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A podcast to inspire the next generation of founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners from the experiences of founders in Toronto, Canada.

A podcast to inspire the next generation of founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners from the experiences of founders in Toronto, Canada.
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A podcast to inspire the next generation of founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners from the experiences of founders in Toronto, Canada.




Float or Founder: Episode 17 - Trang Trinh of TREC Brands

Please note that this episode pertains to the cannabis industry. It is intended to be educational. "New industries rarely happen in our lifetime. There is a small window of opportunity to create and be part of creating an industry." Trang Trinh, the Founding Director and CEO of TREC Brands, talks about being part of the recently-legalized cannabis industry in Canada. If you've ever wondered what it takes to shape an industry, Trang has great advice for this exciting journey. Trang talks to...


Float or Founder: Episode 16 - Chanele McFarlane, Do Well Dress Well

Chanele McFarlane is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Do Well Dress Well, a content platform that helps people create remarkable careers and personal brands. She shares with us the challenges and benefits of running a content platform. Chanele has advice for any young entrepreneur looking to launch their next big personal branding item. Chanele has explored monetization, different digital marketing tactics to gain traction, and talks about how she grew her audience in the early days. As a...


Float or Founder: Episode 15 - Gary Saarenvirta of Daisy Intelligence

Gary Saarenvirta is the founder and CEO of Daisy Intelligence. Gary is a technical CEO who built the original software behind Daisy. His math and science background allowed him to launch an AI-based company, way back before it was a well known part of the technology industry. Rather than chasing the revered exit, he discusses growing a big brand - a company that sits up top with the Googles of the world. In this episode, Gary discusses what AI actually is to him and to Daisy - he believes...


Float or Founder: Episode 14 - Bobby Umar, DYPB

Bobby Umar is the founder and CEO of DYPB, or Discover Your Personal Brand. Bobby is a 5x TEDx, Inc Magazine's Top 100 Leadership Speaker, and a personal branding, networking, digital & leadership expert, and speaking coach. His goal is to help you succeed and discover what really drives you. But to do this, he says, "you need to invest in yourself." Bobby talks to us about his best tips for getting on the speaker circuit, breaks down what a personal brand is and how to create a thought...


Float or Founder: Episode 13 - Shawn Hewat, Peter Kotzeff, Wavy

How do two former marketers go about leading an app-based company? They take their marketing skills, bring in advisors, attend (and win!) pitch competitions, and test, test, test. Their idea for Wavy started from their personal experience navigating a city while traveling. They wondered if this could apply not only to travel, but to finding hidden gems in their own cities. Shawn and Peter started with a simple survey to prove their theory, a scrappy MVP, and great low-budget acquisition...


Float or Founder: Episode 12 - Alexis Dean of Dovetail Community + Basecamp

Special treat for Float or Founder listeners! Save on your ticket to Dovetail Basecamp with promo code FLOAT. Join other female identified entrepreneurs for a weekend in the wilderness packed with workshops, great conversation, and so much more. Register today - we can't wait to see you there! If you've ever experienced imposter syndrome, loneliness, or packed schedules as an entrepreneur, Alexis Dean understands completely. She believes in building a community and surrounding yourself with...


Float or Founder: Episode 11 - Erik Lloyd of Brink Bionics

Erik Lloyd is busy graduating from his Masters at University of Waterloo, but that didn't stop him and his co-founders from launching Brink Bionics. Within the past year, Brink Bionics has moved from a medical prosthesis technology company to a consumer-facing gaming hardware company - using the same machine learning backing to support it. Brink Bionics has big goals surrounding human and robotics/AI interfacing. Erik and his two co-founders are all technical researchers and he spoke to how...


Float or Founder: Episode 10 - Sheba Zaidi of County Wine Tours

If you've ever considered getting into business with your best friends, this is the podcast for you. Sheba talks about her positive experience launching County Wine Tours, a Prince Edward County-based cycling wine tour company. Her and her two friends manage their team of more than 15 employees remote from Toronto while handling demanding day jobs of their own. Their background in communications and marketing, their honesty with one another, and their passion for the County and its...


Float or Founder: Episode 9 - Kerri-Lynn McAllister of Pawzy

Ever faced an issue in the real world and thought "I could solve this problem" - and then done it? Kerri-Lynn McAllister takes us on her journey of launching Pawzy, a pet health and wellness marketplace designed to make the pet health industry more transparent. Kerri-Lynn has an extensive marketing background in startups and marketplaces and she has applied those skills to discover the most necessary features to launch her MVP. On this episode of Float or Founder, Kerri-Lynn tells you how...


Float or Founder: Episode 8 - Edwin Frondozo of Business Leadership Podcast

Think you've got what it takes to run a company and host a podcast? It may sound overwhelming, but not to long-time entrepreneur, Edwin Frondozo. He tells us how he's balanced family and achieved happiness during his fifteen year tenure as an entrepreneur. He takes us on the beginning of his journey and tells us where he's at now. Edwin was the co-founder and CEO of Slingshot VoIP and is now the founder and host of the Business Leadership Podcast, as well as a trusted advisor in the startup...


Float or Founder: Episode 7 - Rachel Kelly of Make Lemonade

Rachel Kelly started the co-working space, Make Lemonade, for women downtown Toronto to give them a space - a community - to grow their businesses. Rachel had to endure the skyrocketing Toronto property market, work with different types of contractors, hire a team, and grow her membership numbers all at once. As a result of her hard work, she has created a bustling co-working space, a partnership with Instagram HQ, has played host to master classes and incredible speakers, and has learned...


Float or Founder: Episode 6 - Shira Yoskovitch of Handled

Making any product is no easy feat. Making a customer-facing business comes with its own set of challenges but Shira Yoskovitch has it handled. 😉 Shira is the founder of Handled, a concierge service for our busy lives. She tells us how her corporate operations background, her ability to put a product out there and accept feedback, and her love of really improving someone's day and helping them has allowed her to succeed.


Float or Founder: Episode 5 - Nadeem Nathoo of The Knowledge Society

Nadeem Nathoo and his co-founder, Navid Nathoo started The Knowledge Society with a mission: to re-think how people learn and create the next generation of innovators, thinkers, and problem solvers that will tackle the big problems our world faces. Nadeem discusses founding a company with his brother, the problems he believes we will conquer next, and the importance of teaching wisdom and adaptability to the younger generations to help them succeed. Tune in to find out where The Knowledge...


Float or Founder: Episode 4 - Jeanette Stock, Simon Mills of Venture Out

Founding and building a community is no easy feat. Jeanette talks about launching her community organization in the early days, the double-edged sword of being both a user and creator of a product, and taking a backseat in decision making when moving from active founder to board member. Simon Mills walks us through his involvement and how he became co-chair of Venture Out, a community that connects LGBTQA+ people in tech and how your company can get involved.


Float or Founder: Episode 3 - Jennifer Couldrey of Upside Foundation

There are many ways to give back through your time, financial contribution, or sharing about your favourite initiatives. While Jennifer Couldrey has given back to non-profits, she sees the Upside Foundation as a way to make a broader impact. The Upside Foundation provides tech or startup companies the ability to pledge 1% of their equity to a cause of their choice upon IPO or exit, locking in that commitment and ensuring social responsibility is part of a startup's broader strategy. Jennifer...


Float or Founder: Episode 2 - Zack Yassin

We sit down at home with Zack Yassin, Creative Director of Taizu’s latest album. Zack talks about the Toronto versus LA music scene, diversity in music, and how the music industry is today. Yes, you can hear our dogs in the background. Check out Taizu's new album! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpBs3XYA9Ag&app=desktop


Float or Founder: Episode 1 - Fatima Zaidi of Quill

Fatima Zaidi sits down with Samantha and Lisen of Float or Founder to discuss raising seed capital, sourcing an advisory board, finding a CTO, and swimming with the sharks.