’s A+I=P. On this episode you’ll hear why this matters to much to you and your success. Play Episode | Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS On This Episode Rhythm of Life – I Tricked Myself Random Riffs – Traveling to an Alternate Universe Feature Segment […]