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Follow along as we launch Clinnect, a digital health product. We talk about the intersection of healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship while trying to stay balanced. Hosted by Canadians Angela Hapke, CEO of Central Referral Solutions, and Jonathan Bowers, CEO of Two Story Robot.




Follow along as we launch Clinnect, a digital health product. We talk about the intersection of healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship while trying to stay balanced. Hosted by Canadians Angela Hapke, CEO of Central Referral Solutions, and Jonathan Bowers, CEO of Two Story Robot.





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Q&A Part 2

Show Notes To wrap the first season of Fixing Faxes Jonathan and Angela continue part 2 of listener questions. Diving into favourite failures, scary stories, emotional rollercoasters, and what we are reading/watching/listening to right now. Next season starts in late January 2021! Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Angela: [00:00:00] Kyla has now texted me and wrote on my Facebook and every, Oh my God. Jonathan: [00:00:06] Yeah, just toss it to the bottom. Angela: [00:00:08] Oh my goodness. Are you reading this? Are you reading what she's Oh my God. Who. She wrote that all these questions, then she wrote all of those are stolen from great interviewers, but are some of my faves for job interviews and icebreakers. Jonathan: [00:00:27] Oh, okay. Job interview questions. My goodness. Angela: [00:00:31] She's an HR specialist. That's why. Intro [00:00:33] Jonathan: [00:00:35] You're listening to Fixing Faxes a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your hosts, myself, Jonathan Bowers. Angela: [00:00:43] And I'm Angela Hapke. So we're doing take two, not take two, part two, not take two part, two of listener questions. Now we're going to get in, like, we're going to get into some deep stuff Jonathan: [00:01:02] Oh, really? Okay. Yeah. Oh, wait, this one's from you. Angela: [00:01:10] We'll put that at the end. Well, this is okay. Honestly, we weren't getting a lot of questions, so I decided that I was going to throw some in task. You, Angela, on entertainment [00:01:21] well, let's start with it then. Mine are just fun. Mine are just silly fun questions. I just wanted to know Jonathan, who are you listening to right now? Jonathan: [00:01:31] Uh, I'm listening to a lot of Raffi and, uh, artists by the name of Casper Baby Pants. Angela: [00:01:38] no, this is like some Baby Beluga going on in your Jonathan: [00:01:43] Yeah, We do some baby beluga. Casper Baby Pants is nice though. He's got a, he's got an album where he covers a bunch of Beatles songs. Angela: [00:01:50] that's fun. Jonathan: [00:01:51] Yeah. Yeah. It's good. Uh, Angela: [00:01:52] weird. Jonathan: [00:01:55] Yeah. Angela: [00:01:56] Okay. Um, okay. On our way to school, is usually when they listened to most of the music and I take Alex to school and she is very obsessed with the Tones and I right now, so like dance monkey, never seen the rain, lots of those. then I drop her off and turn on my own music and Oh, my musical taste has a far range, but today it was Weezer on the way home. So, yep. but I am more like, uh, like I like to have a lot of background music going on and it's usually very like coffee hose, acoustic chill, keeps my, like me. It can be from vibrating too high. Uh, okay. What's the last book or are you reading a current book? Jonathan: [00:02:47] I am. So I'm not sure why this is, but I feel like I am, uh, just boring, boring to answer these questions. I'm terrible at reading books because I only read them before bed and I immediately fall asleep. Angela: [00:03:04] too. This is why it Jonathan: [00:03:05] I've. so I have, because it was taking forever to get through books. I decided to just not go back and try and reread what I was missing, like what I had fallen asleep too. So I just continue to plow forward. And so I've gotten through entire books without knowing who, who anyone is or what the main plot was. I just have read all the words. so currently I am reading, Dune, Because I'm like, I I'm excited about the new movie, Dune. I've never read the book, so I'm reading Dune. but, but reading it before bed, so I actually don't know what's happening. yeah. Angela: [00:03:39] That's hilarious. I feel that very, yeah, I am right there on that level with you. Jonathan: [00:03:45] Yeah. I think...


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Q&A Part 1

Show Notes Jonathan and Angela asked for questions and listeners submitted all sorts of questions ranging from leadership, entrepreneurship, podcasting, and life. The questions were tough, amazing and required some digging deep to answer; along with many laughs. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: [00:00:00] I think your renos have created a slight echo. Angela: [00:00:02] Are you Jonathan: [00:00:03] it's just, it's just slight. It's fine. We'll leave it in. Cause I, I don't want to deal with it right now. Angela: [00:00:08] We could put like a blanket over my head or something? Jonathan: [00:00:11] that's how podcasters do it. They go in closets because of all the clothing and then crawl under a blanket. I'm not doing that because I'm not bringing this whole desk into a closet. Angela: [00:00:21] maybe I need like, a blanket tent to go over top of me. Intro [00:00:26] You are listening to Fixing Faxes, a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your hosts, myself, Angela Hapke, and... Jonathan: [00:00:36] I'm Jonathan Bowers and this is our Q and A show. We've got questions from listeners and we're going to answer them. I'm very excited. Yeah. I'm a little disappointed that no one asked, like really obscure, odd, weird questions about. You know about things that are unrelated to podcasting or startups. Cause we've, we, you know, we're, we're deeper people than just this, Angela: [00:01:01] barely. Yes, no, no, we are. Yeah. Jonathan: [00:01:05] Uh, Angela: [00:01:06] I there's so many, I mean, these questions are wonderful and they're beautiful and they're going to get into some, some interesting, things here, but, yeah, there's no like wild or wacky questions for us. So, Jonathan: [00:01:18] and I apologize that my first response to getting questions was to criticize the quality that criticized the criticize, the questions I just realized that I'm kind of a poopoo. Angela: [00:01:28] you did you poo-pooed on them? I, yes. Thank you. Let's do it. Kaileen, on leadership [00:01:34] let's start with Kaileen because Kaileen jumped on this and I'm so proud of her for like, Jumping on it and putting it out there. So let's start with her. Yay. Yay. Kaileen and, let's jump into the leadership questions that she had. Okay. So she asked a few questions around leadership and she said that she'd love to hear both of us answer these questions. And the first one was what is a piece of leadership advice you think everyone should know? I know? Right? Just like Jonathan: [00:02:11] Just Angela: [00:02:11] head first, right into the deep end. Yes. Jonathan: [00:02:14] Ah, I don't know. Angela: [00:02:18] Kaileen authenticity. Um, we can, we can read all the leadership books that we want to, and we can, try and emulate all these wonderful, amazing examples of people out there. But at the end of the day, being authentically yourself is what I would just tell anybody. If you found yourself in a place where you're in a leadership position in your life, you're, you're doing what we do. We probably done something, right. So I would say authenticity. Jonathan: [00:02:47] I think there's a temptation to put on a facade, which does have, which does have its place. Uh, there is a, there's a place for that, but I think generally, yeah, being authentic, Yeah. And just being open, honest and maybe a little bit more vulnerable Angela: [00:03:03] Yes, please, please. We need more leadership with vulnerability, please. Can we do that? Yes. Okay. Her second question is what is a common myth about leadership you think we all need to let go of? You go first on this one. Jonathan: [00:03:20] Uh, Oh my goodness. So I haven't prepared for any, I haven't read any of these questions. I just copied and...


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Creative Drain

Show Notes Leaders are commonly praised for their creativity, Angela opens up about feeling less creative during COVID. Jonathan talks about finding a secret to increasing energy levels. They discuss the common thread of exhaustion, creativity, renovations, and alone time during COVID. Angela mentions GoCleanCo, she mentions a Twitter account however Angela actually found her on Instagram. At the end they mention Angela's daughter cut over 10 inches of her hair off and donated it to Wigs for Kids BC. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: [00:00:00] I need help figuring out a topic. Angela: [00:00:02] please. My husband was no help. Jonathan: [00:00:05] Uh, uh, uh, I don't know what a proce pro Proust provost questionnaire is. Angela: [00:00:15] Like the writer Jonathan: [00:00:17] I don't know he's talking to an uncultured. Um, man, I dunno. Proust Angela: [00:00:24] don't hide behind your gender to say whether you're cultured or not. Come on. Jonathan: [00:00:33] I don't know who provost is. Angela: [00:00:36] Yeah. It's okay. Jonathan: [00:00:40] judged. Angela: [00:00:41] No. Uh, yes, there was, um, a little bit of judgment there. It was fine. My husband was like this up. Yeah, perhaps there, he also did not know who it was. Jonathan: [00:00:54] Okay, sweet. So we're, uh, so far the two things we have in common is we don't know who that is, and we're both men. Angela: [00:01:02] Oh no, that is all true. Introduction [00:01:08] Jonathan: [00:01:09] you're listening to fixing faxes, a podcast on the journey to building a digital health startup with your hosts. Jonathan Bowers Angela: [00:01:18] uh, yeah, I gave three options. Jonathan: [00:01:22] yeah. Talk through our meeting today regarding the attention screen and why we push hard on some designs. That sounds good. Staying creative as a leader during COVID. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Um, and doing some kind of questionnaire from a writer or a poet, did you say a poet or a writer? Angela: [00:01:39] I thought post was a poet and a Jonathan: [00:01:41] You don't even know. It's like, yeah. You know, Hemingway. Oh yeah. I don't know what he's written. I have no idea. I know he's a person and he used to frequent, uh, Cuba Angela: [00:01:54] Are you being serious? You don't know. Okay. Jonathan: [00:02:00] judge, all you want Angela: [00:02:01] I'm not judging. Actually. I'm Jonathan: [00:02:03] Vee who has not watched star Wars. Angela: [00:02:06] update. I am on the last one. Jonathan: [00:02:11] really like the, um, what is the last one? Angela: [00:02:16] Well, like episode nine, I am on episode. No, um, Oh, Skywalker returns. Uh, the rise of Skywalker. Skywalker is something. And I don't know Jonathan: [00:02:32] Have you enjoyed them? Angela: [00:02:35] I'm going to be very Frank and honest. The ones that were done in the nineties were very bad. God. Jonathan: [00:02:41] Oh, come on. Angela: [00:02:45] Chronologically the first three released were, were fun and cool. The next three Jonathan: [00:02:52] Oh, sorry. The nineties. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The prequels. Angela: [00:02:56] awful. Jonathan: [00:02:57] Ah, they're great. Angela: [00:02:58] Nope. And I'm quite enjoying the last three. Jonathan: [00:03:02] Good. Angela: [00:03:03] Yeah. I mean, they have very strong female, like lead characters. I'm loving Ray. I'm loving Leah. I'm loving. I'm just loving it. Jonathan: [00:03:15] Did you watch rogue one? Angela: [00:03:17] no, no. Jonathan: [00:03:18] What? Angela: [00:03:20] Was I supposed to, I thought I was supposed to finish all nine and then watch the what? Jonathan: [00:03:28] no. Angela: [00:03:29] Oh, okay. Jonathan: [00:03:31] You have made a mistake and now you must watch them again. Angela:...


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Referrals Refresher

Jonathan shares a personal experience regarding a specialist referral, it provides an opportunity to refresh on what referrals are. In this episode Jonathan and Angela refer to the Medical Post, September 2020 issue. Topics span personal experience, referral etiquette, lost referrals, and what is really expected of the patient in the process. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Angela: [00:00:00] but your, desk moves up and down. Is that an issue? Jonathan: [00:00:04] But Nope, no, no, it's not because I'm Mount to everything to the desk. Not, not to like to the wall or anything. Angela: [00:00:11] got it. So it moves with it. Okay, that makes Jonathan: [00:00:14] Like watch check this out. this is sometimes how I come into meetings welcome to the meeting. Angela: [00:00:25] this is so weird. Your head's just slowly rising up from the bottom of the screen. Jonathan: [00:00:33] yeah, just appear. I just, Angela: [00:00:35] Well, you don't, you don't appearance. Like if you were in PowerPoint, it would be the slowest, The slowest, like fly in Jonathan: [00:00:44] yeah. I fly it from the bottom. Yeah. Real slow. Intro [00:00:48] Jonathan: [00:30:23] shout out to Justin Jackson and, John Buddha at Transistor FM. You're listening to Fixing Faxes, a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your hosts, myself, Angela Hapke. And I'm Jonathan Bowers. I just got back from taking Zack to an eye specialist, a referral that we had from our GP or family doctor. I'm not sure what the distinction is between a GP and a family doctor. Angela: [00:01:11] There is a very clear distinction between, GPs and family care providers. But that is a topic for another time. Getting a Referral to a Specialist [00:01:19] Jonathan: [00:01:19] Okay. anyways, so, Zach, had a bit of a traumatic birth and suffered some nerve damage to his eyes. And so for the first the many months of his existence his eye didn't open quite correctly and that was concerning. and so we got referred to a specialist. Now the specialist did not let us know that they would much rather us go to a different specialist because that specialist is capable of doing the actual surgery that might be necessary. Didn't phone us, didn't find the GP. So we just phoned them many, many months later asking what's the status of this? And they said, Oh, it needs to go to a different specialist. And so we then had to go back to the GP. The GP, sent the referral to the new specialist and, anyways, it was kind of a pain in the butt. And the only reason why he caught it was because Julie phoned the specialist's office and said, I thought I would have heard from you by now and nothing. Nothing happened. anyways, like medically everything's fine. His vision is perfect. I mean not perfect. It's it's good. he has, he has, what's called a Horner's I'm saying this right Horner's syndrome, which, apparently causes people to sweat differently. Angela: [00:02:34] Interesting. Jonathan: [00:02:35] Um, but yeah, I don't really know much about it. Either. A friend, a friend of ours has it. and as an adult, like we, we had no idea. but anyways, yeah, the, the eyelid, has recovered well. It's, it's very difficult to see that one eye lid doesn't open quite as much as the other. It's more apparent when we look at him in a mirror because it's it's, the assymetry is wrong. Um, and his pupil, his pupil is performing well. There's no, there's no damage in the back. He's not going to need glasses. So we're pretty excited, but it made me think of this whole Clinnect journey and referrals and having to manage, having to manage it ourselves to some degree, to make sure that it was happening. Angela: [00:03:13] as a father or a parent of a patient, this is a tough one. So you, so your...


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It Takes a Village w/ Kristy Ehman from Hyon

Show Notes This interview with Kristy Ehman was originally release a few weeks ago, but we had to delay publishing it. If you happen to have already listened to this episode, go ahead and skip this one. See you next time. Kristy Ehman of Hyon joins Jonathan and Angela to talk about her journey as a tech founder. Kristy and Angela met at Metabridge in June 2019 and have been talking weekly since. Listen in to get a glimpse of what they talk about; product challenges, users, parenthood, and fundraising. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: [00:00:00] I see, I see you've typed up no notes for this. Angela: [00:00:03] Oh, I sent, I sent a text to Kirsty. Does that count? Jonathan: [00:00:07] That counts. Angela: [00:00:08] Wow, Angela. Good work. Introduction [00:00:12] You're listening to Fixing Faxes, a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your host, myself, Angela Hapke and Jonathan Bowers. And today I'm excited to say that we have guest with us. Kirsty Ehman is joining us today. Good morning, Kirsty Kristy: [00:00:30] Good morning. Angela: [00:00:31] can you tell everyone just a little bit about you, where you're at right now. And then we're going to talk about how we met and we're going to go into a few other things around why we talk every week. Kristy: [00:00:43] Well, let's talk about how we met. We actually met at Meta Bridge a conference uh out of Kelowna last year. I think it was the 10th year anniversary when we met, patio overlooking the lake, gorgeous. Angela: [00:00:53] You spotted me from across the room? Kristy: [00:00:56] It was love at first sight, one, one tall female founder, to another tall female founder where I don't feel like I'm overpowering the room and we connected. And that was it. Jonathan: [00:01:05] Are you also tall? Kristy: [00:01:07] Jonathan, are you tall or are you short? And this is intimidating. Jonathan: [00:01:11] I am a medium height. I'm five foot eight and three quarters Kristy: [00:01:16] That actually counts Jonathan: [00:01:17] yeah, the three quarters counts. Angela: [00:01:19] The three quarters count. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. Kirsty, tell me, who, who are you? What are you doing? Hyon, Connecting Local Sellers with Local Item Owners [00:01:28] Kristy: [00:01:28] So my name is Kirsty Ehman, founded a tech company two years ago and we've pivoted the company one massive pivot. We believe there are two types of people in the world. You're either someone that would do the work to sell your used items, or you ultimately can't be bothered. And our technology connects those two groups. Angela: [00:01:45] Cool. Jonathan: [00:01:45] I like how concise that was. Angela: [00:01:47] she's been practicing. Jonathan: [00:01:49] She has rehearsed Kristy: [00:01:51] No, I've just, I've said it a million times. It's my only thing. It's the only scripted thing in my life. Angela: [00:01:57] I honestly thought you were going to go into a 15 minute pitch there for one moment. I was like, Oh, and here we go. We are about to hear the Hyon pitch, everyone. I loved it. how'd you get started how long ago? Kristy: [00:02:10] a couple of years ago we had a, New baby and a three year old and they have a lot of stuff. And so we had been introduced to consignment events for kids. Thought it was magical, created our own developed software for our event realized we never want to run events. software could be interesting. Realize the software market for consignment events is not big enough to be interesting. So we pivoted the company to consignment. uncovered that there's these two groups of people. And so if you're someone that can't be bothered, you're pulling up to value village and ringing the doorbell or stuffing your stuff in the bins, in the...


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Feedback Fatigue Firsthand

Is feedback fatigue a thing? If so, Angela may have been experiencing it this week. Clinnect, as a social enterprise, has sought out and encouraged feedback from all stakeholders. Angela talks about how the process of creating a product with transparency and welcoming feedback can take a toll personally. Jonathan reminds Angela of why she is doing this and gives some real life examples from his own career. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Angela: [00:00:00] Yes, my child named Alex might have been messing around a little bit with it. She pretends to do podcasts. They're really bad. Jonathan: [00:00:10] I bet. what does she talk about? Angela: [00:00:11] She kind of makes up stories, but then they don't really have any logical like sequence and to the stories they're very, just weird. Jonathan: [00:00:21] I wish we could, set it up to record her and then like, just listen to a story that Nora or sorry, Alex. Angela: [00:00:29] yeah. not for this podcast. She doesn't know anything about this stuff. Jonathan: [00:00:33] That's fine. We don't either. Angela: [00:00:37] Oh my God. That's true. Intro [00:00:39] Jonathan: [00:00:39] You're listening to fixing faxes a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your host myself, Jonathan Bowers. Angela: [00:00:48] And I'm Angela Hapke. So it is October 29th. Jonathan: [00:00:52] Oh, we're going to divulge the date. People are going to have expectations. Angela: [00:00:56] Yeah, I know. I know. And it's okay. It's okay. Halloween is in two days. Jonathan: [00:01:02] Oh my goodness. Yeah. Angela: [00:01:03] my daughter is going to Alex is supposed to be dressing up tomorrow. She has been wanting well, she's changed her mind a million times of what she wants to be, but she, she finally, decided on being a bunny. we left costume making to last minute last night, it was like all falling apart. Everything was not working. I couldn't deal with it. I lost my ever-loving mind. Alex then decides to drop the bomb. Well, mum, after you bought the bunny costume, I actually didn't want to be a bunny anymore, but I knew you had bought all the stuff to make the costume. So I didn't say anything. I really want to be a bat. Oh, I didn't even know what to say. So many things were going through my mind at that moment. taking an old black tablecloth that I have. I will make a poncho style wings for her. She's going to wear black leggings, little face makeup on, and she will be the bat. She's always wanted to be. I can't deal with Halloween anymore. Jonathan: [00:02:12] There's no time for those kinds of hobbies right Angela: [00:02:14] No, there's no time. I, totally, just, I don't know what the word is, but I, I just did whatever. I, I didn't make Nora's costume. She wanted to be a bear. I bought a costume. she loved it. It just fits her thank goodness cause that also came yesterday and her biggest concern was, if I am a bear, maybe I shouldn't crawl around outside, but rather should walk. So the cars don't hit me. Jonathan: [00:02:47] She's very safety conscious. I like that a lot. I mean, there's a number of reasons why you shouldn't crawl around on Halloween in a costume, but that, that I think is the most important one. Angela: [00:03:04] she was though, this child was testing me by saying that she was testing me to see if that was appropriate or not, because she really did want to crawl. So she was more like I'll test the waters. And see what mom says about this. And then when she says it and I'm like, that's a good idea, Nora, you shouldn't crawl. Jonathan: [00:03:23] Well, happy Halloween. Hope everyone had some candy, Angela: [00:03:26] And you were smart about your venturing out or not venturing out during Halloween? Segue should just say that...


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The Next Evolution of Clinnect

Fresh off a second design sprint, Angela and Jonathan discuss how the sprint uncovered the evolution of not just Clinnect but possibly the evolution of patient referrals. Angela & Jonathan discuss how the new features will create a shift from static patient referrals to dynamic ones with ease. Taking examples from other industries and applying the patterns to Clinnect was an organic next step; but the impact this uncovered for both patients and care providers is what they delve into in this episode. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: [00:00:00] Uh, yeah, I have to turn the, my little desk heater off. Cause I think it, I think it travels up the arm and makes a bunch of racket. So now I'm sitting in the cold Angela: [00:00:10] oh, is it like a really loud one or something? Is that why I was just about to turn mine on and now Jonathan: [00:00:18] No, keep it off. No, no, don't turn it on. We're recording. You have to suffer. Angela: [00:00:23] Frick fine. Intro [00:00:25] You're listening to Fixing Faxes a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup, with myself, Angela Hapke. Jonathan: [00:00:33] And Jonathan Bowers. I made a blanket fort with Zach this weekend. Angela: [00:00:39] blanket forts I love blanket forts. Jonathan: [00:00:42] it's our first ever blanket fort. Angela: [00:00:44] Yay. Jonathan: [00:00:45] He was in there for like five minutes and then he got bored, but it was still super fun. Angela: [00:00:49] Isn't that the thing like these kids, like you spent 20 minutes building these darn forts and then they don't even want to sit in them. hot tip on blanket, forts fitted sheets. Jonathan: [00:01:04] Okay. Yup. Angela: [00:01:05] For the roof? Jonathan: [00:01:07] Oh, interesting. Well, I was, I was sort of propping it up amongst a bunch of other things. I know a fitted sheet would have helped me in this case. Um, I have, uh, Angela: [00:01:15] chairs and things like that, fitted sheets the best, Jonathan: [00:01:20] but other, other blanket Fort tip. Many years ago now we decided we were just going to make Christmas presents. That was what we were going to do for Christmas. And for my nephew, I made him a blanket fort kit. I don't remember if I included a blanket or not. but I got, some rope, some special clamps, yeah, clamps, like clamp blankets onto Angela: [00:01:42] Absolutely. Jonathan: [00:01:43] it was, it was awesome. And now, now that I tried building a blanket fort, without any of those supplies, I'm thinking I might have to build myself up a little blanket fort kit. Angela: [00:01:53] Uh, one year Santa brought Alex, what we called an engineering kit and it also had ropes and clamps and pulleys and, Oh, my goodness. That was probably three years ago. And she still uses all of them, all the pieces all the time. And now Nora, the clamps. Oh my goodness. Like you can go to the dollar store and get just like these little clamps. If you have kids just go get clamps, they will find all the uses for clamps. Jonathan: [00:02:22] Excellent. Okay. I'm going to go buy some clamps. Ah-ha Moments From a Design Sprint [00:02:26] So what are we going to talk about today? Angela: [00:02:28] Well, I have an idea. I was thinking about considering we just spent the last three mornings, doing a design sprint. and I thought, well, it's fresh in our mind. It might be really good to, talk about considering we've always already done a podcast on a design sprint, but also this design sprint, uncovered something very, very interesting for me for Clinnect. Jonathan: [00:02:55] Oh, okay. Yeah. I mean, I feel like, I feel like the design sprint itself produce the results that we wanted it to, which has got us to some really, a lot more clarity on the designs for the product...


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Work Life Balance During COVID

If you have any questions you would like us to answer, please reach out on Twitter, @FixingFaxes. We discuss the pressure that is often put on founders to sink your lives into your company and the toll that takes. Even for people who reject the "exhaustion as a badge of honor" culture, it's really hard to find balance particularly during COVID. Justin Jackson tweeted, "The best thing you can do for yourself (and your business) is to give yourself more margin in your life" with a link to his original article "Good business have margin". We talk about how little margin or buffer we have. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: [00:00:00] maybe we should take some questions from listeners. Angela: [00:00:03] Love that. Yes. Okay. So are we putting it out there to listeners to ask us questions Jonathan: [00:00:09] Yeah. How do they get ahold of us? Angela: [00:00:10] well on Twitter @FixingFaxes Yeah. DM us on Twitter. Jonathan: [00:00:20] Yeah. Or ask a question like just reply public reply. That's fine too. Angela: [00:00:24] Yes. I also think a lot of the people listening, uh, know us personally. So, Jonathan: [00:00:29] Yes. You can also just fire off a message to one of us. Angela: [00:00:35] I was so focused on getting Kristy and Tim on as guests that I'm like, Oh yeah, we needed a topic for today. Jonathan: [00:00:43] Oh, well, um, are we prepared? Sweet? Introduction [00:00:49] you're listening to Fixing Faxes a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your hosts, myself, Jonathan Bowers. Angela: [00:00:57] And I'm Angela Hapke. So I don't know what kind of list we got on. But my LinkedIn and my emails are being hit with all these people that want to help us grow and, um, look for the use of word, accelerate a lot and venture money and all this kind of stuff, but it's very focused on, um, them helping us try and find money. So do you know what I do? Jonathan: [00:01:30] do you just hit spam? Angela: [00:01:32] I actually have replied a few times saying, thank you for your interest. I have no interest in pursuing this right now. If you'd like to hear more check out this podcast about where I talk about bootstrapping, instead of looking for additional funding. Jonathan: [00:01:48] You're channeling that into, you're trying to farm listens out of spam. Angela: [00:01:56] They clearly have not done their research. And so they should do the research Jonathan: [00:02:02] That's funny. I I've been getting a ton of different kinds of email, um, because my email address is the one that shows up. I th I think it's like linked to the podcast somehow. Um, so, but I get it chests or, sorry, I get emails about podcast stuff. Like we can help you grow your podcasts. We can help you share your podcasts. We can help you do this with the podcast. Um, we'd love to have, we'd love to have our, uh, Our, uh, we have an extensive list of high, high profile guests that would love to be featured on your podcast. And it's so irrelevant and so spammy. but if anyone is feeling like super, super lonely in their inbox, just start a podcast, you will get a ton of great comments from people and they're getting kind of tricky, like Angela: [00:02:44] Oh, like you're you're you're are you almost convinced? Jonathan: [00:02:49] um, so, so I like the ones that are not trying to trick me, but are using really clever, like really clever tools are really clever. Uh, techniques to get my attention. I really dislike the ones that are trying to trick me. Like the ones that the ones that come through is as a, like, it looks like a forward from some underling at an employee. And the forward is like, Uh, the CEO saying like, Hey, you should check out Jonathan from Two Story Robot and, or you should check out...


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Building a Team While Building a Product

Show Notes Building a team while building a product can be a wild ride. Angela doubles her team in the last couple months, she discusses how that feels at a time that the product is being built out. Jonathan gets into how and why he has added to his company, and the outcomes of different hires. Jonathan talks about taking his son trail running in a stroller, the Thule Chariot Sport. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Angela: [00:00:00] september is a very, very, very hard Jonathan: [00:00:02] Yeah. Angela: [00:00:04] in many different ways. Oh, my God, are we both burping? This is going to be amazing podcast. Introduction [00:00:11] You're listening to Fixing Faxes a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your hosts, myself, Angela Hapke. Jonathan: [00:00:22] And I'm Jonathan Bowers and I took Zack for a trail run for the first time this weekend. Angela: [00:00:27] Wait in a stroller or was he running? Jonathan: [00:00:33] he, he could run actually, cause we go on our walk. Uh, he's pretty fast. Angela: [00:00:41] fast for his age. Jonathan: [00:00:42] yeah. I mean, it's a walk at my pace, Angela: [00:00:44] Ah, so you went trail running with Zach in a stroller. What kind of stroller do you have that you can take trail running? Jonathan: [00:00:53] Well, let me tell you about the stroller I have. It's a, uh, it's a Thule Chariot Sport. it's spectacular. It's a little wide to be taking down trail, but it was fun. Angela: [00:01:07] Does it have suspension in it Jonathan: [00:01:09] Yeah, Angela: [00:01:09] Zack? Yeah, Jonathan: [00:01:10] it has, it has not full system essential, but it's got suspension on the back and then, disc brakes, which is really nice. Angela: [00:01:18] Did he like it? Jonathan: [00:01:19] He, he really enjoys being in the, in the chariot. It's like, yeah, he loves it. We go for runs, weekly, at least. But I was getting sick of the same kind of getting bored of the same route and decided that trail running is something that I should start doing to mix it up a little Angela: [00:01:36] Okay. Yeah. Jonathan: [00:01:37] boy, is it hard pushing a stroller with a child up a pretty steep hill? Angela: [00:01:43] Do you do much trail running anyway? Jonathan: [00:01:45] Nope, I do one or two trail runs a year. Angela: [00:01:48] Oh, see, we're like, not only am I going to try trail running, I'm going to try trail running with a stroller and my child, Jonathan: [00:01:55] Yeah. Yeah. Angela: [00:01:57] I love it. Well, good for you. That's amazing. Are you training at all for? I know there's no races right now, but Jonathan: [00:02:07] Ironman Canada has, sent off their email saying that Ironman Canada, 2021 is a go as best they know. So they canceled 2020, and we got a deferral to the next year. So I've signed up cause it's the. Who knows. So I'm be training for something that might get canceled again, Angela: [00:02:26] Oh, right. It would be frustrating. Full iron man or half. Oh, good for you. That's exciting. Where is it? Jonathan: [00:02:37] Penticton BC? Angela: [00:02:40] Okay, we'll get updates on that as you go. Jonathan: [00:02:44] Yes. That is going to be a new focus of my life again. Angela: [00:02:48] Oh, God, we're going to have to talk about all those things, all the things I don't do, running biking or swimming. Okay. It'll be great. Ah, okay. Let's jump in. Growing a Team [00:03:02] so I, well, can we get Kristy on, but we'll get her on next week. And so then I didn't really have a topic. So then I asked my husband, I said, since he's an avid. Jonathan: [00:03:17] Listener. Angela: [00:03:19] Of Fixing Faxes. Is there something that you wanted to like, is there a topic we haven't hit on that's obvious or blah, blah, blah. And he...


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Remote Work During Covid

This episode delves into working remotely, and how Two Story Robot responded to the pandemic. Jonathan designed his company as a remote-first technology company and there was a lot of benefit to this when COVID hit. They found themselves in a unique position, ready for remote work but still had to deal with the pandemic. At the forefront of remote work they had a lot of knowledge to share, and we dig into this. Check out the blog post on this topic they published. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: [00:00:00] Hey, just a heads up. This episode of fixing faxes does have a couple of swear words in it. They're not like the big swear words, just some of the lower order swear words. Um, but they're still swear words. Anyways, if that matters to you. Maybe skip this one. very few bongs last time that was better, uh, Angela: [00:00:20] was very, uh, trying very hard, not to whack anything on my Jonathan: [00:00:26] I had, I had four more far more bongs, uh, in mine. I'm not sure. Cause I've moved my mic over here. I'm not used to it. I want a different boom. Uh, Justin Jackson posted a picture of him and I was like, what's that thing? It's cool. It doesn't have it's. It's like all the, all the mechanisms are inside the arm. It looks very, very cool. Um, it's not that expensive, but it doesn't, it's not going to help me cause it's not, it's not longer. I want something longer. Angela: [00:00:51] Oh, you want like a, like a professional Jonathan: [00:00:55] yeah. I want something to come down from the roof and maybe on like a track that I can just like short slide it around and it can help me in and out of, in another of the bath. Um, that sounds awesome. Intro [00:01:09] You're listening to Fixing Faxes, a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your host, Jonathan Bowers. Angela: [00:01:17] And myself Angela Hapke. So Nora got to sent home with a book on Friday. Jonathan: [00:01:25] I thought you were, Angela: [00:01:27] Just got sent home from Jonathan: [00:01:28] She got sent home with a cold. Angela: [00:01:30] Nope. She got sent home with this book on, on Friday and I found it in her, in her, her bag that she comes home with and I said, Oh Brad, I think Nora stole a book from daycare and he goes, Oh, Nope. Uh, actually her daycare, uh, teachers sent it home specifically for her. Uh, for us to read to her because of it's all about a froggy, but needs to share his pond. Jonathan: [00:01:58] subtle hint. Angela: [00:01:59] no. It was nothing subtle about it. She was very clear. So it's September there is, there's a big transition change in daycare. Lots of new kids starting Nora is one of the older kids now at the right, the old age of three. And, um, It's having a wee bit of trouble with the new children and sharing her, sharing her pond, uh, including friends and space. So Brad reads the book to Nora, uh, and I'm laying with her, she's going to sleep last night. And I say, Oh, did you know, did daddy read you a book tonight? Yeah. Nora is it about a froggy who share a pond. And I was like, Oh, well that sounds like a really good book. She's kind of silent. And she goes, there are a lot of new kids at daycare and I was like, yeah. And sh this is what she says. I'm not prepared for that. Yeah. Jonathan: [00:03:01] She's Oh, she's three. So she she has not only the self awareness to know that she's not prepared, but also understands that this book has been sent home to help her cope with that and create some strategies to share. Angela: [00:03:16] Oh, never underestimate your children. Jonathan: [00:03:23] That's so funny. Angela: [00:03:24] Anyway, I had to tell you that story because it was just too adorable. Jonathan: [00:03:28] I love that. Angela: [00:03:30] I not...


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Taking a break this week

September has been exceptionally busy and we need a week to catch our breaths. See you next week!


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Why Say No to Money and Bootstrap?

Show Notes To fundraise or not, that is the question in this episode. Angela walks through the decision making process around whether Clinnect should go after institutional money or to bootstrap. Listen to find out what she decided. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript [00:00:00]Angela: it's a cute chair. Not a ergonomic chair. [00:00:04] Jonathan: Oh, ergonomics. I, so I've come to the conclusion that money should not be spared on shoes, mattresses and chairs. [00:00:18] Angela: I'm with you on shoes and mattresses... chairs, I'm not sold. [00:00:26]Jonathan: we have, their, their retail is like $1,200. The chairs at the office. Yeah. They don't, I don't get them for retail. I [00:00:35] Angela: I would [00:00:37] Jonathan: know, but still they're like 400 bucks, $450 for the chairs. [00:00:41] Angela: expensive. [00:00:43] Jonathan: They're pretty pricey, but they are there. They're very, very comfortable. [00:00:47]I needed something where the, The, the arms could move up and down. Cause I like that that's important to me. And then it's just like a proper arrogance and you can pick and choose the color. [00:00:57] So I've got orange back [00:00:59] Angela: Oh, and a blue bottom [00:01:01] Jonathan: I believe seat and it works pretty good. And then, and then I have an in, at a furniture supply company and she said, no, don't those ones are good, but these ones are way better. And the [00:01:11] Angela: like $20 more. [00:01:13] Jonathan: Yeah, her price was a little bit more. And now we've got all sorts of colours. [00:01:15] So Paige's is yellow and gray and mine is red and gray. Yeah. [00:01:20] Angela: Okay, you guys [00:01:22] Jonathan: I like, I just, it here's a pet peeve of mine, corporate gear that is all black, like hoodies, all black hoodies, like, and then just, here's the standard chair. It's gotta be black. Why can't people have a little bit of expression. So we pick the chairs that are, uh, uh, uh, let us pick the fabric, [00:01:44]Angela: That's cool. Introduction [00:01:44] You're listening to Fixing Faxes a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your host myself, Angela Hapke. [00:01:54] Jonathan: And I'm Jonathan Bowers and I've started Zach in daycare. Yeah. [00:02:03] Angela: How are you feeling? How's Julie feeling? [00:02:06] Jonathan: Uh, it's pretty scary. We were just doing transition. So every, every day, this week I'm going with him for an hour and being with [00:02:15] Angela: Yep. [00:02:16] Jonathan: week, just gets gradually, uh, longer. And I'm, I'm not [00:02:20] Angela: And then you [00:02:21] Jonathan: And then we start on the, the first, uh, that, uh, the eighth or whatever that first day in September is. [00:02:28] Oh, it's scary. It's scary. And, and then, then yesterday [00:02:37] we get a call. Okay. So one of the other, uh, families, has to self isolate. This may have been in contact with COVID and I was like, okay, well, this is the new reality, I [00:02:47] Angela: This is your new reality. This is a hard moment in life in an especially hard time. Oh, [00:02:55]Jonathan: He's doing quite well. He, we went the first day. He cried when we went in there. So one of the, one of the strange things that we've noticed about the pandemic and our, trying to follow the rules, so we don't go anywhere, but like, we don't go into buildings, we don't go places and we don't take Zach [00:03:13] Angela: of course. Yeah. [00:03:15] Jonathan: And so I can't remember where we went once and he was really afraid to go inside a door. He, he looked at this new space and he didn't want to go inside. And we thought, Oh, this is, this is cause he's deconditioned to going places. And then kind of the same thing at, at [00:03:29] Angela: Oh,...


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What's Keeping Angela Up At Night?

Show Notes After taking a few weeks off of recording Jonathan and Angela discuss everything from Star Wars to passwords to what keeps Angela up at night. There are some bloopers to keep it real and difficult conversations about balancing the users wants with the integrity of system. Angela and Jonathan deep dive into conversation to talk through a difficult product feature decision. In this episode listeners get a peek into real conversations behind the scenes of building a digital health product. Password hygiene is a topic that we discuss a lot in this episode, there are some great articles if listeners wanted to dive into that information. Here are some articles: Cisco Mag F-Secure Blog Password managers are a great way to use unique passwords as Jonathan mentions in this episode. Examples of password managers are 1Password and LastPass. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript [00:00:00] Jonathan: oh yeah, we got change to not Thursday. [00:00:03] Angela: It's like perfect timing. [00:00:06] Jonathan: changed the lawnmower now it's a different kind of lawnmower. [00:00:08] Angela: louder. [00:00:11]Jonathan: Uh, hi, I'm Jonathan Bowers is wait, I'm doing the intro. [00:00:17] Angela: Oh, no. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. [00:00:20]Intro Jonathan: Hi, you're listening to fixing faxes. And I'm your host Jonathan Bowers [00:00:26] Angela: and I'm Angela Hapke. And so I haven't watched any of the Star Wars movies. [00:00:37] Jonathan: at all? [00:00:39] Angela: Ever at all. So I've watched bits. Like you, you always see clips of them or maybe bits and pieces, but I've never seen a full Star Wars movie. [00:00:50] Jonathan: At all? And you are, you are, you are a member of society? [00:00:56] Angela: Okay! [00:01:01] Jonathan: Did, how does, how did you manage to avoid watching any Star Wars [00:01:05] Angela: I'm not even sure. To be honest. I, I I'm unsure of how this has all came about. And I'm one of those people that don't want to jump in in the middle. So I always felt like I had to watch the previous ones before I could watch the new ones. And because of that, I've just never put in the effort. [00:01:23] Jonathan: It is a lot. It's a, [00:01:24] Angela: It's and it's an effort, [00:01:26] Jonathan: it's a saga. [00:01:28] Angela: I've started watching the Mandalorian. [00:01:31] Jonathan: Oh, good for you. Do you like it? [00:01:34] Angela: I really like it. [00:01:36] Jonathan: It's really good. [00:01:37] Angela: is, only, I'm only on episode three, I think three or four. And, um, I really like it. [00:01:47] Jonathan: Why do you like it? [00:01:49] Angela: Oh my goodness. Well, it was. I don't know. I like it. It feels like an old, like, it feels like a Western, [00:01:58] Jonathan: It is, it is a [00:01:59] Angela: right yet to set in some time. And, um, I don't know. There's something charming about [00:02:13] wait, are you a big fan [00:02:16] Jonathan: I'm a big fan. [00:02:17] Angela: or a big fan? Okay. [00:02:19] Jonathan: I mean, I wouldn't say I'm a big fan. I would say. [00:02:22] I'm a pretty big fan. Yeah. I really like, I like star Wars. I like, uh, I've played some of the video games. Um, I have a board game, this like cool X-Wing game. That's that's quite fun. I bought just, just before COVID and now I have no one to play with. Um, Zach's too little and it's not Julie's kind of game. [00:02:35] Okay. Um, yeah, I'm a fan. [00:02:38] Angela: So I find fans always have an order that they suggest that other people watch the movies in. [00:02:47]Jonathan: I, I, my belief is to watch it and it's how I think I want to watch it with Zach when he's old enough is, uh, four or five, six. one two, three, [00:02:57]Rogue One, uh, then four, five, six, again. Yeah, that's seven,...


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Privacy by Design w/ Chris Foster

Show Notes We've deliberately chosen to design privacy into Clinnect. This means using cryptography to ensure that only the intended recipient is able to view patient data. In fact, as builders of the software, we can't even see the patient data. For the curious, Chris suggests these articles to better understand cryptography: highly recommend using a password manager like Last Pass to keep yourself safer on the internet. Many are free, including Last Pass. Fact Check The LifeLabs hack was one of the largest data breaches in Canadian history. An estimated 15 million Canadians were affected. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Chris Foster - @chrisfosterelli - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: Check this out, Chris. So we've got these new pop filters. This is it. Without the pop filter, Peter Piper picked a Peck of pickled peppers. [00:00:09] And with the pop filter, Peter Piper picked a Peck of pickled peppers [00:00:15] Chris: So much better. [00:00:16] Angela: Isn't [00:00:17] Jonathan: then better. [00:00:17] Chris: I feel a little bit like the black sheep, because I am I'm that person who joins the podcasts and does not have a high quality bike. And I know as a listener, whenever I hear that, I'm like, Ugggg! [00:00:30] Angela: Do you? Because I'm more like, Oh, thank God. Not everybody has everything in their house. [00:00:38] Chris: I usually just skip podcasts that, that are guests like me. [00:00:45]Introduction [00:00:45] [00:00:45] Jonathan: Hi, I'm Jonathan Bowers [00:00:49]Angela: and I'm Angela Hapke. And I went camping for the first time with my family. Last weekend, we bought a [00:00:57] new tent trailer [00:00:58] Jonathan: the first time ever. [00:01:00] Angela: with all four of us. Yup. [00:01:02] Jonathan: Oh, wow. [00:01:03] Angela: Yeah. [00:01:04] Jonathan: anyone get any sleep? [00:01:05]Angela: So we bought it a popup trailer and Brad and Alex were on one side and Nora and I were on the other side. One half of the trailer got sleep. It was not my side. [00:01:19] Oh, I promptly when I got home ordered memory foam, like two inch memory foam toppers for the mattresses, because both Nora and I were like, Oh, heck no, we're not doing that. [00:01:34] we joke that our children are like drunk octopuses, trying to search for their keys when they're sleeping at night. Like that's a bit how Nora is. So yeah, it was a lot of like toe kicks to the kidneys and moving around and yeah, it was tough. [00:01:51] Today we have a guest, uh, the chief technology officer at Two Story Robot. Can you introduce yourself? [00:01:58]Chris: Hi, my name is Chris Foster. I'm like you said, the chief technology officer at Two Story Robot. I have been building web applications for about a decade now. Um, and before that I was into computer security, pretty heavily. I have a degree in computer science with a specialization in software engineering, as well as a graduate degree in computational neuroscience and artificial intelligence. [00:02:29] Angela: Oh my goodness. A lot of those words didn't make sense to me, but that's [00:02:36] okay. [00:02:36] Jonathan: you said, computational neuroscience, that's an obscure term that. So what, what does that mean? [00:02:41] Chris: yeah. We use machine learning models to better understand how language is processed in the human brain. [00:02:47]Jonathan: How did you do that? [00:02:48]Chris: We put some people in a very uncomfortable machine. It's called a EEG machine. So. They put a whole bunch of goop in your hair and sensors....


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Design Sprints

Show Notes At the beginning of the episode Jonathan talks about watching Hamilton, which was recently released on Disney+. Here is a link to the streaming service and the filmed version of the original broadway. This episode delves into the design sprint that Two Story Robot led Clinnect through, we talk about the ups and downs and how valuable it was. Check out the blog post about design sprints and the design sprint we did with Clinnect. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: Can you do this? I can't do it just a second. I can get it. [00:00:04] Angela: sounded like a drip. [00:00:09]Jonathan: Yeah. It's, I'm not very, I'm not very good at. [00:00:12]Intro [00:00:12] Hi, I'm Jonathan Bowers. [00:00:17] Angela: And I'm Angela Hapke and you're listening to Fixing Faxes. [00:00:21]Jonathan: And I watched Hamilton this [00:00:24] Angela: was it? [00:00:26] Jonathan: so good. [00:00:27] Angela: watched it yet. [00:00:28] Jonathan: so good. It's it's so we've read a little bit about shaming for people who don't like it. Um, which I think is a little unfair. I mean, I enjoyed it a lot cause I like, I liked the style of music and it's really neat to see that in a musical also, we would never go see Hamilton. [00:00:49] Like, there's just no opportunity for us to go to Chicago or New York or London, [00:00:53] Angela: And especially right now. [00:00:55] Jonathan: Yeah. So it was really cool to watch. We had to watch it over two nights. Um, just cause it's, it's quite long, it's like two hours and 40 minutes. Um, but I didn't know. I didn't know that it was pretty much all rap and R and B and um, yeah, like it was really, [00:01:09] it was really cool. [00:01:10] Angela: well, I didn't know that either Brad will love it. I'm [00:01:14] Jonathan: It's so great. It's I really enjoyed it. It's very fast. It's hard to follow in ways because it's one it's like, it's just very quick. So you gotta, like, you have to be paying attention and it's a lot of American history, which I'm not, I don't, I don't know. I don't have any of the background knowledge for anyways [00:01:32] um, but it was still, it was, it was really cool. I really, I really enjoyed it. [00:01:35] Angela: Okay. I'm definitely going to check it out. [00:01:37]Jonathan: one of the YouTube videos I watched said that if, if it was paced the same as a, a regular Broadway musical, it would have taken six hours because of how many words they cram into two hours and 40 minutes. [00:01:51] Yeah. It's very [00:01:53] Angela: Wow. [00:01:54] That's very cool. [00:01:55]We Launched The Podcast [00:01:55] Jonathan: We launched the podcast too, that has come out. Um, I've listened to it. I've listened to it a bunch of times. Cause I edited it edited. I listened to it a bunch of times because I edited it and then I listened to it when it came out and I've since listened to episode five, which we recorded last week with our new mics. [00:02:16] And I hate, I hate the first four episodes. I don't like that. Uh, I don't like the way they [00:02:22] Angela: of course not. Well, of course not, [00:02:23] Jonathan: but we have four, I think four five star reviews. Yeah. There's well, one from your husband. [00:02:32] Angela: I was like beyond my husband. [00:02:34] Jonathan: Yeah, I think there's, I think there's some other ones, because if I look at the average yeah, we've got an average of four stars and then that one, one star review that they didn't leave. [00:02:45] Yeah. They didn't leave a comment, your husbands and then some other five star reviews. Um, but have you heard any, have you got any, any feedback from people. [00:02:51] Angela: Um, yeah, so I, I. Put it on my Facebook, like, just like, Hey, we're we're doing this. Wow. I, so...


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Financial Supports for Canadian Tech

Show Notes In this episode we talk about different grants, contributions, tax incentives, and non-equity financing that there is available in Canada, specifically British Columbia and how it has helped our businesses. Here is a list of the grants/programs/incentives that we discuss and links to find out more information: NRC-IRAP - Industrial Research Assistance Program Youth employment grants through IRAP- Youth Employment, Venture for Canada, & New Ventures BC & Innovate BC. SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) Tax program The company Angela mentions in the episode which specializes in SRED claims is Infinity SRED There are many contests & competitions to apply for, if you are interested in more information we suggest starting to take a look at organizations that support the type of contest/competition you might be interested in. Incentives and contributions are great, we have used them along the way when they fit with work we were already undertaking. Just remember, it is better to focus on your product and less on distractions. Fact Check Jonathan mentions he is into a new marble league, if you are interested in checking it out it is in fact called Jelle's Marble Runs and can be found on YouTube. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: When you move, when you move the arm, it makes this like sound like, check this out. Like when you hear that, Oh, whoops. [00:00:10] Angela: Totally. [00:00:10] Introduction You are listening to Fixing Faxes, a podcast on the journey of building a digital health startup with your hosts, myself. Angela Hapke [00:00:22] Jonathan: And I'm Jonathan Bowers and we have been infatuated with Marble League. [00:00:30] Angela: I don't know what this [00:00:30]Jonathan: it is the best sports to watch while there is no sports. Although the risk sports now, I actually discovered it last year, but I didn't watch it until, COVID times. [00:00:38] Cause I didn't think Julie would enjoy it, but she really likes it. So imagine, imagine, imagine the Olympics, but if if the athletes were marbles. Yeah. So they, they like set up these, these courses and they put marbles at the top and the marbles just there's a machine that like releases them at the same time and the marbles go racing down the track. [00:01:00] Angela: Okay. [00:01:01]Jonathan: but, but they have teams, so they have teams that are named. [00:01:04] So I'm a fan of the O'Rangers. They're the orange team. And Julie likes the Misty maniacs because they look like, or know the minty. minty maniacs. They're minty colored. Cause she likes mint and it is phenomenally exciting to watch and you get very emotionally involved in it. [00:01:22] If you pick a team it's so much fun. Yeah. And there's like there's drama [00:01:29] Angela: I'm so confused about like, given, okay. So, Oh, there's so many questions I have. Where do I start? Given the race? Like the track or the course? [00:01:44] Does a team pick a certain marble. [00:01:48] Jonathan: Yes. So some of them, some of them are, like there's some, some events that require the whole team. Like there's, um, there's a, a push event. Like it's a strength event and they all raced down and they have to push this thing along the track. And the further it goes the higher your rankings are. [00:02:03] Um, but then there's ones that are just, Like you're competing with all the other teams. And so there's just one marble and all the marbles have names. Yeah, they do. my favorite team names is team Momo and I don't understand marbles at all, but there's a team called team Momo. [00:02:16] And one of the, the team captain, his name is Momo. but then there's Mo Momo. There's another marble on team. Momo. It's super fun. [00:02:25] Angela: so captains are real...


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The product development journey of Clinnect

Show Notes We talk about being a social enterprise, how long the journey can take for start-ups, and Angela reports back on the pricing exercise that she undertook to find the "right" price for Clinnect. Starting out initially as a government funded project, this company had a few roadblocks to overcome in becoming an incorporated for profit business; along with the typical issues to overcome like sustainability, scalability, and revenue. Healthcare issues are complex and Clinnect had to learn to focus on issues, we delve into the pros and cons of trying to find a niche product to address a narrow, but important, issue. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript Jonathan: Wait, I want to get one of those. Um, I think, do you think in the audio world they use those, those clacker things like in the movies, those, um, [00:00:07] Angela: It's called the castanet. [00:00:09] Jonathan: it's called a castanet? You know the word for that? [00:00:12] Angela: Like the clackers like that. [00:00:14] Jonathan: No, no, no, no. The thing at the beginning of a movie where they go, you know, act one or scene four, take three. [00:00:19] And they [00:00:20] Angela: Oh, I don't know what those are. [00:00:21] Jonathan: Uh, I think [00:00:22] Angela: Sorry. I couldn't see you when you were, when you were saying it. And that's [00:00:27] Jonathan: a castanet are those tiny little symbols on your fingers, or that we should get one of those cat little castanets [00:00:35] Angela: I have. I have some, because my, um, my daughter uses them for music class. [00:00:42]Introduction [00:00:46] Hi, I'm Angela Hapke. [00:00:47]Jonathan: and I'm Jonathan Bowers and you're listening to Fixing Faxes, building a digital health startup [00:00:53] Angela: and we just got some new mics. [00:00:55] Jonathan: New Mics! Uh, This is episode five. We've recorded the first four episodes on our headphones. No, what are these called? [00:01:05] Angela: headphones [00:01:06] Jonathan: No, these aren't, these aren't [00:01:07] headphones. [00:01:08] Angela: like the standard headphones that you get with your Apple iPhone. [00:01:12]Jonathan: Right? [00:01:12]but now we've got these great new, uh, very cheap, the cheapest ones. We could find Audio-Technica 2005USBs as recommended by basically every podcast blog I could find. Um, but they were sold out. [00:01:27] Angela: Well, and I didn't do any research. You did all the research and you, I just said, tell me which ones to buy. [00:01:33] Jonathan: Yes, but you found where to buy them because they're sold out everywhere. [00:01:38] Angela: I know, I know the weird places to buy things. [00:01:43] Jonathan: So that was helpful because I was starting to panic that we were going to have to buy $300 microphones instead of a hundred dollar microphones. [00:01:50] Angela: well, the package was $200. [00:01:53] Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah. Well, it comes with the, it comes with the boom arm and the monitoring headphones. Um, the Princess Lea headphones. They, they hurt my, hurt my ears just a little bit. Cause I like, do you notice [00:02:07] Angela: The glasses. yeah, they dig into your head. [00:02:10]Jonathan: I've been wearing them a lot the [00:02:12] Angela: Oh, have you, [00:02:13] Jonathan: doing all my Zoom meetings like this with the microphone. [00:02:16] Angela: Is everybody commenting on the quality? [00:02:18] Jonathan: loves it. Uh, Yeah, everyone is saying Wow it sounds so good. And now Chris wants to get a microphone. He's he's got microphone envy. [00:02:27] Angela: That's definitely a thing in, in, and Zoom COVID days. Microphone and camera envy. [00:02:35] Jonathan: I, uh, we had a client meeting this morning and, uh, cause you can see the boom and the mic in the video call. And he...


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Who is Angela and Jonathan?

Show Notes This episode finally delves into who Jonathan and Angela are, a bit of our backgrounds and how we both took very different paths to get to where we are. We give shout outs to our team, mentors, friends, and family. We talk in this episode about non-medical fabric masks and we wanted to give a shout out to Sew the Curve Kamloops. We also mention a local company Desert Lily Clothing that made the custom masks for Two Story Robot. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript [00:00:00] Angela: Just buy a mic. [00:00:00] Jonathan: You're just going to buy a mic anyways. [00:00:03] Angela: Why not? [00:00:03] Jonathan: Okay. Well tell me if you do, and then I will also buy the mic and [00:00:06] Angela: Well, okay. I don't want to make you buy a mic, [00:00:09] Jonathan: Well, no, no, no. Cause I, I will, um, I kind of want to [00:00:12] Angela: Let's just buy my mics then [00:00:15]Intro [00:00:15] Jonathan: Hi, I'm Jonathan Bowers. I'm the CEO of Two Story Robot and we're helping Angela build a digital health startup. And we had a bunch of masks, custom made masks that I delivered to my team yesterday. Yeah, it was super fun. [00:00:34] Angela: do people like them. [00:00:35] Jonathan: Yes. Uh, Lindsey posted a picture of her wearing our branded mask, the branded hat, some chainmail, and a sword to vanquish COVID [00:00:50]Angela: that's awesome. [00:00:52] Jonathan: I'm excited We made a, I think there's like 35 or so. Um, so we're distributing everyone on the team gets one, it's the Olsen [00:01:01] Angela: The Olsen mask [00:01:02] Jonathan: got. Uh, I had her use some scrap fabric, whatever scraps she had for [00:01:07] Angela: well, that one has hello, [00:01:08] Jonathan: This one is Hello Kitty. [00:01:10] Angela: That's cute. That's perfect. [00:01:12] That's super fun. [00:01:13] Jonathan: Yeah, it's super fun. We're going to sell them, sell the extras, mark them up a whole bunch and give a, give the profits to charity. [00:01:21] Angela: That's great. Awesome. [00:01:23] Hi, my name is Angela Hapke and I am the CEO of Central Referral Solutions. The company that has launched Clinnect the digital health product, um, that Two Story Robot is helping us with. And speaking of masks I made masks for. Sew the Curve Kamloops, which is a grassroots organization that made over 10,000 masks for, our geographic area around Kamloops and, um, not just mass, they made scrub caps and, um, bags. [00:01:58] So like healthcare workers could put their, their scrubs in their clothes, in a bag that had like a drawstring. So they could just dump them in the washer when they got home and things like that. But it was really, really cool in the beginning of COVID to be part of something that was, um, that was really. [00:02:14] Making an impact like that. So I think I ended up making about, I want to say about 40 scrub caps and about 25 masks. [00:02:26] Jonathan: Yeah, the, uh, we hired a business out of the Sew the Curve to make our masks, somebody new who is just starting a business for the first time. Um, and she, you know, she wanted a Desert Lily Clothing. [00:02:39]She is going to make children's clothing, but then became really active on the Sew The Curve. And so we reached out to her and she was super excited about it. So yeah. Yeah, that's fine. [00:02:49] Angela: Hence the Hello Kitty uh, scrap fabric [00:02:51]yup. There we go. Somebody we can talk about today. [00:02:57]Getting to Know Each Other [00:02:57] Jonathan: Well, I wanted to, I wanted to get to know Angela. I already know Angela. [00:03:03] Angela: But do we like, so this is an interesting part is so we've known each other for a few years now. and I feel like, um, we know each other from like the last five years of our career, but I don't...


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How do we price a digital health product?

Show Notes Pricing a new product is hard to do and requires that you step outside your comfort zone. We talk about freemium and why we don't want to build a free product. How we might figure out a good price. And the 4 Ps of marketing. Warning. We say "pee" and "poop". Fact Check We discuss the"P's of Marketing", despite both having an MBA we cannot remember which they are. The term we are discussing is Marketing Mix, which is the 4 P's of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Developed by E. Jerome McCarthy in the 1960's, and has been a staple of any University Marketing class. The term "Freemium" is used a lot in this episode, a good introductory read on the topic done by the Harvard Business Review. It is a concept introduced in the 1980's but gained popularity around 2010. Clinnect briefly considered this route with the product until we realized the product was too valuable with the minimum feature set to be a free product. In this episode we delve into definitions around patient referral intakes, such as central intake vs pooled referrals vs directories, etc. The Canadian Medical Association uses a policy statement to define the use, however it does not take into account the use of algorithms, which Clinnect has now introduced this into landscape. The pricing strategy exercise that we discuss at the end is the Van Westendorp Pricing Model. The exercise includes surveying potential customers to see where the "sweet spot" for pricing is, the questions are worded well to incite the right responses, yet you have the flexibility to tailor to your product. The final results are in as of the time this episode airs, but you will have to wait a couple episodes to find out! Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript [00:00:00] Jonathan: So I'm wearing, um, Hokas. I don't know if you're familiar with the brand of shoe. [00:00:05] Angela: Nope, but they look very nice Jonathan. [00:00:07] Jonathan: They have, they have these really thick, thick sole, I just don't wear them running very much. So they're just kind of sitting around and I thought, Oh, these shoes are good. Like they're good shoes. [00:00:17] Angela: are good podcasting shoes. [00:00:18] Jonathan: Yeah. So they're my podcasting shoes, I put them on before we record a podcast in case I need to stand. Hi, my name is Jonathan Bowers. I am the CEO of Two Story Robot, a software development company, helping Angela and CRS built a product. And my son just pooped in a potty for the first time. [00:00:37] Angela: That's amazing. [00:00:40] Jonathan: willingly. Well, so not willingly. [00:00:43] He. Just before bath uh bath time is like my routine with him. So we go in the tub and he's bathing and he's kind of squatting in the tub playing around and he's pooped in the tub, three or four times. And I try not to make a big deal out of it, but when I do, I often like just kind of yell and it scares them a bit. So I tried not to do that when he started to grunt, as he was squatting down in the toilet, like, Oh, okay, let's get out, do a quick, dry off. [00:01:10] And then we put him, put him on the potty and he sits there and plays with his toes and plays with the handle and and out comes, a poop. [00:01:17] Angela: And Jonathan, how old is Zack? [00:01:19] Jonathan: He's 17 months old now. [00:01:22]it's pretty fun. [00:01:22] Angela: so happy for you. [00:01:27] I am. [00:01:27]Hi, I'm Angela Hapke and I am the CEO of Central Referral Solutions. The company that has launched Clinnect and I cleaned poop out of my almost three year olds pants, five times in the last few days. [00:01:46] Jonathan: Oh my goodness. Is this a regression? Is this some kind of anxiety induced thing because of some change in school or is it [00:01:55] Angela: yeah, you don't, you...


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Launching with Silly Bugs

Show Notes In the intro Jonathan discusses the fall detection used in his Apple watch, if you are interested in learning more about this feature or how to turn it on then check out this link: Since recording this episode Angela has actually achieved the 10,000 step mark many times according to her Suunto 3 watch. She is still trying to get evening walks in. Fact Check Surprisingly Angela does not spew random statistics this episode, so there was not much to fact check. Find Us Online Angela Hapke - @angelahapke - Jonathan Bowers - @thejonotron - Credits Produced by Jonathan Bowers and Angela Hapke Music by Andrew Codeman (CC BY 3.0) Transcript [00:00:00] Angela: This is fun. [00:00:03] Jonathan: That's how you that's. I think that's, um, like journalist broadcaster thing. Like you just put your face right in the mic and just click your tongue. [00:00:14] Angela: You have no idea. [00:00:16]Jonathan: I honestly have no idea. [00:00:17] Angela: Yeah, I know. You can tell [00:00:20]Introduction [00:00:20]Jonathan: Hi, I'm Jonathan Bowers. I am a software developer and uh, Oh, I, uh, I fell down the stairs. [00:00:28]I had Zach in my hand and it scared me [00:00:30] Angela: He's okay? [00:00:31] Jonathan: He's okay. Everyone's okay. I have a little bit of rug burn on my, uh, on my elbow, but I'm fine. Just a little bit of a bruised ego. And I don't understand how I've slipped down the stairs. Like I'm pretty cautious, not cautious, but like I don't, I don't fall down the stairs ever. [00:00:46] Like the first time I've done that. [00:00:48] Angela: That's why it's called an accident. [00:00:50] Jonathan: Yeah, I guess. So anyways, I was impressed with the Apple Watch's ability to detect the fall and it suggested that I call 911 [00:00:57] Angela: I love that. why don't we have Apple watches on all our old people? [00:01:01] Jonathan: I don't know. [00:01:02] Super cool. [00:01:03] Angela: That is cool. [00:01:05]So my name is Angela Hapke, and I am the CEO of Central Referral Solutions and speaking about smartwatches, I got Suunto Watch for Mother's Day and I am yet to hit 10,000 steps a day [00:01:24]You have to go for walks in the evening. You have to deliberately go and get steps. [00:01:29] Jonathan, I do. I go for freaking walks in the evening. It just, it adds about like three or 4,000 steps, but I'm just still not getting enough. [00:01:44]Jonathan: I had one day when I was legitimately less than 500 steps for the entire day. I think I was sick. [00:01:53] Angela: I was going to say, were you in bed all day? [00:01:55] Jonathan: I was in bed all day. [00:01:56] Angela: Yeah. That's why he was sick. [00:01:59] Jonathan: I thought, for sure, just casual, like just ambient walking. I would have picked up some extras more than 500 steps, but Nope. [00:02:08] Angela: that's. That's amazing. [00:02:11] Jonathan: Ambient walking. [00:02:12] Angela: Ambient walking. [00:02:14]Clinnect is launched [00:02:14] Jonathan: Okay so we've launched Clinnect uh how do you spell how do you spell that how do you spell Clinnect ? [00:02:21] Angela: C L I nope [00:02:25] Jonathan: That's right. [00:02:26] Angela: it is sorry. I'm like my brain somewhere else. And I thought, uh, [00:02:31] C L I N N E C T [00:02:35] Jonathan: Clinnect it's like clinic and connect smushed together. [00:02:39] Angela: You got it. [00:02:40]We launched it last week. [00:02:43] Jonathan: Not a full launch, a soft launch. [00:02:46] Angela: Sure a product like ours, I'm not sure launches largely easily. It's it is more of a, it is more of an iterative launch. So we just, we brought on her first umm users on Friday so many, many years ago, I I've, I've dreamed about this. [00:03:09] Like I have dreamed about this for many years. I've dreamt about being the CEO of a startup, launching a product. And...