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A weekly discussion with Forrester analysts highlighting new customer experience (CX) research and relevant CX topics in the news. More information at email:

A weekly discussion with Forrester analysts highlighting new customer experience (CX) research and relevant CX topics in the news. More information at email:
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A weekly discussion with Forrester analysts highlighting new customer experience (CX) research and relevant CX topics in the news. More information at email:




162: The Experience Of Customer Loyalty Programs

In this episode, we chat with Principal Analyst Emily Collins about customers' expectations for loyalty programs and how companies are designing them to foster multidimensional customer relationships. This is a sequel to episode 154. Relevant Forrester research: How Consumers Really Feel About Loyalty Programs The Psychology Of Points


161: Introducing Karine Cardona — Forrester's newest CX analyst

Prior to joining Forrester's CX research team, Karine spent more than 10 years as a practitioner in service design and UX. Most recently, she shaped the service design practice at Mobgen (part of Accenture Interactive). In this episode, Karine shares her perspective on the intersection of Service Design, UX and CX. And there's a good nugget in there about the value of sharing data across silos — and enabling them with the right tools to do so. Karine is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


160: Don't Let Government Derail Your Customer Experience Innovation

In the race to create great customer experience (CX), companies are pushing the envelope on data collection, employment practices, product classifications, and more. Many of these innovations challenge existing laws and can lead to fines, arrests, and prosecutions. In this episode, Forrester analysts Rick Parrish and TJ Keitt discuss a framework that CX pros can use to guide their companies' approaches to CX innovation in a world of complex regulations and fierce competition. Link to the...


159: Modernize Your Customer Research

Customer experience (CX) pros know how critical research is for great experience design, but colleagues in other functions often believe research takes too much time. So they view it as a hindrance to success and skip it. The solution to prevent this risky mistake: Apply technologies and techniques that more effectively integrate research into workflows. In this episode, Forrester Analyst Kelly Price discusses emerging software and techniques CX pros should adopt to conduct research...


158: A Design-Led Approach To CX Certification

On this week’s episode VP of Training and Certifications Program, Erin Streeter joins us to talk about how the design thinking process led to a new Forrester product: Customer Experience Certification. This episode covers:


157: USA Today Network's VoC Program, CX Metrics, And Dashboards

This episode is a continuation from last week's discussion with Amy Shioji, VP Customer Experience & Insights at USA Today Network. You'll learn: Relevant Forrester research: "How To Build Your Voice Of The Customer Program" "How To Drive Action With Your Voice Of The Customer Program"


156: How USA Today Network Established Its CX Program

This week, we chat with special guest, Amy Shioji, VP Customer Experience & Insights at USA Today Network, about how they established CX as a business practice. You'll learn: How they built their CX team and enabled employees. How the team collaborated with the rest of the organization. How they have fostered a customer centric-culture and explained CX to non-customer-facing employees.


155: CX SF 2018 Forum | New Strategies For Immersive, Seamless Digital CX

You know that people’s experiences with your company, your products, and your services make all the difference in whether they decide to stay with you or switch to a competitor. It’s why you strive to make those experiences seamless and immersive — but that’s a tall order, which is why we’re tackling the problem head on at our Customer Experience Forum in San Francisco this year. We'll give you preview of what we're talking about, in this episode. Register for CX SF 2018


144: The Billion-Customer Opportunity: Digital Accessibility (R)

Making digital products accessible is a growth opportunity now more than ever - to reach untapped segments ready to spend. But many organizations fail to seize it. Why? They don't understand how many people can benefit form accessibility and how to build it in. And while the upside (like winning aging customers and boosting employees' motivation) grows, so does the risk of doing nothing. In this episode, Principal Analyst Gina Bhalwalkar explains: 1) The accessibility opportunity and how CX...


154: The Untapped Potential Of Loyalty Programs

This week, we speak with Principal Analyst Emily Collins about loyalty programs and their influence on customer experience: How to think about loyalty programs as not just transactional systems but rather as the starting point for greater engagement with some of your best customers. Relevant Forrester Research: "Be A Loyalty Company, Not A Company With A Loyalty Program" "Change Is Good, Even For Loyalty Programs"


153: The Experience Design Tech Stack

In this episode, we answer the questions: What roles comprise the experience design practice; What tools and technologies do experience designers need to get the job done? Referenced Forrester Research: "The Forrester Tech Tide™: Experience Design, Q3 2018"


152: How To Select The Right Experience Design Provider

To improve customer experience (CX), many firms seek outside help from an agency or consultancy that offers experience design (XD) services. But these XD providers often use the language and concepts of experience design to mean and create entirely different things. In this episode, Senior Analyst Andrew Hogan shares tips and tricks for identifying providers that best match your organization's needs and culture. Referenced Forrester research: "How To Select An Experience Design Provider,...


151: Making Sense Of The Experience Design Landscape

Design services and the companies that provide them have changed. The changes are for the better, but these experience design (XD) providers' words and processes — whether around design thinking, interface design, service design, or product design, for example — often sound alike and blend together. In this episode, Senior Analyst Andrew Hogan clarifies the three categories of XD providers, what kinds of solutions they each specialize in, and how they work with clients. Referenced Forrester...


150: How To Scale And Manage An NPS Program | Guest: Jaap Wilms

Jaap Wilms is back for another conversation, this time talking to us about what he's learned about how to create a high-functioning NPS program, one that is responsive to local needs, but also that has consistency across geographies. Topics covered include how to ensure consistency of surveys and reporting, integration of data, and then using local colleagues to make it relevant for each country. Jaap also talks about how to select the right people to manage NPS program, people with a...


149: How To Get Employees To Care About CX | Guest: Jaap Wilms

Jaap Wilms, a CX expert based in Netherlands, shares his perspective on how to use data and customer feedback to tell stories that get employees to pay attention to CX. We also talk about the pros and cons of Net Promoter Score, and the importance of having a discussion around why we are asking customers for feedback, not just obsessing over the scores. Links: The infographic The Right CX Metric Learn more about Jaap and his work Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are...


148: Paying Employees For CX Is A Bad Idea (Part 2)

In the previous episode, we explained why it is a mistake to pay employees for delivering better customer experiences (CX). In this episode, Forrester analysts Maxie Schmidt and Sam Stern share best practices for motivating employees to deliver great CX without monetary incentives. Referenced Forrester research: "Why Paying Employees For Delivering Good CX Is A Bad Idea" (


147: Paying Employees For CX Is A Bad Idea (Part 1)

It is a mistake to pay employees for delivering better customer experiences (CX). In this episode, Forrester analysts Maxie Schmidt and Sam Stern explain why. Referenced Forrester research: "Why Paying Employees For Delivering Good CX Is A Bad Idea" (


146: The Forrester Industry Wave

In this episode, we explain Forrester's methodology to evaluate digital experiences and reveal surprising trends across industries. Relevant Forrester research: Retail The Forrester Retail Wave™: US Mobile Web, Q4 2017 ( The Forrester Retail Wave™: European Mobile Web, Q4 2017 ( Automotive The Forrester Automotive Wave™: US Websites, Q2 2018 ( Insurance The Forrester Auto Insurance Wave™: US Mobile Sites, Q2 2018...


136: Prioritize Your CX Efforts By Three Categories (R)

For a customer experience (CX) transformation to take hold and drive sustainable gains, CX pros need to proactively prioritize and manage multiple projects. That's a challenge given multiple stakeholder interests, limited budgets, and constrained resources. In this episode, Principal Analyst Ryan Hart explains why a CX prioritization framework must factor in customer impact, business impact, and feasibility of implementation. Referenced Forrester research: Prioritize Your CX Efforts By...


145: How To Build A Customer Success Program

Customer success management (CSM), an emerging discipline focused on reducing customer churn, is hitting the mainstream. Companies boasting CSM groups run the gamut from startups like business management software maker Bridge to growth companies like ECM vendor Box to behemoths like Microsoft. So what does it take to build a successful CSM program? In this episode, Senior Analyst TJ Keitt discusses the responsibilities of a CSM program; the metrics that matter most; how to formalize the...