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It's all about following your passion and creating a great living with it doing so. You'll hear and learn from other entrepreneurs and get tips and inspiration to follow your passion as well.

It's all about following your passion and creating a great living with it doing so. You'll hear and learn from other entrepreneurs and get tips and inspiration to follow your passion as well.




It's all about following your passion and creating a great living with it doing so. You'll hear and learn from other entrepreneurs and get tips and inspiration to follow your passion as well.






Follow your Passion episode 23 - It was orchestrated chaos, John Louizes

"It was orchestrated chaos" - John Louizes When you tell people that you want to follow your passion, they might reply: "Oh, that's sweet!" John took that very literally. Please welcome my guest John Louizes. John's passions are fun, family and legacy and he pursues them every day by making candy. John started out small, taking over the shop of his father, and grew the company since then. He is a 3rd generation candy maker and already lining up his son to become the 4th generation. Listen...


Follow your Passion episode 22 - I thought I was going to be on feeding tubes, Andrea Trank

"I thought I was going to be on feeding tubes"- Andrea Trank Please welcome my guest Andrea Trank. Andrea Trank was diagnosed with gastroparesis in her early 30's and since she didn't know how to heal herself, it really scared her. she thought she was going to be on feeding tubes and that would be her life. How different it turned out to be! She became passionate about clean living, healed herself and now as a integrative medicine and health coach, she helps others to heal themselves...


Follow your Passion episode 21 - I want to own that space in my customer's brain, Paige Arnof-Fenn

"I want to own that space in my customer's brain" - Paige Arnof-Fenn. Please welcome my guest Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder and CEO of Mavens & Moguls. Paige never intended to become an entrepreneur. She always wanted to work for a large mutli-national and become a Fortune500 CEO. she started her corporate career in the 80's on Wall Street and became head of marketing at different companies. However, when 9/11 happened, the startup she worked for cut down on marketing and since she had nothing...


Follow your Passion episode 20 - I decided I'm not waiting for anybody's permission, Mike Ashie

"I wasn't given the opportunity so I decided I'm not waiting for anybody's permission, I'm gonna take that opportunity myself" - Mike Ashie Please welcome my guest Mike Ashie. Mike started working in the corporate world back in '98 and has successfully fulfilled several roles with different companies. In 2016 he started his youtube channel "Leadership with Mike", next to his day job. When the pandemic hit, he was forced to turn to his youtube channel fulltime. And he has certainly done...


Follow your Passion episode 19 - I created the "I am Important" badge, Ramni

"I created the "I am Important" badge" - Ramni Please meet my guest and dear friend Ramni. Ramni is a very special person. She had always known there was more to life. She knew she had a greater purpose, but didn't know what it was or how to achieve it. In her adult life she was working hard as an SAP cunsultant, raised her children and went on courses, read books and talked to people, all to find her true purpose. Until she realized she already had everything inside of her. She got...


Follow your Passion episode 18 - I expect to die and it's my job to prevent that, Iain Miller

"My only assumption for that day is, today is the day I'm going to die, and my job is to prevent that"- Iain Miller Please meet my guest Iain Miller, founder of Unique Ascent. Iain has taken a very niche aspect of outdoor rock climbing and created a globally unique business. That niche is Sea Stack climbing. Iain is the world's only full-time professional sea stack climber and he is quite simply living the dream. He has been interviewed by Red Bull and Forbes and many more and is now...


Follow your Passion episode 17 - I expected friends and family and 400 people showed their interest, Lainey Morse

"I expected family and good friends to support us and all of the sudden 400 people were interested" - Lainey Morse Please welcome my guest Lainey Morse, founder of "Goat Yoga" and the "Goatel." What started out as "just a small event" went viral and now Lainey is the founder of Goat Yoga with 10 locations in the USA. She provided experiences for Google, Facebook, United Entertainment Artists and several other companies. During lockdown she created the "goatel", a vacation rental where...


Follow your Passion episode 16 - I just don't quit, Daniel Daoura

"I just don't quit" - Daniel Daoura. Please meet my guest Daniel Daoura, founder of Pebblebee. Daniel's passion is using technology to find solutions. And finding things is his expertise. Daniel has a great mindset with regards to entrepreneurship. Winston Churchill once said: "If you're going through hell, keep on moving" and that's what Daniel did. He went through hell, loosing his best friend and cofounder Nick Pearson-Franks. But like Daniel says, "I just don't quit" making a great...


Follow your Passion episode 15 - It was history fluttering away, Melanie Gall

"It was history fluttering away and I had to catch it and show it to people before it was gone" - Melanie Gall Please welcome my guest Melanie Gall, professional musician and published author. Her passion has always been discovering quirky bits of lost history. She is educated in classical and opera performance and has found a way to turn ther passion into a career. When you love singing and unknown history, this is the episode to listen to. Ever heard of "the knitting songs"? After this...


Follow your Passion episode 14 - Jessica Pedersen, Healing Woods Hypnosis

"I think it's really always about looking for and seeking opportunities and focusing on what things might be out there and what you can do, and you'll find ways"- Jessica Pedersen Please welcome my guest Jessica Pedersen. Jessica is a master and clinical hypnotherapist and founder of Healing Woods Hypnosis. Jessica and her fiancé rent a large home in Maple Ridge BC. She started out running a dog daycare and then the pandemic hit. She decided to follow her passion and became a hypnotherapist...


Follow your Passion episode 13 - Jennifer Conroyd, founder of Fluid Running

"Crossing that finish line was my "Aha" moment" - Jennifer Conroyd Please welcome my guest Jennifer Conroyd, founder of Fluid Running, a deep water running fitness company. Jennifer is an ironman and has completed 16 marathons, qualifying for the Boston marathon 15 times. In 2010, Jennifer had an injury that left her unable to run in preparation for the Chicago marathon. Since this one was special, she searched for ways to keep in shape and discovered that running in deep water made that...


Follow your Passion episode 12 - Genevieve Piturro, founder Pajama Program

"I could have never have imagined ever hearing that question from a child" - Genevieve Piturro Please welcome my guest Genevieve Piturro. Genevieve was a successful television marketing executive, until she dramatically changed the direction of her life. In 2001, a question of a little girl changed her life forever and she jumped of the corporate ladder. She founded the national non-profit "Pajama Program" and this year the program celebrates it's 21st anniversary, having delivered more...


Follow your Passion episode 11 - Lillian Brummet, professional writer

"Feel the fear and do it anyway" - Lillian Brummet Please welcome my guest Lillian Brummet. Lillian and her husband Dave have been writing professionally since 1999. To date, they have 6 published books, including the recently released "From one small garden - Over 300 delicious, nutricious recipes". They also run 2 popular blogs, the "Brummet's Conscious Blog" since 2004 and more recently "Drum it with Brummet" for drummers and percussionists. They're not only stars in writing, Lilian and...


Follow your Passion episode 10 - Robert White, owner of Extraordinary People LLC

"A fish doesn't describe water very well' - Robert White Please welcome my guest Robert White. Robert is a very experienced mentor and trainer with regards to leadership. Back in the 70's he founded Lifespring and sold it to his staff who expanded the company nation wide with over 700,000 grduates of personal development seminars. He then founded ARC International in Tokyo and expanded that throughout Asia and USA. In 26 years he designed and delivered high-impact experimental leadership...


Follow your Passion episode 9 - Anya Ilkys, founder of College Starpoint

"I fell in love with education" - Anya Ilkys Please welcome my guest Anya Ilkys. Anya is a College admissions & Financial Coach for international students. She has always been passionate about helping students and has spent her whole career working at colleges and universities in the Boston area. Until she had enough of the red tape and bureaucracy. She realized that she was spending more time doing paperework and filling spreadsheets than meeting with students. That's when Anya decided to...


Follow your Passion episode 8 - Ryan Daniel Beck, owner and director of bodyART Training Studios

"Movement should be something that gives you joy" - Ryan Daniel Beck Please welcome my guest Ryan Daniel Beck, owner and director of bodyART Training Studios. Ryan has had a very inspiring career being a professional high performance dancer, dancing for MTV, MOMIX, Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, and many more. He has produced and directed content for ABC, Good Morning America, Celebrity Cruises, Hard Rock Café and has traveled to over 30 countries as a sought-after instructor. Ryan recognized...


Follow your Passion episode 7 - Eleni Polychroniadou, co-founder of Sintali

"We're the mythbusters of sustainability" - Eleni Polychroniadou Please meet my guest Eleni Polychroniadou, co-founder and commercial director of Sintali. Eleni has always been passionate about helping others and making a difference. In college she learnt a lot more about the climat crisis and that has set her path for life. Ever since she started working in 2014, every job she had made a difference and in 2020, she co-founded Sintali. Sintali is an environmental certification body, which...


Follow your Passion episode 6 - Ginette Brown, certified career coach

"If people follow their passion, they will live a happier and healthier life" - Ginette Brown Please meet my guest Ginette Brown. She is a certified career coach and with 15+ years of experience in HR, she transitioned her focus to career counseling. In 2014 she started the blog "Just got redirected" for those going through job loss to give them some support and resources and this blog eventually turned into her company. Her passion is helping others with their career journey so their work...


Follow your Passion episode 5 - Sarah Dunn, Get It Dunn

"It's really not useful if you don't use it!"- Sarah Dunn Please meet my guest Sarah Dunn. Sarah is a professional organizer and founder of Get It Dunn and she helps people to declutter and organize their things, leaving them with space and what matters most to them. She has always been an organized person herself, but it wasn’t until a few years ago she started helping friends that reached out to her to declutter and organize their own spaces. Realizing that transforming one’s environment...


Follow your Passion episode 4 - David Lyons, teaching leadership in Law Enforcement

"Good leadership is nitrous oxide. It's not dangerous and you cannot have enough of it"- David Lyons. Please meet David Lyons. After 28 years of being a police officer, he retired as a commander in a 600+ sworn member department in Lexington, Kentucky. Now he is an instructor with a non-profit organization called FBI - LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and he teaches leadership at supervisor, command and executive levels across the country. He is determined to...