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Podcast by Bloomberg Philanthropies






54: My Brother’s Keeper: Impact in Houston, Texas

In today’s episode, we revisit a conversation about tackling persistent problems facing boys and young men of color. Bloomberg Associates – the international, philanthropic consulting arm of Bloomberg Philanthropies tailored for city government—works with the city of Houston, Texas on My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiatives. MBK aims to address opportunity gaps for boys and young men of color, offering new support from cradle to career through young adulthood. Last fall, Niiobli Armah IV of...


53: An American Problem with an American Solution

We’re re-publishing a past episode of Follow the Data featuring Katherine Oliver of Bloomberg Philanthropies, and John Feinblatt, President of Everytown for Gun Safety. They discuss Everytown’s tireless work fighting gun violence, how they use data to inform change, the future of gun safety in America, and the national movement to end gun violence.


52: Everybody eats – obesity prevention in three nations

Nearly every nation is experiencing rising rates of overweight and obesity and no country has successfully reversed these trends. This poses a serious threat to people’s health and wellbeing; the significant healthcare costs associated with treating obesity and related conditions, such as diabetes heart disease and certain cancers, have the potential to undermine economic development across the globe. A major cause of the obesity epidemic is easy access to unhealthy, ultra-processed foods...


50: Mike Bloomberg 110th NAACP Annual Convention Remarks

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People -- better known as the NAACP convenes an annual meeting of members, delegates, elected officials, entertainers, authors, athletes and other leaders from across the country. This year, the organization hosted its 110th convening with over 10,000 people in attendance. The convention helps set the organization’s policy priorities for the coming year. The mission of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social, and...


49: Census Series - The City of Detroit

The first episode of our census series was dedicated to the basics: who gets counted, what the survey is, when it takes place, why it matters, and how cities are preparing for the census. To get a sense of specific preparation plans, we visited a Bloomberg Associates’ client city, Detroit, Michigan. The Mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan, spoke to Bloomberg Associates Municipal Integrity Principal, Rose Gill Hearn, about his experience with the count, challenges that are specific to Detroit, the...


48: Census Series – The Who, What, When, Where, Why

In order to be managed, data needs to be collected. One of the largest data collection efforts in the United States is fast approaching; cities and states are gearing up for the 2020 census. Bloomberg Associates, a philanthropic consultancy that works with cities across the world, is advising Detroit and Atlanta to prepare for the decennial survey. Jaime Lavin of Bloomberg Associates municipal integrity team spoke to our podcast host, Katherine Oliver, about the history of the census, how to...


47: Global Health Check-Up with Dr. Kelly Henning

Tobacco is a deadly killer, claiming over seven million lives every year, with most of the deaths occurring in low- and middle- income countries. Mike Bloomberg has been committed to tobacco control since first entering office as New York City Mayor, and Bloomberg Philanthropies has invested one billion dollars to help implement tobacco control measures. Dr. Kelly Henning leads Bloomberg Philanthropies’ public health program. She’s been on the road, visiting countries across the world, as...


46: Mike Bloomberg Commencement Address: MIT

We conclude our special series featuring Mike Bloomberg’s commencement addresses this year, with a speech at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On June 7th, Mike spoke to the graduating class of 2019 about inspiring innovation, bold leadership, and applying both to tackle one of the largest threats to life as we know it – climate change. In his speech, Mike announced a new $500 million investment, called Beyond Carbon, to put the U.S. on track towards a 100% clean energy economy. The...


45: Mike Bloomberg Class Day Remarks: Harvard Business School

We continue our special series featuring Mike Bloomberg’s commencement addresses this year. On May 29th, Mike delivered remarks at Harvard Business School’s 2019 Class Day. He spoke about his career, learning never to compromise when it comes to ethics, and the urgent need for ethical leadership.


44: Mike Bloomberg Commencement Address: University of Maryland

Mike Bloomberg spoke to the graduating class of 2019 at the University of Maryland. He remarked how in order to meet the challenges of our time, we must be willing to take risks in defiance of long odds. Additionally, he announced a $2.3 million dollar commitment to support research illustrating U.S. progress towards Paris Agreement goals.


43: Mike Bloomberg Commencement Address: Washington University in St. Louis

To read more on Bloomberg Opinion, here.


42: The Innovative Mayor: Naheed Nenshi

In this episode of Follow the Data, Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi and James Anderson, Bloomberg Philanthropies Government Innovation Program lead discuss how his experience as a professor and business consultant have informed his approach to the job of being mayor, the “simple social movement” happening in Calgary that’s improving the city’s schools and neighborhoods, and why it’s important for political leaders to talk about pluralism. Additionally, they discuss Calgary’s participation in...


41: Night of Solidarity: a special episode in French

The city of Paris conducted its second annual homelessness count in February, 2019. Approximately 2,000 people responded to the call for volunteers to conduct the surveys, which take place on the streets of Paris over the course of one night. The city had more volunteers than positions to fill on the count, so the city capitalized by coordinating with shelters with community associations to put volunteers to work. In this episode, Mariama N’Diaye of the Bloomberg Associates social services...


40: Greenwood Art Project builds on history of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK

In part two of a two part episode, Hannibal Johnson and Rick Lowe, discuss the future of Tulsa, Oklahoma in historical context, along with the potential impact of the Greenwood Art Project. Tulsa is the winner of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Public Art Challenge. The Greenwood Art Project commemorates the 100th anniversary of the destruction of a thriving black community in Tulsa known as Black Wall Street. The project celebrates the resilience and recovery of the community. Hannibal Johnson is...


39: Black Wall Street: Historical resilience in Tulsa, OK (Part 1)

In Part One of a two part episode, we hear from Hannibal Johnson and Rick Lowe, detailing work in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the most recent winner of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Public Art Challenge. Hannibal Johnson is an author, attorney, professor and consultant. He is an expert on the African-American experience in Oklahoma and its broader historic impact on American history. Rick Lowe is an artist, best known for Project Row Houses, which he started in Houston in 1993. He has worked with...


38: National Geographic Your Shot photo assignment: Climate Action in Your Community

Inspired by our most recent film, Paris to Pittsburgh, National Geographic launched a new Your Shot photo assignment, calling for citizen photographers to document local climate leadership in their communities for the chance to be featured online on National Geographic’s digital platform. This episode of the podcast features a conversation with Katie Orlinsky, National Geographic Photographer and Your Shot Editor and Katherine Oliver, of Bloomberg Philanthropies and executive producer of...


37: American Talent Initiative: A Progress Report

As members of the American Talent Initiative (ATI) convene this week, we are re-running an episode featuring a conversation between Dan Porterfield, ATI Steering Committee member, and Howard Wolfson, head of the education program here at Bloomberg Philanthropies. At the time this episode was recorded, Dan Porterfield was the president of Franklin & Marshall College; he is now the president and CEO of the Aspen Institute.


36: Insights from the Digital Republic: A Conversation with the President of Estonia

Governments across the world are struggling to keep pace with new technologies and ever-evolving digital platforms. In the worst cases, bureaucracy is inefficient, arcane, and disconnected. In other cases, governments recognize the demand for modernization, and are stepping up to meet the need. Estonia is a leader in the field of digital government. In a conversation between Bloomberg Philanthropies Government Innovation lead James Anderson and President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti...


35: Vehicle Safety – improving standards for all consumers

Becky Bavinger of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Health team spoke to two partners about vehicle safety. They discuss the importance of raising awareness, consumer demand, and putting pressure on the industry. Valentina Ochoa is the Executive Director of Refleacciona con Responsabilidad, an organization working to improve public space in Mexico. Alejandro “Alex” Furas is the Secretary General of the Latin New Car Assessment Programme, which works to advance vehicle safety in Latin...